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Hanzo is an anxious new dad but Werecree is there to calm him down.

The dragon lay in his nest, which was built on top of their large bed surrounded by pillows and many blankets, something he himself had to fluff up and put together when he felt their little one coming. It was what kept him in his dragon body until now, not wanting to lay such a thing in his smaller, human-like form. It ended up being a good idea, seeing as the egg he was currently cradling was about the size of his torso, maybe even bigger.

Hanzo rubbed his scruffy cheek against the smooth outer shell of his egg, enjoying the how nice it felt against his skin. This wasn’t his first egg, no. He’s laid ova before, mostly in small clutches. But this is his first fertilized egg, his first baby. And he didn’t regret it; he loved his mate, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t be as anxious as he is right now.

“Come now, Hanners. At least lemme touch ‘em.” Came his mate’s voice from his place just a few feet away.

Hanzo turned his head to hiss at him, causing the werewolf to whine and tuck his ears down flat. “Not with those claws of yours. And they are still fresh,” he grumbled, referring to his egg, “probably fragile. I am not taking any risks.”

Jesse pouted, scooting a bit closer to his mate and their egg. Hanzo’s eyes narrowed at him, but he stayed still, cautious. “Sweetheart, yer a big, strong dragon. I’m sure yer egg is just as tough as you are.” He said, his tail smacking against the blankets once. Hanzo frowned, seeming to think over the pros and cons of letting his mate pet their egg.

He grumbled quietly to himself and shuffled a bit, still holding onto his baby, “Alright, fine-” Jesse’s ears perked up and his tail smacked against the blankets again. “-but under one condition.”

Jesse was honestly surprised that Hanzo was considering letting him touch it. His dragon was stubborn, usually able to stand his ground for a while before softening up. It has only been a couple hours. “Sure, buttercup, anything! What is it?” His tail was wagging obnoxiously behind him by now, making it hard to hide his excitement.

Hanzo’s sharp ears gave a twitch, his lips pursed as he came up with the words. “You must wear oven mitts. I do not want you to scratch our egg.” He said sternly, fixing Jesse with a hard gaze. This was not up for discussion.

Jesse cocked an eyebrow and looked down at his paws, clenching and unclenching his fists. He kept his nails trimmed for reasons kept between him and his mate, so he figured that wasn’t the real problem Hanzo had with him touching their egg. The werewolf pouted at him but sighed when he saw Hanzo wasn’t in the mood to argue. “Alright, fine, I’ll wear some mitts. But it’s a promise!” he announced as he stood up, carefully stepping out of the dragon’s nest, “Imma touch our little angel ‘cuz guess what? That’s my pup, too!” Jesse sang on his way out of their room. Hanzo rolled his eyes but couldn’t stop his lips from curving up into a small smile.

He watched his wolf exit the room before looking back down at his egg. He ran his hand along the smooth surface, thumb rubbing over the freckles that decorated the shell.

Of course Hanzo would be anxious. He was already extremely protective whenever he laid his unfertilized batches of eggs, only letting Jesse help him with the laying process, maybe even allowing him to hold the smaller eggs in his paws sometimes. It depended on how he felt that day. Now was different. Now they had a responsibility to keep this egg safe and warm. It was their pup, after all. Hanzo was just afraid of the egg cracking or becoming too cold or maybe it wasn’t even Jess- no, it was definitely Jesse’s. Now the dragon was over thinking, his tail flicking in irritation.

The dragon takes in a deep breath, repeating the lines in his head-

The egg won’t crack if they’re careful.

The egg won’t become too cold if he continues to hug it.

The egg is 100% Jesse’s.

-He exhales and feels his nerves finally relax, his cheeks flushing a light pink in embarrassment. It’s ridiculous how he keeps having to tell himself these things, reassure himself that everything’s going to be okay. In reality, he’s just terrified of screwing this up. He trusts his mate, loves him very much, but he just doesn’t trust himself.

Hanzo jumps when Jesse appears at their door, a big smile on his face with equally huge oven mitts covering his paws. “Found ‘em!” He called out as he walked back over to their nest. Hanzo naturally hugged the egg closer, but he couldn’t help the way his cold heart fluttered at how thoughtful and caring his mate has been. Most of his demons seem to fade away as he watches Jesse position himself near him, mittened paws out and ready.

The dragon let out a small, impressed huff and slowly pulled away from the egg. “I’m surprised you really went in search for some mitts. I figured you would have started to whine.” Hanzo teased, reaching forward to scratch right underneath the werewolf’s scruffy chin. Jesse’s tail wagged at the attention, pounding heavily against their sheets.

“Well, I know better than to argue with ya when yer actin’ all momma bear with yer babies.” He crooned, nuzzling the palm of Hanzo’s hand when it was offered to him.

Hanzo let out a snort, “I am nothing like a mother bear.”

“Oh, I beg to differ.” The wolf teased, grabbing hold of Hanzo’s wrist with his ridiculous mitt-covered paw to press small kisses to his fingertips, “Ya get all protective and stubborn and ya always look like yer goin’ ta bite me…” Hanzo blushed as he continued to plant kisses up his arm, “But then you turn around and take such good care of yer eggs. It’s damn cute, darlin’.” Jesse’s unoccupied hand had wandered over towards the egg, making sure it was in line of sight of Hanzo. He didn’t want to piss off his dragon, afterall.

He looked up at Hanzo, his gloved hand hovering over the top of their egg. A silent question.

Hanzo bit his lip and hesitated for a moment before nodding his head. Jesse’s tail flopped heavily and his ears perked up, finally dropping his hand to pet the egg his mate refused to abandon. He whined happily, feeling something almost big and natural blossom in his chest. He felt the need to protect it, and Jesse figured this was what Hanzo must be feeling.

Jesse dropped Hanzo’s wrist in favor to carefully wrap his arm around his waist, pulling them close together. His dragon didn’t seem to mind. In fact, Hanzo hummed and rested his head against his shoulder, letting his eyes flutter shut.

The wolf nuzzled against Hanzo’s hair, mindful of the horns jutting out from his forehead. He breathed in the scent of him and pulled him closer, carefully rubbing the egg between them. Everything was pleasant. Jesse was with his soulmate, with his pup, and all he wanted to do was to protect them both. It was his natural instinct to do so, despite knowing Hanzo could take care of himself. But he knew Hanzo wouldn’t mind the extra attention.

He looked down at him and found him completely relaxed, eyes closed and probably drifting off to sleep against his shoulder. The wolf was a natural heater, and Hanzo, being the cold-blooded dragon he was, tended to use him for his body heat. Not that Jesse minded.

The werewolf looked back at the gloved paw resting on his egg and he hesitated for a moment before slowly attempting to wiggle his hand free while the other stayed comfortably on Hanzo’s hip. Suddenly, the dragon grabbed his wrist and growled, without opening his eyes,

“If you touch our pup with your damned claws I will have your arm ripped off and tossed into a meat grinder.”

Jesse gulped and whined, ears falling flat. But Hanzo continued, leaning up to press a kiss to his snout,

“I am kidding, I love you. But I swear to God, Jesse. If you so much as think of pulling those oven mitts off, you are sleeping on the couch for a month.” His eyes fluttered open just to frown at him.

Jesse was both terrified and impressed by how quickly Hanzo could change from loving to intimidating. He only smiled wide, pressing their foreheads together, “You’ve got it, sugar plum. Ain’t no way I’m sleepin’ on the couch. It’s too darn comfy here.”

Hanzo scoffed and kissed his snout again before laying his head back against Jesse’s shoulder, releasing his wrist to instead rest his hand on Jesse’s atop their pup.

Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad afterall.

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arya saw them through the window and sat up a little straighter in her chair.  she cast a glance around the room.  septa mordane was bending over jeyne poole and murmuring something about her needlework.

“septa,” arya said, trying to make her voice sound as small as possible.  “my stomach is hurting.  may i…” sansa always let the sentence trail away rather than say she needed to find a chamber pot, and the septa always let her go.  

septa mordane didn’t even look at her, but waved her hand, and arya put her embroidery hoop down on her chair and hurried from the room, breaking out into a run the moment she was in the hallway.

she reached the lichyard at the same time that bran was dismounting from his pony.  there was something in his arms.

“how was it?” arya asked him as she approached but stopped short.  the thing in his arm was a pup of some sort, with soft fur and great yellow eyes and–“is that a wolf?”

“we found them!” bran said breathlessly.  “their mother was dead, and there were six of them.  enough for each of us.”

for each of us?  arya’s eyes went wide and she looked around.  

“shouldn’t you be in your lessons, little sister?” jon asked as he approached.  he had two wolves in his arms–a white one with red eyes who was gnawing at the leather laces of jon’s vest and a silver one that was looking around eagerly.  

“is that one mine?” arya asked excitedly, holding out her hands.  

jon grinned at her.  “of course she is.”  he tiped the wolf pup into her arms and…

the pup was warm and her paws scrabbled against arya’s arms for just a moment.  “i’ve got you,” arya whispered to her.  her fur was so soft and arya could feel her little heart racing against her hands as she held her to her chest.

“mine’s called ghost,” jon said grinning.  “looks like one, doesn’t he?”

“what’s yours called?” arya asked bran.

“not sure yet,” bran said, frowning.  

“mine’s named grey wind,” robb said.  he’d come over too and held three pups in his arms.  “here, take this one, will you?” he handed jon a black one with dark green eyes whose colored contrasted sharply with the color of jon’s own pup.  “that’ll probably be rickon’s.  sansa will want the gentle one.”

“rickon’s a baby.  he should have a gentle one,” arya said.

“rickon will be frightened of them no matter what.  he’s only three,” bran said.  he looked between the wolves in jon’s and robb’s arms.  “i think he’ll like the black one more.  once he’s used to it.  he likes running around and this one will need to run i think.”  arya chewed her lip.  it was a good point.  

she let out a yelp that turned into a giggle.  the wolf–her wolf–was sniffing at her neck with a cool nose and a moment later she was licking arya the way the hounds sometimes did when she played with them.  she likes me! arya thought excitedly. she likes me!  and so quickly too.  

“pick wisely,” theon said as he came over.  “names are powerful things and you wouldn’t want to pick the wrong one.”

arya’s mind was spinning hard.  ghost, grey wind… both of them seemed like unearthly names.  but there was something so wonderfully earthly about the wolf which was still nuzzling her neck.  she wished bran had picked a name.  then she’d have a better idea.

the problem was the only names she could think of were names.  family names, stark names, and it felt wrong, somehow, to name a wolf after someone in her family.  she’d name her after some hero in the songs, but most of the girls in songs were there for the men to love, and her wolf wasn’t there for men to love.

“no name for the baby hell bitch?” theon asked.  jon elbowed him and arya glared.  “what–that’s what she’ll be.  wolves make fearsome bitches, everyone knows that. and that’s a direwolf.  a queen bitch.”

that made arya smile.  she looked at the pup in her arms again and as she turned her head the pup turned hers as well and began licking arya’s face.  she giggled again.  “nymeria,” she said happily.  “a queen of wolves.”

Cherry (Part 6)- wolf!jikook story

Their parents don’t like it when they show affection.

“Honey, only couples can do that,” Jungkook’s mother explains for the thousandth time, dipping a plate into a bath of bubbly water. Jimin’s mother had caught them in their sleeping bag, nuzzling each other’s necks and ears, and had yanked them both out of their ‘nest.’ “Friends don’t show affection like that.”

“Why not?” Jungkook whines. It feels so nice when Jimin touches his ears! He doesn’t understand why their parents always yell at them when they do it. Don’t they realize that they’re half wolf? Nuzzling Jimin’s neck is part of his instincts. It always tells him that it’s okay to show his hyung affection.

“It’s not something you’d do with a friend!”

“Well, that’s dumb!” Growling, Jungkook leaves the kitchen and heads outside. With the fresh air blowing through his hair and ears, he can relax and think.

Really, there’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing! His mother’s just crazy.

At least Jimin doesn’t lick his ears. Well, most of the time. Taehyung does that, he does it to both of them, and it feels nice. However, Jimin’s ear touches and neck nuzzles are better than any of Taehyung’s ear licks.

Before Jungkook knows it he’s crossing the street and heading around the familiar house. Jimin’s window is close to the ground, giving him easy access to sneak in and out. Last night he’d snuck in and nuzzled Jimin to sleep. He wasn’t planning on taking that trip, but his instincts kept telling him to see Jimin and make sure he slept well, so he did.

Tapping on the glass with alert ears, Jungkook’s tail wags when Jimin appears and cracks open the window with a smile. “Hi.”

“Hi!” Jimin jumps in excitement, eyes bright. “Come in quick, they might see you!”

Grabbing Jungkook’s waist, Jimin heaves him in and they end up crashing onto the ground, a mess of limbs and furry tails. Jimin’s neck is unprotected, pale flesh begging Jungkook to mark it, and Jungkook nuzzles his nose into the skin. Something in his body relaxes when he smells his own scent on Jimin.

“Guk,” Jimin mumbles, craning his neck to give his friend better access. Their tails curl together, ears flicking against one another’s faces. “Let me.”

Then Jimin’s prodding at Jungkook’s throat, asking to mark. Jungkook yelps when he nips at his neck, soothing the area with a nuzzle. For a long time he nuzzles his neck and ears, masking Jungkook’s scent with cherries.

“Hey,” Jungkook mumbles after a few minutes, neck sore from the marking, “I gotta leave now. My mom’s gonna be mad.”

“I don’t want you to go!” Jimin pouts, nipping Jungkook’s ear. “I want you to stay.”

“You always want me to stay! I’m always in trouble.”

“Visit me later,” Jimin touches their noses together, then flicks his ear against the side of his face. “Promise?”


Beta Wolf (Kyungsoo Request)

Summary: No one takes Kyungsoo’s mate, no matter what.
Members: Kyungsoo x Reader (appearances by EXO)
Type: Drama/Wolf!AU/ Action
Length: 1,465 Words

This is my first Wolf!AU, I really hope you guys like it. Well, it’s kind of like a werewolf thing, but like the ones in twilight (something I did not like) where their wolf forms look like legit wolves. Anyways, I really hope you guys like it. <3

All the information about wolves and their actions were found on this page (x). Sorry, I really like researching things when I write.

-Admin Kat

Originally posted by mojo-ny

Kyungsoo ran through forest, following the scent of the dear he was chasing. He knew he should have gone back to the pack by now, but he was determined to catch this damn deer. He was the beta male; the second in command after Suho, and he needed to prove himself worthy of the title. He was no longer a scout and he was not planning on going back. He felt the wind through his fur, chilling his burning skin as his paws pressed into the damp mud. He stopped moving, having lost the scent for a moment as the wind shifted. He stood in his spot, crouching slightly, as his ears perked up and listened. The sound of water running to his left and bird chirping above him was difficult to push away. But then there it was. The soft sound of a branch breaking somewhere from in front of him. He dashed towards it, putting all his strength into his legs. He jumped into the air, falling onto the deer as his teeth sunk into its neck.

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IronStrange and The Winter Wolf

Because I love this exchange between Stephen and Tony so much from AVAC, so I had to write a fluffy drabble. 

“Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy?” Tony asked in that obnoxious voice people reserved for their babies and pets. He was kneeled down in front of the Winter Wolf and scratching the beast behind its ears.

The Winter Wolf wagged its tail like some common house pet, and Stephen could feel himself blanch at the horrible juxtaposition between the wolf’s true nature and its current behavior.

The Winter Wolf barked happily and nuzzled Tony’s cheek.

Tony chuckled and hugged the wolf. “That’s right! You are! You are.”

“Tony, please,” Stephen found himself pleading. He didn’t know how many times he had to explain to Tony that the wolf was a harbinger of doom. “…just stop.”

“Why?” Tony cooed the question as he petted the wolf. “Ultron is the sweetest.” Tony cupped the wolf’s face and pressed their foreheads together. “Plus, we have a bond now, so he’s my protector–not that I need much protecting, but it’s the thought that counts.”

Stephen sighed and ran his hand through his hair. “You’re kind of missing the point, Tony. Harbinger of doom.”

“And if there is any doom, he’ll protect me.” Tony kissed Ultron’s forehead.

Stephen sighed. He plopped himself on the ground behind his boyfriend. He closed his eyes and rested his forehead on Tony’s back. “I refuse to keep talking in circles with you.”

“Really? Considering how often you walk circles around the Sanctorum, I would have thought you’d be fine with this kind of conversation.”

Stephen groaned. He wrapped an arm loosely around Tony’s waist. “It’s how I think.”

Tony reached behind him and ruffled Stephen’s hair. “Whatever, Dumbledore.”

Stephen huffed and kissed Tony’s nape. He eyed Ultron from over Tony’s shoulder. He supposed the wolf itself wasn’t a problem. It was just what it symbolized.

Stephen’s stomach churned at the thought of his boyfriend being in any type of danger that would summon a Winter Wolf to him.

Tony hummed in thought and paused in the middle of petting Ultron. “Oh yeah, did you hear the rumors about some Victor guy and the academy? Natasha and the usual suspects have been going through Fury’s files again.”

Stephen made a noncommittal sound. There were always rumors swirling about who would show up next at the academy. “What do you know?”

Tony perked up and rambled on about all the speculation going on campus as well as the few facts everyone knew.

Stephen listened with a half an ear. It didn’t matter what Tony was talking about, Stephen just wanted to enjoy the peace and quiet with his boyfriend before the next villain showed up on their doorstep.

He Likes Her - Wolf

Request: DC imagine: Can you write where the reader has a tendency to ride on Wolf (who doesn’t mind/enjoys it) like in Princess Mononoke and the team doesn’t find out till either a) during a mission or b) when the reader gets injured in some sort of way?

(H/N) - Hero Name
(P/N) - Power Name (Whatever powers you want.)

You were one of the people Wolf actually didn’t mind to be around or would actually allow you to ride on his back. Well it did come along with pets on the head and gentle scratches under his chin but either way it shocked you but also made you happy that Wolf trusted you enough to be close with him.

One thing was SuperBoy and the others on the team didn’t know the small moments of attention you’d give to Wolf whenever the little guy caught your eye. Simple thing was that you loved animals and when Wolf joined the group you were silently cheering inside since he did make a wonderful member despite not being a human.

Which never bothered you, the more help the better.

Though…the team was gonna figure out just how close you and Wolf were once the new mission came up..

“The mission is simple, two teams will be set out. One will invade the base while the other creates a distraction. Reason for this is to throw off the enemy before they realize what is going on…this way each of our abilities can be very useful in this mission.”

Everyone agreed to it and soon as the ship silently landed a few feet away from the base the team split into two groups, you were with Superboy, Megan, Wolf, Artemis and Wally while the others were in the other group.

“Alright I’ll throw them off and you guys jump in when they aren’t looking.” Wally smirked.
“Yeah yeah just get one with it.” Artemis sighed.

Once they stopped talking Wally sped through the group of people making them shout in confusion and had their backs on you guys.

“Now!” You whispered.

Jumping into action you let out your own power to knock them out, when one guy saw you, you did a back flip over him as he tried to land a hit on you but you quickly placed a hand on his back using (p/n) to knock him out but not kill him.

Thinking they were all taken care of you all didn’t notice one standing up once more to fight back and he attacked you from behind.

“Gaaah!!!” You shouted.
“(H/N)!!” They shouted.

Falling forwards towards the ground the guy behind you could be seen to have some sort of sticks that let out a few electricity from them. Wally quickly knocked the guy out but Wolf was the one who caught you.

“Wolf?” Superboy asked.

Grunting in pain you managed to give a small smile towards Wolf as a silent thanks but soon passed out. Apparently fighting that many people who guarded the front gates took a small toll on you along with that last attack.

‘What happened? We heard (Y/N) yell through the com?!’
‘She was attacked from behind, it looked like it did a great number on her.’
‘Get her back to the ship, but continue the mission.’

Once that conversation through Megan’s mind link finished Superboy was actually surprised that Wolf was not only able to get you back there safe but didn’t let anyone else do it.

**Time Skip**

“Really?! Wolf did that?” Dick asked.
“Yeah he guarded her until she woke up.” Wally replied.
“I never knew they were close..”
“I think it’s kind of cute, Wolf being protective of someone. But it is kind of not surprising since (Y/N) does like animals a lot.” Megan smiled.

The rest of the team agreed and couldn’t help but give a smile towards your resting direction when they saw Wolf nuzzle up to you giving out some worried wines.

||A/N: Sorry for the long wait! And if this sucks then I’m soooo sorry! I do though hope you like it and aren’t mad with me that it took this long for me to do this one request that you sent (whoever it was!) But I didn’t forget so no worries! After this one I got three more requests before I will soon re-open for new request but for now they are still closed sorry about that. But I think people can still wait until three more stories are done! Anyway I hope you enjoy this one!||

Puppy Love (Part two)- Dean Ambrose x reader

|Smut warning!|

It was 7AM. You weren’t awake yet because you liked sleeping in late. But Dean awoke with your messy hair covering your face. He smiled at the sight.

Mate’s fur is beautiful.

Dean agreed with the wolf this time. He slowly rose from the nest and stretched his arms up. He stood from the bed and grabbed a change of clothes from his suitcase. The little morning light that came through the hotel window shown on his naked body. You awoke due to the sound of the zipper noise. You brushed your hair from your face, rose up, and decided to comment, “you know, I never took the time to look at your body last night. We were just- caught up in the moment. But, I do like what I see,” you winked.

He came over, “you like it all doll?” His hand moved to your breasts, “and these are perfect. God I hardly remember anything from last night. The wolf took over. You didn’t get much of me, you got most of him.” You moved his hand from your boobs, “I hope you’re just as wild.”

He smirked and pressed a kiss against your neck, “I am baby. But you’ll have to wait till the moon passes.” You innocently grunted, “Why?” “Well, the wolf is less likely to dominate. The week before the moon we all get a little antsy.”

“Oh, do you have to turn on the moon?” You asked. “No, but let’s say the wolf is extremely aggressive in trying to push through. I can turn right here, right now. But you on the other hand will have a lot of trouble tonight,” Dean said pulling you up to your feet. You walked over to your suitcase and slid a gray shirt and sweats on.

“Why me?” You asked, you felt dumb, but this was a new world for you. “Because you’re freshly bitten. New shifters have a painful time. I’ll help you as much as I can. Lead you through the stages. We’re going to have to take A LOT of water.”

You whined, “I’m scared Dean..you make it sound horrible.” He quickly chimed, “well it is, but you’ll feel so fucking free running with the pack.” You sighed and went to the large bathroom mirror to comb your hair. Dean finished dressing and put his leather jacket on. He came up behind you and spanked your ass. He nuzzled his nose into your hair.

Lilacs and Honeysuckles. Ours. Dean’s.

He moaned lowly. You nudged him away, “hey big boy, don’t get too excited. Remember you have to WAIT.”

He growled, “fuck.” He checked the time and cleared his throat, “well I’m going down to the lobby to see if anyone is chilling there.” You nodded and continued to brush your hair.

Dean took the elevator down to the lobby, Roman and AJ were sitting on the couch together. Dean sat on the couch opposite of them. AJ smirked, “so what’s the plan tonight Dean? Make us watch your little bitch turn and probably die?” Roman gave AJ a hard nudge, “Dude!”

Dean chuckled, “you think you’re such a bad wolf, huh? I wouldn’t mess with an alpha right now.” AJ laughed, “oh my god. Listen to yourself talk! Yea we get your alpha but you’re a fucking stupid one at best.” Roman jerked up and grabbed AJ, “Get the fuck out now.” AJ rolled his eyes and walked back to his room.

Need mate. Now.

Dean got up from his seat and hurried back to his room. At this fragile state he just needed your scent and touch on his body. “Dean WAIT. I thought we were gonna talk!” Roman yelled.

You decided to not look like a hobo and put some decent clothes on. You were finished and perfect. You looked in the mirror to see if your eyes had the yellow rings. Not yet. The room door clicked open and there was Dean. “No one in the lobby?” You asked taking Dean into a big hug.

“No,” he lied. His tense muscles relaxed.

Nice. Mine.

He held the hug for a long while before letting you go to look at your outfit, “gorgeous. I just wanna go out to breakfast now.” “Okay we can! I’m starving,” you blurted.


The sun was setting by the time you and Dean came back to the hotel from an adventurous day. You walked into the lobby and everyone was lounging. It was time to head back out. Dolph had a grocery bag full of waters. Dean stood in front of the group, “I know a secluded place here, just follow us in your cars.”


Everyone arrived at the forest at the end of town. The cars were all well hidden from plain sight. You got out shaking, “Dean I don’t feel the wolf, I don’t have any symptoms like the eyes or anything!” He led you into the thick forest, “usually you don’t know you’re a wolf until the moon strikes. I was born a pup so I can’t tell you when I started hearing the wolf’s thoughts.”

You could hardly see through the dark forest but you trusted Dean’s lead. You two stopped at a clearing and sat on a log. “This is a perfect place to change,” he said rubbing your back. Sasha ran over with the bag of waters, “here Y/N, drink a lot,” she smiled at Dean, “Dean you better help my girl out,” she looked back at you, “it’s going to be okay, no one is going to hurt you. We’re only an ear shot away if you need anyone.” You smiled back, “thanks Sasha. I’ll try to stay calm.” Sasha ran back.

“Dean..” you whimpered with tears.

Scared. Comfort.

“Baby girl, it’s going to be okay. Just take your clothes off,” he said as he took his jacket off. You started to take your shirt off before you felt him grabbing it to pull it over your head. “Let me help,” he said as he threw your shirt aside. He unhooked your bra and put one end in his mouth. You giggled and jerked it from him, “bad doggy!”

He pulled you up and pulled your pants off quickly. He pulled his own clothes off. He slid your panties off, “don’t you wish we could hardcore fuck right now?” You nodded as you were pulled against his body. His warmth aroused you.

“Let’s lay on the grass, I know how to relax you for the turn,” he said as you both fell into the grass. Dean topped you. “Dean not right now,” you gasped out. “Oh, I’m not trying to fuck, I just wanted to get you worked up. Arousal helps the pain,” he stated. Before he could do anything you sat up and screamed. The moon was over head and you could hear wolves howling from a far.

Dean massaged your shoulders, “you can’t fight the pain Y/N, it’ll kill you. Just let the pain flow.”

“WATER!” You yelled. Dean grabbed a bottle and opened it. “Here drink as much as you can. Dehydration happens fast.” You shakily drunk the whole bottle. Your hands planted themselves to the ground. Your bones cracked. You jerked up as your spine gave a long howling crack.

“D-“ you were going to speak but your vocal cords shifted and all that came out was a whimper.

Perfect mate. Find den. Lick.

Dean shook his head from the thoughts. Your head jerked downwards to the ground, as your jaw bone cracked and grew; stretching the skin into a snout. Your fur sprouted, it was the color of your hair.


Your tailbone grew out into your long fluffy tail. Your hands turned into paws. Your legs cracked into hind legs.


Dean started to shift, much calmer and quieter. You didn’t notice his shift. You were finally done. You laid whimpering on the grass. A light brown wolf nuzzled you. You looked up, Dean. You weakly got up and sniffed him. He had a musky scent, unlike your own.

“You can hear me right Y/N?” Dean asked. Werewolves spoke mentally to each other. “Yea, holy fuck. Look at me! I feel so..normal.” Dean barked, “I told you! Now try howling to signal you made it.” You looked up and let out a long mournful howl. In response the pack howled with you.

You ran off leaving your mate behind, you wanted to test your new legs. You jumped over logs and panted. You slowed your pace and listened to the forest’s noises. You felt mother Earth’s heartbeat. You stopped and dug your claws into the dirt, feeling one with nature. It was all like a surreal hippie moment.

Dean bounded over and licked your fur. “I wanna get down and doggy, but you’d become pregnant.” You looked at him, “how? You could just pull out.” Dean huffed, “no I can’t, as soon as I mount you I knot inside of you, and we can’t unhook.” You licked his fur, “well there’s always morning sex.” He was surprised by your bluntness. The pack howled to hunt. You two ran off deeper into the thriving forest.


You woke up to the sun hitting your face, “ugh.” You sat up, blood covering you in patches, “oh my god,” you whispered. Dean walked up to you fully clothed and clean. He had your clothes in his hands, he threw them to you, “get up girl! We sure had a night.” You smiled and took the clothes.

“Is there something I cou-“ you were going to ask but Dean threw you a box of baby wipes, “thanks sweetie.” You quickly cleaned and clothed yourself. “We NEED to get back to the hotel,” Dean said in an urgent tone. “O-okay,” you walked with him to the car. “What’s wrong?”

“I need you, I’m pretty sure I’m on the edge of climaxing,” Dean choked out, desperation in his voice, “you said we could.” You giggled, “I did!” You slid into the car.

Make a better nest. Pups. Protect.

Dean jerked his door open almost breaking it. He started the car and drove back.

You got back to the hotel and Dean opened your side like a gentleman and grabbed you up in his arms. “Don’t be afraid, but I went into a cycle of rutting this morning. I need your body, it’s relief.” You stared up to him, you had thought the wolf wouldn’t break through anymore after the moon. He got you to the room and let you down.

“I have to make a new nesting arrangement,” Dean said throwing the pillows around on the bed, this nest wasn’t going to have a pattern like last time. “Strip!” He angrily growled at you. You did as commanded.

Dean ripped his black tank off and threw it down. Your eyes widened, that action sent a shiver through your body. You both were now naked standing in front of each other.

He rammed you against the wall. “You’re mine, remember,” he snarled. His teeth grazed the sensitive bite mark on your shoulder. “Yes I am-“ “call me alpha!” “I’m yours alpha!” You pronounced loudly.

He grabbed your legs and hoisted you up, your ass flat against the wall. He inserted without warning you. You gasped in pain, “Dean?” He kept a steady pounding pace, “I. Love. You,” he said with every thrust. “Can we go-“ He already knew what you meant and placed you perfectly in the nest.

He reached to your breasts and fondled your right boob. You couldn’t control your moans, you prayed no one outside could hear them. Dean stopped and rested in you, “damn, you’re still so tight.” You ran your hand through his hair, “is that a bad thing?” You teased. “Hell no.”

He picked his pace back up and this time you felt an uncomfortable pressure inside. You connected the dots, he just knotted. “Dean! Pull out!”

Pups. Pups.

His eyes were a feral yellow. You felt a warm release inside. He came. You had no choice but to lay there being knotted. His eyes reverted back to sky blue, he tried pulling out, “fuck..fuck..FUCK.” You growled at him.

After five minutes of being tied together the knot released. He pulled out. “I’m so sorry baby doll!”

You bounced to the bathroom and cleaned yourself. You just hoped you weren’t pregnant now but in the back of your mind you knew something had to have happened. You slowly walked back into the room feeling defeated. Dean was dressed with a new shirt.

“C-can you tell me at least if I’m-“ Dean nodded and motion for you to come over. He placed a hand over your pelvic area. He smiled.

Pups! We have pups!

“Well?” You asked. “We have pups in there,” he announced with a glad tone. You were emotionally confused, violated, scared, and happy. “Hold me,” you whispered. You fell on the bed and cuddled into his warmth. “Thank you,” he whispered.

|Yes, there will be a part three. Thank you for your continued support, cause it gives me the motivation to write!|

anonymous asked:

Would you ever write a Berena/CampWolfe fic with "some raw, sweaty, unadultered, vigorous passion"?🙏

You asked for some raw, sweaty, unadulterated, vigorous passion…and I tried to deliver!  *blushes*  Wanted to get this up before Tuesgay came around again – and for once in my life I almost made deadline!  I should also warn you, this lands in the category of NSFW!

Serena had the highest sex drive of anyone Bernie had ever met.  And the woman was no pillow princess either.  She flirted and teased relentlessly with her words, and never failed to back her words up with actions.

They had come a long way since their early, hesitant days of awkward conversations and misunderstandings.  Had come a fair few times too.  Serena may never have been more than friends with a woman before meeting Bernie Wolfe, but to their mutual delight they had discovered she really could turn her hand to most things.

“Bernie, what an earth are you wearing?”

“Good morning to you too, love,” chuckled the blonde as she entered their shared office, placing a coffee on Serena’s desk and a quick kiss to her lips.  She slipped of her jacket, hanging it on the coat rack, giving the brunette a clearer view of her outfit.  “Don’t you like it?  The woman in the shop said, what was it…oh yes, it brought out my softer feminine side.”

Serena sat back in her chair, taking in the outfit in all its glory.  The low brown leather boots she approved of, the same for the tight, light khaki skinny jeans.  The blouse, however…she found she couldn’t stop staring at the offending garment.  “It has ruffles.”

Bernie looked down at the soft, and slightly sheer cream blouse she was wearing with its ruffled neckline and floaty sleeves.  “Yes…it’s not that bad, is it?  I thought it looked alright.”

The brunette tilted her head.  “It’s not the worst thing I’ve seen you wear, granted.  Actually it’s not bad at all.  It’s just not very you.”  She stood, moving towards the blonde with a devilish smirk on her face.  “I think you should just take it off,” she said, her voice deliciously low as she ran her fingers over the flouncy collar before dipping below to brush gently over the soft skin beneath.

The army medic couldn’t help the wolfish grin that spread across her features at the words.  “Serena, it’s barely nine in the morning, we have a meeting with Hanssen and I haven’t even finished my coffee yet.”

“I’m well aware of the time, Ms Wolfe,” chuckled the brunette, nuzzling blonde curls out of the way as she lowered her lips to Bernie’s neck.  “I’m also aware of the fact that my bed was very cold and empty last night.”

Struggling to keep her eyes from fluttering shut Bernie concentrated on taking deep breaths.  “I didn’t finally get around to renting a flat to never use it.”

“We make use of it,” came the mumbled reply from lips that had now reached the sensitive spot behind the blonde’s ear.  “We make very good use of it.  We can be as loud as we like there without mentally scarring innocent minds.”

Laughing, Bernie shook her head, pulling back enough to take her neck out of the way of Serena’s wandering lips.  “You’re incorrigible.”

The brunette pulled back with a pout at having her fun interrupted.  “Oh do be quiet.  You love it.”

The blonde couldn’t help but grin.  She couldn’t deny it.

“If you like, I can always help take it off…”

Before she got the chance to reply, Bernie was interrupted by a knock at the door.  She turned as Morven poked her head around the door.  “Sorry, Ms Wolfe.  Looked like it’s going to be an eventful shift for you.  The red phone is going.”

“Oh it’ll be eventful,” promised the brunette as Bernie placed a quick kiss to her cheek before following Morven in the direction of the incoming trauma.
Serena leant against the wall outside of Hanssen’s office, waiting for Bernie to appear.  She had been called upstairs for a consult, and had opted to head directly for the CEO’s office rather than risking being delayed by heading back downstairs.  She smiled as the blonde pushed her way through the double doors at the end of the corridor.  “Still don’t like that shirt.”

Bernie smirked in response, leaning in close as she approached, planting a hand on the wall just beside her lover’s head.  “Not a fan of a more feminine me?”

“Oh, I’m a huge fan of your feminine side,” drawled Serena.  “In fact, I’d like to think I’m very appreciative of your feminine charms.”

The blonde chuckled deeply.  “Can’t say I’ve found grounds for complaint.”


Returning to a more upright position, Bernie moved to stand with her hands clasped behind her back as she turned to face their CEO.  Serena remained leant casually against the wall.  “Henrik.”
“Well that was the certainly the most entertaining budget meeting I’ve ever been to,” laughed Bernie as the pair stepped into the lift, leaning against the back wall.

“He hired you for your unorthodox methods, I’ll be damned if he’s going to criticise you for them now!  Or try to cut your funding like some sort of punishment for not having spent the whole thing last year!” rambled Serena.  “Just because you’re efficient and know exactly where you can keep costs to a minimum!”

The blonde dropped her head, her fringe falling in front of her eyes.  “I’ve never had someone defend me like that.”  Biting her lip, she looked up at the brunette.  

Hitting the lift button for the floor for AAU, Serena stepped closed to the blonde, reaching out to brush her fringe away from her eyes.  “Now I know you can fight your own battles…”

Bernie nodded.  “I can.  But I must admit, having you fight them for me is really rather sexy.”  She let her hands slip around the other woman’s waist, pulling her flush against her as she claimed her lips.

“Ladies,” smirked Dom as he boarded the lift the next floor down, only to be well and truly ignored, finally leaving the lift will a roll of his eyes, entirely unnoticed.  

It was only years of having repeated the same journey that made the stalling of the lift on their floor register in Serena’s subconscious.  Tearing her lips form the blonde’s, she grabbed her by the hand and dragged her from the lift in the direction of their office.

If anyone tried to stop them or speak to them, the pair didn’t notice.  They were far too wrapped up in each other.

The door was closed by Bernie forcefully pressing Serena back against it, flicking the lock as she leant in, her lips hovering millimetres from the brunette’s.  “Did I tell you how sexy you defending me is?”

Serena chuckled.  “You may have mentioned it.”  She wrapped her arms around the blonde’s neck, bringing their lips crashing together.  It wasn’t gentle.  It was rough and raw and exactly what was needed.  They had all the time in world for soft caresses and nights of slow burning passion, but now was not that time.  She felt Bernie’s fingers fumble with the buttons on her shirt, a grinning into their kiss at the knowledge that the woman who could conduct the most delicate of surgeries in the middle of a warzone still, after all this time, struggled and fumbled to undress her in the heat of the moment.  Her grin was wiped from her face a few moments later as the blonde growled into the kiss and resorted to simply ripping the shirt open, the offending buttons scattering around their office.  She pulled back from their kiss, eyebrow raised.  

Bernie ignored the silent scalding entirely, her hands stripping the brunette of her blouse and making short work of her bra before sliding lower to the waistband of her trousers.  “What?” she breathed, a wolfish grin gracing her features.  “I’ll buy you a new one!”

Serena may have argued if certain talented fingers hadn’t chosen that moment to flip open the button on her trousers and tug at the zip, the slight friction heavenly.  She let her head fall back against the door with a dull thud.  She knew when to pick her arguments.  Now, as she helpfully wiggled her hips to make ridding her of her suddenly far too restricting trousers was not the time.

She couldn’t hold back the moan that left her lips as she felt Bernie cup her through the thin fabric of her underwear as the blonde dipped her head to close her mouth around a nipple.   Trying to keep herself grounded, her hands grasped at the woman before her, forcing herself to focus in order to strip the woman of her.  Her fingers quickly found the small hook and eye fastenings of the flouncy blouse, making quick work of them to reveal the white lace bra beneath as she pushed It from the blonde’s shoulders.

“White, Ms Wolfe?  I didn’t think you’d own anything so innocent,” she chuckled, fingers trailing across the fabric.

Bernie’s response was a growl, standing up to her full height once more to kiss the woman before her deeply.  Her hands gripped Serena’s hips tightly, revelling in the feel of the brunette’s hips bucking against her own, seeking contact.  With a grin, she pulled back from their kiss, starting a trail that blazed deliciously lower.  Finally settled on her knees in front of Serena, she looked up to meet her eyes, taking in the rapid breathing, flushed expression and dilated pupils.  “Me?  Innocent?  No idea what you mean.”  With a grin, she leant forward until she was able to take the edge of the brunette’s knickers between her teeth.  She heard the gasp from above as she dragged them down, finally hooking her fingers in the waistband when her patience ran thin.  She wasted no further time in teasing, making straight for her target.  

She grinned as almost as soon as her tongue met Serena’s wet heat, hands slid into her hair, letting her know she was precisely where she needed to be.  It was a dance she was well practiced at now, knowing exactly what was needed to bring the brunette to breaking point, and quickly.  That wasn’t to say she didn’t know how to draw the other woman’s pleasure out to very brink, until it was the most beautiful torture, but now, against their shared office door, a ward full of colleagues and patients just beyond, was not the place nor the time.

Serena appreciated the blonde’s current no nonsense approach, trying, and failing to contain the noises and half formed pleas that fell from her lips.  She gasped as she felt two talented fingers added into the mix as Bernie focused her attention on her clit.  She gasped, one hand sliding to grab the blonde’s shoulder in an attempt to steady herself.  She could feel her legs trembling as she was hurtled towards the abyss.  Feeling strong hands grip her hips, and trusting them to save her when her legs inevitably gave out, she surrendered, shuddering as she her release rolled over her.  

Eyes closed, her entire body shaking with pleasure, she whimpered as Bernie dragged out her orgasm with long slow licks of her devilishly talented tongue.  A gentle tug on now dishevelled blonde curls let the other woman know she couldn’t take anymore.  She gasped as the blonde removed her long fingers, quickly rising up to wrap her arms around Serena’s waist and help support her as she came back to her senses.

Bernie gently nuzzled the crook of the brunette’s neck, rushing for nothing and placing gentle kisses to the exposed skin, smiling when Serena finally turned her head to meet her in a lazy lock of lips.  She chuckled into the kiss as the hands looped around her neck slowly trailed down her body until they landed on the waistband of her jeans.  “Serena…”

“Yes?” asked the brunette, her voice innocent as could be as her fingers quickly unbuttons the tight jeans, hand sliding beneath the fabric with practised ease to squeeze the glorious globes of the blonde’s rear.  She looked up with a grin.  “If you’re about to make another one of your flimsy excuses about us being at work, or the time we should be spending working, I’m going to ignore you.  Turnabout is fair play.  I’m making time for this.  Let’s call it…a stress relieving session following a very trying budget meeting.”  Stepping forward, kicking off her shoes and freeing herself of her trousers completely as she moved, she forced the blonde to retreat until she was backed against her desk.  “Highlights including the fact that you’re finally free of that hideous shirt, and are about to have a reprieve from these insufferably tights jeans.”  

Bernie rolled her eyes, but nonetheless did eagerly assist in kicking off her shoes and jeans before being all but shoved to sit on the edge of her own desk.  “You realise I’m never going to be able to concentrate at this desk again…”

Serena grinned.  “Like you ever did.  You have the attention span of a six-year-old when it comes to sitting and being productive at this desk.”  She put a hand on the blonde’s chest, pushing her back gently as she trailed sloppy kisses down her chest.  With a smirk, she hooked her fingers into the skimpy thong the other woman wore, watching the shock on her face as she gave a none too gentle tug, and sound of ripping fabric filling the room.  “Oops,” she said with all the innocence she could muster.  She tossed the flimsy fabric aside, lowering herself down once more until she knelt before the blonde, placing teasing kisses up either thigh, smiling as she felt the powerful muscles twitch in response.  


She looked up to see Bernie leaning up on her elbows, a wide grin on her face.  “Guilty as charged.”

The blonde held the brunette’s gaze as she finally stopped her teasing, her mouth finally reaching where Bernie needed her most.  She let her head fall back, her hands gripping the desk as a certain surgeon’s skilful tongue set to work.  Why Serena had ever been nervous about their making love Bernie would never know; the woman had been making her fall apart with ease since before she had even touched her.  And her skills had only developed from there.  

She couldn’t help the noises that spilled from her lips.  Louder than she intended, but no quieter than she could seem to make them.  She whimpered from the sudden loss of Serena’s mouth, her eyes blinking open to take in the other woman rise to her feet, slipping a hand behind her neck as she brought their lips together, letting her taste the combined flavour of her own and Serena’s juices on her tongue.  

“Your volume control doesn’t seem to be working,” smirked the brunette.

“You broke it months ago,” came the rasped reply.  

With a grin, Serena brought their lips back together, serving to quieten the blonde’s moans as she let two fingers slip into the other woman’s slick heat.  She set a quick pace, Bernie soon clutching at her shoulders, her breathing becoming ever more erratic as she was pushed higher and higher.  She could feel the blonde was close.  “Come for me, darling.”

The arms clutching her shoulders pulled her closer, and she could feel the blonde’s desperate pants against her neck, hear her half formed words as she began to unravel.  Her name became a whimpered plea as she worked her fingers faster, feeling the moment when Bernie finally let go.  She groaned herself as sharp teeth dug into her shoulder in an attempt to muffle the scream that erupted from the blonde.  

She used her free hand to cradle the back of Bernie’s head, the blonde’s arms and legs wrapped tightly around her as aftershocks of pleasure ran through her.  This was perhaps when she loved Bernie most.  When the blonde was completely open to her.  So vulnerable, wrapped around the brunette in every possible way, clinging to her, and trusting her to keep her safe.  She let her fingers gently stroke through blonde curls as the army medic’s breathing began to even out, and tight muscles uncoil.  

She gently flexed the fingers that remained stilled within the blonde, silently prompting her to gently ease her legs apart and free her cramped digits.  “Are you okay?”

Bernie chucked.  “Oh, I am more than okay.  You, Serena Campbell, are a work of genius.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls.”

Lifting her head to press a gentle kiss to her lover’s lips, the blonde smiled.  “Only to my girl.”
“Why do you get the shirt?” huffed Bernie when they finally made the effort to get dressed once more, realising that their little stress relieving session had taken them to the end of their shift.  Even without having gotten any work done, or touching the stack of paperwork that having been pushed from Bernie’s desk, had now had to be sorted and replaced, they both felt it had been a rather…productive day.  

“Because you ripped mine, remember!”

“You ripped my underwear but you don’t hear me demanding yours!”

Serena finished doing up the small fastenings on the blouse.  “You have to admit, it does look better on me,” she smirked, running a hand through her hair.

Bernie merely rolled her eyes, not willing to admit to the fact out loud.  She wrapped her coat around her, doing up the buttons.  “Well if you like it so much you can just keep that one to replace the one I relieved you of earlier.”

Serena chuckled.  “I just might.”  She slipped on her trench coat and shouldered her bag.  “Now, are we remembering that Jason is at chess club tonight.”

The blonde grinned as she caught on to the brunette’s line of thinking.  The woman was insatiable.  She never complained.  “Shall we?”  She shouldered her own bag before unlocking their office door and pulling it open for Serena to exit.

“Good meeting, ladies?” asked Fletch as he passed them on the way out, his eyes dancing between them, narrowing as he realised where he recognised the blouse Serena was wearing from.  

“I’ll say,” grinned Serena.  

Bernie couldn’t help the matching grin that spread across her own features.  “Yes, I’m even coming round to budget meetings now…”

Fletch simply shook his head as the pair disappeared from view.  Adults, they were meant to be….