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IronStrange and The Winter Wolf

Because I love this exchange between Stephen and Tony so much from AVAC, so I had to write a fluffy drabble. 

“Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy?” Tony asked in that obnoxious voice people reserved for their babies and pets. He was kneeled down in front of the Winter Wolf and scratching the beast behind its ears.

The Winter Wolf wagged its tail like some common house pet, and Stephen could feel himself blanch at the horrible juxtaposition between the wolf’s true nature and its current behavior.

The Winter Wolf barked happily and nuzzled Tony’s cheek.

Tony chuckled and hugged the wolf. “That’s right! You are! You are.”

“Tony, please,” Stephen found himself pleading. He didn’t know how many times he had to explain to Tony that the wolf was a harbinger of doom. “…just stop.”

“Why?” Tony cooed the question as he petted the wolf. “Ultron is the sweetest.” Tony cupped the wolf’s face and pressed their foreheads together. “Plus, we have a bond now, so he’s my protector–not that I need much protecting, but it’s the thought that counts.”

Stephen sighed and ran his hand through his hair. “You’re kind of missing the point, Tony. Harbinger of doom.”

“And if there is any doom, he’ll protect me.” Tony kissed Ultron’s forehead.

Stephen sighed. He plopped himself on the ground behind his boyfriend. He closed his eyes and rested his forehead on Tony’s back. “I refuse to keep talking in circles with you.”

“Really? Considering how often you walk circles around the Sanctorum, I would have thought you’d be fine with this kind of conversation.”

Stephen groaned. He wrapped an arm loosely around Tony’s waist. “It’s how I think.”

Tony reached behind him and ruffled Stephen’s hair. “Whatever, Dumbledore.”

Stephen huffed and kissed Tony’s nape. He eyed Ultron from over Tony’s shoulder. He supposed the wolf itself wasn’t a problem. It was just what it symbolized.

Stephen’s stomach churned at the thought of his boyfriend being in any type of danger that would summon a Winter Wolf to him.

Tony hummed in thought and paused in the middle of petting Ultron. “Oh yeah, did you hear the rumors about some Victor guy and the academy? Natasha and the usual suspects have been going through Fury’s files again.”

Stephen made a noncommittal sound. There were always rumors swirling about who would show up next at the academy. “What do you know?”

Tony perked up and rambled on about all the speculation going on campus as well as the few facts everyone knew.

Stephen listened with a half an ear. It didn’t matter what Tony was talking about, Stephen just wanted to enjoy the peace and quiet with his boyfriend before the next villain showed up on their doorstep.

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Reya nuzzled Kris with a small sound, itching to run. Now that she had been accepted into the pack, the link, mental link was strong and she could communicate. "Ready to run?" -Reya

“As ready as ever.” Kris smiled, licking your lips. He felt anew. As if it was his first ever transformation. Without the actual pain. He started, slowly, for you to catch up with him.

I’ll be needing stitches || Eliston

Elise found it hilarious how many students were freaked out by a giant wolf running around the halls. There was one mundane student who fainted as she rounded a corner and a few good suckers that looked at her as if she was going to rip them to shreds. But it was nothing like how the shadowhunters had reacted. A few of them drew their seraph blades, and one particular student attempted to kick her. Too bad her reflexes were faster then theirs.

Sniffing at the air, Elise followed the sent to a place where she thought was rather strange to find the youngest Markham boy. Quietly, the wolf entered the field where just days earlier her encounter with his older brother went from G rated to PG-13 real quick. But she didn’t let that get to her. Coming up next to him the sand colored would latched onto the hem of his shirt and gave it a tug to get his attention.

Puppy Love (closed rp)

A large, black wolf darted through the forest with branches smacking against its legs. It flew through the thicket with such grace and speed that it seemed like a blurred shadow to a human’s eye. It’s nose was locked on one scent and one scent only before it bursted through the forest and onto a dirt road.

It’s ears flickered on top of its head as it came eye-to-eye with a brunet boy. The wolf actually nuzzled his muzzle against the boy’s arm.

“About time you showed up? Did you get lost around here?” It spoke quietly.


Wolf Tracks


Winter had just ended, as the blossom of spring was about to sprout, however, snow still tracked on the ground, and although the climate was warmer, nothing could change the morning frost. Gently the red wolf nuzzled under Blake’s Chin, urging her to get up as the sun had just risen.

A small lick was followed by a wimpier as she hoped the black wolf would open her eyes.