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hey,, love ur blog. do you have any fics where stiles is completely oblivious that Derek is his mate and everyone knows (the pack) but stiles? thank you

Oooo. I love oblivious bbs! Here’s our oblivious!stiles and mates tags. - Anastasia

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To Be Worthy Of Hope by alocalband

(1/1 I 7,482 I Teen)

“If you can’t say the words, you’re not mature enough to know what they mean,” Scott tells him.

Stiles throws a french fry at him.

(In which Derek is secretly pining, Stiles is oblivious to both Derek’s feelings as well as his own, and any personal growth that happens in the mean time is completely reluctant.)

CSI: Beacon Hills by Jerakeen

(1/1 I 8,243 I Teen)

Back when Stiles was in high school Beacon Hills didn’t have a crime lab, because they simply didn’t need one. Those were the days.

You Left Your Window Open and I Crawled Inside by Madalynn_Bohemia

(1/1 I 14,057 I Explicit)

Alternate Universe : In which Derek and Stiles are neighbors, and Stiles somehow gets the fantastic idea to hack Derek’s computer to allow him an all access pass to spy through his webcam. It’s not like he’ll see something he shouldn’t, right?

My Moon My Man by orphan_account

(14/14 I 15,618 I Explicit)

Derek starts paying Stiles visits during full moon nights. They sort of become a couple, but neither of them realizes it. Deaton ends up being the one to enlighten them. And then stuff also happens.

Run To You by Emela

(5/5 I 31,965 I  Mature)

A witch casts a spell, turning Derek feral and leaving him the equivalent of a frightened puppy. Stiles is the only one he trusts to protect him and of course, Stiles is only too happy to help. (Which has nothing to do with all these feelings he’s suddenly having, okay? Derek’s just a really cute werewolf puppy.)

The Boy Is Mine, You Bonkers! by frownypup

(3/3 I 35,535 I Elicit)

 It turns out that the words ‘a painfully smart and brave unclaimed human who is stupidly unutilized in Beacon Hill’s pack’ became the hottest gossip in werewolf underground. Yes, what the hell. Stiles’ existence has changed from a plankton to a rising sun.

Derek Hale has something he needs to say about it.

Mating Habits of the Domesticated North American Werewolf by lielabell

(5/5 I 35,458 I Mature)

Derek doesn’t do pining. He doesn’t. So when it becomes clear that Stiles is much more interested in having Derek as a new best friend than a boyfriend, he puts on his big boy pants and makes it fucking work. He becomes the best goddamn friend a spastic teenager could ever hope to have.

Knot Your Typical College Romance by stilesanderek (minxxx)

(5/5 I 51,546 I Explicit)

In which Stiles loves studying at Beacon Hills Supernatural University and even though he loves his group of friends, he just wishes that Derek wasn’t included in it. Stiles hates the guy fiercely, and he knows it’s completely mutual, and what he also knows it’s completely mutual is the hate boner they both have going on for each other. What happens after they finally hookup after years of tension, though, isn’t something Stiles ever signed up for.

“Shut the fuck up, Stilinski,” Derek hisses, their foreheads less than half a dozen of inches apart.

“Oh yeah, big guy?” Stiles says, stuffing his chest in defiance, licking his mouth once and then finally saying, “Make me.”

Having to choose between Stiles and Jughead

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  • Stiles: *gets stabbed with a sword*
  • Stiles: What the fuck?
  • ...
  • Peter: *gets stabbed with a sword*
  • Peter: *shrugs* That's fair.
  • ...
  • Scott: *gets stabbed with a sword*
  • Scott: Not again.
  • ...
  • Theo: *gets stabbed with a sword*
  • Theo: Are you going to want this back or can I keep it?
The Other Way Around

Imagine being a relationship with Peter Hale and helping him with Malia when you find out that you are pregnant with his child.

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Note: Not a hundred percent sure about my calculation for the pregnancy thing, sorry about that.
Warnings: PREGNANCY. Language.
Disclaimers: Teen Wolf is not mine. I do not own any of it (yet 😉)

“Oh boy…”

The room was spinning. Not in a nice way. Not in a nice kind of carousel slow swing, nope. More in a roller-coaster kind of way.

You fell back down on the couch, right next to Malia. Her werewolf senses had kicked in when you arrived earlier, but without the proper knowledge, she could not explain where the new sent came from or why it was there in the first place. She did not want to scare you for nothing though, so she kept her mouth shut. Still, she started to grow very worried about you.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?
-Jet lag…I think…It’s okay, Malia. Don’t worry…
- You’re sure about that?

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Having lunch with the new pack mate (part 3)



Malia: I’m not dating a zombie you little shit.

Alec: You kind of are. So is Mason and Liam, well, LiamX2 because he also dated Hayden who also died…

Alec: it’s not like a pack requirement is it??

Alec: because I might have to rethink this whole joining the pack thing.


Like a river always running
I keep losing you.
Like a fire always burning
I’ll be here for you.                                                                                                   
If you’re ready, heart is open              
I’ll be waiting,
Come find me.