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Teen Wolf: Alternate Universe

Jackson x Reader

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At this point in the morning you were pretty sure there were no words in existence to describe how nervous you were. Today was your first day back after the holidays, you’d graduated top three in your year and had been handpicked by Professor Stilinski to join his personal training program rather than the schools more basic one.


Professor Stiles Stilinski had become world renowned for being the first human to prove that the humans and werewolves could co-exist. He and his wolf Derek Hale worked together for years to create the Werewolf Initiative.


As a last ditch attempt to not be eradicated by the Werewolf race the humans accepted the Initiative and a fragile peace was settled between the humans and wolves. Which was why you were nervously stood in the hallway of the apartment blocks that would be your home for the next three years.

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c         w        y        a
   h          h        o        r
       a         o        u        e


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West Yellowstone Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Centre


I don’t know if I’ve posted these before
this is the summer where i had braces, was on medication for my skin, and generally was not at my best so ignore me and look at the adorable baby there

her name is Flora and she was absolutely sweet you have no idea she kept licking my eyes ???? and whining at me

i don’t usually treat things dramatically and I don’t like to share things that meant something to me but this was the best moment of my boring summer and I’ll always remember it and I want to see them all again


Dan from Imagine Dragons sings Happy Birthday to Wolf - Air Canada Centre