wolf blitzer

I watched the State of the Union so you don’t have to
  • Obama: “I’m gonna keep it short this year lol!!” *doesn’t*
  • Uncle Joe Biden stands and claps whenever he can, while Paul Ryan sits and nods like a grim, oddly smug mole
  • Applause after every sentence
  • Standing ovation after every use of the words “troops” or “veterans”
  • A really heartfelt section about not discriminating against Muslims idk i got a lil emotional
  • Random shot of Dr. Jill Biden and the lady sitting next to her is wearing a bedazzled hat (respect)
  • “I’m guessing we won’t agree on healthcare anytime soon”
  • Kim Davis is there?!?!?!? For some reason?!?!?!
  • Several loud ‘boos’ when he talks about curing cancer. why 
  • Mispronounces ‘quagmire’ as ‘quogmire’
  • “Our troops are the finest fighting force in the history of the world” got a standing ovation from both parties even though it’s bullshit
  • “btw i killed bin Laden”
  • “btw i solved ebola”
  • Last few minutes of the speech are about all different Americans who represent hope for the future– okay I’m crying I admit that part got me real bad
  • The speech ends and the news anchors are talking about what this means for the 2016 election before Obama has even left the podium
  • Time goes on i suppose
Please don’t be Muslim

Yet again, people have demonstrated the amount of evil they can unleash unto the world. The recent (and currently ongoing) Paris attacks are another testament to the unstable amity and growing hatred in our world. 

As a person who has identified as a Muslim, anytime something like this comes on the news, I can’t help but catch myself silently praying, please don’t be muslim. And more recently it has become, please don’t be ISIS. And to be perfectly clear, it is not because I am a sympathizer – far, FAR, FAR from it as I don’t consider the terrorist organization to have any association with Islam other than its radical and incorrect preachings of an otherwise peaceful religion. 

The reason why I hope that this is not an Islamist related attack is because of how American media is so quick to pin it on a Muslim. As I sat, glued to the TV screen, CNN live updating the situation, reporter Wolf Blitzer proceeded to comment on the likelihood of this attack being ISIS or Al Qaeda related by pointing out the recent attack on the Russian jetliner and various car and suicide bombings (that happen daily) in Syria and Iraq (both war torn countries). While ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Russian plane and, naturally, all the violence they have started in Syria and Iraq, NO ONE HAS CLAIMED RESPONSIBILITY OF THESE ATTACKS AND FRENCH AUTHORITIES HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHO IS BEHIND IT. 

Furthermore, Mr. Blitzer continued to feed his assumptions on national TV whilst interviewing a witness who was inside the theatre when the attacks began. He asked questions such as, Did the terrorist have beards? Do you know if they were speaking French or Arabic? 

I can understand his line of questioning as France has the largest population of Arabs and Muslim in Europe. HOWEVER, isn’t it good journalism to seek facts rather than manipulate the investigation to lead to specific suspects? Jumping to conclusions just feeds the xenophobic and islamophobic in the US and tarnishes the identity of thousands of Muslim-Americans. 

This is a criticism of American media. My heart goes out to the families and loved ones of the people who were savagely killed and to those that are still fighting to stay alive. 

I stand with you Paris, especially in the face of such abhorrent acts.

But, please don’t be Muslim.

I watched the Republican Debate so you don’t have to
  • Ted Cruz forgets his lines right off the bat
  • Carly Fiorina mentions her breast cancer
  • people cheer for the idea of shutting out desperate refugees as christmastime
  • Ben Carson can’t stop coughing while other people talk
  • Chris Christie’s american flag pin is in the shape of the state of new jersey
  • “we need to penetrate these people” -Kasich talking about ISIS
  • Wolf Blitzer pits Cruz and Rubio against eachother 250 times
  • Trump gets actually boo’d when he talks about shutting down parts of the internet to stop ISIS (best moment of the debate imo)
  • Trump and Bush get in a catfight
  • Trump defends the idea of killing terrorists’ families
  • Hugh Hewitt forgets the word ‘neurosurgeon’
  • I got sad and stopped watching