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So, I had a thought .

What if ‘May the Dread Wolf take you’ used to be a blessing? Fen'Harel was the breaker of chains and the freer of slaves, after all. He sought to over throw the ones who would set themselves up as gods.   Why would a people living in fear not wish him to steal them away?

“It inspired fear in my enemies and hope in my allies.” It sounds to me as though there were plenty of people who would have taken sincere oaths by the name of Fen'Harel. The name inspired hope in those who followed him, it stands to reason that they would have prayed, whether he wanted to be viewed as a god or not.

What if ‘May the Dread Wolf take you’ used to be a sort of quietly desperate prayer that he would come to their aid? Something akin to 'God go with you’.

Imagine how much it must have disturbed him when the quiet pleas for help gradually turned in to cries of anger, of rage and fear. It was no longer a prayer asking for his help but a slap to his face with every utterance. Another reminder of just how badly he had failed.

Is it really any wonder, then, that he has so little respect for the Dalish when they turned something that was, if not entirely pleasant, at least something to be proud of into an insult to his very nature and everything he tried to accomplish?

Because it used to be “May the Dread Wolf take you” with an unspoken 'And keep you safe.’ And now.. its not…


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28 with ma scott mccall thnks love u

Scott McCall - “How drunk was I?”
Triggerwarning: Underage drinking

You widened your eyes when you stared at the pictures on the website of your sorority. You recognized your clothes and maybe you vaguely recognized the color of your hair and eyes, but apart from that you had the feeling you were looking at a stranger.

“Do you want me to ask someone to take them down?” Scott had his hand on your shoulder and his voice was soft and gently.

“What happened?” You shook your head and when your eyes met Scott’s you saw his lips curling up into an amused grin. “What did I do?”

“Do you really wanna know all that?” Scott smiled a little brighter and then he sat down in the seat next to you. “It’s not as bad as you think it is. Actually, you were quite funny when you were drunk.” Scott raised his eyebrows a little and shrugged his shoulders. “Although I don’t think the twins will agree with me.” He grinned and you dropped your jaw.

“I said something to the twins?” You squeezed your eyes a little and clicked on a few pictures to have a better look at them. The photographer had clearly had some problems to get your hands sharp and much to your surprise the alpha twins were indeed standing in front of you while exchanging surprised and shocked glances.

“You basically told them that they were worthless pieces of crap, that Lydia was only dating Aiden because he was hot and that Danny was only sharing his bed with Ethan because he had a good looking ass.” Scott couldn’t help laughing out loud and even though you covered your mouth with your hand, you had to admit that it sounded funny, funnier than you had probably ever been while being sober.

“So, how drunk was I?” You dropped your hand again and took a few deep breaths, but then you started laughing again. “I don’t remember anything anymore after we opened the bottle of champagne, to be honest.” You rolled your eyes. “Apart from the headache and sickness in the morning, but still.”

“Well, I’d say that you were drunk enough to forget that you were terribly afraid of them, but at least not that drunk that you tripped over your own legs while you tried to run away from them.” Scott grinned once more and then he enlarged another picture on your screen. “This picture is totally my favorite.” He leaned back in his chair and you stared at the two alphas, clearly trying and failing to control their anger.

“Please, next time there is a party, keep that bottle of champagne away from me, will you?” You closed the tab and let out a deep breath, but little lights of joy were dancing in your eyes.

“O no, I don’t think so. I like this drunk version of you saying all those things that no one dares to say.” Scott wrapped an arm around your shoulders and pressed a soft kiss to your cheek. “And I promise that I’ll always make sure that you get home safely and that no one can harm you.”


Wolf drinking by Tambako The Jaguar
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One of the wolf in the water, drinking. Taken through a window.

Sitting in the snow

He’s Syber wearing a scarf drinking hot chocolate while it’s snowing.
He’s a blue wolf, he shared me a reference where his character has dot eyes, so I thought it would be amazing to immitate that style of eyes, because he looks really cute and innocent that way!!

A pic for Syber, taken at Anthrocon 2017

Traditional: Color markers.

Teen Wolf drinking game

Watch Season 1 and take a shot every time Scott says ‘Allison’ in a worried voice.
First to die of alcohol poisoning loses.

Fic Rec

Title: (I forgot) the key to your heart
Author: lazarusthefirst
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 15590
Status: Complete
Summary: Stiles forgets his room key a lot, and Derek lives right down the hall. Unfortunately, they may or may not have met before, and Stiles may or may not have forgotten the entire thing due to alcohol and poor life decisions (but mostly alcohol)