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Just a Kid in Love - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Request by Anon: Ooh can you make an imagine with jealous stiles? You’re going to a Shawn mendes concert with him and your inner fangirl comes out so it makes him a little jealous 😂

Word Count: 1,349

Warnings: Mentions of sexy time.

Author’s Note: To all my readers who are also Shawn Mendes fans and have been looking forward to this imagine… HERE IT IS! I hope y’all like it. I had fun writing this. 😊 Feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

My Teen Wolf Master List

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It’s a Saturday summer night and for their one year anniversary Stiles had surprised Y/N with concert tickets to her favorite singer, Shawn Mendes. However, he didn’t just get her regular tickets. He went all out and bought her front row tickets and managed to score backstage passes to meet Shawn after the show.

Stiles knew it was the perfect gift and he was right. When he surprised her with the tickets just an hour before the concert, she flipped out. She screamed and jumped up and down with excitement before lunging at Stiles, smothering him with kisses and countless I love you’s as she clung to him like a monkey. She had been moping all week because the tickets sold out in a matter of seconds after going on sale. She had tried so hard to get some but had no luck. However, Sheriff Stilinski was friends with the manager of the concert venue and was kind enough to help Stiles get the tickets. Stiles knew this would get him the title of being the best boyfriend in the world. 

However, right now Stiles was slightly regretting getting her the tickets, as she seemed to ramble non-stop about every awesome thing Shawn did tonight.

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pssst, get excited  ❞

With the end of Teen Wolf nigh, and the one year anniversary of this blog having passed recently - we are more than happy to announce that there are some big, exciting, events coming your way soon. 

Details will be released periodically, before the event takes place coinciding with the first episode of TW6B. We’ll tease details of the event over the next couple of weeks and the first to guess correctly what the event will be wins a special prize. 

Let us know your thoughts and ideas by messaging the blog, and keep your eyes peeled for updates. 

- Ally, Georgie + Immy


It’s our one year anniversary. So we petted wolves at Wolf Creek Habitat! Definitely going again next weekend for their howling at the habitat event. This place does some really amazing things for wolves and for $35 you can go in and spend a couple of hours with different wolves in different enclosures with the staff (obviously only the socialized wolves they’ve raised themselves at the sanctuary, the others live in farther back enclosures where they can’t see people on the balcony because it stresses them out). They’re based in Indiana about an hour out from Cincinnati where we live.


Hey everyone! Fun bit of news from me and @iamzachvalenti!

So next Monday, August 15th, is our Two-Year Anniversary! That’s right, we’ve gone around the Sun twice since the release of Succulent Rat-Killing Tar, Little Revolución, and Discomforts, Pains, and Irregularities all the way back in 2014! 

But wait - there’s more! As fate would have it, we’re closing in on one of the show’s biggest milestones so far: our one-millionth download! If all things stay as they’ve been for the past few weeks, download-wise, we’ll be getting to the one million downloads mark sometime next week, probably on Tuesday. Which is, there’s no words for it, absolutely amazing

HOWEVER… there would be something very poetic about our show getting to one million listens two years after it started to the day. So, if you feel like giving Wolf 359 a super special birthday present, please share the show with anyone in your life that might enjoy it! 

Thank you so much for everything. We can’t believe how far this show has come, and it’s all thanks to how far our amazing fans have carried us. The third year is going to be even better and, with your help, we’re going to ring it in right. 

Stay tuned! Mini Episode 11: Decommissioned is out on Monday! 

It was so awesome. I’m glad I was able to come again a year later to see the anniversary show. We got to see the trailer for Season 3 of Loiter Squad before they put it out and it was pretty cool having them introduce it and seeing it on the huge screen. People came out and performed with Tyler so overall I think it was a chill show.

Wolf one year anniversary 4.5.14


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