wolf james

anonymous asked:

Do you feel horrible knowing you left Wolf to be tortured on Sargasso? Or did/do you not care?

His usual jovial demeanor faded at the question, eyes lowering behind his darkened glasses as his thoughts wound themselves back to that time.

“ … I did have regrets about that – still do, in fact. I can’t point fingers at anyone but myself. I was sent to work in another part of the System at that time on orders and was so caught up in that job that I … I hadn’t heard at all that O’Donnell’d been captured until well into when he’d begun Star Wolf.” James remembers seeing Wolf for the first time; he’d come face to face with the young lupine turned pirate after Wolf formed the mercenary force, seeing him in the sky in what was then the top of the line for his own Team against Venom’s own great new craft: the Wolfens.

“If I had known that one of our men had been taken … I wouldn’t have hesitated to get him outta there, even if I had to go in there ‘n get him myself. I feel awful he had to go through that, and Karma will probably get the better of me for it, I’m sure …”


Ghislain Bobbish caught six wolf pups on film howling in the James Bay region of Northern Quebec [x]