wolf cuddle

Pride Month gift to my dearly beloved darling dew (AKA My Joy) @kibadoglover45 <3

Decided to just go with cuddling for this one because I think it’s one of our most favorite pass-times, haha. 
I also just generally have a lot of good memories of her involved with days that ended in such activity too. Can’t wait for the many more to come. <3
There’s so many places and things I’m excited to show her once I get to see her again! <333
Love you, Kiba!! <3333

Cuddle Headcannons!

(My first head cannons! Hopefully I didn’t mess up…)


  • He is really tiny.
  • Like 3'4" or something like that.
  • So you’ll most likely be the one to hold him in you arms.
  • Seriously, with the stuff he’s gone through, he’s going to cling to you tight.
  • Like real tight.
  • Will get flustered if you kiss him lightly on his forehead.
  • He’s a blushing/droopy mess.


  • Pretty tall. 
  • Will definitely hug you a lot. 
  • So sweet and pure. 
  • The fur on him is really soft.
  • Will wrap his tail around your leg or waist (something to that equivalent). 
  • Loves it when you pet his ears. 
  • Will most likely fall asleep if you do.


  • Timid.
  • Actually a very good cuddler. 
  • Will rub your back, play with your hair, etc. 
  • You may have to comfort him from time to time with what happened with Boris and Bendy. 
  • They were like his children. 
  • Will definitely be the one to hold you. 
  • Loves little kisses.


  • He won’t cuddle you until he’s sure your asleep. 
  • Gotta keep that ‘asshole’ display going. 
  • Honestly, he is really awkward about it. 
  • If you catch him in the act he’ll freak out.
  •  And if you mention it in the morning Joey will claim that you were dreaming. 
  • He’s a blushing fool if either of the two occur.
  • He loves you though.