Cops were called to check on her safety — but they killed her instead.

Cops found her in the house with a handgun. What happened next is unclear, but they opened fire, killing Davis in front of her children.

The tribal community wants to know how a “wellness check” ended up with Davis dead.

Native and African Americans are more likely to be killed by cops than any other group.

Also cops can not deal with mentally ill people, they just kill, immideatly.

And administrative leave could not help!


bigmacintoshaskme  asked:

You know what bothers me? Buster is an only child... Why does he have Bunk Beds?

honestly why wouldn’t you want bunk beds, bunk beds are kickass

“wook did all the bad things to survive, he want to protect his family”

people, tell me in which part of his sentence last episode is surviving?
I started to feel bad for him when his mother stop supporting him to become king, but after that he did this. he doesn’t want his family to have power, he want his ex and her new bf who happens to be his brother to be miserable.

he’s so freaking petty, selfish, trump level of sore loser kind of guy.
and if they follow history, this guy will have a better happy ending than so and hae soo in goryeo. WHERE’S THE JUSTICE?! HE DESERVE TO BE CHOKED WITH POISON, screw history i want a canon ending for the 8th prince!!

I was trying to explain to James what a woke bae is and he wasn’t getting it. I was like, “So a woke bae is a bae…who is woke.” And he still didn’t get it, so I just said, “So woke and so bae and so woke and so bae and so woke and so bae…” for a couple minutes.

And I don’t understand what’s not to get.

I dreamed I was trying to escape some hellish dark souls type of dungeon (i had to put a blanket over this monster’s head to get past it) and I found a room with a decorated Christmas tree and a blonde long haired dachshund puppy and I thought it must be fate so I decided to keep her