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Safety in the Darkness

So this is my first Teen Wolf imagine, starring Dark!Stiles <3 I hope you like xx 

Nogitsune Stiles!

Y/N walked swiftly down the road, listening to music in your earphones. It was quite dark out, as you’d stayed behind in the library to do your homework, and you’d lost track of time completely. You were a little frightened walking home in the dark, because you knew about what was out there, but you were too proud to call Scott or Stiles for a lift home.
You were lost in your music, until you heard a car pull up next to you. Glancing towards it, you saw it was a blue Jeep, and pulled your earphones out of your ears, smiling.

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Control Training - Liam Dunbar and Scott McCall

Originally posted by spraystills

Request: Imagine request: you recently got bitten by Scott. And your training to use your wolf abilities to there extent. Since Liam and you are dating he’s there for moral support. You need to learn how to control your anger but scot hits you and you get really mad and start to wolf out on him and try to attack him cause you anger gets the best of you. Liam and Scott calm you down.

Summary: (Y/N) has just recently been bitten and Scott is training her how to control her power. Of course, (Y/N)’s boyfriend Liam has to come for moral support which is much needed.

“How are you feeling? What are you thinking about?” Scott asked me as he stood opposite me with a bag full of lacrosse balls. It was after school hours and no one was here but us. We told coach that Scott was going to train Liam some new Lacrosse tricks but actually, he was training me how not to kill people.

“Good. Just wondering if when they wrote the 3 little pigs or red riding hood they actually knew about werewolves and like… were hunters or something… or just tryna make us look bad or something…”

“Okay… Well, you need to focus. We need to see how good you are at maintaining calm. You have to keep your heart rate down or else you’ll turn, and we can’t have that happening in public.” I nod and look over to Liam who’s sitting on the benches. Suddenly, I’m hit in the face with a ball. 

“Um, what the f-”

“Stay calm.”

“How can I when you’re throwing balls at me?”

“This is how Stiles trained me. Pretty much right where we’re standing too.”

“Okay but I’m not yo-” Scott threw another ball at me and I heard Liam chuckle when I glared at Scott.

“(Y/N), they put me in handcuffs. Trust me, this is better. For both of us. I don’t really like the idea of Scott putting you in handcuffs.” Liam interjected trying to make light of the situation. 

“Okay, okay. If this is how I have to learn then go for i-” Scott threw another ball.

“You could’ve let me finish what I was say-” And another. I breathed in deeply as he kept throwing balls. I tried to compose myself and stay calm but when I heard his voice ask me a question I snapped. I felt my claws come out and I growled lowly, showing my teeth. The others paused and when I started running at Scott he quickly changed form too. 

“(Y/N), calm down!” He shouted over the vicious fight. I could feel something inside my chest get hotter and hotter. It was like some internal fury that I was now externalising onto Scott. I could feel his skin under my claws every now and then when I swiped at him and the smell blood intensified. 

“(Y/N).” I hear Liam’s voice and I froze. 

“(Y/N), please stop. Control yourself.” I feel his hands grab onto my arms. I had forgotten that he was even there. In fact I had forgotten I was even there. It felt so surreal; like it wasn’t even me that was hurting Scott. I froze and started taking in big breaths, realising what had happened, what I had done.

“Oh my god.” I whisper as my body changes back to normal. I see blood coming from Scott’s cheek and shirt. “I’m so sorry! I don’t know what came over me.” 

“I’ll heal. And don’t worry, we all tried to kill someone our first transformation.” I looked over at Liam who laughed and nodded, looking at Scott and then back to me. It wasn’t until then that I realised that I had hurt Liam. A gush of blood was seeping from his shoulder. I jump up and grab ahold of him arm seeing how deep it was. 

“Don’t stress. Like Scott said, I’ll heal.” 

“Okay, I think that’s enough training for one night. I’ll see you two back here tomorrow.” Scott said as he picked up his bag and smiled at the two of us. 

“Yeah, see you then.” Liam said for me as I was still in a small state of shock. “Come on, lets go wash this blood off.” Liam says as we begin walking to my car. 

“A warm shower sounds nice.”

“Yeah it does.”

“By myself.”


“You heard me Dunbar, theres been enough excitement for one night.” I giggled.

Hey! Sorry this took a lot longer than I expected. I have no excuse, I just bought a Nintendo Switch and got extremely side tracked! I haven’t even done 1% of my holiday homework ahaha. Anyway, hope you liked it! xx

Nothing to Fear (Stiles Stilinski One Shot)

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Requested: Yes 

Warnings: Nope

Word Count: 811

You watched him. Not in a creepy way, but in a “I -really-like-this-boy-but-have- crippling-anxiety-and-feel-like-I’m-gonna-explode-every-time-I’m-near-him-so-I look-at-him-instead” kinda way. Ya know what I mean? 

He was perfect, whether he believed it or not. And you were desperately in love with him, which sucked, because you couldn’t even go 5 minutes with out panicking whenever he was near. 

Your heart sped up, and your hands grew clammy. Your head throbbed and your throat constricted-they were the basic symptoms of a panic attack. And it was the worst feeling in the world knowing that you’d never be able to be around the boy of your dreams, because of your anxiety. 

You turned away, getting ready to throw out your lunch, as your friend followed close behind. You sighed, smiling at the back of his head, praying to God that he’d turn around. 

But, wait, what if he did, and he thought you were staring? Yes, you had been a moment ago, but what if he thought you were a freak or something? Or maybe you had food on your face? There was no way you’d let him see you looking like that. 

You rushed from your table to your locker, ready for the day to be over, already. You couldn’t stand the thought of being the laughing stock of Scott’s pack, especially when Stiles was apart of it. 

“Y/N-Y/N wait up! You’re walking too fast!” Your friend cried, struggling to catch up. You came to a halt, her running by you before back tracking. 

“I’m sorry, Y/F/N. I’m just a little frantic, I guess.” You say, pulling her along to your locker. She shakes her head, chuckling a bit. 

“You’re always frantic, Y/N. It’s who you are.” She replied. You sighed, undo the lock and pulling your back pack out, before slamming it closed. The bell began to ring, sending you into a sudden state of worry-

“If you leave now, you have exactly 3 minutes and 46 seconds to get to class before the next bell rings.” Y/F/N said,looking up from her watch. You nodded, giving her a quick hug goodbye, and darting for the stairwell. 

“2 minutes and 34 seconds, 33 seconds, 32 seconds, 31 sec-” CRASH! You come to a tumbling stop, your bag scattering a few feet away from you, the papers in your binder flying out across the hall. 

You didn’t expect to come face to face with- “Stiles!” You squealed, his face breaking out into a smile. You quickly grab your things, ready to make a made dash for it, but he gently grabbed your hands, pulling you up.

“You ok? You were running like crazy! Why would you look at your phone while running?” He asked with a chuckle. You pulled your shaking hands out of his and grabbed your book bag.

“I-I didn’t want to be late for class.” You stuttered, slowly backing away. You began to feel your heart rate speed up, the fear kicking in all of a sudden. But then he asked you something that you hadn’t expected. 

“Y/N, would you like to go on a date with me?” His voice was study, a determined look on his face as you paused, mouth agape, forming the shape of an O. You blinked a few times to make sure you weren’t dreaming and nodded quickly. 

“Y-yeah! Totally!-I mean, sure, yeah sure, why not.” You made a face, knowing just how stupid you sounded, before smiling. Stiles grinned, just as the bell rang. 

“Well, I should get going, class is about to start. I’ll-I’ll see you later, ok?” You smiled, nodding as he disappeared down the hall, looking over his shoulder to wave.You waved back, heading in the opposite direction for your own class.

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Show Me You Love Me (Isaac Lahey One Shot)

Originally posted by musictomybrain

Requested: Yes

Warnings: FLUFFF

Word Count: 956

“Well, I love you to the moon and back.” Isaac whispered, holding you close to his chest. You laughed, shaking your head, and snuggling in closer to him.

“That was so cheesy,” You replied, watching images flicker across the TV screen. You felt relaxed, at ease with Isaac by your side.  Something you’d never felt with anyone else.

“Hey Isaac,” You began, slowly pulling out of his grip and turning to face him. A worried expression crossed over his features as he sat up, releasing you from his grip. 

“What’s up?” He questioned. You shrugged a little, looking down at your hands that you’d clasped in your lap. 

“How do I know you really love me?” You asked, your voice barely above a whisper. Isaac was quiet for a moment, before he gently lifted your chin, your eyes meeting his. 

“I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t.” He said, before leaning in for a kiss. Your lips met, molding together, as you wrapped your hands around his neck, Isaac’s gripping your waist as he pulled you back onto his lap. 

Your legs straddled his hips, as you felt a seed of bliss that had been planted in your stomach grow into only what you knew as pleasure. You pulled back, your need for air far greater than your need for kisses. 

You blushed, looking at Isaac who hadn’t take his eyes off you for a single moment. You went to go stand, but Isaac pulled you back down, something shining in his eyes that you’d never seen before. 

Pure admiration. “Remember the first time you said that you loved me?” He asked, and you nodded slowly, not quite sure where he was going with the conversation.

“And I was so excited that instead of saying it back I told you to prove it?” You laughed, remembering the exact place and time it had happened. “And you kissed me first because I was to much of a wimp?” 

You smiled, placing your hands in his. “After that moment, I knew I loved you. I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.” He said, and you couldn’t help but grin, attempting to hide the blush creeping up your neck. 

“Come here, don’t hide. I love you. You’re beautiful, and I mean it.” You snuggled into his chest once again, a feeling of love blossom in your heart. 

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Build Up (Young Derek)

THIS WAS REQUESTED my masterlist is ready to go here. If you want something written you can request it right here!

Warnings: Build up to implied smut and implied smut

Request: Can you do one where your stiles little sister and when Derek is turned young he hits on you. A lot. And he comes into your room during the night … You end it😘 love you bupy

“Wait.” You said, pointing a finger at the young boy standing beside Scott and Stiles.

“You’re telling me, that this kid is Derek? As in grumpy bossy-pants Derek?” you ask, your eyebrows raised as Stiles and Scott exchanged a look. “yeah. That Derek.” Stiles said with a nod. “Derek, this is my sister, Y/N.” You put your hand out for a handshake, but he took your hand and pressed it softly to his lips. “My pleasure.” He said, looking up at you  through thick eye lashes as a blush spread through your cheeks. “Alright.” Stiles said, pulling Derek away from you. “I think we need some ground rules.”

After 10 minutes of the rules being explained (an emphasis on rule number 3 “NO FLIRTING WITH MY SISTER", number 8 which was “NO GOING INTO MY SISTER’S ROOM” and summed up by number 17 “DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING ANYTHING WITH HER.”) You called it a night early on, wanting to escape the impending hours of extensive research about getting Derek back into his adult form.

You could still hear consistent chatter and the occasional thump of a heavy book being moved. You continued to get ready for bed, pausing momentarily when you heard the front door click open and shut, hearing Stiles’ jeep starting in the driveway.

You walk out of your en suite, stifling a yawn that emerged from your minty lips, the fresh smell of toothpaste still lingering. You leaned over, pulling back your duvet when you heard a light gasp. You turned around to see Derek standing in the doorway of your room, un-bashfully staring at the area uncovered as you leant over. “Hey Derek.” You say, turning to face him, a small smile on his lips.

“Hi Y/N. Your brother and Scott went to go get dinner and I thought I should check on you.” He said, his eyes scanning your body, clad in your short pyjamas. “How many of my brother’s rules do you plan on breaking tonight?” You ask, stepping closer to Derek so that your chests almost touched. He looked down at you “All of them.” With that he moved forward, yours lips moving forwards to met his.

Derek broke a lot of rules tonight, with emphasis on rule number 17…

A/N: I’m going to try to get 8 hours of sleep tonight but I’m not sure how that will work out. Anyways, I hope you like it! Have an amazing day/night xx

oh-my-darlingxxx said: I was wondering if you know any good books with werewolves in them like lone wolf rising it something ??? Xx

I have to admit that I haven’t read a lot of werewolf-themed books! I guess it was never on my radar. I have always wanted too, though, so I’m going to do a hunt for myself and you! The books below will be divided up into books I have read and books that I want to read! 

1. Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

2. Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause

To-Read Books:

3. Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

4. The Dark Devine by Bree Despain

5. Predator by Janice Gable Bashman

6. Jackaby by William Ritter

Thanks for the question! Happy reading! 

Smell Your Scent (Liam Dunbar One Shot)

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Requested: Yes

Warnings: FLuffyness

Word Count: 

You smiled to yourself, walking into school on yet another perfect morning. Though, you dreaded going to Mr. Harrison’s class, you knew it was going to be alright. As long as Liam’s there. You thought to yourself. 

You pulled your earbuds out of your ears, holding your phone in your free hand as you unlocked your locker. You began to pull your books out, piling them carefully one by one on top of each other. 

“Hey Y/N!” You heard. Startled, you whipped around, the books sliding off, landing on the floor with a loud THUD! Liam stepped back, caught off guard, as you frowned.

“Liam!” You whined, bending down to get your books, your heart secretly thumping inside your chest.

“Here ya go. Sorry, didn’t mean to scare ya..” He said, scratching the back of his neck. You laughed a little, and looked around, slamming your locker closed behind you. 

“No problem. Come on, I don’t want to be late.” You said, tugging on his sleeve as you pulled him along to class.

“Students…” Mr. Harrison began, eyeing the two of you as you took your seats, just as the bell began to ring. 

“I hope you remembered your assignments from the other night. If so, please pass them up…” He said. You watched form the corner of your eye as Liam scrambled around in his bag, his eyes widening. 

“Hey, Y/N, do you have the homewo-” You sighed, pulling out a blue folder and rummaged through it, pulling a copy of it out, and handing it to him. 

“I have a copy for every assignment, done and ready to hand in in your handwriting. I was hoping you wouldn’t ask for it, though.” You hissed, handing it to him. He grinned, signing his name as he turned it in. 

“Thanks, your the best.” He placed a quick kiss to your cheek as he went up. You rolled your eyes, focused on the lesson at hand. 

A few moments before the end of class, you peeked over to see Liam with a worried expression on his face.

You, being the amazingly worried friend you were, tapped him lightly, hoping to get some form of understanding from him. 

“You ok?” You asked him, and he nodded, brushing you away. The bell rang, and you gathered your things, ready for lunch. 

“Li, are you sure your fine-” You watched as he sniffed the air like a dog, before sniffing your hair, and neck. Your eyebrows creased as you shoved him away lightly, turning to face him. 

“Liam, what is wrong with you?” You asked him, as his face went red. Realization hit him, as he looked for a reason-an excuse for smelling you. 

“I-I liked your shampoo.” He stuttered, faking a smile. You rolled your eyes. Something was definitely off about him, that was for sure.

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{ look up to the stars; they’ll lead you back home again } 

for the three siblings who’ve lost everything and who’ve had their worlds tossed and torn apart; 

for the siblings finding the stepping stones to slowly piece together a patchwork quilt and start again . 

for ’ no sentinal is going to touch my sister' 

for ’ we’ll be together, as sisters should be ‘ 

for ’ i think i’m needed more here then anywhere else.' 

for wanda, lorna and pietro.


i. human | aquilo ii. promises the morning benders iii. about sophie keaton henson iv. symmetry maggie rogers v. futile devices sufjan stevens vi. i remember saint saviour vii. under the same sun ben howard viii. think of you a fine frenzy ix. landfill daughter x. for the widows in paradise, for the fatherless in ypsllanti | marion salfeldne xi. skeleton key  dessa xii. glory wye oak xiii. soft shock  yeah yeah yeahs xiv. afraid of everyone  the national xv. dangerous (feat. joywave) big data xvi. the way zack hemsey xvii. laughing with a mouth of blood st. vincent  xviii. wolf like me / intro tv on the radio vs the xx xix. why try to change me now | fiona apple xx. flying and flocking zoe keating 

Join Me- Theo Imagine (Part 3)

THIS WAS REQUESTED my masterlist is ready to go here. If you want something written you can request it right here! PART 1, PART 2

You were pressed against the lockers before school, Theo’s lips moving against yours as his hands gripped your waist. You could hear students groan as they saw the PDA, but as soon as they realized Theo Raeken was one half of the act they shut right up. Theo groaned slightly as you pulled away. You sent him a small smile and a pat on the cheek. You were about to pull away but he kept his hands firmly on your hips, pulling you close again. “Scott and his puppies are staring.” He whispered in your ear. At that moment Liam yelled across the empty hallway. “Hey Theo! Keep it in your pants!” Lydia shot him a look and everyone around him bit back a groan. Checking the  hallway was empty you called back. “I’ve seen your future Liam, and Theo isn’t the one who should be keeping it in his pants!” You heckled back. “Is that true?” Theo whispered in your ear from his position behind you.

“No.” You whispered back. “Gross” You felt Theo smirk behind you.

The pack fell silent, tension filling the corridor before you spoke again.

“I’ve seen the future, and I know it’s not looking that great for you.” You say, a smirk adorning your lips. What happened next surprised even you. Liam launched across the hallway and Theo stepped in front of you, tackling Liam down before he could hit you. Scott and Stiles rushed over to the two sprawling boys, trying to pull Liam off Theo. Malia, Kira and Lydia looked on in shock, where as you leant against the lockers with a small smile. Scott and Stiles finally restrained Liam, keeping him pressed between their bodies. Theo got up, wiping a tiny line of blood from his nose before getting close to Liam, provoking him. This time it was Stiles that lashed out, pushing Theo back. “BOYS!” You yelled making all attention fall towards you. “There’s enough fighting between us in the future, let’s not start it prematurely.” You say, pushing off the locker and walking down the hall. “Save your losing for later.” You say with a finally smirk and Theo peels away from Stiles and Scott, taking his place beside you. “Because even I know you can’t win this war.” With that you walk away with Theo, hearing the shocked voices from your ex-pack.

A/N: I hope you like it :))) have a nice day/night xx

Fiance Pt. 2 (Peter Hale Imagine)

Originally posted by fang177

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Nope

Word Count: 817

You threw your clothes into your duffel bag, zipping it up and tossing it onto the bed, sitting on the edge to pull on your boots. You let out a sigh, the feeling of a long lost love filled your heart as you headed for the door, bag in hand. 

You decided to take one last drive to the Hale house. The last place you saw Peter. You thought it quite morbid to visit a graveyard filled with family members that you could’ve had. 

As you left the hotel, you watched the sun rise over the treetops that surrounded Beacon Hills. It was a monstrous town. Filled with hatred and both the living and dead. 

You drove along a dirt road, your senses tingling as you approached the house. It was ashen gray, the roof barely holding it’s weight. You thought it would have collapsed years ago, but like the Hale’s themselves, the house was strongly built. 

You stopped the car, the house looming over you as you stared at it through your windshield. You knew it was trespassing, but would it count if you were the bride to be?

You kept the car running, just in case. You stalked around a bit, your eyes darting from the front door, to the shattered glass windows. Stepping onto the front porch, you felt the wood creak and groan under your weight. 

It looked the same, beside the burnt wood. It came back to you, then. The flames that licked at the exterior of the house, smoke wafting in the night air. The sound of screams and sirens. You had wanted to rush in. You wanted to be the hero.

But all you were was a coward. The fire scared you. Rendered you useless to anything but the mere idea that you would be able to bring your fiance to safety. 

You stumbled off the porch, staring up into the morning sky, your breath visible in the damp air. You collected yourself, hurrying up the front steps, and heading inside. 

But that’s as far as you go. You sense something, or someone moving about a few rooms over. And you here them before you see them. The voices brisk and hushed, but just loud enough to catch a few words. 

“We should’ve never done this.” Said one. “Well you’re not even supposed to be alive!” Said another. The room went quiet. What was that supposed to mean? Not supposed to be dead? How-

“Y/N?” You turned abruptly, coming face to face with someone who looked oddly familiar. How did you not sense them coming? You studied his face, a name coming to mind. 

“Derek? Derek Hale?” You asked, stepping out of the corner and into the light.
“Derek, what’re you doing back here?” You questioned suspiciously.He stumbled over his words, before the other voice rang out, thumping into the hall. 

“Derek, where do you think she’d-” The voice stopped, and so did your heart. Behind Derek, stood a man with similar features. A determined look in his eyes that you knew all too well. 

You shook your head, repeating over and over again, “No, no this can’t be happening. You’re dead! You’re supposed to be dead!?” Peter took a few steps toward you, but with an unplanned change of heart, you ran to him, brushing past Derek.

Peter pulled you into a tight hug, his arms enveloping you in a way that hadn’t changed over the years, his scent filling your nose as you shed a tear or too, whispering I missed you over and over into his shoulder.

Peter grabbed your hand, looking down at your ring. He smiled a little and breathlessly said, “You kept it? All these years, you kept it?” You nodded, smiling through your tears. 

“Why wouldn’t I? I’m always yours.” You replied, Derek all the while looking on with a stony gaze. You didn’t ask questions as he held you. You were just glad that you had him back. 

Hope you liked! Keep requesting! Love you guys! Xx  

REGICIDAL [a lord starscream mix]

“I am a man, More sinn’d against than sinning.”


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