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Where do I even begin? I guess with the fic that brought us together, Wolf of Baskerville (to be followed by all of TRiE), Xocoatl, Green Fields, Yesterday is Today, Attend the Tale, WYL (as a 'verse), I love you and I miss you (that one still hurts), and... ugh, can i just say everything? because everything.

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You are probably the only person (besides, obviously, me) who actually has read everything, and I love you to the moon and back for it.

The Wolf of Baskerville (Sherlock x Rose, The Hound of the Baskerville’s rewrite, All Ages)

This Rose is Extra (Sherlock x Rose series starting with Wolf)

Xocoatl (Nine x Rose, Chocolat AU, Mature)

The Green Fields of France (Nine x Rose, WWI AU, Mature)

Yesterday is Today (Jamie x Claire, WWII non-time-travel AU, now dead)

Attend the Tale (Captain Swan, Sweeney Todd AU, Adult)

Where You Lead (Captain Swan, Gilmore Girls AU ‘Verse, eventually Mature)

I Love You and I Miss You (Captain Swan, Avett Brothers’ song AU, All Ages sorta)

Tell me what story of mine is your fave!

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