Friske Crisps Telegram stickers

Commission pack for FriskeCrisps. He’s also a good friend.

I really enjoy a lot doing stickers for telegram, because I love drawing expressions on the characters.
Also that I have a slight crush with the Friske’s character, he’s very lovely, even with that sonic’s style (it’s logic, I love Tails, one of my favorite characters ever)

If you want to install this pack to your telegram:
TAKE ACTION:  Washington State Announces Plan To Kill Entire Pack Of Wolves
It's not too late to stop the slaughter. A petition to save the wolves has already gathered over 10,000 signatures, and some are contacting Washington state's Wolf Advisory Group directly.

There are only an estimated 90 gray wolves in Washington state, but on August 5, state wildlife officials shot and killed two of them from a helicopter.

These wolves, both breeding females, were part of the Profanity Peak wolf pack, composed of six adults and five babies and just one of 19 gray wolf packs in Washington. Because the wolf pack had been killing cattle in the region, the state has decided to kill off the whole pack — and plans to shoot the remaining nine wolves
A Natural Cure for Lyme Disease
Every year, at least 30,000 people — and possibly 10 times that — are infected with the bacterium that causes Lyme disease, most in the Northeast and upper Midwest. Symptoms can include fatigue, joint pain, memory problems and even temporary paralysis. In a small minority of cases, the malaise can persist for many months.

Lyme disease is transmitted by bites from ticks that carry the Lyme-causing bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi. Ticks get it from the animals they feed on, primarily mice and chipmunks. And rodents thrive in the fragmented, disturbed landscapes that, thanks to human activity, now characterize large sections of the Northeast.

If humans have inadvertently increased the chances of contracting Lyme disease, the good news is that there’s a potential fix:

allow large predators, particularly wolves and cougars, to return