Could I have one where I’m Scott’s younger sister (by 1 year) and he texts me and Stiles answers my phone for me because we’ve been secretly dating for 5 months and Scott’s really happy also what do you use to make the false texts?xx

Sentence: “Are you bleeding?
Isaac Lahey
Requested by: huntingforwerevolves

I was watching TV when I heard the door bell ring repeatedly. The pack was facing the Alphas and Scott told me to stay home. I mean, I would’ve loved to help them, but I don’t have any supernatural powers or weapon. I ran to the door and opened it, revealing a wounded Isaac, who was leaning on Stiles’ shoulder. “Are you bleeding?” I asked Isaac, but I got an answer from Stiles. “The twins attacked him.” Isaac wrapped his left arm around my shoulders so he could let go of Stiles. “I need to get back to Scott and the rest.” Stiles said and made his way to his Jeep. “Hello Y/N, never thought I would see you on this beautiful night.” He chuckled, but groaned when I dragged him to the living room. I placed him down on a chair. “I’m going to get some disinfectant and bandages.” I pointed my finger at the ceiling. “Don’t stay away for too long, my darling.” He croaked.

When I came back into the living room, Isaac had taken off his t-shirt, showing me the gash on his chest. I wet a piece of cloth with the disinfectant and dabbed it onto the wound, earning groans from the werewolf. “I thought I was going to take my shirt off in a different situation, but this works too.” He laughed, making me smile. “Isaac, I need you to relax okay?” He nodded and threw his head back. I opened the tube with antibacterial cream and applied it onto the gash, before wrapping the bandage around his torso. “You need to rest. Let me take you upstairs to my bedroom so you can lie down there.” Isaac nodded and wrapped his arm around my shoulders again, making our way upstairs.


Hey, can I have a text conversation where I am Lydia’s twin sister and I ask Stiles to come and watch Star Wars with me and he says its weird that I’m related to Lydia because I’m the opposite?xx

hope it’s what you wanted :)

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Sentence: “Uncuff me.”
Character: Theo Raeken
Requested by: Anonymous

Theo kicked the door open and as soon as we were in his bedroom, he slammed my back against the wall.

Theo and I went to a party tonight and we got a little drunk. We danced until we got too turned on and made our way to his house. His arms were firmly wrapped around my waist, pushing his obvious boner against my panties. Theo’s lips were brushing against my neck, sucking the hickeys so everybody could see them. “Theo” I moaned as I brushed my fingers through his hair, making him groan. In one swift moment, he turned around and threw me on his bed. He hovered over me and proceeded peppering my skin with kisses. “I need you.” I whined, bucking my hips up to meet his. Theo smirked against my abused skin and pushed my hips down. “Patience, my princess.”

Before we even knew it, we were both in our underwear on his bed. He had his hands around my wrists, pinning them next to my head. Until one of his hands grabbed from under the pillow, revealing a pair of handcuffs. “Oh come on, Theo. Uncuff me.” I whined. “Well, I don’t think you want me to,” He said, his fingers ghosting above my panties. “because I know you’re going to love it.” Theo hooked his fingers on the sides of the silk material and pulled it down. “Try not to make a sound, my parents are home and we don’t want them to know what we are doing, do we?”