wolf deluxe edition

For anyone that is unable to download those two bonus tracks, if you click on the folder that is also provided in this link, there are the .mp3 versions of them in there. Otherwise if it begins to be too many people I’ll add the files multiple times so that more people are able to have them outside of Japan. So if you can’t download it in either format, let me know and I’ll add it again to that folder so that you can. 

** Okay, so I just added about 10 more copies of each song in both .mp3 & .m4a (which is the iTunes format for purchased music) to both folders. So enjoy!

** That is the button to download the songs. It sits at the top of the page when you click on the file. (Also does not download to iPhone, I’m not sure about android phones, so I’d suggest using a computer to download and moving it to your phone/ipod/mp3)