wolf pax

I highly recommend keeping an eye on LadyInsanity’s twitter and blog! I’m at the morning DA:I Q&A right now, and a lot of Solas questions are being answered (vaguely but intriguingly), and I know she’s here writing everything down.

I’m not, but heres some vaguebullet points in which I am quickly phrasing:
• Mike Laidlaw (no context), “Solas is like fiber.”
• Solas romancers will get to “have many disussions” about their romance. Threads will tie together, context will make sense, players will definitely be intrigued. But will it give you CLOSURE? Laidlaw says, “This is Patrick Weekes territory. You know how much he loves happy stories! Mordin turned out GREAT!”

Other comments stood out but I don’t wanna quote them out of context or get them wrong. But they were INTRIGUING. So seriously, check out LadyInsanity’s twitter and blog.