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I'll play! Let's go 1, 8, and 13.

1. of the fic you’ve written, which are you most proud of?

This answer changes every time I play this meme because I’ve either written something I’m proud of, or I’ve stopped being proud of something.

Today, I’m going to go with The Temptation of Stephen Baxter, Attend the Tale, and (as ever) The Wolf of Baskerville.

8. is there a character you love writing for the most? the least? why?

I usually enjoy my side characters more even than my main characters.  I like writing Henry, Jack, Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft, Liam… that kind of character.

Actually, I really love writing Liam because in my mind he’s like Killian with his charm and swagger, but where underneath the charm, Killian is vulnerable, sad, and scared, Liam is a bit more held-together and stable.

I don’t like writing characters I can’t or don’t sympathize with, and characters that have to be stupid or naive to a purpose.  Honestly?  I don’t like writing Mary Margaret much in my currently-running ‘verse for that reason.

13. who are your favorite writers?

As regards fic, @alexandralyman, @gotham-ruaidh, @perfectlyrose, @redthreads, @jessalrynn - those are the people who I have read basically every word they’ve ever put to paper.  There are a few who I am reading or have read one or two stories that stick with me, or that I’m willing to wait for updates on (I’m a horribly impatient person who doesn’t always stick with WIP’s because I’m a bad person).

As regards “real” or commercially published authors, Terry Pratchett, Laurie R. King, Neil Gaiman, Jim Butcher, V. E. Schwab, Charlie N. Holmberg… those are the ones I’ve been reading recently anyway.

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