wolf resting

Recolored wolves to match the wolf pelts

Thanks to @anthelion-fr​ for the Gradient Map Tutorial

Individual icons below:

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W.I.P Art trade for a friend. @ericetienne aka @ericatnite. Still a LOOOOOT to finish. Such as Light, perspective fixing & details. His two babes have a crazy potential for creativity. I could have done NSFW but i just got triggered by how much charisma for so simple art style they had into them.

Here, I went with his dom wolf girl ‘ Agatha ‘ being a merc with her bud the polar bear ‘ Iva ‘. Motherly, kind and cheerful . Together, they hunt some bad guys in some Canadians landscape in their mighty military truck.

Now they just chilling in their favorite rest road restaurant after a good mission. Dude. The way @ericetienne draw them, would make on of the most awesome duo cartoon network character. Mixing powerpuff girls (old school version) and cowboy bebop. I WANT THIS.

To See With Eyes Unclouded by mad-madam-m

“Stiles waved his hand. "You need to learn how to track by scent. This is how you start.”
Still skeptical, Derek bent forward, nose close to Stiles’s hand, and breathed in deep. He didn’t have words to describe the scent he inhaled. It was as warm and rich as the forest on a summer day, tinged with salt and rain. It was bright and familiar, like bread baking in the hearth. It was fresh and green, like new grass in the springtime. It was a hundred different things all together, and Derek wanted more. He wanted nothing more than to breathe in this scent for the rest of his life, and—"

Masterart for TwReverseBang 2015


Stydia kiss got leaked.

The first one, I would’ve posted earlier but every anti Stydia on Twitter and I were too busy roasting it because look at Stiles’ face. 💀 Caption it yourself if you want.

The second one, I’m telling you this with all truths, I’ve never seen an ugly Stiles screencap until today. Like to be honest, he looks bad. And Lydia’s eyes are open. What is this mess?

I’m not even mad about the kiss. Honestly, I find it really hilarious. And my Twitter mutuals have been making it as hilarious as it is for me.

So have fun with the kiss, Stydias. Because I sure did.