wolf masks

Leonardo DiCaprio Photographed by David LaChapelle, Hollywood 1996

🐺 - Lamb, tell me a story..

🐑 - There was once a pale man with dark hair who was very lonely..

🐺 - Why was it lonely?

🐑 - All things must meet this man, so they shunned him.

🐺 - Did he chase them all?

🐑 - He took an axe, and split himself in two…

🐺 - So he will always have a friend..?

🐑 - So he will always have a friend.

The Furry Covention

We’re doing a DND campaign and our group is tasked with finding magical masks so we can sneak into a fancy party held by the mayor of city. The players include me, a Tabaxi monk, a gnome gunslinger, a kenku rogue, a tiefling bard, a tiefling warlock, and a half off barbarian.

The shopkeeper offers to give us the masks for free is we complete a quest for he after, to which we agree.

Tiefling bard OOC: So what are these masks anyway? Like masquerade masks?

DM OOC: They are more magical than that. They have powers that sort of morph you into whatever animal mask you’re wearing. So if you pick the wolf mask, you’ll essentially be turned into a human/wolf bipedal hybrid.

Me, “that guy who claims he’s not a furry but plays a Tabaxi” OOC: WAIT so they’re like fursuits??



DM OOC: Nope. Fuck that. They’re masquerade masks now. I’m not letting this happen.

To annoy the DM further, I choose the cat mask.

I’m very overdue on doing this.
Anon, back in October, asked if I could share the wolf mask papercraft template, which was only available through purchase during the season. I think it was like $10 or something, which can be a lot to pay for just a PDF, so I can understand why some people kept their wallets closed.

Anyway, I said I would, after the event, since Bungie was using those funds for donation. It’s not even available for purchase anymore, so might as well archive it.
I’ve compiled a folder in google drive that contains all of the papercraft masks, if anyone still needs and wants them. The one titled Festival of the Lost 2016 is the purchased one. Apart from the Wolf, it also contains Ghost, and Saladin.

Folder located here: Papercraft Masks

And if you only want the paid one: Direct Link for Wolf/Ghost/Saladin PDF

The Warrior | Camille Chew

This fearsome character is associated with determination, leadership, and triumph. The Warrior symbolizes inner strength, as well as physical strength. She is brave, loyal, and resilient; call upon her when you’re feeling weak or alone and she’ll join you in your battle.

From a series of masks and shrines representing my moon deity characters. Made for my fellowship show last year.


“Some legends are told
Some turn to dust or to gold
But you will remember me
Remember me for centuries“

Art :By Mmimmzel

☆。*☽Just Beyond The Veil Of Your Existence☾*。☆