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Teen Wolf Soul-Mark Au with a twist
  • Every time you save someone’s life it leaves a unique Mark on their skin somewhere
    • So doctors, nurses and first responders are leaving their Marks left right and centre
  • The very first time Scott had an asthma attack and lost his inhaler and Stiles had a spare, Scott got a patch of freckles on his left shoulder
  • Later on when Scott gets bitten and saves someone’s life he leave a thick stripe and a thin stripe
    • Melissa’s Mark is two thin stripes
  • Allison saves Lydia and leaves a sharp triangle
    • Chris’ is a longer triangle
  • Lydia saves Jackson and leaves an open circle on his chest
    • Jackson is extremely resentful of the patches of freckles he has to hide while still demanding a restraining order
  • When Erica and Boyd get away from Gerard they have BOTH the long triangle and the patch of freckles
  • The sheriff is very disturbed to see the patches of freckles on his wrist BEFORE Stiles, Allison and Isaac came to save them in the cellar.
  • Parrish saves Lydia and she gets a Mark that looks like a the sun
    • (Lydia is getting seriously annoyed by the amount of Marks she is collecting.)
  • Pretty much everyone is developing a collection of freckly patches
    • Allison
    • Aiden
    • Liam
    • Malia
    • Nearly everyone at school
    • Various individuals from around town
    • Numerous police officers who basically watched Stiles grow up
  • Stiles is getting irritated though because no matter how many times he leaves his Mark on other people and how many times he’s seen Scott save people, Stiles still hasn’t got any of the Scott Stripes. He’s got a few from Melissa but none as yet from his best bro.
  • He decides to make a tally of all the people who have saved his life and confront Scott with it
    • There are waves from Erica
    • A blotch from Boyd
    • Nothing from Isaac (no surprise)
    • An actual sharp spiral from Peter Hale (that time with Twin Fusion)
    • Flicks that look like whiskers or slashes from a knife from Kira and a stack of three of these lines from Ms Yukimura
    • The triangle from Allison and a circle from Lydia
    • Obviously there are Marks from his mum and and his dad
    • And whole heap of swirls from Derek
  • Like a LOT of swirls
  • Stiles isn’t sure how he wasn’t aware of all the swirls Marking his body
    • He feels pretty super awkward about it
    • Like maybe everyone was right after all and he is a human that ends up in the way and needs saving all the time
    • Decides to speak to Derek about
  • Shows up at Derek’s place and begins awkward ramble about not listening and getting in the way and btw thanks for saving me all the time
  • Derek is like “stiles wtf” and takes off his shirt
    • Stiles is suddenly acutely aware that Derek doesn’t do this as often any more
  • There are a lot of patches of freckles
  • Like holy shit that is a LOT
  • Almost exclusively freckle patches
  • Maybe some Marks from Deaton, one from Jennifer, one or two from a beta or two
    • There’s Peter’s Mark
    • And a few from Laura
  • But overwhelmingly there are patches of freckles
  • Stiles: so I’m not a useless human?
  • Derek: Stiles wtf nearly EVERYONE in this COUNTY has a Mark from you! What are you on about
  • It’s true
  • Beacon Hills. What would they be without Stiles?

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Hey! i'm looking for fics where derek scentmarks stiles for safety or other reasons and it ends up with them getting together/closer! long fics esp

anonymous asked:  Hey there! Looking for Omega Heat fics. Where Stiles can’t get enough of Derek. Like they may be out in public or something and Stiles can’t help scenting Derek. Love these kinds of fics. You are girls are the best!            

Ok, so I went more on the “really long fics which feature scentmarking” side of this ask, cause I was having trouble finding exactly what you wanted.  Also found 2 Omega!Stiles is hot for Alpha Derek’s scent fics as well.  They’re all Sterek ;)  Hope you like!  -Emmy

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Electricity in the Contact by ladyblahblah 

(27,067 I Explicit I Complete)  *fake/pretend relationship, mates, knotting

In which Derek has been invited to the Greater Pacific Northwest Alpha Symposium (that’s not what it’s called, Stiles, stop saying that), and showing up unattached would mean an arranged marriage.  When the rest of the pack objects, he agrees to let Stiles come along to pose as his mate.  Derek is reasonably sure that he’s not going to make it out of this weekend alive.

Saving Stiles by DancesintheWind 

(67,020 I Mature I Complete)   *pack dynamics, torture, protective derek

There are new hunters in Beacon Hills, big whoop, no big deal, except they have shown an extremely sick interest in Stiles. Derek has assigned the betas to protect him but Stiles is becoming increasingly more interested in Derek coming over instead.

Baggage by deadly_nightshade, Nerdy_fangirl_57    

(109,643 I Mature I WIP)  *cap!derek, teacher!stiles, also theo/stiles, werewolves are known, single parent!stiles, mpreg

Derek wasn’t meant to be the Alpha of Beacon Hills, but, when Laura moves to New York with her husband the Beacon Hills territory needed a new alpha to take charge. Not only is he busy running around making sure his territory is safe and doing his job correctly as Sheriff of the Beacon Hills Supernatural Police Department alongside Sheriff Stilinski who was the Sheriff of the Beacon Hills Human Police Department but he also has to keep track of his 3 adopted children. Erica and Boyd are about to start their junior year of high school so he doesn’t need to stress over them very much but Isaac? The youngest and newest member of their small pack? That’s the one he worries about.

Isaac is a shy little pup and this will be the first year that Isaac won’t be home schooled. He is about to start 2nd grade and Derek couldn’t do anything but worry. That is until he caught sight of the 2nd grade teacher. A face too elegant to be considered handsome and too masculine to be viewed as pretty but gorgeous nonetheless with sweet honey brown eyes and a bright smile as his lean figure rested against the door frame where he waited for the parents to pick up their children. Yeah…… Isaac will be fine…

Bruises and Bitemarks by oblivions172

(121,566 I Explicit I Complete)  *trainer!derek, omega!stiles

Biologically, Stiles is weak. When he presented as an omega, he knew that to be the truth but that never stopped him from running his mouth as a defense mechanism. However, it could only save him so many times before he ended up pissing off the wrong person. After he’s attacked in the parking lot outside of school, Stiles realizes he can no longer protect himself with just pure wit and sarcasm. When the attack lands him in the hospital, his dad forces him to pick between two options, report the alphas who attacked him or join a kickboxing gym run by omega rights activist and alpha, Derek Hale, a man Stiles has been in love with for many years.

Settle Down by wearing_tearing, whatthehale    

(153,181 I Explicit I Complete)  *omega!stiles, mpreg, surrogacy, architect!derek, writer!stiles

Stiles is a struggling author barely making ends meet.

Derek is a successful architect whose biological clock is ticking.

Enter a surrogacy agency, two packs, and a particularly sticky and toe curling heat week and you get a match made in heaven.

Divided We Stand by KouriArashi 

(156,742 I Mature I Complete)  *detective!stiles, courtship, alive hale family

Derek is being pressured by his family to pick a mate, and somehow stumbles into a choice that they didn’t expect and aren’t sure they approve of….

Burn Me Til There’s Nothing Left by halcyon1993 

(185,114 I Explicit I Complete)  *magic!stiles, kidnapping, pack mom!stiles

Two months after the Nogitsune’s defeat, Stiles is having trouble coming to terms with what he did while under its influence. When Derek’s birthday rolls around, the pack plan a surprise party for their alpha, also hoping that the celebration will help raise Stiles’ spirits. During the festivities, secret looks of longing shared between the two catch Erica’s attention, and she bands together with Allison and Lydia and plots to get them to admit their feelings for each other. The plans quickly go awry, however, when a new antagonist appears in Beacon Hills with connections to Derek’s past and Stiles finds that the Nogitsune left him with more than just guilt.

There’s Magic Between You and I by halcyon1993 

(260,698 I Explicit I Complete)

After the disaster that was junior year, Stiles is more than ready to finish his last year of high school and move on to college. He splits his time between his studies, taking care of the pack—well and truly blossoming into his new role as the alpha’s mate—and training his powers with Deaton. At the same time he learns shocking secrets about his heritage, strange things start happening around town and to the pack themselves, and he finds himself in a race to save everyone when a new evil arrives and threatens to destroy everything he loves.

the Omega!Stiles with the scent kink fics:

Come a Little Closer by blue_jack 

(2,025 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles has always had a thing for alphas.

Fearless on my Breath by dragon_temeraire 

(4,588 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles unexpectedly goes into heat.

Shows like Sense8 and How To Get Away With Murder have pansexual orgies and guys rimming each other every other episode and Jeff Davis wants us to worship him because he created a show where where homophobia doesn’t exist, which is pretty easy to do when there aren’t any gay characters to begin with.

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Hi there, I just found your blog! I'm super excited to have a blog that recs recent fics, I have been finding it so hard to find any lately. So thank you! I saw your merman rec list and am super excited to read all these merman fic I didn't even know existed! Because there so many new fics you recommended that I didn't even know about, I was wondering if you would be up for doing a Werewolf Convention reclist? Of course only if you want to. Thanks so much for putting your time into this blog!:)

Sorry it took me so long to put this together! Only just checked the inbox for this blog yesterday and am so happy to have a first prompt!!! Yay! So thank you so much!! 

★=Fics that could use more kudos, comments, and appreciation.



We Have Potential by @dragon-temeraire (2/2 | 10,196 | Teen)

Derek has finally been invited to the annual North American Werewolf Convention. The only problem? They’re expecting him to bring a significant other. He doesn’t actually have one, but everyone volunteers Stiles for the job.

Enjoyed this so much!: 

Espy Me, While I Watch You by ​frostedgoddess / @derrickhale (11/11 | 30,823 | Gen.)

Derek Hale is a lot of things; Alpha, leader, survivor, and hopeless closet fanboy to the devastatingly cute YouTube sensation, Spark Stiles Stilinski.

Then, Derek’s betas come up with an amazing plan to get Derek an emissary. Any Alpha’s dream come true.

And it will be, if Derek can juggle his responsibilities as an Alpha, judgement, guilt, and roughly a metric fuckton of self-loathing and doubt about whether he’s good enough for a beautiful thing like Stiles.

Wonderful! Will leave you with awwws: 

Mates and Mushrooms by mikkimouse / @mad-madam-m  (1/1 | 11,536 | Explicit)

Derek’s not that excited about spending three days at a conference getting propositioned by every Alpha with a single pack member. Stiles has a plan to make it stop.

It might be a great plan…if only Derek weren’t head over heels in love with him.

It might be an even better plan if someone at the conference didn’t have a vested interest in Derek staying single.

Sweet, sweet, sweet:

Logistics of Traveling with Werewolves by SylvieW / @sylvie-w (1/1 | 11357 | Mature)

The pack attends the National Werewolf Association Conference for the first time since they got their shit together. Derek doesn’t like being away from home, or facing people from his past. Stiles does his best to help out… without letting his feelings get in the way. It’s harder than he thought since they’re sharing not only a hotel room, but a bed.


Like What You See? by cloudyskiesandcurlyfries / @dylanlovesthemets (1/1 | 1,691 | NR)

Stiles and Derek have to pretend to be together while attending a werewolf conference. Also Derek’s red thumbhole sweater makes an appearance

Hottt!! 0_0: 

★Quick by LupusScintilla / @inkandblade (1/1 | 433 | Mature)

The sunlight held back by the blinds on the window was almost, but not quite, as bright as the evil glint in Stiles’ eye a few moments ago.



Pack Dynamics Among Born Werewolves by @alocalband​ (1/1 | 3,009 | Mature)

A Werewolf Convention AU in which both Derek and Stiles are complete nerds about supernatural politics.

Short but so sweet and important!:

★taking the pain away by triggeringthehealing / @froggydarren (1/1 | 471 | Teen)

The obvious thought is the werewolf pain leeching power. That is what he’d expect to think of when someone asks about a touch that’s healing. But when the topic is brought up at the meeting of the packs – no, Stiles, you can’t call it a convention, this isn’t cosplay and fanboying – that’s not where Derek’s mind drifts.


★Indulgence by @inell (1/1 | 2,500 | Explicit) 

Derek and Stiles indulge in a mutual kink in a hotel corridor outside a crowded ballroom during a werewolf conference.

Wonderful series!: 

★we crave a different kind by Marishna (1/1 | 2,128 | Teen)

“Right. Your boring, safe life. Sheltered here at the den where you never have to risk anything.” Derek was starting to get angry with the way Laura was talking about him, like he was some kind of shut-in who never saw the light of day but she kept talking. “I challenge you, Derek Hale. The conference is ending tomorrow and everyone will be leaving. I want you to go out tonight, to the bar around the corner I told you about. Have a drink, talk to some people.”