wolf dem


A Mass Effect AU because that game is my life and no crossover is safe from me

I haven’t decided on much yet but what I do know is that flight lieutenant Stilinski is constantly openly flirting with commander Hale, who has no idea how he’s supposed to react. Or something along those lines, anyway.

Side note: I love Dylan O'Brien’s delivery of void stiles so fucking much. I still remember the ‘shoot me’ part and the 'I’m a thousand years OLD YOU CAN’T KILL ME’ part honestly I need more BAMF STILES IN MY LIFE.

What I desperately want to see: Stiles eerily nursing his anger but showing just enough to make Theo wet his pants and quietly growls 'fight me; FIGHT ME’ and then proceeds to literally rip Theo a new one.

Preferably with magic.

Teen Wolf writers are you ever going to address the fact that Stiles Stilinski once magicked mountain ash that didn’t exist before out of THIN AIR.

I just want teen!Derek to develop a massive crush on Braeden

Like a completely obvious, “Omg dreams do exist holy shit holy shit act cool Hale act cool oh shit she’s looking right at me BREATHE,” crush on Braeden to the point that Braeden finds it annoying but kind of endearing in a honey-you’re-cute-but-you’re-officially-out-of-my-age-group way, and Stiles and Scott just watch, flabbergasted, as Derek Hale, the brooding grumpy wolf with all the quippy one-liners, is revealed to have been a complete dork as a teenager and so has no idea how to speak to a gorgeous woman like Braeden

And he follows her around like a puppy, so closely that when she stops abruptly he keeps colliding into her back (“Watch it, Derek!” “Sorry… :D” and then he does it again) asking her questions that he knows she doesn’t know the answer to because he just loves the sound of her voice when she says his name 

“Braeden, what do they mean, I aged backwards?”

“I don’t know, Derek.”

“Braeden, are you saying that I was your age before all this happened?”

“I don't know, Derek.”

“Braeden, how come I don’t remember you? I feel like I would remember you–”

“I don't know, Derek.”

“Braeden? Braeden. Braeden!”

“What, Derek? What? What!”

“Ummmm… Can you drive me to Beacon Hills High today? I don’t have a driver’s license and I’m meeting Scott and Stiles there.”

And Braeden scrubs an aggravated hand over her face but then nods and he internally whoops with glee because how badass would he look, riding up to high school to meet Scott and Stiles on the back of a freakin' motorcycle with Braeden sitting in front of him?

Plus he gets to hold on tight to her the whole ride there.

And he wants to grab her hand and like snuggle her neck and stuff but he can’t because she’s like twentysomething and a woman and he’s sixteen and a werewolf; she would never go for a younger guy like him, and besides, she’s this badass hunter chick who should have killed him but she saved him and holy shit she smells amazing

I just want Derek to be pretty much enamored with Braeden by the time he’s changed back okay