wolf inside

the taste of crimson | M

Contains: smut, angst {mafia!au}

Warnings: violence, death/murder

Words: 11,236

Summary: When the leader of mafia finds himself being blackmailed by his old colleague, Hoseok discovers that his problems can be quickly taken care by a cold blooded killer ー you. 

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A/N: this has been sitting on my drafts for like two weeks and I finally managed to finish it. This will probably be one of my last fics for a while, since my classes start again very soon, so I hope you guys like it <3

The man looked down at the folded piece of paper resting on the wooden table. Around him, the afternoon had already dripped into a cloudy autumn night, the buzzing of people coming in and out of the restaurant sounding muffled to his ears. The odor of the place was pleasant ー perhaps vanilla, with a vague hint of alcohol ー something that combined perfectly with the warm indoors atmosphere. Sitting on the opposite side, Min Yoongi waited with crossed arms, his obsidian hair falling over his attentive eyes.

“Is she any good?” Hoseok questioned, staring back at his companion.

Yoongi paused for a second, but did not look surprised. “The best in the business.”

“I’ve never heard of her,” he said, fingers reaching for his half-empty wine glass. The ruby liquid contrasted against his caramel skin, glowing under the dim lights of the establishment.

“That’s enough indication that she knows what she’s doing,” the other man said promptly, almost as if he was expecting such claim. He raised an eyebrow, signs of impatience gleaming in his irises. “Do you want it or not?”

Resting his glass back on the surface, Jung Hoseok closed his lips, thinking for an instant. He had ran over this subject for a long time now, but it still felt a bit strange to him: not the action itself, but who it would be applied to. It was not as if he was unfamiliar with paid assassins, but he was at least a bit reluctant to send one after his former friend.

Hoseok never thought he’d be victim of blackmail. He was careful, very careful; but, someway, it was not enough. At some point, the empire he had built for himself was being crushed beneath his feet, running like thin san in between his fingers; all that in the form of a wolf who hid inside a sheep’s clothing, who grew close to him just to dive into his secrets. Kim Taehyung, V ー whatever the name he went by, he was not the one to be trusted. And Hoseok learned that in the worst way possible.

Breaking free from his uncharacteristic hesitation, the man reached forward, taking the paper. Instead of unfolding it, he immediately hid it inside the pocket of his dark suit, looking around to be sure no curious eyes were on him. “How does it work?”

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The Belly of the Beast. 2017

The whole book work is coloured black entirely by hand, save for a single drawing. Inspired by Perrault’s version of “Little Red Riding-Hood,” in which the young heroine is not saved by the woodcutter and instead dies inside the wolf. The cut-outs mimic a ‘stomach’ in which the figure will lie when the book is closed, trapped in darkness.

help you forget - part 2.

Originally posted by iminlovewithderekhale

pairing: derek hale x reader

warnings: smut, blood, a little angst. (scott being a dick.)

part 1. 

the sounds of slamming lockers echoed around the hallways as you let out a tired sigh, shoving your books into your backpack as fast as you could, wanting nothing more than to get out of the building and have a long nap, preferably on derek’s hard chest.

it had been two weeks since you and derek had got together, at first it was weird, not knowing how to act with him around everyone but as soon as he pulled you into his lap in the middle of a pack meeting leaving everyone wide eye’d as he planted kisses on the back of our neck, you figured it out pretty quickly.

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Teen Wolf Preference; SPACE

*Scott Isaac Lydia and Stiles

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So, I was feeling a little upset and decided to watch some Dylan videos (since he always makes me feel better) when I came across this.

This man is honestly amazing. I’ve seen a few of these videos before, but he will never cease to impress me with the things he says and does. He’s so effortlessly inspiring and the way he speaks about different topics just makes me respect him even more.

He’ll never see this, but thank you Dylan for coming out of your comfort zone, not only when speaking at events like these but also acting in general. The things you do give me the motivation and strength that I need to help me get through my day, and I can’t explain the impact that has had on my life over the past few years. Your kindness, generosity and humbleness are only a few of your best traits, amongst a long list of many others.

It’s 2am and I’m getting too emotional now, but I feel the need to point out that everyone should strive to be as down to earth as this man is, and that even though he has gone through hell and back after this event, he still possesses those same qualities today.

If anyone is feeling down or just needs a boost of motivation, I highly recommend watching this. ❤️❤️

The Hound was right, she thought, I am only a little bird, repeating the words they taught me. (Sansa, AGOT)

Arry was a fierce little boy with a sword, and I’m just a grey mouse girl with a pail. (Arya, ACOK)

i like the contrast between these two personas. sansa has always been courteous and pretty but its not until kings landing that her natural disposition becomes her  tools for survival. even after the lannisters betray and abuse sansa she’s expected to be joffreys grateful betrothed. she has to smile and dress well and say everything that is required of her. 

arya adopts a somewhat similar persona when she’s a prisoner in harrenhal. she becomes a mouse, nonthreatening and vulnerable, just like her sister. the major differences are defined by status. while sansa is in a cage for display arya is in a maze wheres she’s just another pow. sansa recites pretty words arya quietly observes. arya wears scratchy grey clothes, sleeps in straw, and scrubs harrenhal until her hands bleed. 

Sansa stalked away with her head up. She was to be a queen, and queens did not cry. At least not where people could see. (Sansa, AGOT)

I won’t cry, she thought, I won’t do that. I’m a Stark of Winterfell, our sigil is the direwolf, direwolves don’t cry. (Arya, ACOK)

sansa rarely compares herself to any animals and even when she thinks she’s a little bird its not even her own thought. animals are not particularly relevant to her experiences. she prefers things like songs and social status. her bird-esque behavior also predates her hostage crisis and exists after the fact. this is another huge difference. arya constantly uses animals as symbols throughout her journey. but the direwolf is the one she always comes back to in the end. 

I am a direwolf, and done with wooden teeth. (Arya, ACOK)

Be brave, she told herself. Be brave, like a lady in a song. (Sansa, ASOS)

again, this is reflected in their castle(/prison) escapes. arya relies on her wolf instincts for survival. but those would have little use in sansa’s situation. i think another factor her is that arya’s actually been inside a wolfs head. she is connected to nymeria, body and soul. sansa’s bond to lady was severed before she got inside her wolf’s head. but ultimately i think its just a difference in personality. 

A lady remembered her courtesies, and she was resolved to be a lady no matter what. (Sansa, AGOT)

I’m not a lady, Arya wanted to tell her, I’m a wolf. (Arya, ASOS)


everyone is showing off their cool bungou stray dogs ocs so here i am to show off my bungou stray dog oc disasters

first one is anime jack london (ability: white fang), a somewhat narcoleptic ex-sea captain who is associated with a weird creepypasta red wolf creature with human eyes, jack is, in general, doing his absolute worst at any time

second one is anime ray bradbury (ability: the illustrated man) , a cheerful young man who seems weird enough to have stepped off some distant planet to the point where he makes everyone question if he’s even human in the first place

Instinct: Jungkook (M)

Word Count: 4.4k

Genre: AU, Smut

Warnings: This contains graphic sexual interactions, read at your own discretion.

A/N: This is my first AU, and I’m not entirely happy with it, so please be nice!

You idly stroked the black, sleek fur of the large wolf that sat with its head on your lap. He let out a soft huff of air every once in awhile, signaling to you that he was asleep.

Another wolf rested by the warm fire, his soft auburn fur reflecting the light. His breathing was deep and slow, but his golden eyes rested on the two of you. After a moment, the wolf that was your brother Jimin, laid his head back down on his outstretched paws.

You sighed, turning your attention back to the wolf on your lap. He’d been in this form a lot recently. His wolf state was more comfortable as he quickly approached heat, the time of year when wolves reproduced. You, however, preferred to remain in human form, pushing the uncomfortable feeling to the back of your mind. Unlike many other wolves, you actually preferred to be in that state. Sure, the strength and agility that came with being a wolf was nice, but you longed to fit in with a group larger than the small one of your pack. Your hand continued to stroke the sleeping dog’s head.

His name was Jungkook. And he was your mate. It was no news to anyone in the pack when you found out three months prior, but the realization had hit you like a bus. The moment you met your brother’s pack, the stars had aligned. Your eyes had locked with Jungkook’s, and your brother had to physically touch you to snap you out of the trance. At once, everyone had realized what had happened. Jimin had only sighed and pulled Jungkook aside to warn him. He made sure that Jungkook knew not to lay a hand on you. He made it very clear that you were first and foremost his baby sister, and Jungkook was to respect his beta.

The two of you had been inseparable ever since that day. It felt as though you had become whole. But not everything could always be so perfect.

As you sat in the cozy room, your brother laying by the fire, you felt upset. He had kept a strict eye on you since the moment that Jungkook had revealed that he would be going into heat. You may have been a wolf, and Jungkook may have been your mate, but Jimin would be damned if he let his baby sister get fucked by a young omega.

And even though he was sound asleep, you knew that the moment you made a move, his head would snap up to gaze at the two of your sharply.

Jimin was determined to get the both of you through this without any “mishaps.” The possibilities of you producing pups was much higher at this time of year, and you were afraid that if you allowed anything to happen that it wouldn’t stop until you’d both had your fill.

The worst part of it all was that you could feel the urges approaching as well. You fought to keep a normal appearance, but the wolf inside of you was slowing clawing its way out. Normally, Jungkook seemed like a sweet, innocent boy to you. But lately… well, your thoughts weren’t as innocent. Luckily, only the boys minds were linked, something that you were grateful for.

You were chastised by your mother and girlfriends. The unfortunate bonding of genders in the pack meant the boys couldn’t hear you, but the women could. You didn’t know how to keep them out, being a young wolf. Hell, you were still learning how to hunt. Everything was new, and your resistance was very little.

You sighed once more, twisting your fingers into the thick black fur. Jungkook only gave a small grunt, settling back into sleep.

One day when the whole pack stayed over, you excused yourself to go to grab something from your room. On your way back, you were suddenly confronted by Jungkook. The sudden meeting made you feel nervous as no one was around. His eyes were wild, and you gulped.

In an instant he was upon you, pressing your body against the wall. His heavy form was hot, and his breath fanned against your neck. You couldn’t help the sudden rush to your lower region, and you held back a whine.

“God, I could smell you from a mile away,” he sighed. He placed feather light kisses along your neck, careful not to mark you. He realized that any minute, one of the boys would realize what was going on, so he reveled in you for as long as he could.


The sudden call for you had Jungkook wrenching his body away from yours, and he calmly stalked back to the living room.

You took a moment to collect yourself and ran a hand through your hair. You questioned how you were going to make it through this alive.

The next incident happened during a movie night with Jungkook. The house arrest was still in tact as Namjoon sat warily in the love seat next to the couch. You knew he was trying his best to remain inconspicuous, but you saw his head turn every few minutes to carefully watch you and Jungkook. With less and less time until heat, it was rare to have only one member watching the two of you, but pack duties came before two young wolves, and all the other boys were busy.

After about an hour, Namjoon began to get fidgety. He could only ignore nature’s call for so long, and finally decided that you would be fine on your own for a minute or two.

“I have to go to the bathroom. I’ll be back in a minute. You two better keep your hands to yourself,” he glared harshly at each of you.

The minute he was out of sight, Jungkook attacked. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to you but you let out a gasp nonetheless. His hand came to cover your mouth as he began to nuzzle into your neck. He placed open mouth kisses along the soft skin, and slowly made his way up to the sweet spot under your ear. A muffled whimper escaped your covered mouth.

You were worked up far faster than normal, your body begging for Jungkook’s. As he worked his way on your neck, his free hand grabbed yours and trailed it down to his hips. Another strangled noise bubbled up in your throat as you felt how rock solid he was beneath your fingers.

“I want you so goddamn bad. I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like when this hits full force. I don’t think any of the boys will be able to hold me back,” he nipped at your earlobe to show you how serious his words were. As you were caught up in the moment, Jungkook must have heard Namjoon because he quickly pulled back, adjusting the blanket over the two of you to hide his erection. He smoothed his hand over your hair, an action that would have seemed loving to anyone who walked in, but he was only fixing your mussed hair. You were shocked at how easily he put on a disinterested look at the movie that played.

Luckily, Namjoon didn’t think twice about the affection from Jungkook. He narrowed his eyes for a moment as if deep in thought, but gave up a moment later and returned his gaze to the movie.

Jungkook made sure to keep his warm hand very high on your thigh for the remainder of your small date. The only thought that ran through your head for the rest of the agonizing hours was that Jungkook was due to go into heat in two days.

And so came the last day before heat. Jimin had made the executive decision that he would completely separate you and Jungkook. It was the only way in his mind that he would be able to stop any accidents from occurring.

Jungkook had become extremely clingy to you, much to your brother’s dismay. He followed you around and couldn’t help but keep his hands on you almost constantly. The boys had released an inch on the reign, knowing that you and Jungkook would be separated for some time. They allowed his small advances: the nipping at your neck, the lingering fingers on your waist, and even the heavier kisses.

After an agonizing day of last goodbyes, you stood in front of the door with Jungkook. The boys waited patiently as you said farewell to him.

“Jungkook-ah, it’s only a few days,” you giggled as he placed small nips on your earlobe.

“I know, but I’m going to miss you so bad,” he whimpered. He pulled your body flush against his to show you how much he really would miss you. Your cheeks flushed rose, taken back by his small display of exhibitionism. Apparently, he grew bolder as his body grew needier. The other boys standing with you grunted in clear embarrassment.

Jungkook didn’t seem to care as he moved his mouth from your neck to envelop your lips in a hot, messy kiss. You couldn’t help the small mewl that spilled from your lips.

Another grunt from your brother, and Jungkook got the hint. He regretfully pulled back and stared for a moment into your eyes.

“Love you,” he pecked your nose.

“Love you, see you soon,” and with that, Jungkook and the rest of his pack left you to your thoughts.

You sat in your bedroom for what seemed like days. Only a few hours had passed since Jungkook had last said goodbye, but your body was itchy with need. You needed Jungkook. Your instincts were overpowering most of the clear thoughts in your head.

After a few attempts at touching yourself to relieve that itch that boiled in your abdomen, you quickly gave up. Even though you were still a virgin, your body somehow knew you needed Jungkook. Sweat collected on your brow at all the things that Jungkook would do to you…. things you’d let him do to you.

Your body screamed to be taken. You wanted nothing more than to have Jungkook over you, pumping into your body, ruining you. You let out a needy whine and turned over in your bed. No one told you that you’d go through heat just as your mate did, and no one seemed to pay much mind. You were expected to buck up and act as though you weren’t effected, but being a new wolf meant that control wasn’t so easily found. Your swollen heat begged for any sort of relief that your mate could provide.

You were startled out of you heated thoughts by your phone ringing. It was Jimin.

“Jimin?” You asked, clearly confused. He seemed to be be out of breath on the other line.

“Um, yea. Hi. Hey, you haven’t seen Jungkook by any chance have you?”
He asked. The worry in his voice was evident. You felt a rock sink to the pit in your stomach.

“No, why?” You had a sneaking suspicion of what had happened.

“Well, he…. sort of escaped? We can’t find him anywhere, and he’s doing a pretty bang up job of hiding his thoughts.”

A knock sounded at your front door. Your entire body froze, and you almost dropped the phone. You had a pretty good idea of who was behind that door.

“Oh, really?” You gulped. “I haven’t even heard from him. Maybe he just wanted to get out into the woods?” You offered. You were desperately trying to appease because you didn’t know how long Jungkook would be patient.

“Maybe you’re right…. Just don’t let him in if he happens to come over, okay? I’m just looking out for you.”

“Of course!” You nearly yelped as the knock grew louder.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Um… yes! Just this whole… heat thing. It’s kind of difficult,” you told him. Your eyes continually flicked back to the door.

“Okay, ew. I didn’t need to know that. Stay safe. Love you. Bye!”

Just as the phone call was ended, the knocking on the door turned to loud banging. For a split second, you felt terrified. If you opened that door, it would all be over. However, something told you that the door wouldn’t hold long anyway.

“(Y/N)-ah,” you heard a raspy cry from the other side of the wood.

“Shit,” you squeaked. Your feet approached the door at minimal increments. Your whole body trembled with the mixture of fear and lust.

All too soon, you stood in front of the door, and with a trembling hand, you turned the knob.

Jungkook stood there with his eyes wide. He looked completely feral and you shuddered at the golden glint in his eyes. His jaw was locked, and a thin glint of sweat covered his honey skin. You couldn’t help the rush of wetness down to your heat.

With a lick of his lips, and a heavy whine that leaked from his throat, Jungkook pushed the both of you in to your apartment.

“I told you they wouldn’t keep me back,” he growled into your neck. He opening licked the heated skin of your neck, letting out a stuttered moan.

“We can’t do this; he’ll know,” you breathed out. While your body responded eagerly to his, your hands only weakly attempted to push him away.

“So we won’t tell him,” he nuzzled behind your ear, placing wet kisses on the soft skin.

“Your minds are linked. He’ll find out one way or another,” each new refutation seemed hollow to your own ears. You realized that this night wouldn’t end in innocence. You were desperately trying to hold down the moans that threatened to escape your throat, but your desire ran almost as deep as his.

“What if I told you that I frankly don’t give a fuck?” He growled. Even being the lowest on the totem pole in the pack, he still had reign over you.

And with that simple statement, you melted into him.

“Oh god, everything is amplified ten fold. I never knew you could smell so good,” his hands trailed down to your butt, giving it a firm squeeze. You gasped, and he took your surprise to his advantage, pulling you against him and suctioning his mouth to yours.

You let go of all your inhibitions and responded with as much vigor as you could manage. This was no human boy, but the thought of him breaking you was fleeting. You were only filled with the desire to finally be connected to him.

His tongue pushed its way into your mouth. You let him take control of the pace and reveled in the feeling of his tongue dancing with yours.

“I smell you here,” he whispered tapping your temples. He took the top of his fingers and licked the small beads of sweat away.

“I smell you here,” his hands ghosted near your armpits, but you only felt embarrassed for a moment. You realized how strong the pheromones would be to a wolf, especially your mate.

“And I smell you here,” his fingers became a bit more bold as they cupped your heat. The small touch made you keen into him, and you felt lucky that he had one strong arm around your waist.

He took your weight into his strong arms as if you weighed as light as a feather. He held you close to his warm body and he pressed kisses all over your heated skin.

“I feel like I’ve waited a millennia for for this. And now you’ll finally be mine,” he bit harshly on your thin skin, then laved his tongue over the small wound. The smolder was singing your fingertips, and all you wanted was to tear off all his clothes.

“Too much,” you begged, pulling at the thin material of his shirt. He pulled back to yank the material over his head. He took a moment to swipe his eyes over your body before attacking once more.

He nearly ripped your shirt off of your body he was so needy. His hands, although shaky, gripped firmly at the button on your jeans. You let him undress you until you stood before him in only your underwear. He noted that the two of you hadn’t even moved from the doorway and dragged you to the couch. It was the closest thing that was comfortable. He didn’t think he’d make it to the bedroom.

You let him take control completely as he bent you over the back of the couch. His body was too busy screaming for him to tease you too much. His hands smoothed down your back, and then he knelt down in front of your exposed backside. With a rough nudge, Jungkook shoved your legs open to display yourself to him. At once, he buried his nose into your clothed heat.

You let out a yelp as he did so; your body was so riled up that any touch shot spike of pleasure through your abdomen.

He didn’t move for a minute, too entranced in the different chemicals your body was producing.

“Jungkook,” you whined, rutting your hips backwards into him. The hands that had been soothingly rubbing small circles into your thighs quickly turned to iron as they held you in place. When he was satisfied that you wouldn’t move, he let go to pull down your now soaked panties.

The cold air hit your swollen heat and you let out a cry, falling forward farther onto the couch. Jungkook took a moment to appreciate how slick and ready for him you were. He had spent the last week in agony. The change of your hormones was obvious to his senses, and he constantly fought against his erections. Your body was begging to be taken, mated, breeded. Maybe you hadn’t payed much attention to the urges, but to Jungkook, your body’s needs were clear as crystal.

After deciding he’d had enough of just looking, Jungkook dove into your wet folds. He couldn’t get enough of your taste. The moment your arousal hit his tongue, he let out a high pitched whine between licks.

“Jungkook! Oh fuck,” you nearly shouted. Your hands covered your face as you could do nothing to stop the sudden onslaught of pleasure. He didn’t waste time with small licks. Instead he completely devoured you, and you wondered if he’d ever be able to halt his actions if no one stopped him.

He felt as if he could sit in your glory for days, but his body urged him to move on. The solid erection in his pants was begging for attention, so much so that he was in physical pain. His lips easily found your clit, and gave a solid suckle before he completely removed himself from you. The sudden rush of pleasure followed by nothing had you crying out into the air. Your hips bucked backward for any stimulation, only catching the tip of his nose as he pulled back.

Jungkook almost tripped fumbling to remove himself quickly from his pants. You managed to turn your head around to gaze at the heavy, red length that sat against his thigh. Your mouth watered at the sight, and a shiver ran down your spine at the thought of him filling you.

“Jungkook, wait. A condom,” your voice cracked. In all honesty, you didn’t actually care. In fact, your instincts screamed the opposite. Your womb was begging to be filled with his seed, ready to produce pups for the spring time.

“No,” he affirmed. “If we’re doing this, we’re doing this right.” Apparently, Jungkook’s body was saying the same thing as yours. In an instant he was back on you, his lips attaching to your neck. His sharp canines ran over the delicate skin, every so often breaking the thin layer and then lapping the spilled blood.

His length sat on your inner thigh, and you whined once more in an effort to get him to understand.

“You want me inside you?” He asked. You couldn’t believe he had this much self control. You wondered how his instincts hadn’t completely taken over.

“Yes,” you mewled. He growled, biting down harder on your neck.

“Say it,” he commanded. This was not your normally shy Jungkook. This was a strong wolf in complete control over you.

“I want you inside of me,” you cried out. “I want you stuffed inside of me right now. Oh God, Jungkook please-”

Your cry was cut off when he finally sank into you. He was big, and your body was still new. You let out a strangled cry as he hit deep inside of you. The strange feeling took a moment to get used to, and even he seemed to know it.

He stayed there buried to the hilt, but it didn’t stop him from slowly rutting his hips deep into your heat. The jerks were small, and that kind of thrust allowed to hit the deepest parts of you. He didn’t pull out for a few minutes, instead choosing to linger in your tight warmth while giving short jerks.

He laid his head on your shoulder blade, his hands wrapping tightly around your waist to keep you as close as possible. He let out little pants as he moved his hips. He couldn’t get close enough to you, and you felt the same. Your body begged for more, more, more.

“Jungkook. Move,” you urged him. That’s all it took for the coil in his body to snap. Your signal suddenly brought him back to life and you swore your skin caught on fire.

With the first smack of his hips on the cushion of your butt, you knew there would be bruises to come later. If it hadn’t been for his grip of your waist, you were sure that your body would have flown over the couch.

“Oh, shit,” he breathed heavily as he found his rhythm. The only sound coming from you were short, high pitched moans. You never knew your body could feel this good, and you knew it was because he was your mate. It felt as if your souls were melding, and you weren’t quite sure where you ended and he began.

“Right there!” You shouted as he brushed a particular spot inside you. The stars burst behind your eyes as he angled his hips to repeatedly ram into the most sensitive spot inside of you. Your walls pulsed around his thickness, and an intense light was building in your abdomen.

“You’re so tight,” he hissed though his teeth with every thrust. He had to fight to keep his eyes from rolling back in his head as you took him in each time. He had never felt something so tantalizing, and he never wanted to leave the velvety walls of your hot pussy.

“Come on, Jungkook,” you encouraged him. With every harsh thrust, you felt the edges of your sanity blur. It wouldn’t be much longer until you were gone.

“I’m going to fill you up. I’m going to take advantage of every second of this, and make sure to fill my duty,” he snarled. You didn’t need affirmation to know what he meant. Jungkook’s one and only priority in this time was to breed. Only a second of your thoughts was dedicated to wondering how you’d make it through these few days alive.

“God, yes!” You howled. The sound echoed off the walls, but you didn’t care if anyone heard. Let them know. Let them know who owned you. Finally, the scorching heat within you burst into a million shards. You never thought you’d be a screamer, but the sound that ripped from your throat promised a sore voice.

Jungkook’s hips stuttered when you lost control and started to rapidly clench around him. He couldn’t hold on anymore. He didn’t want to. With a grunt, he shoved himself in you once more and released his heated seed within you.

He stayed like that for a few minutes, making sure every last drop of his cum was deposited deep into you. It was then that he began softening, and he let out a sigh. He pulled out of you, and a rush of liquid seeped down your thighs. Your body hung limply over the cushions; your bones felt too jelly like to move. With the last bit of strength, he was able to haul the both of you to lay together on the couch. The sticky sweat caused your bodies to suction together but you didn’t mind.

“Do you really mean it? What you said?” You said after awhile of quiet breathing.

“About fulfilling my duty? I don’t know… I was so desperate, I’m not sure exactly what I was saying. I mean, I’d love to have kids with you, but we’re a bit young. I’m sorry if that happens again,” he murmured into your hair. You took a moment to contemplate his words, and decided that they didn’t bother you.

“It’s okay,” you affirmed. “Just next time, I’d really appreciate it if you’d get out of your own head and use a condom,” you finished. That time he winced.

“Yea, sorry about that,” he wrapped his arms around your waist, and you snuggled into the crook of his neck. He let out a satisfied hum at the heat your naked bodies created.

“What will we do about Jimin?” A new strike of fear bolted through you.

“Well, he’s probably going to kill me,” Jungkook chuckled. “I won’t be able to hide that little excursion for long. And you better believe I’m not done with you yet,” he punctuated his words with a small pinch to your butt which made you jump against him. The small ounce of friction caused him to let out a low groan.

“Control yourself for a few minutes, dog. I need a little while to recover,” you teased him. Whatever snarky reply he had on his tongue was swiftly ended when a loud banging took place on the door.

“Jungkook!” A voice shrieked. “I’m going to fucking murder you!” It seemed that Jimin had learned of your escapades.