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I am sitting here almost in tears. This is from 1989. From before I was born. Out of all the Bernie Sanders content I have been spamming you guys with lately, please, if you’re gonna peep just one thing, then let it be this. Even if it’s only the first three minutes. Please. I don’t care if you’re not American. It’s still relevant to you, because if America goes to shit, other countries suffer too. Sanders’ views have NEVER changed. He has been more consistent than all of congress combined. It’s like he is talking about 2015. Discussing the one percent. Money in politics. How fucked the Democrats and Republicans are. How Americans don’t care about politics anymore. Talking about NOW. In 1989. Surreal. Disheartening. So many people have lost their lives since this time. So many people have been suffering. Sanders has been sitting here the entire time, calling everything out, trying to change the system. Changing what he can in Vermont. And he announces his run for the presidency, only to be met with jokes from the media? To be told that he can’t win? That he’s too old? That he’s not classy enough? Well, guess what. He raised over $3 million from small donors across all 50 states within the first four days of his campaign. None of it came from big businesses. How much more convincing is it going to take for Americans to get behind change? I am in awe. This man is a saint. By definition. This is why I’m excited that he is running.


Pack Mom - Part 15

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Request//  Part 15 where the family go to Liam’s big lacrosse game to cheer him on and be his support since he’s playing his old school and Brett keeps taunting him and Derek can hear what he’s saying to Liam and at the end he gets super adorably overprotective over Liam and gives Brett a piece of his mind and the reader smiles with Talia in her arms and an arm around Liam and Derek tells him not to mess with his family and Beacon hills wins and they go out to celebrate after & treat the kids to ice cream

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That was it. The house was baby proofed. Talia was now on the move, crawling everywhere. She would always follow her big brother around. Liam and Talia had the best bond ever. Liam would always help me look after her and keeping her entertained. Even when he had Mason round Liam would let her come into his room and he would keep her entertained and play with her. Even Mason joined in. Talia looked up to her big brother. She would always want him to be around. She missed him when he was at school. And it was hard to tell her that he has to stay in school as she didn’t understand. She would just get upset.

It was around 1pm when Talia started really wanting her big brother back home. Derek and I tried our best to distract her. But nothing worked. 

“LiLi” She kept repeating crawling to the door.

“Baby he is at school. He will be home soon” I told her which made her cry. Her being tired didn’t make the situation any better. So I thought that putting her down for a nap would make everything better. But it would take a lot to make her go sleep. I picked her up and started rocking her. Which only made her scream and cry even more. I never gave up, even though it was hard work. After around 15 minutes of her screaming and crying, she was sound to sleep. I went and placed her into her crib. As I placed the blanket over I was was just thinking how perfect our little girl is. She definitely took after Derek with her big green eyes, and with me, she had gorgeous wavy brown hair. She was just perfect.

Talia had been asleep for around 30 minutes until Liam came storming in throwing his bag and Lacrosse stuff to the floor with rage. Talia started crying, so Derek went to get Talia when I went to Liam.

“Sweetie what’s up?” I said pulling him into a hug. I could feel how tense he was, his hands shook by his sides. His jaw was clenched and his normal baby blue eyes had and been replaced with bright yellow glowing ones. His breathing was heavy. I brought him over to the sofa and sat him on my lap and just wrapped my arms around him.

“Liam, come on just calm down,” I told him, slightly rocking him

“I don’t want to do it!” He snapped, getting angrier. 

“Do what sweetheart?” I asked him

“Play my old school. They hate me and the game will just be like hell. They want to kill me!"He told me beginning to raise his voice.

"Liam you are so much better than them. What happened in Devonford is in the past and yes we can’t change that. But look at you know. You have your anger under control you are so much better and if they can’t get over what happened. They are worthless. And I will tell you now son, they won’t touch you. Because then they would have to deal with Derek and I. That is something they don’t want to happen” Liam looked up at me. Yellow eyes were replaced by his big blue eyes. He was much calmer now. 

“Will you and Derek come and watch?” He asked 

“Why would we miss it?” I questioned, looking down at him.

“Because my mom and dad never came to watch me play. They would say it was a waste of time coming to my games” He told me which broke my heart. 

“Liam listen to me. We are not like them. Derek and I will come and watch you at every single game. We wouldn’t miss that for the world. Even Talia would want to see her big brother play” I told him as I hugged him tighter.

“It’s at 5 tonight” 

“We will be there,” I told him and then Talia came crawling in shouting Liam’s name. He got off my lap and picked her up. She snuggled into him and Liam gave her a big hug. It just melted my heart to see them both together.

“God she can move fast! I only turned my back for a minute and she was gone!” Derek said rushing into the room. Liam and I burst out laughing.

“Babe, we are going to watch Liam play Lacrosse tonight,” I told him.

“That will be fun. And we will get to see the pack” Derek added which got me more excited as we haven’t really had time to spend with them. The last time I had a good conversation with them was when I told them Derek and I were getting married.

After having a quick bit to eat, we were headed to Liam’s school to watch him play Lacrosse. I could tell that he was nervous. When we got out the car, Liam grabbed Talia. We all walked onto the field and spotted all the pack. Scott, Stiles and Kira were on the field waiting to get started.

“Why does Stiles even play Lacrosse. He is terrible. He would probably get hurt” Derek said.

“At least he is trying Babe. And hey, is this showing that you care about him?” I laughed raising my eyebrow at him. 

“No! Come on just let’s sit down. Good Luck Liam and Come on Talia” He said walking off to go and sit next to Lydia and Malia.

“I stay Li,” She said tightening her grip on his Jersey. 

“No baby, he has to go and Play, we are going to watch with Daddy, Auntie Lydia and Auntie Malia,” I told her as I went to grab her off Liam. But her bottom lip came out and she was about to cry.

“Hey Talia, I have a job for you,” Liam said bending down, sitting on the field and sitting Talia on the grass in front of him. He placed his bag in the middle of them both and he opened it up. Then he took out his Lacrosse jumper.

“I need you to look after my jumper when I go and play. Do you think you can do that?” Liam asked as he held out the jumper to her. She smiled and took the jumper off him and cuddled it. I picked her up and gave Liam a hug.

“Good luck out there sweetie, remember to stay calm!” I told him as he ran out onto the field. I took Talia up to her everyone was sat and I sat between Derek and Lydia. Talia had cuddles with Lydia as she wasn’t keen on all the cheering. She held onto Liam’s jumper as she covered her ears. It was around half time and Talia looked up at me.

"Cold” She told me.

“Why not wear Li’s jumper, then you will be warm and you will never lose it” Her smile grew wider and she nodded. I helped her put the jumper one and she looked adorable. 

“Der…” I began saying but he shushed me. The pointed at Liam who was talking to Brett.

“What are you going to do Dunbar, smash another car up?” Derek started repeating what they were saying so I could hear too.

“Don’t call me Dunbar. I’m a Hale" 

"Well Hale, we are going to break you in half out there, you’re a stupid little boy who can’t keep is anger under control" 

But before we could do anything the whistle was blown to signal that the second half was about to start. I kept an eye on Liam, making sure he was okay. And not going to get too angry. But he listened to me. Throughout the whole game, he stayed calm and kept everything under control. And the best thing was, he scored the winning goal. Beacon Hills won! I grabbed Talia off Lydia and went down to Liam. But when we got to him, Brett was there. Again.

"Your lucky Dunbar, Hale, whatever you are. But watch out next time, your just a stupid little dog!” Brett told him. I was about to say something, but Derek beat me to it.

“You think you can talk to him like? You think your funny” Derek began as he put his arm around Liam’s shoulder.“If you have a problem with him, you then have a problem with all of us. Liam is way better than you. Better than you will ever be! He’s changed. He can control it. Unlike you. Somethings you can’t change and being a total jerk is one of them. So you say one more thing to my son again, you will have us to deal with! You don’t mess with my family! Do you understand?” Derek told him. I had a wide smile on my face. I held Talia in one hand and had my other arm and Liam’s shoulder. When Brett didn’t answer Derek stepped forward, getting closer to Brett.

“I said DO..YOU…UNDER…STAND!” Derek said more demanding

“Yeah..yeah..yeah… I’m sorry, it won’t happened again” Brett said running off back to the rest of his team. We all had a big family hug in the middle of the field. 

“Liam you played so well. I can’t wait for the next game” I told him giving him a tighter hug.

“Really you will come again” He asked 

“Every single game” I told him then I looked over a Derek.

“Well son, you played so well, why don’t we all get ice cream” Derek said, which made Talia get all excited. Liam then picked up Talia out of my hands and I grabbed his bag.

“LiLi, Safe” Talia said showing him his jumper.

“Well done sis! You did a great job” Liam told her as he hugged her.

They were perfect. I couldn’t ask for a better family. I had two amazing kids and a gorgeous fiancé. How did I get so lucky?

Part 16?


California Passes Historic Measure To Change The Constitution

Hey America. Vermont voted to change Citizens United to get money out of your politics. Now your most populous state has voted to do it too. You can do it neighbour, I believe in you.

A healthy body, matters!

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Take care of your body, because no one else will take care of it for you.

Take care of your body, because no one else will take care of it for you.

Take care of your body, because no one else will take care of it for you.

Take care of your body, because no one else will take care of it for you.

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Using Theater as a living Time Machine

Since launching The Butterfly Project on Holocaust Remembrance Day April 19th, 2012, our company has performed for our families and friends, seniors living in a retirement community, and middle and high school students.  The company of 37 young actors and two adult actresses will tour to forty schools, places of worship and community centers this season, sharing the story of the children of Terezin, a concentration camp of the Holocaust.  Following each performance, we invite the audience to stay for a talk back with the actors. 

In rehearsals, we worked diligently to prepare our performers for this difficult production.  Our process began with several long conversations explaining the history and circumstances of the Holocaust and Terezin.  From there we explored our own emotional point of view through guided group theatrical exercises and introspective journaling.  The result is a complex piece of theatre relatable to our actors’ peers yet sophisticated and sincere enough to engage adult audiences. 

The post-show talk backs prove this.  Each audience reflects its unique perspective and relationship to the Holocaust and our production.  We hear from people who remember living through World War II and the Holocaust.  We are asked questions from young students who might not know much about the period at all. This cross-cultural, multi-generational conversation between actor and audience reveals the magnitude of impact our company has on our community.

During a post show conversation at a local retirement community, an audience member asked the cast how their participation in the production changed their relationship to their grandparents.  One young lady (who is wise beyond her years, I might add) shared a beautiful sentiment.  She told us her grandmother, who had lived through this moment in time, passed away when she was much younger.  The young actress was not old enough then to appreciate her grandmother’s stories and now yearns to know more about her.  Each time she leaves her world for our Terezin, she imagines living through her grandmother’s youth.   In this way, she feels forever connected to the woman she only began to know.

This piece of theater functions as our own time machine.  Through performance we relive moments from the past.  In conversation, we connect our past to our present.  By process, we enhance the collective memory of our young actors and instill values that will guide their future.

-Tim Popp, Co-Director The Butterfly Project

Just a few thoughts on Today.

Obama was right- the sun is up. I don’t know why that was so important for me to hear but it was. 

We need to focus on real journalism as a country from here on out. 

We need to get engaged when Sanders rolls out #OurRevolution and his book.

We need to make sure that all that money that Clinton has in her war chest goes to the cause and not to the motherfucking Clinton Foundation.

We need to make sure we actively participate in reforming the DNC and staffing it with the right people. 

If you gave money to Sanders before, when his new org comes up, donate more if you can. Look into Wolf-PAC that is working to get a constitutional amendment using Article 5 to get money out of politics by the will of the states. I think 5 states have already ratified.  

Most of all, do not stop paying attention. Increase your political activity. All left-minded people need to get together and start building a network now so we have muscle to flex in 2018 and 2020 and are strong enough to stop anyone from trying to usurp it again.

I’m still mourning as everyone else. It sucks that Trump won, but I’m not sad Clinton lost. I’m sad that she ruined the left and we lost so much in Congress (Teachout, I’m sorry), Senate (fucking Feingold, I’m so sorry), and statehouses and gubernatorial offices. 

At Progressive Friends, I promise to start posting some more substantive articles from here on out than I ahve been. I’m not going to stop posting fun stuff or anything, but expect to see more Lee Fang, David Serota, The Guardian, and The Intercept among many others. 

Lets hope Obama quits being a spineless democrat and uses every ounce of power he has in every remaining minute of office to do Progressive things. He needs to do a recess appointment to the court. He needs to reschedule marijuana (especially after last night). Use the pulpit. 

Youth, I’m sorry. I had to face a Bush presidency right out of High School and 9/11. It’s going to suck. We had a lot of power because we were so engaged around 2003 and on. Now we have the internet. Do not go radio silent. We have to weather this storm together. 

‘As a gay man from Indiana, I want to warn you that Pence is much more dangerous than Trump. We’re going to be looking at a Dick Cheney type situation again but from several people. 

Obama, please don’t push TPP through. Stop the DAPL. Put that shit on Trump’s doorstep. The left is going to fight them either way and at least let us unite together to fight it. Stop holding us back. Empower us now while you can.