trying to wake your boyfriend brett up in the morning by tugging him gently cause you need to pee but you were trapped by his arm around your waist, and when you asked him to let you go he’d just growl and hug you even tighter. “babe i really need to pee” brett would just put his leg over you and just place his entire self on top of you cause he “wasn’t done cuddling you”

Dating Derek Hale would involve...

-Calling him Sourwolf or Sourpuss (depending on his mood)

-Stealing his car

-Having hot and sweaty training sessions with him all the time

-Kissing him in front of the Pack to make him flustered

-“I'll kill any hunters who try to hurt yo- OUCH” “You just cut yourself with the knife again, didn’t you?”

- Him telling you about his family and how they would have loved you

-Keeping an eye out for the Pack members

-Having the pack call you “Mum/Mom”

-Helping him chain up the betas on a full moon

-Being his new anchor instead of anger

-Renovating the Hale House because you know that Derek misses it

-Forcing him to paint your room yellow

-Him changing his eye colour to turn you on

-Scott always walking in during an intimate moment and then edging his way out of the house once he hears Derek growl at him

-You telling him cheesy pickup lines all the time

-Having to close the fridge door with a lock because the pack keep eating all your food and Derek isn’t happy

-Actually making Derek laugh

-“Can you stop turning these 5 year olds into wolves?”

-Derek not letting any other boys flirt with you and threatening them if they make derogatory comments

-Him always trying to protect you, even if it’s from a football a 6 year old accidentally kicked at you

-Him constantly being a bit horny


Teen Wolf Preference #5 - Your first date

Brett - Go Kart Racing

Derek - Water Fight

Isaac - Star Gazing

Jackson - A Day at the Beach

Liam - A Day at the Zoo

Mason - Ice Skating

Parrish - Festival

Scott - Mini Golf

Stiles - Roadtrip

Theo - Laser Tag

Apologize (Derek Hale X Reader)

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale X Reader
Word Count: 1,261 
Author’s Note: Takes place after the fourth episode of season three (Unleashed), because DEREK MADE ME ANGRY SO I WROTE A FIX IT FIC  (((:

“Would you mind explaining to me why exactly your beta showed up at my house soaking wet?” You hissed into the phone, angrily stirring the bowl of cookie mix.

You could hear Derek sigh on the other side of the phone. “My apartment’s only so big, __y/n__, I needed the extra space for Cora.”

You huffed. “I understand that, but I don’t understand why you couldn’t have just called me first! He walked here in the rain, Derek, so now all his clothes are fucking soaked. And apparently you threw something at him? What the actual fuck? His father abused him for god knows how long, that was so not okay. You’re supposed to be his alpha, and now he’s afraid of you.”

Derek sighed again. “I’m sorry, I-”

“I’m not the one you need to be apologizing to.” You interrupted, and you didn’t give Derek time to say anything else before you were slamming your finger on the call button and tossing your phone on the counter.

“I’m sorry.” Isaac spoke softly, hesitantly entering your kitchen. “I didn’t mean for you and Derek to get in a fight.”

You shook your head firmly. “This is not your fault, Isaac. Derek is…” You let out a deep sigh. “Derek can be a bit of an asshole, sometimes.”

Isaac snorted without meaning to, and you chuckled.

“Okay, a lot of the time.” You amended, before scrubbing a hand across your face. “I’m sorry he kicked you out. Just know that you can stay with me for as long as you want, okay? That goes for any of the others, too. I don’t have a whole lot of space, but I can always buy some more sleeping bags, and we can sleep on the floor. Maybe we can take turns using my bed?”

“No offense, but your bed smells a little too much like Derek for me to want to sleep in it.”

A light coral blush stained your cheeks at Isaac’s words, and you frowned apologetically. “Sorry, I’m used to it, but I can see how it would be unpleasant for you. I’ll make sure to wash my sheets soon, haven't done that in a while. Should help with the smell.” You cleared your throat to get away from that topic of conversation, turning instead back to your bowl.

The cookie dough was done and ready to be baked, so you recruited Isaac’s help in scooping it onto your cookie sheet.

When the cookies were baking in the oven, you trudged into your living room and plopped down on your worn, black couch. Isaac stood next to it awkwardly, until you patted the space next to you. “I don’t bite.” You promised, and Isaac gave you a blank look. He might’ve been a member of Derek’s pack, but you were the one that had turned him. “Okay,” You reworded sheepishly. “I don’t bite all the time.”

Isaac laughed as he took a seat, and you snagged your remote from the table before tossing it to him. “Whatever you wanna watch is good with me.”

“Thank you.” Isaac said quietly, and you smiled at him. You knew he wasn’t just talking about letting him choose what you watched.

“Anytime.” You responded, squeezing his shoulder gently before curling up on your half of the couch. You were almost asleep when you heard footsteps approaching your front door, and then a hand knocking against the wood. You clambered off of the couch and opened the door, not needing to look out the peephole to know it was Derek, raising an eyebrow at him.

“What are you doing here?” You asked curiously, leaning against the doorframe. It took you longer than it should have to notice that Derek was dripping wet. “Wait, did you walk here?” You questioned in disbelief, tugging him into your house and shutting the door behind him.

“I came to apologize to Isaac. And yes, I did walk. Wanted to see how unpleasant it was.” Derek turned to Isaac while you bustled into your hall closet and grabbed a stack of towels. You tugged off his shirt and started drying his torso while he spoke to Isaac. “I’m sorry. I was in a bad mood over the alpha pack and I took it out on you. That wasn’t right. I know what your father did to you and I’m sorry that I did what I did.”

Isaac looked over at you, trying to figure out if he should accept his apology, when Derek sneezed. You hid your laughter behind your hand, and Isaac smiled slightly. “It’s okay. You’re forgiven.”

Derek gave him a small smile in return. “It won’t happen again.”

“Damn right it won’t.” You muttered, bumping Derek’s hip with your own. “If it does, I will not hesitate to kick your ass, Hale.”

Derek grinned. “I know you will.” Derek pressed a swift kiss to your lips that you didn’t even have time to return before he was striding into the kitchen and turning off your oven. He removed two trays of cookies from the racks and placed them on top of the stove, and when you and Isaac raised an eyebrow at him, he shrugged sheepishly. “They were going to burn if you left them in any longer.”

“My hero.” You said teasingly, looking at him adoringly. You crossed the room and kissed him once more, a little longer and a little deeper than the last kiss you shared. Derek’s hands were on your hips, and yours were in his hair when you remembered that Isaac was still sitting on the couch. You hastily broke the kiss, but Derek dropped one more kiss on your exposed collarbone before letting you pull away completely.

“Are either of you hungry?” You asked, abruptly switching topics. “I could order a couple of pizzas, and oh! Maybe we could invite the rest of the pack? I haven’t seen Scott in a while.” Even though you were an alpha, you were a member of Derek’s pack (although sometimes it was more like you were co-alphas), so you got along quite well with the other members of Derek’s pack. You loved Derek’s pack, they were like younger siblings to you, and Derek and Isaac nodded in agreement.

“Sounds great.” Isaac answered, and you grinned, leaving one more kiss on the corner of Derek’s mouth before moving into your bedroom. They could hear you calling the rest of the pack (including Stiles, because you loved him like a slightly annoying little brother) before ordering the pizza, and when you came back in the room, you were still smiling.

“You seem a little unnervingly happy.” Derek commented fondly, and you rolled your eyes.

“You only think that because you’re grumpy all the time.” You shot back, and you could hear Isaac fighting to hold back his laughter. “I’m happy because you apologized to Isaac. I’m happy because we’re having dinner as a pack. I’m happy because I have a pack. I’m happy because most of us are still alive. I’m just happy.” You explained, and Derek leaned in and kissed you, one hand tangling in your hair as his lips met yours.

“Well then I’m happy that you’re happy.” Derek whispered against your lips, and you could hear Stiles and Scoot entering through your front door (you didn’t think you wanted to know how they reached your house so quickly) and gagging at the sight of you, but you didn’t care.

You had Derek, and you had your pack, and that was all you really needed.

End. <3


Remembering | Derek Hale Imagine


request ; could you do one where you were paige’s little sister and you’re a senior now with the rest of the pack and you know about the supernatural because you got obsessed with it after paige died and one day you’re at derek’s loft and derek breaks down or can’t look at you or something like that because you look so much like her :) and she confronts him with it at the end and they bond because of paige? :) thanksss xx

word count ; 1183

warnings ; none??

a/n ; this is sooo late lmfao sorry anon xx

To be honest, Scott and Stiles were godawful at keeping their little secret an actual secret. You were surprised at the fact that they had managed to keep up the charade for two years already, because you had recognized that Scott was a werewolf almost the moment you set eyes on him during the first day of Senior year. Him, and all his supernatural friends; Liam, Kira, Malia, and you were almost positive Lydia was something, though you hadn’t been sure what at first. 

You had informed Scott that you knew his secret almost immediately, and Stiles had declared you a useful asset to the pack, considering you had an extensive knowledge of the supernatural and had spent years studying up on it. They didn’t know that you had only done so because your sister, Paige, had died of supernatural causes. It wasn’t something you liked to talk about, or even think about.

“So, you guys just barge into this man’s loft whenever you want to? And he doesn’t even care?” You asked incredulously as Stiles pulled up in front of an old loft. You hopped out of the jeep after Scott, staring up at the building. Stiles shrugged. 

“It’s not that he doesn’t care, it’s that he knows we won’t listen if he tells us to go away,” he explained, slamming his own door shut and leading you and Scott toward the front door. “We like to barge in,” he said casually, pushing the door open without so much as a knock. Scott looked at you apologetically. 

“We’re supposed to knock, Stiles is the only one that walks right in,” he laughed, letting you walk in first. It was a nice space, sizable, somewhat empty; but there was sunshine streaming through the large windows, which made the place seem a lot friendlier. 

Just as you were about to ask another question, Stiles came back into view, a grim-faced, albeit attractive, man trailing behind him and looking very annoyed at this intrusion. Before you could quietly suggest leaving to Scott, the man’s gaze fell upon you, and his eyes went slightly wide. 

You knew that look. 

That was the look that your parents gave you everyday when they first saw you in the morning, coming down the stairs for breakfast or doing homework at the table. That was the look your aunts and uncles gave you when they stopped by for a visit after so many years, surprise written on their faces because they knew you weren’t Paige, yet you were the spitting image of her in high school. You rarely received that look nowadays, it was something reserved for family members and close family friends, but this man was staring at you like he couldn’t believe his eyes, like he had seen a ghost. He had known her. 

He refused to look at you for the rest of that day, sharp green eyes deliberately avoiding your face whenever you spoke up, which was rare. He was clearly uncomfortable with your presence, but it was a bit more than that. You caught him staring at the side of your face, not in a creepy way, in a curious and tentative way. When Scott and Stiles called it a day and decided to head on home, you hesitated, your focus on Derek Hale. The name itself was familiar. Maybe you had known him, too. 

“Hey, Y/N, you coming?” Scott asked, halfway out the door when he realized you hadn’t made a move to follow. You waved your hand at him, shaking your head. 

“Actually, I need to ask Derek something. I’ll catch up with you guys later, alright?” Scott was hesitant on leaving you there with the clearly annoyed werewolf, but you insisted, and he left after a few minutes of quiet arguing. 

You entered Derek’s kitchen to find him sitting at the counter, rubbing his face with his hand and looking extremely distraught. You cleared your throat awkwardly, leaning against the doorframe when he glanced up in surprise. He seemed to take three steps back upon looking at you, taken aback and not entirely sure that he was seeing you correctly. 

“Uh…shouldn’t you have gone home with Scott and Stiles?” He asked, not meeting your eyes, even when you took a seat across from him and faced him head on. 

“You know that look you were giving me before? Where you don’t think you’re seeing correctly, but you are, and it hurts because I look really familiar to someone you lost? Well, I look like my sister, Paige. Which means you knew her. How?” You were fiery, Derek thought, just like her. 

Derek took a deep breath, eyes finding yours for the first time that day. “You’re very perceptive,” he commented. You nodded curtly, still waiting for a proper response. “Yes, I knew your sister.”

“But it’s more than that,” you pressed anxiously. 

“It is,” Derek agreed, leaning back. “I know that you have all this knowledge about the supernatural, about werewolves. You know that your sister died from supernatural causes. She was bitten by a werewolf, and she didn’t survive the bite. Is that what you wanted to know?” 

Now it was your turn to look surprised. “No, it isn’t. I wanted to know your relationship to her. Were you her friend? Best friend? Boyfriend? What was she like, when she was my age? I don’t remember all that much about her, if we’re going to be honest.” 

“She talked about you, her little sister,” Derek began. “I was her first boyfriend, and you don’t know how much I loved her. First love, you know? It’s powerful and, in its entirety, destructive. She hated me at first, wouldn’t even talk to me, but I guess she softened up to me. I always liked her, I thought she was funny and that she was brave, and I hated that I spent a lot of my time being a dick to her instead of being nicer. Maybe we would’ve gotten together sooner, been able to spend more time together.”

He could see in your eyes how much these little tidbits of information meant to you, how excited you were to learn more about the girl you had barely known, but who you loved dearly. So, he continued telling you every story he could think of involving her, their relationship, what she was like. You shared your own stories, the ones you could remember, about how she was at home and how she used to mention Derek sometimes at dinner but you had barely listened, uninterested in boys or relationships in general. You parents never wanted to talk about her, you couldn’t share these things with your parents. But Derek listened, he laughed with you, bonded with you over Paige. When nighttime rolled around, he drove you home, wanting to see if the house still looked the same from when he was sixteen and scaled the side of the house in order to visit Paige in the dead of night.

It did. And it brought a long lost smile to Derek Hale’s face.

Red Witch by rootbeer

The red hair of a banshee. The red eyes of an alpha. The red hoodie of a mage. The red of fire burning.

Derek Hale has been a prisoner to the hunters since they burned his family alive. But now someone has come to save him: skinny, defenseless Stiles–147 lbs of skin and fragile bones. Turns out, sarcasm isn’t his own weapon.


A/N: It’s a little frisky, but I don’t think it’s NSFW.

Gif source:  Here

Imagine Derek and Peter are both into you, but one day Peter walks in on you making out with Derek so you invite him to join in.

——— Request for hollanddr0den ———

You feel Derek’s hands wander to your waist, pulling you from your spot beside him to straddle his hips, all without breaking the heated kiss that had erupted between you. At this point, you guessed it could be considered a make-out-session, especially since you had hardly come up for air in the last three minutes, but who’s counting?

Luckily, in the first thirty seconds, you’d quickly learned how to breathe through your nose, once you remembered exactly how to breathe again.

You doubt you would have ever broken the kiss, had it not been for the loudly cleared throat behind you. Even then, Derek was the one to pull back breathlessly to glare over your shoulder, in the direction of his intrusive uncle. How long had he been standing there? Obviously long enough to come through the loft’s door and set down his keys.

“Am I interrupting something?” the arms folded across Peter’s chest told you he was not pleased, but the growing tent in his jeans told you a different story. You don’t know if you were still high off the kiss you’d shared with Derek, or the fact that two, ridiculously hot, men were clearly interested in you, but you felt emboldened.

Which was why you looked straight in Peter’s blue eyes when you ground against Derek’s hips, making him hold back a moan as you offered, “Only if you want us to stop.”