wold in the snow

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hello! I really love your blog and your fics :) I was wondering if I could get something where dean and Sam are doing the do and dean wants to take picture of him and Sammy "in action" and Sam is a little nervous but then he ends up loving looking at the pictures

Look at me, baby,“ Dean pants down at him, phone in hand. Sam disobeys, turns his face deeper into the pillow and purses his lips together harder.

“This ain’t gonna work if you don’t look at the phone at least a few times,” Dean grins, putting the thing down beside Sam’s thigh.

He’s usually not this tentative or shy anymore, they’re grown men.

“I dunno’, ’m just nervous,” he grouses, a little jealous that Dean is coherent even though he’s balls deep inside Sam.

“Don’t be, it’s just us,” Dean whispers, fingers turning Sam’s chin to look up at him.

His toes curl when Dean rocks into him slowly again, moaning out into the room.His brother grabs the phone, turns it onto video, and the flash practically blinds him at first.

“Sorry, the light is dim in here,”  Dean sighs, reaching down with his free hand to  grip Sam’s half hard dick, stroking and brushing against the tip.

“Yeah, now just go with it, Sammy. Try to look at the camera,” Dean praises, Sam letting out soft, whimpering breaths.

The first few thrusts are slow and deep as Dean tries to keep his phone steady, watching the screen intently. Sam tries to keep his eyes on the camera as best he can, inching up a tentative hand to pinch at a pebbled nipple.

“I can see you blushing all the way down to your chest. Acting like it’s your first time all over  again,” the older laughs and brings the phone to chest level, “pull your legs back for me, baby boy.”

He moans, the base of Dean’s cock tugging at his rim with his movements. He trains his eyes on the sweaty, freckled face in front of him, focuses on the girth pushing deeper, faster, harder inside of him.

“That’s my boy,” Dean says more to himself than Sam,  hearing and watching his lover let go.

“Fucking—fu-ck,” Sam chokes out, voice strained and strung out with the rhythmic pounding against his prostate.

He’d wanted to keep in all the high, breathy whimpers he was letting loose on camera, but Dean wasn’t going to let him, fucking him the way Sam loved. He could hear Dean cursing right with him, struggling to keep the camera steady on Sam and opted to aim down to where their bodies were slapping together.

Dean groaned deep, the flash illuminating just how wet he had gotten Sam with lube, the hair around his base damp with it.

“Pulling you inside out on my dick, look at that,” Dean chuckles, voice deep and sultry, pink looking so pretty on his cock.

Dean flits the camera back in time to Sam to see him roll his body, hand trailing along a flat stomach, and his head being thrown back on a keen.

“Beautiful.”  He manages to get a few pictures throughout the video, taking another of this now desperate, needy Sam. Wanting to come so bad he doesn’t care that the camera is on his flushed face, that his mouth is slack for constant noises to flow from, and he’s a sweaty mess.  

Dean makes a grab for Sam’s leaking dick, stroking him hard along with his thrusts.

“Dean.” Sam cries out, making a grab at the wrist pumping him. “Come for the camera, baby.”

Dean feels him start to come before he sees it,  clamping down around his dick with a gasp from Sam that sounds shocked. It splatters up his chest, the rest slicking the tight circle of Dean’s fist till Sam starts to go soft, murmuring and mewling.

“Good?” Dean laughs softly, burying himself deep and stilling.

He sees Sam’s dopey smile on camera, the slow lick of his lips.

“Yeah, it was.” Sam can still feel Dean throbbing inside him, his breath still coming short. “Gimme the camera, Dean.”

The IPhone is given to him slowly, Dean confused as to why Sam wants it.
Sam just raises one foot to a muscled shoulder and lifts his hips, fucking Dean slowly as he sinks down. He gets to watch his brother now, tell him how he’s looking.

“Eyes on the prize, Dean,” he hoarsely whispers, sighing when he gets filled to the hilt.

“Keep fucking me like this and you’ll get that surprise sooner than you planned,” he growls back, eyes shut in concentration.

Sam uses his other foot for another advantage, to ride Dean faster. Recording the red face and the sheen of sweat the glistens on Dean’s skin when he throws his head back, baring the expanse of his throat. The broken, reedy whimper Dean will never admit to when Sam gyrates his hips just right. This power and control San has over Dean right now, loves it. In control with just a twist of his hips.

“Ah, I’m g-gonna come,” Dean whispers, gripping the thigh of the leg on his shoulder, tightly.

He rolls his hips up into Sam as he presses down, a little quicker; but gentle, so gentle because he’s still considerate of Sam’s over sensitized body.

Dean gives one last breathy, drawn out ‘yeah, Sammy’ before closing his eyes and tensing. Sam tightens around him, just to make it that much better while Dean pumps his seed deep inside.

The reflection of light makes his brother look like some God, Sex God, Dean would argue. He’s probably right.

When warm come seeps out around the cock still lodged inside and Dean gives a satisfied hum, Sam stops the video.

The phone gets tossed onto the dresser, a “hey, careful I had to actually buy that”, is uttered but Dean falls forward anyway. Scruffy face buried into Sam’s neck.

“Tired now?” he whispers.

Both their voices sound like they gargled rocks.

“Mh-hm,” Dean murmurs sleepily.
Sam let’s him sleep.

“Wanna see the video?” Dean leers at him from over the library tables.

Sam blanks before he remembers what video Dean is talking about. He’d been in a good mood all week.

“Yeah-yeah sure,” he shrugs.

The tips of his ears down to his cock all burn up as he watches himself get fucked. Dean leans over his shoulder to watch again with him, giving commentary every so often.

“See how good you took it?”

 "Hear those little whimpers, Sammy? I did that.“

"Look how hard you came, barely a hand on you, pretty boy.”

And the pictures are a whole different story. He looks slutty and he loves it. 

Hair spread out around his head, some plastered to the side of his face. 

Cheeks so red, Snow White wold be jealous, and a mouth so pink Dean almost drools over it.

“This is my favorite, though,” Dean says, low. His face soft with a small smile.

Sam gets handed the phone and gets a squirmy feeling in his chest when he looks at the photo. From that morning, his brother had woken up first. But Sam was asleep, mouth slightly ajar against the pillow and his body nothing but a long line under the white sheets.

“Took it when I got out of bed,” Dean says, sounds proud of himself.

Sam doesn’t really know what to say, so he just gives Dean a chaste kiss on the mouth.