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Dear Rabbit: I Know I'm A Wolf (Part 80)

(Submitted by @pharoahsthrone)

So I was hoping to submit this part earlier but my recovery from surgery has been a lot different than I expected and I didn’t even have my laptop with me so that was a painintheass hindrance, also. It was sad too cause I REALLY WANTED TO WRITE but anyway here we are and here’s the next part! 

(p.s if there’s any spelling/grammar mistakes you can bet I’ll blame it on the meds later :D

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Side note: I love Dylan O'Brien’s delivery of void stiles so fucking much. I still remember the ‘shoot me’ part and the 'I’m a thousand years OLD YOU CAN’T KILL ME’ part honestly I need more BAMF STILES IN MY LIFE.

What I desperately want to see: Stiles eerily nursing his anger but showing just enough to make Theo wet his pants and quietly growls 'fight me; FIGHT ME’ and then proceeds to literally rip Theo a new one.

Preferably with magic.

Teen Wolf writers are you ever going to address the fact that Stiles Stilinski once magicked mountain ash that didn’t exist before out of THIN AIR.