Being Renesmee’s Twin Sister

-Being half vampire half human

-Having to leave once the fight between the Volturi and the Cullens (in Alice’s vision)

-Being very close to Rosalie

-Being close to the pack

-Edward teaching you how to play the piano

-Always running around in the woods with Renesmee

-Feeling a little left out when Renesmee is with Jacob

-Renesmee always insiting on taking you with her when Jacob invites her to a Bonfire

-Getting imprinted on by a wolf

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Being Jacob’s Imprint would include

-Having a crush on him before he phased

-Freaking out when he first shows you his wolf form

-Not completely understanding the imprinting

-Being close with the pack

-Hating Bella for always leading Jacob on

-Avoiding Jacob after you find out from the pack that he kissed Bella

-Jacob trying his best to get you speak to him again

-He breaks down crying in front of you, making you comfort him

-Finally forgiving him and making him promise to never give in to Bella again

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