Father is freed from Philadelphia jail after 25 years.

44-year-old Anthony Wright spent 25 years behind bars for the crime he didn’t commit. This was made possible only after the DNA evidence showed he was NOT GUILTY of rape and murder. In October 1991 he was convicted of raping and stabbing his 77-year-old neighbor Louise Talley. 

Ofc the police imprisoned the first Black man they suspected. However with the help of DNA test Wright was cleared of all charges on Tuesday. Finally, he got a chance to reunite with his family and see his two granddaughters for the first time.

25 years of his live was stolen because of racial prejudice, but Anthony Wright was tough and survived. How many more innocent Black people were falsely imprisoned and have been waiting for justice?


I can’t get over the idea of the Paladins waging war against Zarkon using memes… Like I don’t know how it would fit in the show bc the show is actually serious plot wise but can you just imagine… An entire culture of codewords Zarkon has no idea how to crack. He’d have to hire a meme consultant but even then… The ingenuity of five bored teens on a spaceship is unparalleled.


I guess, that’s a perfect time to change the system. The depressing stats tell us that women make 79 cents for every man’s dollar. But it’s not the worse. Black women make only 63 cents on the dollar.
Is it really fair in 2016?
On #BlackWomensEqualPay, some sage advice from the incomparable Michelle Obama:

Believe in yourself and love yourself, do not let anyone to take advantage of you!



the calendar // panic! at the disco


Rocky doing his signature moves on Hit the Stage aka Rocky slaying as usual.

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Hello I just wanted to say I absolutely love your incorrect quotes, especially the bsd ones, and that I apologize for going on a like and reblog spree like a crazy stalker and I'm also sorry for the future crappy comics I will make based on your incorrect quotes (and I will definitely credit your amazing posts) so yeahhhhh sorry for my late night rambling *jumps back into the void*

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You can stalk me all you want! Knowing someone likes my posts enough to make some amazing comics on them really made my day! 

I’ll be looking forward to them comics <3