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Hi! I saw you did sone recommendations and im still new to shoujo and you seem like the perfect person to come to! I realllyyyyy love kamisama kiss, maid sama, yona of the dawn, snow white with read hair and kamigami no asobi, do you have any recommendations along these lines, or anything different that its just generally good?? thanks love x


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Kimi Ni Todoke

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Your Lie in April

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Golden Time

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Wolf Girl Black Prince

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Ouran High School Host Club

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Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!

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The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

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Lovely Complex

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Here’s a few that I think you’ll really like! Let me know which one you decide to watch and if you like it! Also if you want a summary of each one you can always go on MAL and read the descriptions! Enjoy love ❤️❤️❤️

*Edit - I didn’t mention Kamisama Kiss, Maid Sama, Yona of the Dawn or Snow White with the Red Hair because the anon said they already watched them but those are allllll amazing anime as well!!

Moar peeps to follow

Looking for some new people to follow and maybe be-friend? If you like:
*yona of the dawn
*kiss him not me
*sailor moon
*mini ladd
*studio ghibli
*fairy tail
*baka to test
*kill la kill
*soul eater
*hyperdemention neptunia
*mayo chiki!
*good luck girl
*castle town dandelion
*wolf children
*miss kobayshi’s dragon maid
*howls moving castle
*little witch academia

Summer 2016 anime!!

I’m a couple months behind, but finally, here are my ratings and reviews of anime shows for the summer 2016 season! what an awesome season filled with so many great shows! gonna miss them, but now to start the fall 2016 shows! 


1. Handa Kun - 10/10 - ALL HAIL HANDA-SENSEI!!!!!!!!!! 

2. Hatsukoi Monster - 10/10 - higschool girl questionably dates a 5th grader, yes you are reading this sentence right- a 5th gradderrrrrr 

3. Masou Gakuen HxH - 9/10 - so much hentai lmfao  

4. Cheer Danshi - 10/10 -  boys n cheerleading 

5. Days - 9/10 - boys n soccer 

6. Servamp - 10/10 - badass humans and cute vampires out to save the world

7. Orange - 9/10 - angst and young love, you may or may not shed some tears thru this one 

8. Fukigen Na Mononokean - 8/10 - 1 of the main chara’s VA is Yuki Kaji ;)

9. Tsukiuta The Animation - 8/10 - idol boys, lol

10. Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru - 8/10  young, aspiring artist who’s a highschool male has potential talent to be gr8 but only paints anime girls 

11. New Game! -  8/10 -  girls in an anime….making an anime!!!! a lot like Shirobako imo, and I loved Shirobako!!!


1. Kimi no Wa - 10/10 - if you’re a true anime fan, you’ve already seen this. if you haven’t, watch this eye candy as soon as possible because you WILL HAVE NO REGRETS!!! absolutely stunning animation and incredible storyline / characters / plot overall!! LOVED it!  

2. Wolf Children - 10/10 - I’ve known about this movie for years and finally took the time to watch it this summer. I LOVED it. such a sweet but unique story that brings to life an adorable family that you will immediately also love. and the animation’s spectacular, so even more of  a reason to watch!

3. Zutto Mae Kara sui Deshita - 10/10 - this movie was made by honeyworks and it’s your typical highschoolers / teens / young love / romance story, but the animation is super cute and I’m always down for cute characters and good animation!!! I enjoyed it a lot more than expected!!!!

if you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading! I hope these ratings and reviews gave you some insight to which animes to try out if you haven’t seen any on this list. if there are some you enjoyed and aren’t on here, feel free to recommend any to me!

xoxo, beth


Built my second shelf & I’ve decided to rechristen the top shelf as the main movie shelf & half the second shelf be for TV anime & movies directly connected to those shows.

What I’ve got (from first post):
The girl who leapt though time
Summer wars
Wolf children 
The boy and the beast
Nausicaä of the valley of the wind
The cat returns
Porco Rosso 
Kiki’s delivery service 
Laputa castle in the sky
Princess Mononoke 
My neighbour Totoro 
Spirited away
From up on poppy hill
The tale of princess Kagua 
When Marnie was there
The castle of Cagliostro 
Evangelion 1.11 you are (not) alone 
Evangelion 2.22 you can (not) advance 
Evangelion 3.33 you can (not) redo 
Ghost in the shell (1995)
Ghost in the 2 innocence 
Ghost in the shell solid state society 
Panty and stocking with garter belt 
Kill la kill
Gurren Lagann 
Gurren Lagann childhoods end
Gurren Lagann the lights in the sky are stars
Madoka magica 
Madoka magica the movie rebellion 
Perfect blue
Lupin the third the woman called Fujiko Mine
Fate zero
Space Dandy 
Cowboy bebop 
Cowboy bebop the movie 
High school of the dead 
Afro Samurai 
First squad 
Eden of the east 
Black lagoon Roberta’s blood trail
Nadia the secret of blue water 
Blue exorcist 
Attack on Titan 
Berserk (1998)
Full metal alchemist brotherhood 
Elfen Lied

What I’ve gotten since the last post:
The place promised in our early days
Voices of a distant star
The sky crawlers
Akame Ga Kill
Whisper of the heart
Howls moving castle

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Second request! Guys follow this blog there amazing! Can i request the signs as romance anime?

Thank you so much! I love my followers!

Aires: Spice & Wolf

Taurus: Say “I love you” 

Gemini: Inyuasha

Cancer: Ouran Highschool Host Club

Leo: The World Only God Knows

Virgo: Kaichou wa maid-sama

Libra: Fruit Baskets

Scorpio: My Little Monster

Sagittarius: Golden Time

Capricorn: Your Lie In April

Aquarius: Clannad

Pisces: Boku wa Tomodoci ha Sukunai (Haganai)


I wanted to do one of these that celebrated all types of women - strong, brave, sad, happy, single, mothers because there’s nothing insulting about being a woman, no matter how you fit in the world.

Writer’s Notes: Deep Breaths & Gas Me Twice

Deep Breaths and Gas Me Twice were originally written as a single, mammoth Christmas Special/Season One Finale episode (we ended up splitting it up into two episodes in the edit) so I’m going to do one entry to tackle these two together.

Like I mentioned in the writer’s notes for Am I Alone Now?, this story was not originally meant to be the season finale. The crew discovering that the transmissions were not coming from Earth was going to be another one of our standalone episodes, but it quickly asserted itself for what it really was: the first great elemental shift in the series’s narrative. It quickly became apparent that this story should be the capstone for the first season, and that once it started there would be no turning back. Wolf 359 was always going to shift from individual stories to a highly serialized format, but we originally thought it was going to be a gradual change. But this? This wouldn’t be gradual - it’d be a very violent gear shift. Needless to say, we were all a little intimidated by this step, but it really did feel like it was the one that the show’s narrative wanted to take.

Partly because of that, partly because it was going to be the capstone to our first season, I made a point of bringing as many elements from earlier episodes into this story as I could. This is a trick that I stole learned from Farscape, which caps off a fun but undeniably lightweight debut season of unconnected adventures with a significantly darker story that brings together plot threads from six earlier stories that seemed to be inconsequential standalones. It gives the proceedings a very elegant, very scary sense of sneaky architecture. (And by the way, for anyone looking to trace the DNA of Wolf 359, Farscape should be your first stop. Our series very much started as me trying to fill the void left by that show by making something that mimicked Farscape’s unique melange of tones, humor, genres, and dialogue.) I don’t know if Deep Breaths/Gas Me Twice does anything quite as powerful as that, put it was a lot of fun to bring together elements from the first series.

If memory serves correctly, we got:

  • From Little Revolution: Hilbert’s knockout gas, the acid dissolving the door to end the conflict, and Pryce and Carter 614 getting spat back at Hilbert.
  • From Cataracts and Hurricanes: the receptor dish that Minkowski goes out to adjust.
  • From Cigarette Candy: Eiffel gets confirmation that Hilbert was experimenting on him.
  • From Super Energy Saver Mode: Eiffel’s impersonation of Minkowski, which becomes his “Man From Command” voice.
  • From The Empty Man Cometh: The pulse beacon relay as a way to communicate with Earth, plus Command as a general nefarious entity.
  • From Extreme Danger Bug: the oxygen mask that Eiffel uses to save himself from Hilbert’s gas.
  • From Am I Alone Now?: Hera’s emergency Protocol Emergency Override 34-Stroke-C, and ability to flood rooms with liquid nitrogen.
  • And, of course, from Succulent Rat-Killing Tar: the deep space transmissions and Eiffel’s cigarettes starting a fire.

It might seem like it’s a lot to bring all of that together not just with the major shift in the story, but also with the idea of doing a Christmas Episode and Eiffel’s birthday. Weirdly enough, I think that having some many checkboxes to tick made outlining and writing this episode easier - the way all the pieces fit together came together in my head in about an eighth of the time it took me to write Am I Alone Now? I keep saying that restrictions are your friends when you are trying to write something, and this is definitely an example to support that hypothesis.

And then, of course, there is the end of this episode. What happened didn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows of my love for Farscape, and Joss Whedon, and Steven Moffat, and other writers who have made a name for themselves for a certain level of, *ahem*… shall we call it sadistic tendencies? But for a lot of others, Hera’s “lobotomy” at the end of this episode came as a major surprise. It was designed to be - this is the moment when the show announces its turn towards the realms of the more dramatic and the more serialized. Even though the good guys “win” at the end of the day, I needed to dispel any illusions that the show would return to the Season One status quo. And for that to happen, I needed Hilbert to do something that would not - could not - be easily forgiven, something that irrevocably altered how these people related to each other and broke the group in a way that couldn’t be repaired.

And thus endeth Season One. And oh, things would only get worse from here on out…

Assorted Notes:

  • While The Empty Man Cometh remains my favorite overall episode of the series, the scene between Eiffel and Hera at the top of Gas Me Twice might be my favorite thing that I’ve ever written.
  • One of the most interesting things in the show for me is exploring the issue of whether Eiffel is genuinely bad at his job or if it’s just a matter of him not putting in any effort. The entire plot of Gas Me Twice kind of revolves around Eiffel beating Hilbert by actually being pretty awesome at his job as a communications officer.
  • I love the contrast between the mock version of Command that we get from Eiffel in this episode and the real Command that we meet in the next episode.
  • Many thanks to @randomdraggon for sharing these awesome illustrations of key moments in Gas Me Twice!