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It kind of unnerves me that NQS has so little of Usagi actually in her character. Like manga!usagi can't hold a candle to anime!usagi imo but like. Even in the anime NQS gave me such a bad vibe and that made me feel rotten since I adore Usagi but I just find it hard to think Usagi would be a neglectful of Chibs, maybe not the most observant parent at times i'd buy into, but neglectful to the point Chibs is so starved of affection? Like at that point, is there any shred of Usagi left in NQS??

Let me kick off by saying that I hear you. I’m actually upset about m!Usagi to a ridiculous degree. It was easy to dismiss Crystal, but it’s less easy somehow with the manga, which means there’s an Usagi I don’t like, and this is not a situation I REMOTELY enjoy.

But man, everything about Neo-Queen Serenity’s characterization makes NO SENSE to me. Let’s set aside for the moment everything we know and can infer about her from Chibi-Usa, and focus instead on what we directly SEE.

And from that, what’s the actual difference between NQS and Usagi? I’ll be damned if I can find one. I mean she literally was like “Fuck the consequences and all the lives sacrificed in this bloody brutal war that killed millions including one of my  loyal Senshi, I’MMA GO SAY HELLO.” Does that sound like an unthinking emotion-driven act by a fourteen year old, or a woman who’s lived and ruled for a thousand years?

For me, both are such extremes (CONTRADICTORY extremes, at that), that it actually makes me cranky. But if you’re looking to do more than just say “fuck everything about this” like say ME, there’s plenty of evidence of Usagi in NQS by virtue of being functionally identical. So long as you don’t think too hard about how she hasn’t hugged her daughter in nearly a millennia.

Sorry that I’ve been absent as of late! My computer has been crashing and I might have to take it in, which will delay my posting even further! I managed to finish this though! This concept was inspired by the Indigo Gos from Majora’s Mask. I couldn’t come up with my own Henry concept, but he probably would’ve been a real swinging lead guitarist, you know, with his “ax…” no? Oh well. Bendy’s having a blast on the drums though it took some convincing…


Last night there was a terrorist attack in Manchester, UK. It’s horrible to think how close the terrorists attacks are hitting people, as I live around an hour away from Manchester and although I personally wasn’t there, it’s hit home quite hard as I have enjoyed many concerts in the stadium, and it makes you think about life and not take it for granted.

A huge amount of young children, teenagers and adults attended the concert and as of yet it has been confirmed that 22 people died, and one of those confirmed deaths was a girl around my age, who enjoyed the same youtubers and music artists as myself.

I know it’s no consolation as to what’s gone on, but my thoughts and prayers are with ALL who have been affected

Although I wasn’t there my blog is open to anybody who needs somebody to support them at this horrible time.

Pray for Manchester, and for all those affected. You’re in my thoughts x


Shit, Lauren you’re killing me here 😍😍 her reaction when a fan threw a bra at her is so adorable I cant! 😂


In honor of Aaron’s next concert being TOMORROW here are some pictures I took from his Wolf Trap concert last month (Saturday’s show)


Wolf Trap Sunday January 22, 2017
1. Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’ - Oklahoma
2. Daybreak - Floyd Collins

3. The Streets of Dublin - Man of No Importance

4. Fighting Dragons - Big Fish
5. Love I Hear - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

6. Proud Lady - The Baker’s Wife (He hilariously messed up the words)

7. Disney Medley (1) - When You Wish Upon A Star (Pinocchio) // Belle (Beginning) (Beauty and the Beast) // I’ve Got No Strings (Pinocchio) // Cruella De'Ville (101 Dalmatians) // Gaston/Belle (Ending) (Beauty and the Beast)

8. Disney Medley (2) - Proud of Your Boy (Aladdin) // Go The Distance (Hercules) // Out There (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

9. Les Mis Medley - Bring Him Home // I Dreamed a Dream // Drink With Me // Do You Hear the People Sing (Sing-A-Long)

10. Sondheim Medley - Good Thing Going // Finishing The Hat 

11. Sandy - Grease

12. Marry Me a Little - Company
13. Goodbye - Catch Me If You Can
14. It All Fades Away - Bridges of Madison County

(set list cred to @lovable22)

I was in the 3rd row tonight so video was a little harder through people’s heads but for the most part I think I got it pretty well.  Enjoy!

I awoke in a dream
An evil one, a setting sun
I licked your hatred
You set me free
In summer, in the boiling blood

Oh baby, I’ll carry your disease
That darkness that lives inside you deep
Oh honey, I’ll put up a fight with death
He’s never coming near my love again

All the world moves inside my baby,
I see it there
Rows and rows, mouths of fjords –
I swim in them in my dreams

Oh baby, I’ll carry your disease
That darkness that lives inside you deep
Oh honey, I’ll put up a fight with death
He’s never coming near my love again

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