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Perfect (Stiles x Reader)


Different inflection when you say my name
Kiss me, but your kiss don’t taste the same
Is it real or am I going out of my mind?
Curious ‘bout the company that you keep
‘Cause I hear you talking 'bout her in your sleep
And now you’ve got me talking 'bout her in mine

Ooh, and I bet, she has it all
Bet she’s beautiful like you, like you
And I bet she’s got that touch
Makes you fall in love, like you, like you

I can taste her lipstick and see her laying across your chest
I can feel the distance every time you remember her fingertips
Maybe I should be more like her
Maybe I should be more like her
I can taste her lipstick, it’s like I’m kissing her, too
Ay she’s perfect
Ay she’s perfect

                                   ♡                   ♡                      ♡

 I am laying down next to Stiles whom is asleep while I am trying to focus on the book in my hands.“So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you,” I read out loud, and smile a little. I stare at the boy next to me, and repeat the quote again, adding at the end, “I really love you.” That’s when I hear it , “Lydia,”Stiles mumbled and I felt my heart broke in million pieces right there.
“Lydia,” he repeated again.

I decided to ignore what just happened, maybe I was overreacting. “Yeah, i am overreacting,”I tell myself, “You are overreacting about what?,” Stiles says with a sleepy voice, “Ehh, about something i just read.” I answer rapidly. He looks at me with some doubt, but I am fast enough to change the topic. “Do you feel better?,” He nods and places his hand on my cheek ; “Thanks, thanks for staying with me.” I grin, and peck his lips.
“Well, it’s kinda late,” He says looking at his watch. “Yeah, I should head back home. Mom must be freaking out.” “Well, I am sorry for her but I won’t let you go at this hour. We already know how dangerous Beacon Hills is.” “Yeah, but you only had to say that you wanted me to stay,” I tell him. “I know how much you love stating the obvious.” Stiles says staring directly into my eyes. I laugh a little, he kisses me. Every time our lips touched, it felt as if time stopped.
“We should sleep,almost 2 in the morning,” I say and he nods and makes me cuddle up with him.
I didn’t realise until that moment how tired I really was, I had been so focused in the book. I closed my eyes, and muttered “Goodnight.” “Goodnight,” Stiles replied back.

I woke up to the sound of Stile’s alarm, I get up being careful enough to wake him up that’s when it happens again. “Ly-dia, Lydia…Don’t leave me,” He mumbles and this time I couldn’t let it pass.
“Stiles, wake up,” I shake him softly. He yawns a little, sits downs in the bed, and open his eyes then gives me that cheeky smile of his. “Good morning,” He says and tries to kiss me, but I stop him.
“Did you any interesting dream?,” I mention. He stares at me a bit confused but answers “Well, I did have a dream. Why?”
“You were sleep talking,” I try to choose my worlds wisely. “But…” I begin to say; he stops me mid sentence, “But what?.” “You mentioned Lydia’s name both times. You begged for her to not leave you…” My voice kinda breaks a little at the end. He sighs, noticing what is going on.
“In some way… I always knew it, I knew it. It’s not your fall at all. Blame it all on me, I was silly enough to fall for you. Everybody could see it, they used to say it was obvious. Still, I decided to cover the world with one finger,” I say, it was notorious how much each world was destroying me inside. “Every time you look at her, it’s with admiration with love. You love her, not me.”
“Y/N, let me…” Stiles begins to say ; “Stiles, there’s nothing to explain. I always knew. Lydia, she’s perfect. She’s beautiful, smart, almost every guy is after her. She, is some way, has the world at her feet. That’s the way it is, but I can’t hate her either. She’s my best friend, and I love her for being her too. I’m between the wall and the sword. Trapped,” I said almost in tears. “Let me talk!,” He said already exasperated.

-“Y/N, I won’t sugarcoat things for you. It’s true, I did have feelings for Lydia. I was crazy for her, all that is true. But do you know what else is true?.” I stay quiet waiting for him to say that he still was crazy in love for Lydia. “I met you, in the most unexpectedly way and I fell for you. I fell so hard, out there we can find so many girls that are ¨perfect’, but they are not you. I don’t want Lydia, I don’t ask for any of those ´perfect girl´. I only want my imperfectly perfect Y/N. Y/N, I love you. My heart belongs only to you,” Stiles tells me, tears were rolling down my face. Tears of joy, by the way he said I knew he meant it. “Lydia, is my friend. She’ll always be my friend, and I love my friends. But the way I love her, and the way I love you, it’s very different. Like I said, the only one to break my heart are you.” I lay my head in his chest, and he puts his arms around my body.
Stiles cups my face and kisses my forehead, then wipes the tears of my face. “I love you, Y/N.”
“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure,” He quotes the book I was reading. “My heart is with you, you are my treasure.”

Every Kiss Has Meaning | Liam Dunbar Imagine

dt: @amylillian22

pairings: liam dunbar x reader

a/n: i really put a lot of work and thought into this so i hope you enjoy :)

a kiss on the forehead - we’re cute together.

The Mccall Pack weekly movie night; Just thinking about it would bring a smile to their faces. Being snuggled up with their closest friends and just spending hours watching movies, Eating food and spending time with the people closest to them. No worries would enter their mind at this time, Supernatural or Not.

There she was, Her head resting against Liams firm shoulder, Her hand pressed against his stomach as his arm was wrapped securely around her shoulder; Keeping her body close to him. They were both snuggled up against each others embrace, Their legs entangled with each other as they both laid under a warm blanket.

Both of them paying most of their attention towards the movie playing on Lydias flat screen, But part of their attention was still towards one another. Y/N would always relax when she felt Liams chest rising and falling at a steady pace under her hand; And Liam would often find comfort when Y/N would occasionally snuggle closer to him and place her head even deeper in the crook of his neck, Inhaling his calming musky scent.

Y/N let out a small chuckle when the movie played a funny scenario, Little dimples appeared on her cheeks when a small smile played on her lips. The sound of her sweet laughter caught Liams attention when he looked down at her, Mesmerised by her small yet bright smile and he swore he never heard a sweeter sound than her laughter. His eyes were filled with adoration at the sight of the one he loved snuggled up in his embrace, Never letting go of his touch.

When she felt his gaze towards her she lifted her head a bit to look at him, Only to find his eyes already on her.

“What?” She asked in a soft chuckle.

“Nothing, You’re just cute when you laugh.” He smiled at the sight of her cheeks heating up into a rosy pink at the sound of his sweet words.

“You’re such a dork.” She laughed quietly as she placed her head back on his shoulder.

“Thanks I love you too.” He joked before placing a soft but sweet kiss against her forehead only to pull away and see her look up at him; A wide smile on her lips and her eyes sparkling with pure adoration towards the boy sitting against her.

a kiss on the hand - i adore you.

The whole pack was gathered up around Scott Mccalls kitchen table, Discussing their latest threat.

While Scott and Stiles were explaining, The rest of the pack seemed all eyes and ears for what they were saying; This included Y/N.

Although she may be human she was still part of the pack, Part of it due to the fact that she was Liams girlfriend and part of it due to the fact that she surprisingly had a lot of knowledge when it comes to the supernatural. But knowing facts about the supernatural and battling against it were two very different things and Y/N still needed to adjust to that.

While Stiles explained about the Dread Doctors Liam glanced down at Y/N who stood right beside him. Her eyes were focused on Stiles and her lips were pulled in a tight line, It would often happen when she would focus on something; Seeing her standing beside him, Listening and focusing on something so important to him; He couldn’t help the small grin that appeared on his lips.

“Any questions?” Scott finally asked, pulling Liams attention back to him and Stiles. The rest of the pack stayed quiet and a few moments later they were all free to go home.

Liam and Y/N made their way out and started walking home, Just the two of them walking hand in hand in the cool air and the dim light shining from the moon and the few streetlights scattered around them.

While they were walking in comfortable silence Y/N noticed Liam sneaking glances at her every once in a while.

“Okay why do you keep looking at me?” She said softly.

“Hm? Oh- Nothing.” He chuckled.

“Come on what is it?”

“It’s just-, I love seeing how strong you are putting up with all of this supernatural stuff for me.” He said looking down at her with loving eyes, His hand holding hers even tighter.

“Liam, I’ll do anything for you. And if it means fighting werewolves and chimeras than that’s what I’ll do. But only if you’re by my side.” She smiled up at him.

“Trust me, I’ll never leave your side. Even if it’s the last thing I’ll do.” He said with a soft smile as he brought her hand up to his lips, Pressing a soft kiss on her knuckles.

If there was one thing Liam never failed at doing was leaving Y/N flustered with her heart fluttering and her cheeks painted pink; But with a smile on her lips.

a kiss on the neck - i want you, now.

She was sitting next to him on his bed; Algebra scattered around them and it seemed as if they were drowning in equations and calculations.

She was wearing one of his grey shirts which was way to big for her size, Explaining why it dropped off of her shoulder; Exposing part of her soft skin. This didn’t bother her but Liam definitely noticed it; And he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. He loved how focused she was in what she was doing, How she nibbled on her lower lip while she looked through her notes looking for the answer to this problem, He loved how completely beautiful she looked even when she had no makeup on, When she wore his clothes on her, When she let her hair just lay messily on her shoulders; Occasionally it would cover her face so she would tuck some of it behind her ear; He loved when she did that.

When she flipped her hair to one side, Exposing her neck; He almost lost it. He wanted her, He needed her, Now. And just moments later she felt his body move closer to her, She felt his warm breath sneak up against her shoulder sending shudders down her spine and goosebumps against her skin. He started pressing soft kisses against her shoulder slowly moving them up her jawline and onto her neck. He heard her breath hitch when he started pressing kisses under her ear; Against her sweet spot.

“Liam;” She managed to say as she looked down at him, His eyes a darker shade of crystal blue. He just smirked and continued peppering kisses along her neck, The soft kisses become more aggressive and open mouthed as he started nibbling on her soft spot sending shivers down her spine.

“Okay that’s it.” She said smirking as she pushed aside her notes and turned to him, Mashing her lips against his soft smooth ones. Their lips moving in sync with each other as her hands cupped his cheeks pulling him even closer to her, And before she knew it his hands were at her hips pulling her to straddle his hips.

She pulled away slightly to look at him, A smile plastered on her now swollen lips and her heart racing. God the ways this boy affects her.

a kiss on the shoulder - you’re perfect.

She stood there in front of the mirror applying her lipstick, Little did she know Liam was standing aside watching her intensely, Admiring how she put so much focus and effort into it. Once she was done she put the lipstick down on the table and moved to straighten her dress, She smoothed the edges and looked at every aspect of her body, Checking to see if everything was just like she wanted it to be.

She would adjust her dress, And tease her hair, And check her makeup time after time; All of this to make sure that she looked good for him. But no matter how she looked, He always thought she was beautiful, He always thought she was perfect.

He walked over next to her and stood behind her as she smiled once she noticed his presence next to her. He saw through the mirror how her eyes suddenly had a spark in them, He saw how the ends of her lips twisted up into a bright smile; And that would be enough for him to smile brightly himself.

He placed his hands on her waist pulling her body closer to his, earning a small giggle from her. He then placed a small but soft kiss on her exposed shoulder before lifting his head back up to look at her.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” He whispered in her ear sending shudders down her spine.

“Well you may have mentioned it a couple times.” She chuckled as she wrapped her arms on top of Liams that rested on her waist.

“You are beautiful.” He said softly as she turned her head to look at him.

“You really think so?”

“Absolutely.” He smiled before pressing another soft kiss against her shoulder, The moment his smooth lips met her soft skin he could hear her heart flutter and he felt her skin burning up as the heat rises to her cheeks, Painting them a shade of rosy pink that could make Liams heart flutter every time he saw it.

a kiss on the lips - i love you.

The clock was showing 30 seconds left for the game and Liam was running on the opposite side of Scott, Both of them running towards the goal. Y/N was standing on the bleachers next to Lydia, Her fingers crossed and pressed against her lips as she whispered almost inaudibly a small prayer for Liam.

“Come on Liam you can do this.” She said softly, Liam sneaked a glance at her on the bleachers when he heard her quiet words; With just a seconds glance he felt strength and adrenaline pump though his veins as he signaled for Scott to pass him the ball. He catches it with ease and throws it into the goal, Scoring smoothly the winning point with just two seconds left until the buzzer goes off.

Within seconds the crowd went wild and The whole team practical swallowed Liam, Y/N rushed down the bleachers and on to the field searching for her boyfriend not knowing that Liam never lost sight of her as he made his way through the dozens of people to reach her.

Once he found her she quickly noticed him, A huge smile on her lips as she rushed towards him practically jumping on to him. He caught her with ease as he wrapped his arms around her waist tightly; Her hands placed around his neck as she mashed her lips against his, In an almost bruising force. The kiss was sweet but yet passionate and intimate, For a short moment they forgot all about the game, And the win, And the dozens of people scattered around them; For a short moment they felt as if they were one, As if it was only the two of them in their own world. Only Y/N and Liam, Liam and Y/N.

They both pulled away panting slightly, They could now see each others features up close. Liam saw Y/Ns bright smile, Her small dimples, He saw how clear her eyes looked, How they had that spark of light in them. Y/N saw how Liams hairline was slightly sweaty when the little hairs framing his face were stuck to his forehead, She saw how much light and life his crystal blue eyes held, Just looking into his eyes would bring a smile to her face, As if every time she looked into them she would be mesmerised by the electrifying blue they had in them.

“I’m so proud of you.” She said softly. You could see in Liams eyes how much that short sentence meant to him.

“I couldn’t have done it with out you.” He said as he pulled her closer into his embrace.

I love you Liam.” She said softly against his shoulder.

I love you too.” He said looking down at her before connecting yet again his lips to hers, And just like their other kiss; The moment their lips touched, They were in their own world, They were one.

And there was nothing in this world, Supernatural or not, That could change that.

Young Ichirohiko from “The Boy and the Beast”

- Artist: Shahnaz Mohseni -

[autographed prints will be available at future convention appearances]

I Don’t Kiss and Tell | {Brett Talbot Imagine}

I Don’t Kiss and Tell | Brett Talbot x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: A little short but still cute though.


You were sleeping over at Bretts house.

You two were cuddling under the blanket,

His bare chest pressing against your back as his arm lays around your waist holding you tightly.

You two have been dating for about 4 months now,

Your relationship has gone smoothly except for one issue;

You two never kissed.

Yeah you guys have kissed the others cheek and he will often kiss the top of your head

(thanks to a pretty big height difference)

and sometimes he even lays soft kisses along your shoulders but you two have never kissed.

The reason for that? You have never had your first kiss;

I mean yeah considering you were already 16 it was quite embarrassing not having your first kiss but you pulled it off quite well.

You felt his warm breath down your neck sending shivers down your spine,

You weren’t so tired so you turned around so you could face him.

He had a small smirk across his lips as he wasn’t so sleepy himself.

“Lets talk” You suggested.


“Anything, I want to know more about you.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, like what type of toppings you like on your pizza or your first kiss or-“ You rambled causing Brett to chuckle from your sudden enthusiasm.

“Fine, My first kiss? Um..

Well, I was in seventh grade and we were a group of kids at my friends party and since we were so cool we decided to play spin the bottle and when it was my turn I spun it and it landed on this girl, Her name was Shelly I think and I remember she was really embarrassed so we had to go outside and the second our lips met it started raining on us.

I could remember my friends laughing at me the whole night.” He laughed to himself.

“Sounds so cliche.”

“Yeah I guess it does, what about you?”

I don’t kiss and tell..” You said with a grin.

“Oh, come on I told you mine.”

“Yeah but I don’t want to tell it.”

“Okay” He said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes.

“So what are your favourite pizza toppings?” He asked in very sarcastic way you might say.

“Preferably I love a ton of cheese on mine by any pizza will do.” You laughed.


You were snuggled next to Brett with his arm resting on your shoulder as you two were watching a movie,

Once every couple days you would have a movie night which usually leaded to cuddling, eating and talking while forgetting about the actual movie.

You glanced over at Brett every couple minutes noticing he was on his phone texting one of his friends with his free hand rather than focus on the movie,

You were getting tired of it so you quickly snatched the phone from his hand as you stood up and held it behind your back.

“Come on babe, give it back.” He said as he stood up towering over you.

“No you need to watch the movie with me not text your lacrosse groupie.”

“Very funny.”

“I like the word hilarious.” You sassed.

“Come on.” He whined trying to grab back his phone.

“No.” You smiled as you skipped a couple feet and having Brett follow you.

You two resulted in a small chase as he tried to get back his phone but you kept running away, since you were so short his phone was almost out of his reach without bending down.

He caught up to you and grabbed your wrist as he pulls you to him,

You hands resting on his chest and his hands resting on your waist and the other one still holding your wrist.

You could feel the tension between you,

Not only feel it but cut it with a knife is also and option.

He looked into your eyes by then travelled down to your lips,

You felt your heart pounding in your ears and your stomach flipping,

As he inched closer you gulped and turned your face to the side.

He groaned as you started stepping way.

“Why do you always do that?” He said in a slightly annoyed tone.

“Do what?”

“Every time we almost kiss you back away. Why?”

“Because I get nervous.”

“Over a kiss?”


He had a confused look on his face,

You could clearly tell he was frustrated.

“D-Did you..?”

“Yeah” You said rolling your eyes as you crossed your arms across your chest.

“You’ve never had your first kiss?”

“Yes, Yes how many times do I have to say that! I’ve never had my first kiss and that why I’m nervous, because I know how easily I can mess it up.”

Brett smiled at you as he came closer to you, he held your hand as you looked up at him.

“What?” You asked.

“Nothing, I just think it’s cute you’ve never had your first kiss.”

“Well I don’t.”

“So how about we change that..”

He brought his hand up to stroke your cheek before he pulls you closer to him,

Your eyes close and your breath hitches in your throat.

You heart is pounding like crazy and you feel your chest and cheeks burning,

He brings you closer, You can feel his minty breath on your lips and the heat from his body radiating onto you.

Before you knew it his soft lips were pressing against yours,

It took you a couple seconds before you loosen up and kiss him back,

Your lips move in sync as your hands travel up to his hair tugging on the ends causing Brett to smile into the kiss,

His hands are still on your waist pulling your body closer to his.

The kiss was slow and gentle yet full of passion.

You pull back slowly from the kiss resting your forehead against his.

“Are sure you’ve never kissed anyone?”

“Pretty sure.” You laughed.

“You don’t know this yet but you made a big mistake.”

“Oh really?”


“And what mistake did I make?”

“Now that I’ve felt your lips against mine, Thats all I want to feel when I’m with you.” You smiled up to him.

“I don’t think that’s a mistake, I think I practically won the lottery with this one.” He chuckled as you pulled him back down to you and press your lips against his,

You were addicted to this feeling,

You were addicted to him.


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real life question i have for koga: do you have one hair tie that magically never breaks?? or do you have a bunch? where do you find them? do you make them yourself? do you take the hair tie out when you go to sleep? do you put the hair tie around your wrist, or do you have some special place to put it? do you wrap it around three times or four times? do you ever get split ends???

Normal people : *watches an episode of a great  TV show* this is a good show *continue his life normally*

Me : *watches an episode of a great TV show * OH MY GOD! *falls in love with the show,goes online,finds out everything about the show,watches all the previous episodes and then cry because now you have to wait every week for a new one,finds and learns names of the whole cast and crew,downloads all the pictures,gets posters,watches all the interviews,makes a tumblr account,start reading fanfiction and then write own,daydream about being on the show,slowly destroy my own life*



Was doing a bit of housecleaning this weekend and had this album keeping me company.

You Survived | {Brett Talbot Imagine}

You Survived | Brett Talbot x Reader

Summary: You have a panic attack in school after you have a class about the California earthquake in 2010 where you were injured and Brett calms you down.

Warnings: Panic Attack, Earthquake, Trigger Warning, Fluff.


A/N: Thank you for 700+ followers !!

Song Suggestion:

‘Control’ by Halsey


Brett eyes flicker open as he adjusted to the bright light shining through his window.

He looks over to find you sound asleep with your lips slightly parted and parts of your hair laying on your face.

He scans your body admiring all your curves and your smooth skin as he started moving his fingers along your side just to feel your soft skin.

You let out a small groan in response to him waking you from your sleep;

As he drags his fingers along the side of your stomach which your tank top revealed from being pushed up while sleeping,

He notices something,

A long faded scar across your stomach right next to your abs.

He stares confused at the scar,

He has never seen it before.

“Y/N” He says softly.

“Hmh?” You asked still half asleep.

“What is this scar from?”

“Nothing, Not for now.” You said as you opened your eyes and pulled your tank top down.

“It doesn’t look like nothing Y/N.”

“I know but not now okay?” You said dragging your fingers along his cheek looking into his crystal clear green eyes.

“Okay babe, get dressed cause we need to leave in 30 minutes.” He said giving you a soft kiss before getting out of bed.


You were sitting in geography, bored out of your mind.

You were drawing some random little doodles in your notebook,

You liked drawing, it was kind of like therapy for you.

They calmed you down.

Your teacher was going on and on about explosions underground and seismic waves and all that kind of shit.

You weren’t exactly listening until something caught your attention.

She was showing a video,

It showed an earthquake happening,

You saw the buildings moving and the world seemed as if it were tumbling down.

It looked familiar to you, too familiar.

You’ve seen this before,

But no, not on video or in a movie,

Not even a news report.

You saw it with your own two eyes, You lived it.

You felt your heart racing inside your chest, pounding in your ears,

Your stomach flipping,

Your airway closing up,

Your vision blurring,

It was all coming back to you,

Flashing in front of your eyes.

You quickly got up and raced towards the door without saying a word, not even to your teacher.

Brett noticed you running out and quickly got up to run after you.

You ran through the halls finally reaching the stairwell as you collapsed against the wall sliding down with your knees pressed against your chest as you sat on the stairs,

Your head in your hands and the tears strolling down your face.

You couldn’t catch your breath and your heart was pounding loudly in your ears.

All you saw was the moments flashing in your sight, the ceiling collapsing on to you, the search team yelling your name,

you screaming even though your lungs were burning and your chest was crushed by the pieces of your house laying onto you.

You suddenly felt a pair of strong as wrap against you hugging you tightly.

“Shh it’s okay..” Brett was holding you against his chest trying to calm you down.

“I-I can’t” You stuttered still trying to catch your breath.

“I-It was to much, It all came back to me.” You kept sobbing against him as he only held you tighter, stroking your back.

“It’s okay Y/N, listen to my heartbeat.”

You did as he asked and calmed down after a couple of minutes.

You pulled back from his chest and stay in front of him as he brought his hand up to dry your tears.

“Are you okay?” He asked with a small grin.

“Yeah, I am now. Thank you.” You gave him a weak smile, your eyes were thanking but there was a sadness in them.

“Good, What happened there? You know you can tell me everything.” He said moving his hand from your cheek to hold your hand.

“I never told you this about me, It was something I was hoping to forget but I can’t seem to ignore.”

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, you felt a choking lump coming back to your throat.

“Up until I was 11 I lived in California with my parents, I told you that right?”


“So um when I was 10 while I was with my mom at home a strong earthquake struck, the ceiling collapsed onto me and I was caught under it for 6 hours until the search team found me.”

The tears were strolling down and you stopped to take a breath as Bretts hand held you tighter in his.

“When they found me and I was admitted to the hospital I was put into surgery with  severe internal bleeding, I was unconscious for two days..

Thats how i got this.”

You lifted up your shirt showing your scar.

Brett quickly pulled you back against his chest in a tight hug as you hugged him back as if your life depended on it.

“Why didn’t you tell me this?” He looked down at you.

“I wanted to forget about it, as if it never happened.”

“Y/N, You went through something most people have never experienced.

You survived.

Don’t hide it, be proud of it.”

You looked up at him, You smiled.

Your eyes were now adoring and hopeful.

You cupped his cheeks pulling him into a loving but passionate kiss.

“I love you Brett.” You said in a soft voice while biting your lips.

“I love you too” He said stroking your cheek.

He stood up and helped you up as you two walked back to class.

You two stepped in as all the attention was brought to you,

Brett held your hand before you walked to your teacher to explain your previous actions.

After explaining you sat down next to Brett,

He put his hand on your thigh stroking it up and down as you shot him a small smile.


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Day 9 of 24 Days of One Shots 🎄

#31 Dylan Sprayberry – On The Christmas Set of Teen Wolf

When Dylan told you that he wants to take you with him to his work, you were so excited and just couldn’t wait. You counted every minute and second. Then this morning, you both got ready and drove to the Studio. “Excited?” Dylan asks you as you get out of the car.

“I’m soooo excited.” You smile and hug him from the side. You walk into the studio of Teen Wolf and get greeted by everyone.

“There are Dylan and Tyler.” You boyfriend points to them as you walk over. You’re heart starts to race because Dylan O'Brien is your celebrity crush. It used to be Dylan S. but when you met and got together, he turned to your love and not crush anymore. Dylan O. got that space now.

“I’m Dylan.” Dylan O. introduces himself to you once you stand right across from him.

“(Y/N).” You smile and he gives you a hug. Then Tyler comes and hugs you as well.

“I’m Tyler.” He smiles at you.

“Sprayberry! Come it’s your turn!” Someone exclaims. It’s time for your boyfriend to leave and that’s what he does after kissing your cheek and whispering “I love you.” into your ear. He leaves to get in the mask first before he than starts filming. You stand next to Dylan O. while Tyler gets into the mask for his next scene. Dylan O. and you start to talk about Dylan S. and laugh while he’s filming.

When Dylan is done, he walks straight pass you, clearly annoyed by something. Dylan O. goes to get ready for his scene and you follow your boyfriend into his dressing room.

“What’s wrong?” You ask as you close the door behind you. He doesn’t answer you and just walks around the room, not doing anything really. “Dylan?” You roll your eyes at him and reach out for his arm but he pulls away. “Babe?!” You stand yourself right into his way and hold onto his arms. “What’s wrong?” You ask yet again and stand on your tiptoes to be on his eye hight.

“I don’t know! Ask Dylan!” He raises his voice as his face tenses up. His eyebrows are furrowed and eyes full of anger and jealously.

“That’s what I’m doing.” You smile, but he doesn’t move his face. “Are you jealous?” You ask even though it’s already obvious to you.

“I don’t know, (Y/N). Tell me! Am I?” He asks which just makes you laugh. When he doesn’t even flinch, you  take a deep breath and concentrate to not laugh.

“You don’t have to be jealous, babe. You’re the only Dylan that I love and to your informations, we talked about you. And you know what Dylan said before he left for his scene?” You ask and see that his face relaxes.

“What?” Dylan asks.

“He said… that you,” you kiss his cheek. “and I,” you kiss his other cheek. “Are perfect for each other and I agree.” You smile.

“You drive me mad.” He tells you, making you laugh before you wrap your arms around him. “I love you though.” He whispers and kisses your head.

Goodbye | Part 2 // A Liam Dunbar Imagine



A week later…

“Why are we leaving for London again Dad?” You asked whilst pulling your last luggage out of the boot of your uncle’s car, who was driving you and your family to the airport.

Your father gave a weak smile before pulling you into a tight hug. “Y/n, your mother and I got a job there and we want to start fresh. A fresh year for all of us. Don’t you want that?”

You merely nodded and shrugged, “Well, Of course! I’m proud of you and Mom but half way across the world, is- I have to admit is- uh- bloody scary.” You replied.

“Trust me Y/n. It’s for the best.”

"If you say so.” You said, before looking around the airport which was not as packed as you expected it to be. “I’m going to find Mom, see you in a bit.”

With that you began to head for Starbucks, until a hand covered your mouth, silencing your muffled screams and pulling you into a dark, empty closet. The hair on your arms began to rise at the warm but oh-so familiar touch held you closely to them.

As the light switched on, the person swiftly turned you around but before you could take a glimpse, they instantly pressed their lips to yours causing you to gasp.

Their scent.

Their touch.

Their lips.

All the clues that gave you an idea of who it was.

Liam Dunbar.

Pulling away, he pressed his forehead against yours whilst his hands caressed your cheeks softly. “Don’t go.” Liam whispered gently.

You opened your eyes, meeting those baby blue orbs that always seemed to compel you and draw you in. His eyes searched yours, almost desperately.

“Liam, what are you doing here?” You sighed.

“Y/n, y-you can’t just leave! What am i-”

Why do you care Liam? Why the hell do you care now? You wanted absolutely nothing do to with me and yes, I’ve accepted it. Last week was supposed to be goodbye. Why are you making it harder for me?” You interrupted, feeling the anger and frustration radiate off you.

You watched as Liam’s orbs turned darker into a navy and his nostrils flared. His fingers curled into his palm forming a fist which was glued to his sides. “You think it’s hard for you? Seriously Y/n, I need you. I can’t lose you again because if you go, and as cheesy as it sounds I don’t think I’ll be able to live.” Liam paused, before taking your hands and lacing his fingers with yours. “Don’t you get it Y/n? I love you and I promise you that this isn’t goodbye.”

“Liam I-” You began but was interrupted by a buzz in your pocket. Pulling your phone back you saw a message from your Mom.

Honey we need to go.

Biting your lip, you suddenly felt your pulse beginning to quicken and your eyes stinging, forcing the tears to fall. “I-I’m so sorry but I-uh need to go.” You said, before walking out of the closet and taking a deep breath, trying to calm your pulse.

But you couldn’t, not after what Liam said,

 ”Don’t you get it Y/n? I love you and I promise you that this isn’t goodbye.”

The look of him pleading desperately as if he wasn’t ready to let go of something he used to or something he loved.

Which was you.

“Oh fuck it.” You mumbled, walking back into the closet to see Liam leaning against the cream coloured wall with his head hanging low. Hearing your footsteps he looked up with wide eyes.

“Pucker up, lover boy.” You whispered then grabbed his face, before smashing your lips together and he responded almost instantly. Liam wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him as his other hand played with the ends of your hair.

Gasping for air, you both pulled apart. Breathing heavily whilst staring at each other. His cheeks flushed and his hair dishevelled causing you to chuckle.

“You’re right Liam. This isn’t goodbye.” 




So here’s part two! I hope you guys like it and i’m sorry if its not the best but i did try. 

-liam dunbar

-not my gif

-requests are open! 

yves x 

Tracing the Rock and Roll Race Problem

The premise of Jack Hamilton’s deep new study Just Around Midnight: Rock and Roll and the Racial Imaginary seems like something that’s been on rock history’s tongue for a long time without ever quite leaving it.

Chuck Berry, a black man with a guitar, had been a rock and roll archetype in 1960, but by the end of the decade Jimi Hendrix would be seen as rock’s odd man out for being… a black man with a guitar. How did that occur?

The book, out September 26, began life as Hamilton’s graduate thesis (he’s a professor at the University of Virginia). But while it’s intellectually rigorous, Just Around Midnight is also clearly and entertainingly written—not a surprise to anyone who reads Hamilton on Slate, where he’s one of their music critics.

Hamilton locates the ways “rock and roll” (which tended to denote everything from soul to surf music) became just plain “rock” (which tended to mean only guitar music by white people)—namely, in San Francisco’s psychedelic scene, full of ex-folkies.

There, a pattern repeated from the folk revival that preceded Beatlemania, in which largely white musicians tended to idolize black forebears while ignoring contemporary R&B.

As Hamilton point out, this mindset often put black rock and rollers into the “predecessors” category even when the musicians in question were peers and contemporaries, like when a Beatles biographer claims Smokey Robinson as a precursor when, in fact, Robinson was born the same year as John Lennon.

Even that précis doesn’t do justice to the richness of Hamilton’s ideas, or his wide-ranging research, both archival and musicological—the latter particularly during a chapter on the musical interrelationship of Motown and the Beatles. Are there two more oversaturated musical topics on the planet?

Along with the rest of the ’60s rock and soul canon, Hamilton thinks, convincingly, that we’ve only begun to understand them, especially side-by-side. [Read More]