being in a relationship with luke for years and noticing how nervous he gets around valentines day each year because he just feels there’s so much pressure on him to make your day amazing and he tries to make it better every year and now he’s at a point where he has no idea what to do because he tried every thing on the list so on the very morning of the special day he would have woken up before you but he’d still be in bed, thinking about how dumb he is because he still hasn’t planned anything and now it’s just too late and you’d say with your eyes still closed “i just want chocolates, you know” and then you’d hear a happy sigh “good, that’s the only thing i got” and you’d just smile because after all, a simple day with luke is all that you want and fancy dinners with him are actually a lot more fun when he isn’t nervous because he wants everything to be perfect

rey being the only one who can get through to ben when he’s in the throes of a “tantrum.” rey, being woken up in the middle of the night by the pressure at the back of her mind. rey, busting through the door of his room on base when the noises behind it are horrible and everyone else is staying as far away as possible.

rey, walking in to find destruction in his wake - a desk overturned and the blankets removed from his mattress and a bruise already darkening on his temple. rey, listening to ben mutter to himself, telling the voices to stop, screaming at them and then pleading, tears on his face and him looking like something wild and feral.

rey, feeling concern and compassion, where others feel only fear. rey, catching his hands in hers, all slow movements unaffected by his frantic energy, and moving them away from his face so she can see the damage he’s done. rey, smoothing his hair, damp with sweat, and guiding him back to the cot, wrapping a blanket around the two of them.

rey, shushing ben when he tries to explain, his voice hoarse and torn from screaming. rey, thinking it hurts just to hear him talk, reminding him of where is he, of who he is.

rey, not getting any more sleep that night. rey, not leaving - when she has every reason to. rey, knowing that her strength lies in her ability to forgive, to treat things gently whether they deserve it or not. rey, being rey and surprising everyone - including herself.

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Mrs. Lupin, my daughter started Hogwarts this year and is in Hufflepuff with your son. She wrote home and told me that he stood up for her when she was being picked on, and she's just so happy that he wants to be her friend, even though he's a seventh year and doesn't have to talk to her. You've done a wonderful job raising that boy! You and Remus should be very proud.

Tonks: Mostly Remus I’m sure. We’ve done what we can, the kid does the rest.

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"G-ghost!" Liu yelled from the bedroom. A thunderstorm has made their apartment building shake lightly. Liu being scared of everything was currently curled up under the blankets crying. All he wanted was his boyfriend

Ghost was down in the garage making sure his bike was dry and safe in the garage he had payed extra for. the last thing the biker wanted was to have to fix water damage on his bike again. making his way back to his apartment shriving lightly only in sleeping paints. opening the door ghost walked in and looked around wondering if the storm had woken his boyfriend. “liu? you awake?”


BTS: Valentine’s Day (Part 1)


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You receive the text message during your lunch break: “Jagi, Happy Valentine’s Day! I know I’m not there with you often, but you need to know how much you really mean to me. You’re like my umbrella on a rainy day, the rice to my kimchi, and you’re every bit as important as sleep is to me. Take care of yourself today, even though I can’t spend the day with you.”

    Quickly, you calculate through the time zones. It must be three in the morning in Korea now, which means that Yoongi must have woken up specially just to send you the text message so that you would receive it at an appropriate moment. Touched, you can feel a hint of tears prickling at your eyes. You know how much Yoongi valued his sleep, and the fact that he was willing to forgo some rest given his hectic schedule just to send you such a lovely message warms your heart through and through. 

    So you hold your phone to your heart, and send him all of your love telepathically.


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It sucks when you’re separated by miles of land and sea from your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, but Hobi knows what’s best to cheer you up and make you feel all better. Not only did you receive a special delivery of flowers and chocolate from him earlier in the day at your workplace (much to the envy of your other female colleagues), but you’re also surprised by an unexpected video call from him shortly after dinner.

    Both of you share about your day, and although you didn’t want to admit it, just hearing Hoseok’s voice warms your heart. Halfway through the call, V butts in like the man-child that he is, contributing to the conversation with strange background noises and sound effects. Hobi puts up with his presence as best as he can, but after a while you can tell that he’s irritated because he wants to spend some alone time with you. 

    So he starts using cheesy pick-up lines on you, even going as far as to kiss the screen as though he’s kissing you telepathically, and the look of disgust on Taehyung’s face is absolutely priceless. Their interaction sends you into a helpless state of giggles, and by the end of the conversation you feel as though your soul has just been touched by the golden rays of the sun.

Rap Monster:

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When you see that BTS has updated their Soundcloud, you think to yourself that one of the members must have posted something special to serenade their fans on Valentine’s Day. But you’re soon proven wrong when you see that Namjoon has uploaded his latest mix-tape, dedicated specially to you. You’re never one to expect lavish gifts and presents for special occasions, so you are honestly caught by surprise. Rap Mon’s voice is pure, godly music, and you’re touched by how he’s managed to include so many little inside jokes that only he and you would pick up within 60 counts.

    As you scrolled through the fans’ comments, some of them congratulating the both of you on your relationship and others expressing envy and jealousy at your good fortune, you can’t help but smile to yourself, because you already know that you’ve found the most intelligent and perfect man to keep.

Open Starter || Lia

Lia had the hottest step-sibling on the planet which was probably the most frustrating thing she had to deal with. Keeping her feelings hidden wasn’t exactly the easiest thing when living with more than one person. She barely had any time to herself, especially every Friday where her mom and step-dad made everyone watch a movie as a “family night”. It wasn’t all bad, of course, she was glad to see her mom so happy but… there was no way she’d be able to have any sort of relationship with her step-sibling.

The knocking on her door had woken her up, she had no idea what time it was when she opened the door to look at the person in front of her. “Mmm what do you want? I was sleeping…” She murmured, rubbing her eye sleepily. 

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matsubros woken up by their s/o kissing them

ohh this is a cute one!!

Osomatsu: When his eyes opened to see his s/o smooching him, he couldn’t help but give a sleepy grin. They were standing over him so he sat up and pulled them onto the bed with him and showered them in cute little kisses before telling them that they had to take a nap with him in revenge for waking him up.

Karamatsu: He would be a little confused at first but as soon as he realized who was smooching him he would kiss back tenderly. After their kiss he would say something about being awoken by true love’s kiss. This would make his s/o laugh and say how they gotta fight a dragon now and would start to leave. Of course he would stop them,”H-How about another kiss before you beat that dragon?” He grinned shyly.

Choromatsu: Being the anxious person he is, he would wake up and quickly get away from whoever was touching him. This would alarm his s/o and they would try to comfort him and reassuring him it was only them. After he knew this, he finally calmed down and offered them to lay next to him. They happily obliged and they ended up cuddling with s/o rubbing Choro’s back reassuringly. 

Ichimatsu: He wouldn’t really kiss back, not knowing who it was at first. When s/o realized he was awake but not kissing back, they pulled back and blinked. When he saw who his awaker was, he gave a little smile when he realized they were trying to be sweet. Without a word he pulled them into the bed and huddled up into the them. Before his s/o could say a word he was already fast asleep.

Jyushimatsu: He would wake immediately and wrap his arms around his s/o’s neck before making a “MUAH!” noise and let them go. He would sit up quickly while his s/o recovered from the surprisingly deep kiss. He would jump out of bed, hug them good morning (even though it was 3 in the afternoon haa), and would ask if they wanted to play baseball. Of course s/o happily agrees!

Todomatsu: When woken up by his s/o’s kiss, he wouldn’t make it clear that he was awake yet. Instead  he surprised them by putting a hand on the back of their neck and kissing back with tongue.His s/o would be surprised but would kiss back with equal intimacy. This would uh…result into none of them sleeping. //sweats

He tried to stay composed when he first entered her room. He had just gotten the word just moments ago that she had woken up.

“Hi Jaune,” she spoke weakly. Her sliver eyes looked into his and he could see the damage of the battle painted in them.

“Hey Rubes,” he replied quietly.

He took a deep breath as he took a step towards her.


“Please… Tell me what happened,” he interrupted his voice desperate for answers.

He could feel the tears forming in his eyes as he fell to his knees by her bed. 

“I’m sorry Jaune…”

“Please tell me that she’s okay… Please tell me that they are wrong,” he cried, trying to blind himself in hope.

She let the tears fall as she watched the young man break down.

“They didn’t find a body… They found nothing… I mean… It could mean she’s alive… Please Ruby… Please…” He begged, as he tried to form the words.

“Jaune… I’m sorry. I couldn’t save her…. She…. She died protecting us.”

And in a instant she saw the hope leave his eyes as the cruel reality sunk in.

“I… I couldn’t reach her… I failed….”

“No Ruby… I should have been there… I should have fought harder. I should have been at her side.”

He rose as his voice screamed out his agony. Tears rolled down his face as regret consumed his being. He shook his fists in frustration, as he turned away from her. 


She got up from the bed, and embraced him from behind. His last bit of hope had been shattered.

“I… broke my promise to her…. I was suppose to be there for her,” he cried.

They stood there in silence, as neither knew what to say. The innocence that had surround them for the last few months had been ripped away. 

Gone where the days when the world seemed so easy.

That fighting Grim was all it took.

Instead he stood there, feeling more lost than he had ever been before. 

Gone was the girl with the flaming scarlet hair, and bright green eyes.

Gone was that smile that lifted his spirits whenever he felt down.

Gone was the first person that believed in him, and gave him happiness that he had been blinded to before.

Gone was the girl that made him finally understand what love really meant.

He looked down wards,covering his eyes with his bangs as he walked away from Ruby’s embrace. The tear trials still fresh on his skin, as he closed the door behind him.

He touched his lips, trying to remember her last touch. How he had wished he held her tighter in that moment and not let her go.

I’m sorry,“ those were the first words that she ever spoke to him. Her smile on the first day he met her was always unwavering. How could he have been so blinded back then?

I’m sorry,” the last words she spoke to him. As he watched her though the locker gate.

“I’m sorry too Pyrrha,” as he repeated the first and last words she ever spoke to him. 

Okay so I know Jaune is OCC in this… honestly I was writing most of it from my own personal reactions. I went through that denial, begging that there was a mistake… but now I have to accept it. WWWWHHHHYYYY


4: 23 The next morning

Gen had all the luggage packed away in the car, waiting for them to say their goodbyes and then they’d be off to the big city. Gen leaned against the doorway, where Ianthe was holding a sleepy Flynn in her arms, talking to him softly. The two mothers had woken him up early that morning so they could see him before they left. Leda was standing back away trying to get Elara asleep. 

“It’s just for two days. We’ll be back before you know it okay?” Flynn rubbed at his eyes, but nodded his head.

“Ohhw kay.” He mumbled. 

“You be a good boy for aunt Leda. I love you baby.”

“Wuv you momma.” Leda handed Flynn over to Gen, before turning away from her wife’s observant eyes, wiping a tear away. 

“You gonna have fun with your cousins, right?” Gen asked the half asleep toddler. 

“Yes. We play…” His head bobbed back and forth with sleep, causing Gen to laugh. 

“Okay baby, you go back to sleep. Mommy will see you real soon.” She kissed his forehead softly, but he was already falling back to sleep. She placed him in Leda’s arms, giving him one more quick kiss on the cheek before going over to her wife. She placed an arm around her waist, and pulled her in as they headed to the car. 

“It’s only two days. He’ll be fine.” Ianthe nodded and entered the car without another word.

Heart To Heart

valentines day optional bias blurbs because we all need love <3

  1. him ordering your favorite flowers and placing them in a gorgeous vase on the living room coffee table
  2. being treated to breakfast in bed 
  3. him trying to make homemade chocolate for you but ends up burning all of your cocoa powder and covered in sugar
  4. being woken up with a flurry of kisses and a rose being thrusted into your face followed by an overly excited “good morning babe!”
  5. watching horror movies at home while finishing the seventeen or so chocolate boxes you have
  6. “what did you get me for valentines day?” “my undying love, duh” “but baBE” “you almost burnt down my kitchen making chocolate” “…touche”
  7. you got him a tie though so it’s okay (or like nine because he just looks really good in ties ok)
  8. lunch at a fast food place and stealing sips of his drink
  9. him taking you to the mall and the two of you going around and window shopping and looking at books and new albums and jewelry and clothes and not buying anything in the end 
  10. eating dinner at a fairly expensive high end restaurant and trying to ignore the people taking pictures of the two of you
  11. going for a romantic walk in the park together, hand in hand, and it being stereotypically fairytale like until he falls into the lake
  12. you leaving 14 notes about how much you love him lying around the house - 14 because valentine’s day is the fourteenth
  13. him singing you or rapping you a song on their album which is dedicated to you
  14. falling asleep facing each other while holding hands and smiling

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[ ♔ ]

Nonsexual acts of Intimacy - Select from the following for my muse to respond to…

♔: Finding your muse wearing their clothes

His eyes widened ever so slightly, mouth going dry at the sight of her. Christine, standing in his kitchen, preparing breakfast whilst clad in his shirt and slacks. They were hanging off her frame, obviously too large for her small frame; the sleeves were rolled up to her elbows, the trousers covering her feet. 

She looked ridiculously adorable. 

Striding forwards, Erik slipped his arms around her waist, moulding his body against her back. “I see you’ve stolen my clothes,” he observed in a whisper, pressing a kiss to the skin just above her ear. It was, perhaps, the first time he had woken after her —- he’d found the clothes he’d worn the night before missing, with only his robe to cover his body. 

It was a strange, delightful change from mornings spent in isolation, and as he pressed another kiss to her skin, he thought that perhaps asking her to move in was the best decision he’d ever made in his life.

You've Woken up my Heart (I'm Shaking)

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by weonlyliveonce

Felicity doesn’t mean to begin a relationship with her boss, it honestly just happens. She’s twenty-four and fresh out of MIT, eager to put her degree to good use and the disaster of her college relationship behind her. He’s nearly ten years older, a man with a playboy past and a firm grip on the company his family built and it all begins on a Tuesday.

Words: 4444, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1QeIcYB