wolf like me tv on the radio

MYSTERY INCORPORATED (For the keep out signs always ignored, for the suburban air that rots like the benevolence of Coolsville’s citizens, for exorcising ghouls and unmasking the fakes. ) — a suburban gothic playlist for the meddling kids and their stupid dog.

i. bela lugosi’s dead  - nouvelle vague, ii. shadow of a shadow - the casket girls, iii. gravedweller  - the wytches, iv. youth knows no pain - lykke li, v. friends - band of skulls, vi. deadbeat - a place to bury strangers, vii. free the skull - moon duo, viii. a question isn’t answered - temples, ix. haunt you - the pack a.d., x. attack of the ghost riders - the raveonettes, xi. wolf like me - tv on the radio


request: “Could you write a Cisco imagine where the reader is a banshee (it’s irish mythology, one of the characters in Teen Wolf is a banshee I believe?) but was a singer before the particle accelerator exploded. She can’t sing with knocking people out so she goes to S.T.A.R. Labs for help. Cisco is an insanely huge fan of the reader and is completely star struck when he sees her. Thanks so much! Sorry that request was so long, you can probably tell how much I’ve thought about this lmao.” — by anon

a/n: i am very familiar with the banshee bc i used to watch teen wolf ((but stopped at like s3 bc i started watching another tv series lol)) so i think i got this right ahaha. also, i don’t mind if requests are so long bc it actually helps me write since you’re giving out full details, so thank you and i hope you like this! p.s. i know this took so long i’m so sorry omg.

Masterlist + Request here!

You lay there alone in your room, listening to the radio with your eyes closed. The radio host was discussing different topics about music that involved various artists, and you couldn’t help but suddenly open your eyes when you heard your name being mentioned.

“Well, folks, we all know that the amazing Y/N Y/L/N is no longer in the music industry since she was hit by the dark matter from the particle accelerator explosion in Central City.”

“What a shame. I’m a huge fan of her music!”

“Who isn’t? Honestly, I think she should continue doing her thing despite what happened.”

“James, are you stupid? Your ears will literally bleed if she does that, and not because of her singing.” the other radio host laughed.

In annoyance, you abruptly shut the radio down and continued to lay there motionless, just thinking about what your life had been before it became messed up because of what happened to you nine months ago.

You used to be one of the most successful singers out there, but especially in Central City. It was the place where your talent first bloomed and was recognized, and so as thanks, you never decided to leave it no matter how many concerts or tours you had around the world. But when the particle accelerator explosion happened, you suddenly wished that you have never resided in Central City in the first place.

Because of what you heard on the radio, you abruptly grabbed the calling card inside your pocket that you always kept in case you finally got the guts to do it. The name of Caitlin Snow glowed in the dark room, making you purse your lips at the thought of suddenly changing your mind again. With a shake of your head, you grabbed your phone from the bedside table and called.

Dr. Caitlin Snow was more than delighted when she heard your recognizable voice from the other line, even stuttering because of how much she idolized you that the thought of even talking to you still wasn’t processing clearly inside her head, not more than helping you with your condition.

As of the moment, you just got out of the elevator, leading to the cortex of S.T.A.R. Labs. A very cute boy greeted you with an enthusiastic grin, causing you to awkwardly wave.

“Uh, hi, you must be Cisco Ramon.” you extended a hand.

Cisco now had his mouth hanging open. He quickly composed himself when you looked down at your still outstretched hand.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that — you know me?” he chuckled. “The Y/N Y/L/N knows me. Just ordinary me. Your ordinary science nerd. You know me.” he repeated.

You snorted. “Yeah, well you’re one of the science nerds that are going to help me so don’t think too low about yourself.” you felt his warm hand against yours.

The sound of heels clicking caused the both of you to look sideways to see who it was, seeing Caitlin Snow approach the two of you.

“Ms. Y/N Y/L/N, it is an honor to see you up close. I’m a huge fan and honestly,  I think I’ve actually listened to all of your albums nonstop.”

“Actually,” Cisco cut in, “I’m the one who introduced you to Caitlin so …”

You laughed lightly at his adorableness. “Either way, thank you to the both of you, and for also considering to take me in.”

They started walking, you following close beside them.

“Oh, it’s no problem. It’s always a good thing to help someone.”

“Especially if it’s you.” Cisco smiled.

“Thanks, Cisco. That’s very nice of you.” you returned the gesture.

Cisco widened his eyes and nudged Caitlin, “She just thanked and complimented me. This is the best day of my life.” he whispered, not knowing that you heard it all.

Caitlin rolled her eyes, “So, Ms. Y/L/N —”

“Please, just call me Y/N.” you insisted.

“Y/N,” Caitlin grinned. “We’re just gonna run a few tests on you, but before we can do that, we would like to know if the rumors were true.”

“Not that if they were, we would kick you out.” Cisco clarified.

You nodded. “Sure, why don’t we go outside?”

The two scientists led you somewhere outside again, and while the three of you were inside the elevator, you can’t help but notice Cisco stealing a lot of glances towards yours way. If he wasn’t so cute, you would have thought it was weird and a tad bit disturbing. But nonetheless, you were used with the gawking.

Caitlin seem to notice the staring as well, causing her to hardly nudge Cisco on the ribs.

“If you don’t stop, she’ll run away.” she quietly murmured to her friend but was heard by you.

You rose your eyebrows, “Oh, I don’t mind.” you suddenly spoke which caused them to turn around and look at you.

Cisco smirked, “See, she doesn’t mind.” he told Caitlin before turning back to you, wearing his famous boyish grin.


that time of year is approaching, and if you need some tunes to get in the spooky mood, have i got a trilogy for you

howl - werewolves

howl - florence + the machine | kill of the night - gin wigmore | wolf & i - oh land | dirty paws - of monsters and men | wolf like me - lera lynn | wolf - first aid kit | lil’ red riding hood - laura gibson | a wolf at the door - radiohead | you’re a wolf - sea wolf | the wolves (act I & II) - bon iver | daniel in the den - bastille | the wolf - fever ray [bonus tracks]: wolf like me - tv on the radio | lil’ red riding hood - sam the sham & the pharaohs | hungry like the wolf - duran duran

hunt - vampires

work song - hozier | if i had a heart - fever ray | lonesome hunter - timber timbre | white teeth teens - lorde | bloodsport - sneaker pimps | date with the night - yeah yeah yeahs | my boy builds coffins - florence + the machine | night time, my time - sky ferreira | kill and run - sia | secret - the pierces | valley of the dolls - marina and the diamonds | i walk the line - halsey | i will never die - delta rae | sleep baby sleep - teresa straley | o death - jen titus

hex - witches

blood on my name - the brothers bright | wishin’ well - sioux city kid | black sheep - gin wigmore | the bullet - devil makes three | under your spell - timber timbre | house of the rising sun - lauren o’connell | take me to church - hozier | bones - little big town | me and the devil - soap & skin | seven devils - florence + the machine | when the lights go out - the black keys | raise hell - brandi carlile | chasing twisters - delta rae | jungle - x ambassadors | wicked ones - dorothy

For the monster boyfriends, and the ones they worship

>> l i s t e n

[ 01. Creep | Radiohead ][ 02. Rev 22:20 | Puscifer ][ 03. Nightcall | Kavinsky ][ 04. I Know I’m a Wolf | Young Heretics ][ 05. You Don’t Want Me Around | The Federal ][ 06. The Wolf | Phildel ][ 07. Howl | Florence + the Machine ][ 08. Wicked Game | HIM ][ 09. Will Do | TV on the Radio ][ 10. Love in Cold Blood | HIM ][ 11. Star Crossed Lovers | De/Vision ][ 12. The Horror of Our Love | Ludo ][ 13. Tip of My Tongue | Civil Wars ][ 14. Take Me to Church | Hozier ][ 15. Flesh | Simon Curtis ][ Bonus Track ]

Sam Winchester Playlist: 

Foo Fighters, Baker Street (cover); James Blake, Retrograde; The Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter; Alison Mosshart and Eric Arjes, Bad Blood; Warren Zevon, My Shit’s Fucked Up; The Doors, People are Strange; Pearl Jam, Crazy Mary (cover); Blue Oyster Cult, Don’t Fear the Reaper; TV on the Radio, Wolf Like Me; The Cult, Coming Down; Sage Francis, Sea Lion; Breaking Benjamin, Blow Me Away; Soundgarden, Fell On Black Days; Bush, Bonedriven; Kid Cudi, Mr. Rager.

For all of his healthy optimism, I can’t help but always see Sam as the troubled baby boy. Somehow this put him into a world of 90′s grunge, classic rock and the occasional side note of odd.


SON OF A PREACHER MAN // a 4-part mix for amc’s preacher

“Pray for me, preacher.” (Jesse)
well the devil she comes to me, says boy do you wanna go out tonight?
she’s got a 40oz hurricane in her left hand and a .45 in her right

time of the preacher - willie nelson // adam raised a cain - bruce springsteen // the rain - sons of bill // drive - the gaslight anthem //  devil in me - jamie n. commons // holy water - astronautalis // gun street girl - tom waits // with a good criminal heart - the world/inferno friendship society // beat the devil’s tattoo - black rebel motorcycle club // the chain - fleetwood mac

“We are who we are, Jesse Custer.” (Tulip)
tough girl is what i had to be

son of a preacher man - dusty springfield // wait - the kills // how a resurrection really feels - the hold steady // hit me like a man - the pretty reckless // gasoline - the dead weather // freedom at 21 - jack white // only anarchists are pretty - the world/inferno friendship society // daddy lessons - beyonce // me and bobby mcgee - janis joplin // chasing twisters - delta rae

“Jesus, what kind of a preacher are you?” (Cassidy)
a legendary hooligan with a thirst for blood and a taste for booze

i fought the law - dead kennedys // if i should fall from grace with god - the pogues // i’m so bored with the u.s.a. - the clash // blood and whiskey - dropkick murphys // new fang - them crooked vultures // holy roller novocaine - kings of leon // sympathy for the devil - the rolling stones // wolf like me - tv on the radio // die by the drop - the dead weather // whistlin’ past the graveyard - tom waits

“This is why I’ve come home.  To save you.”
the darkness and the light are both alike unto you

they die by dawn - the bullitts // down the road - c2c // sacrilege - yeah yeah yeahs // red right hand - nick cave & the bad seeds // seven devils - florence + the machine // death to my hometown - bruce springsteen // keep the car running - arcade fire // rise to the sun - alabama shakes // if you believe your god is dead (try mine) - the swan silvertones // shine a light - the rolling stones

mrveils replied to your postwho wants my entire 38 track harker playlist


I type this with love

  1. Take Me to Church - Ellie Goulding cover
  2. Bedroom Hymns - Florence + the Machine
  3. Born to Die - Lana Del Rey
  4. Beekeeper - Keaton Henson
  5. Mountain Sound - Of Monsters and Men
  6. Body - Mother Mother
  7. Wolf Like Me - TV on the Radio
  8. Barton Hollow - The Civil Wars
  9. Satin In a Coffin - Modest Mouse
  10. Black Dirt - Sea Wolf
  11. Glitter & Gold - Barns Courtney
  12. Let’s Kill Tonight - Panic! at the Disco
  13. Song for the Dead - Sea Wolf
  14. Bloody Shirt (Bastille Remix) - To Kill A King
  15. Undrowned - Everything Everything
  16. Black Rose Green Sun - whatever homestuck track it’s on
  17. Backyard Skulls - Frightened Rabbit
  18. Golden Antlers - Glass Animals
  19. Graveyard Whistling - Nothing but Thieves
  20. Coyotes - Modest Mouse
  21. Rabies - Aesop Rock
  22. The Bends - Doomtree
  23. Take This City - Everfound
  24. Let It Go (Ghost Loft Remix) - The Neighbourhood
  25. In All My Dreams I Drown - Jessica Lowndes & Terrance Zdunich
  26. Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix) - Metric
  27. Fire - Barns Courtney
  28. Run Boy Run - Woodkid
  29. Control - Halsey
  30. Meet Me in the Woods - Lord Huron
  31. We Are the Kids - Walk the Moon
  32. Ghost Loop - Arms and Sleepers
  33. Don’t Go Phantom - Jookabox
  34. Let’s Get Fucked Up and Die - Motion City Soundtrack
  35. I Am a Scientist

or they destroy you – L I S T E N  H E R E ;

i. tonight you are mine - the technicolors ii. on the sunny side of the street - jo stafford iii. feel it still - portugal. the man iv. stolen dance - milky chance v. wolf like me - tv on the radio vi. easy - son lux vii. blue moon - billie holiday viii. of monsters and men - little talks ix. the pioneers (m83 remix) - bloc party

chemical burns
a WALT & JESSE mix [ listen ]

tranquilize - the killers feat. lou reed // bukowski - modest mouse // wolf like me - tv on the radio // why i love you - jay-z & kanye west // bloodstream - stateless // violent games - poliça // the golden throne - temples // inferno - sir sly feat. lizzy plapinger // heart in a cage - the strokes // bad habit - foals // the dive - eyedea & abilities // lose your soul [thomas bjerring remix] - dead man’s bones // i love you - woodkid feat. angel haze // the chemicals between us - bush // lurk - the neighbourhood // chemical burns - sadistik feat. eyedea & lotte kestner // islands / love the way you lie - the pretty reckless // done all wrong - black rebel motorcycle club // my silver lining - first aid kit // the scientist - willie nelson


Four mixes for four supernatural creatures.

[listen @ 8tracks] theme from ghost world - david kitay // no death - mirel wagner // the curse - agnes obel // haunted (without ghost) - beyonce // halfsleeper - chelsea wolfe // dark doo wop - ms mr // i’ll drown - soley // death is the road to awe - clint mansell // the baudelaire orphans - thomas newman // ghost (poem) - emilie autumn

WEREWOLVES [listen @ 8tracks] werewolf heart - dead man’s bones // beat the devil’s tattoo - brmc // howlin’ for you - the black keys // fresh blood - eels // wolf like me - tv on the radio // wolf & i - oh land // black irish - the devil makes three // iron - woodkid // kill of the night - gin wingmore

VAMPIRES [listen @ 8tracks] all saints day - the silent comedy // bad ritual - timber timbre // blood on my name - the wright brothers // rev 22:20 - puscifer // the end is the beginning is the end - the smashing pumpkins // dark in my imagination - verona // dissolved girl - massive attack // over - portishead // bloodstream - stateless // dead and gone - the black keys // closer - kings of leon // cells - the servant

WITCHES [listen @ 8tracks] intro - dead man’s bones // sweet dreams - emily browning // psychotic girl - the black keys // female robbery - the neighbourhood // burn the witch - qotsa // raise hell - brandi carlile // dark secret - matthew sweet // o death - jen titus // stranger - the devil makes three // lose your soul - dead man’s bones // the sun - soap&skin


» “He has his father’s face but his mother’s eyes, and the deadliness of both of them combined. Finger quick on the trigger, tongue sharp, Jake Kadam is one hell of a cowboy. And you better stay on his good side.”

i. cage the elephant – ain’t no rest for the wicked; ii. kanye west monster; iii. the black keyslonely boy; iv. tv on the radio wolf like me; v. bryan adams get off my back; vi. the rasmusin the shadows; vii. linkin park numb; viii. bryan adamsyou can’t take me; ix. foster the people pumped up kicks; x. gorillaz kids with guns; xi. florence + the machine hiding; xii. the brothers bright – blood on my name; xiii. muse – knights of cydonia

NOTE: Since 8tracks’ new ‘update’ I’ve been boycotting that site, so that’s why you get a Spotify playlist this time! I hope it works well for you guys.
This is a collab with the lovely @sanzosin who ruined me with Jake Kadam. ♥ The cover art belongs to her, and she picked some of the songs. Though which ones exactly will remain a secret, rahahah!

for the girl who runs with the wolves, and who eats the stars. 

(ther are no chains to hold you down, not anymore.)

for armourkinney  & punkmutant who requested songs that reminded me of laura kinney /x-23. 


i. wolf like me tv on the radio ii. fish wye oak iii. guillotine yadi iv. pushing against a stone valerie june v. helios emily and the woods vi. you can’t be told valerie june vii. rescue yuna viii. rose anna tsuchiya ix. thick as thieves widowspeak x. eyes on fire blue foundation xi. the way zack hemsey xii. melted akdong musician 

Wolf related songs

A start of a list of wolf related songs. Far from finished, but I’m going to leave this first bit here already with you to enjoy. The amount of variation of music in this list is incredible - I’m sure there’s something for everyone!

(Feel free to add songs to this list - or message them to me - so that I can enrich the list)

Steve Conte and Yoko Kanno - Stray

Blitzen Trapper – Furr

Mannheim Steamroller - Wolves

David Guetta ft. Sia - She wolf 

Wolf’s Rain soundtrack - Tell me what the rain knows

Young Heretics - I know I’m a wolf

TV On The Radio - Wolf like me

Sea Wolf – You’re a wolf

Cloud Cult - Running with the wolves

Ed Harcourt - Heart of a wolf

Ben Howard – The wolves

Incubus – In the company of wolves

Metallica - Of Wolf and Man

Sonata Artica – Fullmoon

1919 - Cry Wolf

UK Decay - Werewolf 

Sonata Artica – The Cage

Sonata Artica – Wolf and Raven

Ultima Thule – Songs of wolves

Ratty And The Watchers – Let the wolves run, The mother song

Falling In Reverse - Raised by wolves

Annie Rew Shaw – Shadows

Duran Duran – Hungry like the wolf

Michael Hurley - werewolf

Ignite - Family

Cat Power – Werewolf

Patrick Wolf - Wolf song

Dragon Boy Suede - You won’t sass me like that when I can summon wolves

Florence And The Machine – Howl

The Deadly Syndrome - Wolves in the garden

The Dear Hunter - But there’s wolves?

Omnia – Wolf song 

For Our Hero- Young wolves

Manchester Orchestra - Wolves at night

Bon Iver - The wolves act I & II

My Chemical Romance - House of wolves

Oh Land - Wolf & I

Shakira - She wolf

Phildel - The Wolf

Endlesshade - Wolf will swallow the sun

Powerwolf - Son of a wolf, Night of the werewolves, Lupus Dei, Werewolves of Armenia, Wolves against the world

The Banner - The Wolf

Dead and Diving - Like Wolves

Tengger Cavalry - Leader Wolf

Rainbow - Run with the wolf, Wolf to the moon

Graveland - Wolf of North

Deserters - Wolf In Shepherd’s Clothing

Weeken Nachos - Wolves

Arctic Sleep - Wolf Nature

I Killed The Prom Queen - To the wolves

Dead Ocean - Lone wolf

Sonata Arctica - The Wolves die young

Nightwish - 7 Days to the wolves

Big Wreck - Wolves

Amon Amarth - Father of the Wolf

Wolfbrigade - Hour of the wolf 

R.E.M - Wolves, lower

Phosphorescent - Wolves

Aurora - Running with the wolves

The Mountain Goats - Up the Wolves

sycsh  asked:

risky asks 3 7. really risky asks 3 7 !!! supa risky meh??

risky asks;

3. the last text you sent someone
i sent ‘ok’ to my mum. so Wild. 

7. tell an embarrassing memory or story
im just an Awkward Person but the first memory that popped into my mind was when we did a play in grade 6 and i was an understudy for one of the main characters and she was away during practice once and i had to do a romantic scene and it was just Cringe i want to die

really risky asks;

3. what’s your favourite colour?
blue !! but more like turquoise ocean sparkly blue, ya know ?

7. favorite song you cant stop listening to?
ok but i can’t go a day without listening to wolf like me by tv on the radio like i have a LOT of favourite songs but this one ??? makes me want 2 go for a run its weird

#so #risky thank u my angel ♡ !