wolf t shirts

My friend’s t-shirt is very cool and Tumblr! Love it☺️ “All monsters are human” - A.H.S. but “not all monsters do monstrous things ” - Teen Wolf


All my Sonic designs thus far…maybe I’ll do Julie-Su and Dulcy and maybe finish the Barby Koala. No plans for the other Sonic girls that have things already out there like Amy Rose, Cream or Blaze.

Okay I fibbed, there’s Barby Koala, who’s symbol is the ace because I felt like she was the ace up the sleeve of the Downunda Freedom Fighters. Not many other ladies to draw though. Most were one offs that have little fan base. Not sure anyone would want me to do Dulcy even though I personally like her.

I logged in on a really old account for something today and i found that selfie from when i was twelve and had just gotten back from the hair dresser with perfectly combed straight but spiky hair and dyed purple tips and i look like i haven’t slept for days. And i always wore that red hoodie and wolf t-shirt and refused to wear a bra and i drew gore and listened to grunge and heavy metal.