wolf charm art



Thank you to the wonderful @acornpress who we’re super lovely and patient!  I’m sorry the pictures are so aweful, but they came out really nice. Thank you so much!

So I’m going to be putting these together all night tonight lol



So I finally finished the pre-order bonus. You will be getting one randomly assorted sticker sheet with any of these guys on it. (Not necessarily these two assortments but similar) You will have to cut them out yourself tho! And they are vinyl! So decently waterproof! Because I got these out so late Im extending the pre-order window to the end of the month. Remember that bonus stickers and pair order discount is only available for pre-orders! I should be getting the charms in very soon so look out for pics of them!

More info on these on the etsy page here!–  


These came a few days ago but didn’t get them put together till now. IM SO HAPPY THANK YOU @acornpress FOR THESE WONDERFUL CHARMS. Great customer service and quick turnaround time. Even got some extras so I don’t have to buy these from myself LOL. Will deff be getting more from them for my next two charms ;D I totally forgot to put a coin to show size but these are 1.5 inches big. That’s like almost the size of two quarters kinda.

Also for pre-orders only the charms will have the start and koi charms attached to it. Orders after pro-orders are done will have a little randomly colored acrylic star! Sorry if my posts are so off I’ve never made/sold charms and Im only just starting to using tumblr LOL. Social media y u so tricky

Again the link for these is here. Now with relieved order bonus! —

now i have drawn every single pc mc series in the five years of being in this fandom🎢🎡 

i was going for canon outfits at first before i decided themeparks were eccentric and summer -y and i wanted to include warm colours🔥

[image: (left to right) trottimus holding a blueprint for a ‘COOL FUCKIN’ ROLLERCOASTER’, alsmiffy with a bucket of sludge, and djh3 wearing a blue binder and pink tanktop, and carrying a messenger bag filled with blueprints and manga]

anonymous asked:

could you draw John and Sherlock all wrapped up in blankets and cuddly all warm and fuzzy (◡‿◡✿) it would just make my day. (I love your work so much!!&!!!!¡¡!!¡!! I internally scream every time it comes on my dash ahskldlakshhsksll)

thank you!
i hope you like it  ♡(。-ω-)