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“Bad Wolf Sunset” - Digital Oil Painting

This was actually the first one I painted in this series, it just took me a while to post it. I love the idea of the Doctor looking up at the sky and seeing Rose’s face among the twilight constellations.

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OK, I keep seeing that post about Eiffel and Minkowski living together and as much as I love it, consider: Lovelace and Minkowski living together after Wolf 359 ends.

- Lovelace used to love looking at the stars, but now the sky and the world outside are overwhelmingly endless, and she can’t deal with it. She doesn’t want to leave the house, but she doesn’t want to be in the house, either. “Everything feels too heavy and too small and too big, all at the same time,” she tells Minkowski, and Minkowski’s idea is that Lovelace come outside into a tent with her. They buy bright outdoor lights to drown out most of the night sky, and for the first time in who knows how long Lovelace feels like the air is clean.

- One of them is always waking up in the night with the feeling of being in free-fall, but it’s not a dream, it’s a memory, and Hera’s not there and the station isn’t falling apart and the only thing they can do is sit on the couch for a while and watch dumb late-night TV together. 

- Minkowski puts on her show tunes and sings along to them in the house while cleaning (and she does clean, it’s a way to feel in control again), and Lovelace watches her and thinks about how she should have been onstage all along; the nightmares should never have been hers. 

- She encourages Minkowski to join the local theater troupe, at least do acting as a hobby, and Minkowski does. At an audition one day she channels her “serious commander” voice for the first time in ages and it lands her the part of Javert in Les Miserables, which is a bit strange for her but she can live with it. 

- Lovelace reminds Minkowski every day that she’s not human. Minkowski reminds Lovelace every day that humanity is overrated.

- Minkowski breaks her hand once, after she doesn’t sleep for three days in a row and someone on the radio says “Dear listeners” and it sounded like Eiffel but it wasn’t. She punches right through the cheap plaster of the wall, and Lovelace drives her to the hospital afterwards, ignoring how Minkowski is crying because she’d never, ever want it noticed. Minkowski patches up the hole herself as soon as the cast comes off, because she wants to mend what she broke. 

- Lovelace spends hours listening to radio static and hours more staring at her reflection in the mirror, trying to figure out who she is. Eventually Minkowski takes away the mirrors, but she leaves the radio.

- “Commander-” “Not anymore.”

- “What if none of it was real, and this is some kind of crazy, weird fever dream we’re trapped in?” “I don’t think I could dream you up.”

- Minkowski kisses Lovelace after she says that, presses up against her, trying to get as close as she possibly can. Her mouth almost burns, and Lovelace is surprised when she pulls away and feels tears on her cheeks.

- Minkowski learns that her husband remarried after she was declared dead. A high-school sweetheart of his. She can’t figure out why, if she loves Lovelace (and she does, she knows she does), she feels her heart is breaking. It lasts for a few days, and then she sells her wedding ring and engagement ring at a pawnshop and doesn’t look back.

To See With Eyes Unclouded by mad-madam-m

“Stiles waved his hand. "You need to learn how to track by scent. This is how you start.”
Still skeptical, Derek bent forward, nose close to Stiles’s hand, and breathed in deep. He didn’t have words to describe the scent he inhaled. It was as warm and rich as the forest on a summer day, tinged with salt and rain. It was bright and familiar, like bread baking in the hearth. It was fresh and green, like new grass in the springtime. It was a hundred different things all together, and Derek wanted more. He wanted nothing more than to breathe in this scent for the rest of his life, and—"

Masterart for TwReverseBang 2015

Short But Accurate Summaries, Part 5
  • Ready Player One: Because being subtle about your interests is overrated
  • Carry On: Who needs the actual series when you can skip right to the fanfiction
  • You know me well: Gaaaaaaaaaaaay
  • Half Bad: Sally, we were fucking joking about the tree thing
  • The Martian: How to survive on Mars for dummies
  • The Rest of Us Just Live Here: The fourth wall is also the Mcguffin
  • The Foxhole Court: Literal fucking torture for everyone involved
  • Elantris: Do you and your significant other have trouble connecting? Well then try our new "revolutionary" couple's therapy, Overthrowing World Governments™.
  • In the Company of Shadows: SIN
  • Radio Silence: We just wanna eat ice cream, shitpost, and record a podcast. Why is that so fucking hard.
  • Wolf By Wolf: That one episode of Doctor Who where they lock Hitler in the closet
  • Trials of Apollo: Bad news, we're somehow still here. Good news, all your faves are gay now
  • The Stormlight Archive: I have literally knocked over a grown man by throwing the paperback at his head.

jay-leno-incarnate  asked:

What's the story behind the guy calling you a petulant whore??

Oh good lord, that was from awhile ago. I GUESS WE’RE DUE FOR A STORYTIME?

I was in an online D&D group with a bunch of guys in 2016. DM was a woman, and I was the only woman player. Some of the guys were particularly awful, and liked to bully her around since she was a new DM, and make a lot of nasty jokes about me and my character being female (sexual jokes, mainly). Even when I asked them not to, they shrugged me off. They also promoted this belief that women were inherently stupid at D&D, and that I didn’t know what I was doing. I could’ve left, but I refused to have them run me off, and instead had my character go full campaign villain on them. So now they had to fight against this “woman who doesn’t know what she’s doing” - except I had more gaming experience than all of them combined, which proved troublesome for them. Since all this happened, all of the other guys have come to me and apologized for their behaviors. Well, all except one.

ONE PARTICULAR DOUCHECANOE, the one who had been the worst the entire time, was so overwhelmingly outraged by this. He was really bad at doing anything game-related that wasn’t just rolling a dice. He couldn’t think outside the box, he was terrible at puzzles, he also didn’t like communication. Well, on his last day in the group, he was also really shit at rolling dice too - luck was not on his side. He tried to take me on without any of the rest of the party, or without prepping himself whatsoever. When he rolled badly, he demanded rerolls, making a fuss that it wasn’t fair that I was winning, much to the annoyance of even the other guys. I went way easy on him, picked spells and things that were level 1 or 2 instead of the 5 or 6 I COULD’VE done… and he still ended up losing miserably. He ragequit at this point, and screeched, in front of everyone, that I was a “petulant whore” before leaving.

We have some mutual friends, so someone, somewhere, let him know that I’d been using “petulant whore” as a joking pet-name, since it’s the most fucking hilarious thing on the planet. He did not like it. He’s still mad, but I can live with that.

I have parts of that whole “Island Prianna” campaign logged in my D&D posts on this tumblr, mostly the moments that were worth noting (that battle wasn’t, it was so boring and annoying to have someone constantly trying to break the rules). But yeah. That’s the story.