Koi No Yokan - Part 2

Characters - Steve, Reader, Clint, Sam

Word Count - 721

Koi No Yokan (Japanese) - The sense upon first meeting a person that the two of you are going to fall into love. This is different than “love at first sight,” since it implies that you might have a sense of imminent love, somewhere down the road, without yet feeling it. The term captures the intimation of inevitable love in the future, rather than the instant attraction implied by love at first sight.

A/N - It’s 2:30am, I don’t have too much to say about this part. Still setting the scene here. I really hope you guys like it! Never hesitate to tell me what you think!!

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“What do you want?” You groaned at the harsh sunlight beaming in your face as you opened the door.

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Steve trying to hide his depression from Bucky, sneaking in his antidepressants and hiding away when one of his low moods start up. Thinking he shouldn't burden Bucky with his silliness, not after what he's been through. He'll be fine, Bucky shouldn't worry.

But Bucky noticed right away. Steve had been terrible at lying for as long as Bucky could remember. He saw it before anyone else. 

“Stevie,” he said one afternoon. Steve had just woken up and brushed his teeth. He’d been sleeping in late and hardly went on missions. He stayed in bed when things were really bad and wouldn’t talk to anyone but Bucky. 

Steve walked over and crawled into Bucky’s lap, hiding his face and tears in his neck, “it’s gettin’ bad again.” 

“Oh, I know baby,” Bucky whispered, hugging Steve tightly, “I gotcha doll. I gotcha. I’ll look after you. Like I always do eh?” 

Steve nodded. Lying hadn’t worked the first time and Bucky found out. He’d taken Steve to Bruce, got some antidepressants, began seeing a therapist and opened up more, but only to Bucky. 

“Shh, sweetheart,” Bucky tightened his grip on Steve, “I’ve got you. You’re safe. You’ll be all right. I promise, baby. I promise.” 

Steve sniffed and nodded into Bucky’s neck, “I…love you.” 

Bucky cupped his face and kissed away his tears, “I love you too, sweetheart.” 

Love Triumphs Chapter 7: Ruthless

Jared Padalecki x Reader

1150 Words

Chapter Summary: After all the hateful words, you aren’t sure what’s going to happen.

Story Summary:  AU (I love Gen, and love her with Jared.) Jared and Gen have split up, but are still friendly. You, the Reader have recently started acting on Supernatural, and have fallen in love with Jared. Both of you get hate due to the fact that you are much younger than he is.

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It was hard getting up for work that next morning. After a mostly sleepless night, you had woken up before your alarm clock, seeing more notifications and even a couple of text messages. Wanting nothing more than to ignore them, you at least checked the text messages, seeing a couple from Jared, and one from your boss. Jared was concerned about you, needing to talk to you, while your boss was expecting a meeting as soon as you got to the lot.

Sighing, you rubbed your hand over your face. Today was going to be a horrible day, you just knew it, and the horrible things you had read last night kept running through your mind. People had been ruthless, mainly towards you, even though a couple had gone after Jared as well. Insults about going after an older man, about using him to further your career. You had been called everything from a gold digger to a slut, even a home breaker. You had always considered yourself a nice girl, one who was kind and cared about others. Having people say these things about you was hard to take, and you weren’t sure what you were going to do.

Slipping out of bed, you slipped on a pair of leggings, along with a sweatshirt. Throwing your hair up in a messy bun, you knew it didn’t matter. Make up would fix you up before you had to do any lines. If you had to do any lines, considering they might end your contract due to the negative publicity.

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Early Pregnancy Scare [Jack Maynard Wedding Series]

A/N, I know, I know, it’s been an age. I’m so sorry.

Waking up with a sudden jolt, you struggled to push the covers away from you as you rushed towards the bathroom for the sixth morning in a row. Whilst you threw up your stomach contents into the toilet bowl, you let a few tears brim in your eyes, letting out a few shaky sighs before flushing away the mess and going to clean yourself up. 

Jack woke up as soon as he felt your struggle to get away from the quilt but he just lay there, staring at the ceiling, praying that this would end soon. It was six days ago when you’d first woken up with a random bout of sickness at eight in the morning, none of you were worried at first, just put it down to a lack of sleep and the excitement of everything that was happening. But then it carried on happening, every morning and whilst Jack had insisted for the last three days that you should see a doctor about it, you refused, claiming that you didn’t need to see one, although, you knew that you actually did really. But you were scared.

“When does it end?” You groaned, slipping back into bed, snuggling your head against Jack’s warm chest. His hand found your hair as he ran his fingers through it, letting a sigh escape his lips as he looked down at you, the worry continue to make a place for itself in the pit of his stomach. You didn’t look ill apart from in the mornings, sure you’d been getting pretty tired lately and not eating that much but none of you had been particularly worried until the vomiting started going on for more than three days and now, he was panicked.

“Do you think that I should take you to see a doctor? I know you’re not a huge fan and I know we’ve talked about this for the last few days but this has been going on for a long time, Y/N.”

He looked to where his phone was on his bedside; contemplated calling a doctor - or - at the very least, his or your mum.

Just as he was about to grab it, you spoke up again. “Jack, what’s the date?”

“Uh, the 21st,” his voice was laced with tiredness and it made you feel slightly guilty that you had been waking him up every morning but that was soon replaced with panic when you finished counting dates in your head. Jack must have picked up on this too because he suddenly sat up, placing his hand on your shoulder, silently asking you what was wrong. 

“And the vomiting started six days ago, shit, shit, shit,”

“What is it?”

“Jack, please, please don’t completely freak out because if you do, there’s no way I’ll be able to stay calm but I think I might be pregnant.” 

“You think you’re pregnant?” 

“It makes sense. The vomiting, the loss of appetite, the over tiredness and I’m late on my period.” Admitting it to yourself just made you even more panicked about the whole thing, it’s not that you didn’t want children because you did but you didn’t feel ready yet. You wanted to be married first and properly settled before trying to have a child. 

Tears brimmed in the rims of your eyes as Jack’s lips pressed against your cheek, his hand resting on your knee. 

“Hey, don’t cry. We can work this out, it’s going to be okay,” Jack whispered, his arms gently wrapping around your body as you let tears roll down your cheeks. The reality of the situation nested itself into the pit of your stomach, you could be pregnant, you could have another human growing inside of you, the whole thing sounded crazy to you, this was huge and you had no idea if you were actually ready for such a huge commitment. “You stay here, I’ll go and make a doctor’s appointment for later. We’re going to be okay,” Jack whispered, not too sure himself but he pressed his lips to your forehead before grabbing his phone and leaving the room.


Jack Conor

Con, I’m freaking out. Help me. I need you. 

Jack, what’s wrong? What’s happened? Do you know how early it is?

You know how Y/N has been really sick these last few days?


Well, she thinks she might be pregnant. 


Yes Conor, I am freaking the fuck out. I can’t be a dad, I’m not ready, Con. What am I going to do? 

Jack, calm down.

How can I calm down? How can you say that? Con, this is absolutely huge. 

I know. It’s big and it’s scary for you but think about how big this must be and feel for Y/N. You need to calm down and look after your fiance, she’s going to need you now more than ever.

Have you got a doctor’s appointment? 

Yes, I’ve made one for one this afternoon.

Do you want me to come with you?

I don’t want to overwhelm Y/N, I’ll just keep you updated?

Okay bro and remember, just stay calm, she’s going to need you.

I know. Thank you. 


You let out a sigh that you weren’t even aware you were holding as your head leaned against the cold glass of the window, your leg bobbed up and down with nerves as Jack rounded the corner and the doctor’s came into view. Jack’s knuckles were white as he gripped onto the steering wheel, like he was scared that if he loosened it a little bit, something terrible would immediately happen. You knew that he was freaking out a lot, this was all so sudden and he was scared just as you were. The two of you hadn’t said much since this morning, only Jack’s light reassurances that everything would be okay.

“Y/N?” Jack asked as you reached for the door, you took a breath, stopping what you were doing before turning to face him. “No matter what happens in there know that we’re going to get through it. I love you so much and if we’re going to have a little Maynard running around then it’s going to be amazing.”

A smile tugged at the corners of your lips as you nodded, leaning over to press your lips against Jack’s. “I love you too.”

Your fingers interlocked with Jack’s as the two of you walked into the small GP waiting room. There were only a few other people in there and some free seats in the corner for the two of you to wait, trying not to let nerves get the better of either of you. Again, your leg seemed to jiggle up and down as you tried to control your breathing, your hand in Jack’s, resting on his knee as you nervously waited for your names to be called. 

“Y/N Y/L/N,” Jack looked at you, a reassuring look in his eyes as both of you nodded and stood up, following down the hall until you reached a consultant room. “Dr Jones is in there, go right in.” Jack muttered a thank you before you knocked on the wooden door just below the nameplate and walked in.

“Hello, Y/N, Jack. How are you doing lovelies?” Ever since you had lived in the area, Dr Jones had always been your GP. Seeing you through many bouts of the flu, stress and helping you come to terms with your anxiety, she had been there for you through it all, so, you pretty much trusted her with your life. “I got told that you sounded pretty panicked on the phone this morning Jack my dear, what’s happened?”

“Well, it started around a week ago.” You started, tightening your hold on Jack’s hand, like saying it all out loud would suddenly make everything so much more real. “I started to get way more tired then normal and tasks would just completely ware me out and I kind of lost my appetite and I just put it down to all of the excitement of getting engaged and all the stress that goes with it and my job but then I started vomiting every morning and then I worked out that I’m late.”

“I know this is an awkward question but are the two of you sexually active with one another?”

“Yes.” Jack answered, his cheeks turning a bright shade of red, resembling a tomato which made a light laugh pass through your lips.

“Well - and I’m guessing you’ve already worked this out but it does sound like you could well be pregnant. Have you done a pregnancy test yet?” 

“No, it all kind of came crashing down on us this morning and Jack wanted to come straight to the doctors.” 

“Bless,” she replied, smiling softly at your fiance. “Well, I can take a urine sample and then have a look at you to give you my opinion on the situation.” 

Nodding, you sent her a smile, squeezing Jack’s hand. 

“Okay, so, if you take this and head to the bathroom next door and sort yourself out and get things ready in here okay?” You nodded, taking the pot that she was holding before heading over to the door. “And, if you are pregnant, I know you two are going to be wonderful parents.”

“Thank you.” 

“I’ll send these off for you and I’ll call you when we have the results, it should either be tomorrow or Friday so not too long. Now, if you just want to lay down for me and I’ll have a little feel to see if I can feel anything that could resemble an early pregnancy.”

Jack stood at your side, his eyes never leaving yours as his hand squeezed yours tightly and you could see the nerves and excitement in his eyes. Part of you wanted to be pregnant, wanted to have another human, another Maynard running around your house but you also knew that you wanted to be married first. You knew there was parts of Jack that wanted you to be pregnant too, he’s always talked about having children with you and you knew that he was going to make an amazing father.

“Let’s go and sit back down and have a chat.” The tone of her voice made panic immediately settle in as you all went back over and sat down. Something was wrong with you, you knew it, you knew it wasn’t a baby, something was wrong. Jack’s face had completely paled and you were holding onto his hand as tightly as you possibly could.

“What is it?”

“Now - I can’t say for sure and, I recommend that after we get your results back, you take a test anyway but I don’t think you’re pregnant. I think that your body is under intense stress and pressure right now. You haven’t been eating properly I’d say for a couple months at least and your body isn’t coping with the amount of stress you’re putting yourself under, Y/N. You need to start properly looking after yourself else you could start to feel much worse than you do right now.”


“But, don’t be too hard on yourself here. You have a stressful job and I’m sure you’re starting to feel the stress of the wedding. But, you need to put yourself first for a while, you need to start eating and sleeping properly. If you don’t start looking after yourself, you could become dangerously ill, Y/N.”

“I understand,” you whispered, your voice going very quiet and small as you picked at your nails, too scared to look either your doctor or Jack in the face. Jack’s arm wrapped around your shoulders as his lips pressed to the side of your head. 

“You’re going to be okay, Y/N. But, I really need you to start eating properly and get into a proper sleeping routine before you damage yourself further as none of us want that. I think it would be best if I signed you off work for a week, okay?”


The room was completely dark as you just lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling. Tears were dried to your cheeks, thoughts running around your head, hands clasped around the corners of the quilt as you pulled it up further so it was resting just under your chin. You wished Jack was laying next to you but he was downstairs editing, in fact, he hadn’t really said much to you since the two of you returned from the hospital.

Y/N Jack

If you’re not too mad at me, can you please come upstairs and cuddle me? I can’t sleep without you next to me.

I’m not mad at you at all.

It feels like you are, you’ve hardly spoken to me.

I’m just worried about you.

So will you come up and cuddle me?

Of course, give me five minutes.

No more than two minutes later, you could hear Jack’s footsteps on the stairs, two mugs clinking against one another as he moved up each step. A streak of light soon flooded into the room as Jack appeared in the doorway, a soft smile tugged at his lips as steam appeared from the two mugs in his hand.

“I made tea.”

“Of course you did,” you joked, throwing him a wink as he placed the mugs down on his bedside table before crawling under the covers with you. Immediately, you budged over towards his warmth and let your head rest on his chest, letting his breathing completely calm you down. “I’m sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry about Y/N, you’re stressed, that’s understandable, I just wish it hadn’t gotten to this stage.” 

“Me too. I didn’t think it would get this bad.”

“I know, I know. But, we’re going to make it better okay? I’m going to look after you, I promise.”

“I love you so damn much Jack Maynard.”

“Not half as much as I love you Y/N.”

I Want To Write You A Song - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 10)

The morning after, you woke up before Harry. You quietly got up from the bed and grabbed one of Harry’s shirts that was nearby and buttoned it up. You went into the bathroom before heading downstairs. You grabbed yourself some water before walking into his music room. You sat down at the piano and grabbed your journal out of your bag. 

You open up to the song you had been working on recently and started playing the piano softly. 

“I’m alive if living’s just a beating heart, cause we won’t admit that we’ve taken it too far…” you softly sing. 


Harry had woken up when he noticed you weren’t in bed. He was afraid that you had just up and left, so he quickly pulled on some pajama pants and went searching for you. When he went downstairs, he hears the piano and you singing. 

He walks closer to the room and stands at the doorway, watching you. 

“But all you left me with was scars and that’s the hardest part. There’s nobody like you… nobody like you. I tried goodbye a hundred times, not one of them true…” You belt out. 

Harry watches you with amazement as he walks into the room and sits down next to you on the piano bench and listens to you as you finish out the song. 

“Wow.” Harry whispers. “That was amazing… especially for 9am.” He laughs. 

You blush looking over at him. “Thanks.” 

He smiles moving hair out of your face. “Is that a new song?” 

“Yeah.” You nod. “I’m schedule to record the demo in a few days.” 

He nods. “What would you like for breakfast?” He asks. 

“Huh?” You ask confused. 

He laughs. “Um.. breakfast? You know what most people eat in the morning. I was going to go cook us up something.” 

“No, I know about what breakfast is.. I just.. I’m a bit surprised that you changed the subject so quickly.” You say. 

“What do you mean?” He asks. 

“Usually when you hear one of my new songs, you bring up me keeping it for myself and recording my own album, but this time you didn’t…” you say. 

He sighs. “Because I know it’s a sore subject with you and as much as I think you should be recording your own material, I’ve learned that I’m not going to force you or try to get you to do it when you don’t want to.” He says.

You don’t know why, but him saying that sort of made you upset, but you didn’t show it. “Well, thank you.” You say. 

“You’re welcome, now what will it be for breakfast?” He smiles. 


After breakfast, the two of you decide to go for a swim in his pool. Harry wraps his arms around you and you both sort of just float around the pool. 

“So…I hate to ruin the moment right now.. but I really need to ask you something.” you whisper. 

“Okay.. what is it?” he asks. 

You bite your lip and look down. “Um.. was last night.. was I.. okay last night.” You blush. 

He looks down at you and places his hand under your chin. “Hey, you were better than okay…in fact.. you were amazing and I’m trying so hard not to take you right here in the pool at the thought of last night.” He smirks. 

That made you really blush causing him to laugh a bit. “But now it’s my turn to ask you something.” He says. 

“O-okay.” You say. 

“Was it okay for you? I mean, was it everything you were hoping it would be? And you don’t regret it or anything..” He asks nervously. 

You smile a bit. “It was as close to perfect as it could it and no I don’t regret it. Not one bit.” 

“I’m glad.” He smiles leaning down to kiss you. 

You and Harry then get out of the pool. He wraps a towel around you and tries to warm you up before the two of you head into the house. 

“I was thinking we could order in for lunch.” He says. 

“Sounds good…” You nod. 

“What should we get?” He asks.

“Well… how hungry are you right now?” You ask. 

“I’m not terribly hungry.” He says. 

“Me either…so maybe we should uh.. wait a bit on ordering food.” You smirk wrapping your arms around his waist. “Perhaps…we should engage ourselves in an activity that will boost up our appetite.” 

 “Y/N… are you suggesting we do what I think you’re suggesting?” He smirks. 

“That depends on if you can catch me.” You smirk pushing away from him and running up to his bedroom. 

He laughs shaking his head before running after you. Let’s just say the rest of the day was spent in his bedroom. 

**Next Update will have Harry meeting Y/N’s Parents! Should there be drama?? haha 

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Story title: The Mystery of the Orange Sweater

The Mystery of the Orange Sweater

Alpha Steve Rogers was an oddity, to be sure.  For all of his serum enhanced genetic perfection, he had never been able to find a mate.  In the twentieth century, he always thought he’d find her eventually, but now that he’s woken up in the twenty-first century, he’s sure that whoever was meant to be his mate is long gone by now.

And then he catches a whiff of the sweetest smell he’s ever encountered.  Every part of him tingles and is warm all at once.  He searches the lab floor of Stark Towers obsessively, hoping to finally have found her.  But he hasn’t.  He’s only found an orange sweater.  An ugly, very large orange sweater.  But it smells of his mate and that’s all that matters.

Steve tries to find the owner of the ugly orange sweater, to no avail.  She’s nowhere to be found.  He works with Sam and Bucky, and the pair hilariously try to raise Steve’s flagging spirits as every day passes with the owner of the sweater no closer.

Finally, one day, the bi-frost opens and Thor, Jane and the lovely omega Darcy Lewis come back to Midgard.  And Steve finally meets his mate.  


“Y/N!” groaning in frustration, I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder why everyone seemed to distract me while I was working. “Y/N!” The voice echoed once again.

Slowly, I picked my arms up to swipe under my reading glasses lens and wipe the sleep from under my eyes, hoping I at least looked somewhat descent in what I wearing, having only woken up an hour ago, only to start on paperwork that needed to be completed. I no doubt looked like a living, breathing zombie.

“Yes?” I mumbled, giving that as a cue to whoever was at the door permission to enter, it creaked open slightly revealing the blonde girl I knew to well.

“Yes Gigi? What is it?” I groped, returning my eyes to the paperwork at hand.

“There’s someone here to see you.” She squeaked, obviously intimidated by me.


My eyebrows furrowed at her sentence, eyes quickly wandering over to my date diary beside me to check I hadn’t overlooked a meeting with anyone for day, returning empty handed and confused.

“I don’t have any meetings or deals scheduled for today. Tell whoever it is to either schedule something for a different day or get the fuck off my turf unless there prepared to meet the saviour.”

Gigi shook her head, fear in her eyes for objected against my wishes. “But you don’t understand. He insists he sees you now.”

“He?” I questioned. “Tell him I’ll rip his balls off and make him eat it if he insists he’ll see me now. I don’t talk unless it’s implanted in my book. Now if you’ll excuse me.” I concluded, gesturing down to the mountainous pile of paper.

“But y/n-” she continued, voice shaky.

“Enough Gigi!” I snapped. “I said I’m not speaking to this guy and that’s final, now if you want to keep objecting my orders then I’ll gladly warm my gun up right here, right now. Don’t push me!”

The room feel silent, Gigi trembling with nervous anxiety which was off considering I was pretty close to her, and she was rather comfortable around me most of the time.

But it wasn’t long before a third, unexpected voice had snuck its was into the conversation. The raspiness and flatness to it drawing shivers through my body, too familiar to feel any such foreignness. “Oh c'mon Y/N, loosen up a little bit. This is your friend your talking to right here, not me. No need for the vividly fücked up threats.”

My eyes rolled back in annoyance but also slightly in pleasure after hearing my name roll so smoothly off his tongue, remembering a time when instead of simply just saying it, he rather lustfully moaned it, spitting it with an edge-y warning as if saying ‘do that again and I’ll fuck you senseless. ’

And boy did he live up to those words. God I loved those days.

But instead, here I was, only visualising my unholy thoughts in my own head. Even that being off limits as to now that he was in a relationship with someone else.

“Funny hearing that from the man that kills people for a living.” The words ran off my tongue, dripping with hatred. Hatred that just didn’t exist.

“Not that your any better.” He replied smugly, placing - or rather, throwing himself in the black leather one seater placed neatly in front of my desk.

“Your not welcome here at the moment. What are you doing here?” I asked, running a few of my slender fingers across my mess of hair. His eyes followed my hands, trailing all the way past my eyes then to my slight cleavage which had fallen due to my loose pyjama top.

My eyes rolled in acknowledgement, a scoff escaping my lips “My eyes aren’t on my breasts.” I stated. A smirk set across his face, no shame evident on his features as his eyes finally trailed back to mine. Fire burning through his honey orbs at the recognition that he had just been caught in the wrong.

But to people like us, wrong was always right.

Frustration fumed behind my exterior, my annoyingly sexy ex welcoming himself in my gang house only to make himself comfortable in my office while checking me out. I mean, not that I minded the last thing, but still. “What the fuck do you want McCann?” But nonetheless, I still had to hide the wave of hurt my heart produced every time his name was mentioned or his face was seen.

“Oh yeah.” He smiled, eyes lighting up in mischief, giving off the impression that I obviously wasn’t going to be thrilled with his reason of being here. “Well, some little fucker from my gang gave away the location of our hideout on his run last night and now some guys are tracking us. It’s not safe in our house anymore so I decided that maybe you would like to help me out with a little favour. I need a place to lay low in until the drama dies off - mind if I get a little cozy here for a while?” He battered his eyelashes in a mocking manner.

Was he serious?! First it just rolls in without scheduling anything and now he wants to practically move his hole gang into my gang house?! By allowing him access, I’m putting my gang in danger, and I need all the liability I can get.

“McCann, your putting my gang in danger by asking this.” I stated, only earning an eye roll from the fucker.

“But my gang is in danger here, so I gotta do what I can to protect ‘em.”

Jason’s always been the one to show that he dosent really care about what happens, and that everything is about him and mainly him but deep down, he does care for the general safety of his gang, and I respected that.

“Your asking for a lot here, Jason.” I sighed.

His face softened, obviously beginning to get sick of being cocky around me, knowing well that he can open up with me, no matter what our past lead to.

“You don’t think I know that.” Disparity was written all over his face. “And you know that I wouldn’t want to do anything to put you in danger.”

Funny, he was the one holding a gun to my head the other day.

“But I really need a place to stay. And no matter what happened in our past, your the only one I trust enough to help me in a situation like this. Please y/n. Please.”

My eyes widened, the memories of that night flowing back into my head at his words. Jason McCann does not beg. He never does, but this is the second time I’ve had the pleasure of hearing his pleas, and probably the only person to ever hear it. But him begging only lead me to my regrets, the day I walked away after he stood, pleading for me to stay.

The last time i turned my back on his desperateness I was left with a broken heart and regrets of ever leaving, because now I had to watch him walk around with a side hoe, while I willow away in a corner begging for his attention. I just couldn’t bring myself to decline his pleads, not this time. Not after what happened the last.

My tough face fell, finally giving into his puppy eyes. “Alright… Alright fine. I want your gang in here by Monday latest. I don’t have enough rooms for everyone so your members are probably gonna have to share with some of mine or sleep on the couch.”

Jason smiled, more a smirk then anything as he showed a victorious expression, also followed with a hint of greatfulness, but I knew he wouldn’t admit that. His head was too big for himself to admit something such as greatfulness.

“That’s fine. It’ll only be for a few weeks anyways.”

I nodded solemnly, before the room around us fell silent. Just the both of us avoiding eye contact. This is what it was supposed to feel like between us, like every other ex couple. Awkward, heavy, tense. And I didn’t like it. Not one bit.

I wished it was like the old days. Happy, strong, lustful. Being able to turn each other on with an action as simple as running a hand through our hair.

But finally, Jason stood up, the tension slowly falling as he fell closer and closer to the door. “Alright, well. I better go get everything ready. See ya soon L/N.”

He sent a mocking wink in my direction before the door swung open, his figure disappearing through it as it slowly closed behind him.

I sighed. If only he knew what he could do to me. I could already tell i was more then likely going to regret this.


Part 3 to come

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Sonny talking in his sleep

Sonny definitely talks in his sleep, and Rafael definitely finds it to be the most adorable and amusing thing in the world.

Sometimes it’ll be random things like, “Call Bella in morning” or, “Buy coffee”, but other times it’s the sweetest little comments, just simple things like, “Love you, Rafi” or, “My Rafi” followed by Sonny cuddling closer to him.

And Rafael always listens whenever he’s woken up by Sonny’s talking, running his fingers through Sonny’s hair, content to lose sleep if it means listening to his love’s little ramblings.

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Theyre just not confirming they live together but they sleep next to each other??? With the official art released of yuuri sleeping and another of victor woken up makkachin. AHAIDKSJSJD THEY SLEEP NEXT TO EACH OTHER THEYRE IN LOVE THEYRE ENGAGED IM SO HAPPY I HOPE S2 WILL DELIVER VICTUURI CUDDLING EVEN IF IT MIGHT BE IMPOSSIBLE

i knooow i can’t wait for s2

and i mean we might get something to that effect! victor was pretty clingy/cuddly at the cup of china, so i don’t think cuddling is inherently out of the question. i expect maybe just a glimpse/hint at their apartment at most, i’m not assuming a lot, but they’ll definitely be happy and affectionate as always. 😉

I looked at you and I saw you as something bigger than you truly were. In your eyes, I saw constellations; in your heart, I saw beauty of which was celestial; and in your mind, I saw complex galaxies in which all our stars were aligned.

And then it all changed for me. It was as if, I had just woken up and something clicked in my mind which caused me to see you as you truly were. You are simply a neighbor, a friend. A neighbor and a friend, one and the same, nothing more, nothing less. I was no longer in love with you, as you are now with me.

—  Alli M.A. ~ An excerpt of my first and upcoming blog post on Wordpress ~ About a Boy #8
You're Mine. (Part.5)

He must’ve fallen asleep while crying because he could feel the tears on his cheeks.
He tried to turn but he couldn’t, it was only then that he noticed the arms wrapped around him.
He managed to turn his head, seeing Mr.Wilson.
How long had he been there?
He was lying next to Joe, sleeping.
He had Joe in a tight hug, one leg wrapped around his hip.
He turned his head away again, closing his eyes, trying to get some more sleep before Wilson wakes up.

He was woken up a few hours later by Mr.Wilson whispering into his ear.
Asked Joe, still tired.
“Heh, wakey wakey, Joe…~”
Said Mr.Wilson in a soothing voice, petting Joe’s hair while doing so.
Joe let out a gasp when Mr.Wilson started to nuzzle and kiss his neck.
“Why are you doing this to me?”
Asked Joe, feeling uncomfortable.
“You said I’m.., a useless idiot….”
He added, a tear escaping his eye.
It was quiet for a moment,
very quiet.
“I know what I said, and I meant it, but I figured you need some love.”

“Or do you want me to be rude and rough again?”
Asked Mr.Wilson, still petting Joe’s hair.
“N-No, I-I want to be loved!”
Answered Joe quickly.
“I don’t want to be hated….”
Mr.Wilson chuckled when he heard that,
his plan was working.
“Hmm, I don’t hate you, no…, but I have a question, do you love me…?”
Asked Mr.Wilson, pulling Joe closer.
He didn’t know what to say at first, just staring at the wall while Mr.Wilson kept kissing and hugging him.


Between One Moment And The Next

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Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender

Characters: Keith, Lance, Shiro, Pidge, Hunk

Pairings: None. 

Summary: It’s only a matter of minutes between Keith feeling relieved that they’d won the castle back, and panicking because his arms are full of a still severely injured Lance. Post-Tears of the Balmera. My take on the Bonding Moment.

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Lola: Milo….

She chewed on the tip of her thumb nervously.

Milo: Yes, love? Whats wrong?

Lola: So…I’ve been thinking about it, and I think we should move…like…out of the city…and before you get upset, hear me out, okay? I know that you’ve been worried about me lately…and I don’t blame you. Things have been…dark…to say the least….and I love San Myshuno, and I love this apartment…but remember when we took those trips to Windenburg and that trip to Granite Falls? How much we loved it? I know that the city is a wonderful place, that it is where you grew up…but I just….I want our child to have a backyard, and fresh air….to know what living in a house is like. I don’t want them to be woken up in the middle of the night by noisy neighbours, or by street festivals…and…

Milo: Say no more. I go where you go, no matter where that is.

Disney week, how maleficent

King Stefan:   Maleficent, please don’t do this, I’m begging you.
Maleficent:   I like you begging. Do it again.
[Maleficent motions for him to kneel]
Maleficent:  [King Stefan kneels before Maleficent, his advisers looking on in disapproval]
King Stefan:   I beg you.

Maleficent:   The princess *can* be woken from her death sleep, but only by… 

[Maleficent glares vindictively at Stefan]

[short pause]
Maleficent:   This curse will last till the end of time! No power on Earth can change it!