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Snapped: Part two; Flustered. [Smut]

A/N; So this is part two of the collab with @mystic-biscuit her part was called captivated. It will run for a few chapters, the series is entitled Snapped. I really hope you enjoy it and i’m looking forward for the next few chapters. Anything bolded is an inner thought. Enjoy my loves. xoxo

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Abuse. Smut. Domination. 

Word count: 7,239

Part one. 

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Snapped. Pt Three, Infinitesimal - smut

Author: mystic-biscuit
Series Rating: NSFW 18+
Words: 6072, seriously it is like impossible for me to do anything under 4k.

Notes: Hello, part threee woot. I hope you are liking the collab so far. :)

Parts: CaptivatedFlustered 


  • indefinitely or exceedingly small

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You Haven’t Even Seen It

Baron Corbin/OC: You always call Baron ‘Wolf Daddy’ as a joke, but you don’t know he really likes it. You’re alone after a show and call him wolf daddy and he snaps. Smutttttt (and daddy kink). Requested by @screamersdontdance


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“I had a pet goat growing up. Jenny. When I was eight, my parents ran out of food, so they made me go outside and kill her. I had to skin Jenny, cook Jenny, and eat Jenny. After that, I guess I just tried to not think about what I was eating anymore. And, well, I made damn well sure I wouldn’t be in a position where I’d have to eat my favourite pet again!”

Also, this is the best supervillain origin story ever told.

When walking on the edge of the mountain, be careful and watch your step, wanderer. Snow here may seem solidm but when you thing that you control it all, one careless move may drive you down. But if you watch the world around attentively, your modesty will be rewarded, and you will reach the very top. Is it the end of your journey? No. It’s just a reason to look back at your path, think about it, and, after conclusions are made, you will be ready to go on.

Our "Monk" gains a particular Familiar

So, a little background here, mike is playing a half-orc barbarian who thinks he’s a monk.  he’s not muti-classing as a monk, he is so stupid that thinks he’s a monk.  He doesn’t carry any weapons, and has gotten the Tavern brawler feat, and so will simply pick up anything to use as a weapon Including other party members).  so our party is going through the woods and we have a random encounter with a pack of wolves:

Mike (“Monk”): I wish to roll “animal hanlding” to go up and “pet” the wolf too hard.

DM (trying not to laugh): ok, roll it.

Mike: *rolls 18*

DM: ok, roll for intensity of petting.

Mike: *rolls max damage, snaps the wolf neck*

DM *shaking his head* ok, you are now holding the corpse of a wolf.

Mike:  Grom starts petting the wolf and says, “I call you fluffy”

Fast forward a bit to our destination

DM: So leading into the darkness is a stairwell, what do you wish to do?

Rogue: *rolls to find traps, fails*

Me: *roll to find traps, Crit fail*

Me: well, looks like it’s safe…

Mike: grom holds out his hand to stop you.

the table is holding it’s breath to see what grom will do here.

Mike: Grom holds the wolf infront of himself, says" Fluffy, Scout.“ and throws it down the stairs.

we had to take a five minute laughter break….

this ache
(i thought it was for sex, but it’s to tear everything to fucking pieces)

(all girls are werewolves)

tracklist:ginger snaps theme remix / jake n . werewolf / cocorosie . biting down / lorde . bad moon rising / rasputina . red tide / neko case . wolf like me / lera lynn . the killing moon / nouvelle vague . howl / florence + the machine . scratch / elysian fields . feral love / chelsea wolfe . low red moon / belly . she wolf / beth lucy . wolf / first aid kit . howling at the moon / phantogram . l’il red riding hood / amanda seyfried . lavender moon / haroula rose . laurie’s first time / trick ‘r treat ost

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AU where instead of taking Josh, Hannah drags Mike off instead, because there’s still a part of her that remembers love and wants to keep him safe. Josh, thinking Mike has died, returns to the lodge alone, where he meets up with Sam. They perform their fiery escape and are picked up outside the burning lodge at dawn.

And Mike is left down in the mines when the wendigo spirit enters him, leaving him delirious, driving him to find anything he can to eat. Until a white wolf sniffs him out, snapping the decapitated head out of Mike’s hand before he can take the first bite. Mike’s almost too far gone to understand–the most he can do is take a handful of the wolf’s fur and let it lead him out of the darkness.


(Requested by Anon)

It was supposed to be another normal day hunting and for the most part it had been, you’d caught a few deer and a couple of mountain lion, you were having a swell time. 

Until the wolves that is. You’d hunted wolf before but this was different, this was you standing in the middle of the woods aiming for a large buck when suddenly this mammoth wolf comes out of the bushes to your right. It was giant, it was more than giant it was humongous. It stood a good head taller than you at the very least and it was built like the hulk. A small part of your brain told you that it would be an excellent kill. Another larger part told you to get the hell out of there. 

You listened to the larger part. Backing away slowly you stood on a twig which snapped simultaneously scaring away the buck and making the wolfs eyes snap to meet yours. 

That’s where it got weird, the wolf, rather than attacking as you thought it would, simply stared at you. Not a normal stare though, a stare which you imagined was what you’d imagine a wolf in love would look like. Your brain was screaming at you to shoot it, especially considering it knew you were there now but you couldn’t make yourself do it. 

So you continued to slowly back away, sure this was the end and yet it wasn’t. The wolf let you back away until you were out of sight and then you high-tailed it back to camp all the time wondering what the bloody hell just happened. 

You had a really odd feeling settling in your gut, the type that told you you were likely to meet that wolf again. You weren’t entirely sure yet if that was good…or bad.



•to break or cause to break suddenly and completely

•to suddenly lose one’s self-control

Yay! @thelittlestkitsune and I have hit 1k at the same time and we both wanted to do something special, so we’ve decided to do a collaborative fic. I’m super excited because her writing is so incredibly beautiful and I love my dialogue so I think this will be a fun mix of our strengths :)