It’s officially done, the kind of furry animation project that I’ve been wanting to do this for quite a long time, and I’ve finally done it.

It took me entirely 2 months to finish this whole thing, as everything of all these drawings of frames and animation are all entirely done and animated by myself.

So yep, the very first time I’ve made myself a fan-made Furry Anime Opening animation with the actual song that I’ve chose.

(You can watch the alternative version here on YouTube)

“For those who’ve been peering through the spotting scopes, an unforgettable aspect of such encounters is the wolf’s eyes, which can seem to look right through you. They are the eyes of something untamed, of a creature either unwilling or unable to divorce itself from the wild. Seeing a wolf in the wild can feel like one of the final frontiers of nature - a frontier that can never be possessed.” ~ Gary Ferguson & Doug Smith ‘Decade of the Wolf’

Photo Source

BTS as Wolves


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