Here’s an early picture of my current WIP!

For January, I’m doing entirely selfish knitting FOR ME!!!

This is the Morticia MKAL shawl that I meant to start in October but didn’t get around to until now. For the first time EVER, I actually used a yarn suggested by a pattern, even though it was ridic expensive (like $35 for this skein) because the color, drape, and feel were SO beautiful that I HAD TO HAVE IT.

But srsly isn’t this the prettiest colorway in the universe? It even looks like the universe!

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Okay, so for this wip Wednesday, I don’t really have any exciting projects booooo

so instead of posting a project, here’s a bunch of sock yarn I have that I want to turn into comfy winter socks ASAP!

but I need sock pattern recommendations! I’ve already done a bunch of Hermione’s every day socks, so I need something new! (hopefully without cables, I hate cabling while knitting socks :\ )

So sock pattern recommendations?!

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WIP Wednesday tonight!

Remember to post pictures of your knitting/crochet/yarn WIPs tonight between 8-10pm EST (although, of course, you don’t have to stick to that time if you’re outside that time zone!)

But you should totally take pictures right now while the light is good! Idk about you guys, but I end up taking pictures at 8pm when the sun has already set, and so my projects don’t look as good as they do irl!

Remember to tag your pictures with ‘wip wednesday’ or 'wokng’!

#knitting #wipwednesday

It doesn’t look like much at the moment, but I’m working on a worsted weight crescent shawl as a gift (and as soon as this one’s done, I’m starting the same one but in a burnt orange color). It started out easy, but the lace work at the top (or rather, the bottom) is a little more complicated than I expected. But I hope the person I’m making it for loves it!

Also, do as I say, not as I do. I totally forgot to take pictures this morning while the light was good, so now I have crappy yellow lamp lighting!

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First WIP of the New Year!

I don’t know if anyone else will be around today, maybe you’re all off doing fun New Year’s stuff!

But I’ll be reblogging WIP Wednesday stuff later tonight, so post pictures!

Also I’m FINALLY getting around to doing the Morticia MKAL (which is no longer a myster), which was a Halloween KAL :\ That’s how long I was busy with holiday orders!