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To clarify, i have no problem with Bigby and Were-McCree looking so much alike.
(idea of Han-Snow from @welcometoicee‘s tag on the post)

There’s so many bright spots to this season of Fargo: what is truth, and what is fiction, and what difference does it make; the saddest dogooder robot you’ll ever see; everything Michael Stuhlbarg does.

But I’m head over heels for it because it’s basically what would happen if Isaac Babel wrote Burn After Reading.

Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes

for ally a. i miss you. special thanks to dauntsinyhale, and all the other people who encouraged me when i posted a wip of this on twitter, pretty sure without it this wouldn’t have been finished

Lolita Fashion wolf print idea

In Lolita fashion dresses with animals are fairly common, however, most of the animals featured are prey animals such as birds or rabbits. Why not have prints with fiercer animals such as wolves? A wolf motif could be modified to fit classic, gothic,and sweet lolita.

A classic lolita wolf print could look like the faded, coffee stained notes of zoologist, with charcoal sketches of wolves in their natural habitat.

A gothic lolita wolf print would feature a shadowy forest with a howling wolf silhouetted against a full moon.

A sweet lolita wolf print would feature flower crown adorned wolves playing in a field of wild flowers.


i guess i should say what my thing is

Seph meets Old Cloud

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The Courser and the Wolf

“Fen’Harel tried to shake his pursuer, but the hound ran as coursers can only run in their dreams. Even the wind couldn’t have fled that hound.” 

- Merrill, First of the Sabrae Clan


I commissioned the lovely and very talented @martini-september to create this wonderful piece of art of my Inquisitor Ellana and her lover Solas! Thank you so much martini, it’s fantastic! You got the wolf and hound motif nailed!

I always thought that Merrill’s fable was a very apt allegory for a Solasmanced Lavellan.  

Summer was wolf faunus and created the White Fang

Unlike Ruby who actually wore her hood grand total of four times in first three volumes AND red trailer, Summer was always shown in her hood. RWBY being RWBY there is a reason for everythng even if not immediately obvious. Her hood probably served the same function as Blake’s bow, to hide her ears. Why wolf? Ruby is based on Red Riding hood and has wolf animal motifs everywhere so it would fit. Now following this who is better fitted to be creator of peacefull organizations called White Fang than wolf faunus whose main color theme is white? Here being heavily implied to be nice and kind person also fits since White Fang was originally supposed te be peacefull organisation promoting unity.