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Today’s Livestream doodles! I said everything and anything, from Bendy to meerkats! I’m also in love with drawing Percedal… so I got carried away with his sketches… I’ve been waiting to draw him for months.

Buff Bendy made me cry a few days ago. Anything that makes me laugh that hard deserves a high-five.

Episode 7: #SaveBendy


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Let’s try to be civil, everyone. Stop promoting hate.

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Cupbros/inkbros royalty au?

I just had the most amazing dream! I was a servant working a the castle of the cups kingdom. Cuphead was a prince, ready to take the throne, and mugs was also a prince. Bendy was prince of the ink kingdom and he was in an arranged marriage with Alice of angel kingdom. [they didn’t like each other though…]
Cuphead fell in love with me and was prepared to give the throne to his brother to marry me. His father, however, was against it! He even ordered me to the dungeon to be tortured.
Eventually cup rescues me and challenges his father to a duel. If he won, he gets to have me as he pleases. [cup wasnt quite ready to marry me just yet at this point in the dream] if his father won, I’d be put to death.

I want feedback plz! I would love to make this an au/comic but I need help and feedback! Rebblog if you like the idea and leave a comment about what you think! Or if you have any story ideas, or if you wanna help with this au!

Fan art helps, story ideas help, fan fiction helps, oc’s help, theory’s help, headcannons help, anything helps!

If this gets enough hype, I’ll get started with setting up the blog asap.


I know people have been posting this already, but DAMN, this song is catchy!

Now I can see Will from DA Games being Bendy’s voice actor. I know he edited it to make it more high pitched, but it still fits given the time period Bendy is suppose to be from.

And that ending! The bit where Bendy’s face comes out of the inky darkness to sing the last line? Fuck, that’s a nice touch!