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7 times Victor Nikiforov was extremely gay for his fiance and it showed on his face

7. The “my boyfriend just made puppy eyes at me so I decided to give him my soul, my body, and the whole world” look.

6. The “this boy is so cute and perfect I want to squeeze his cute little body and kiss his face but since I can’t kiss his face I’m going to settle with squeezing his perfect body everytime I get while I scream internally” look.


4. The “I’m at the point of no return nobody save me i’ll die happily in the arms of this wonderful boy” look. 

3. This one needs a gif. The “somebody hold me right now this boy is too cute for this world too beautiful omg what’s happening what is this feeling inside of me ***It Must Be Love playing in the background***” look. 

2. The “I saw him already this morning we woke up in the same bed and everything but oh my god Yuuri there you are why did you took so long nevermind I’m so glad you are here I’m so happy to see you again run to my arms my beautiful fiance” look. 

1. The “literally dying from proud I am, how much I love this wonderful, perfect boy, how happy I am to see him triumph and how unbelievably lucky I am to be engaged to him” look. 


Chart by Haechan

Johnny = Elephant He’s strong and he is tall
Taeil = Able to do everything: He hasn’t shown them yet but he really has a lot of talents
Taeyong = God of Games He’s really good! (laughs)
Doyoung = Mother: He nags a lot but he’s the brother u can rely on the most
Jaehyun = Cloud: He’s a white and fluffy brother
Ten = The core of the universe: A brother who is difficult to understand completely
Jeno = He’s just manly: He’s really a passionate guy
Jisung = Kind kid, Bad kid, Mysteriously amazing kid: He’s really changing
Chenle = Little bear: His body shape is cute, like a little bear
Renjun Chenle’s Father = He really takes very good care of Chenle
Mark = THE LOVE His presence makes anyone loves him. There’s no one who doesn’t like Mark
Winwin = Black hole Once you are into him you can’t get out
Yuta = Too funny He’s really funny/interesting it’s unimaginable

random: he drew all the hearts to point at himself

a compilation of what the members said about Haechan here

working on the rest of the members now will post them in a compilation

【声優 梶裕貴 さんと ばなにゃ のコラブCM大公間にゃー!】

A collab between Kaji and bananya on a CM (commercial message)! These two are way too cute OMG send help I’m having diabetes right now hhnnggg―

Source is from Twitter @/bananya_anime !

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oh my gosh i love your writing so much? i always look forward to seeing more of it on my dash ;u; !! would you maybe think about doing a neighbor kihyun if you have time please? i'd love to see you write it asfdpih (also i hope school isn't stressing you out too much and that you are getting enough rest and you time)

find neighbor!wonho (here) ~!

  • is picky about everything, but in a good way. like he wants to keep everything pretty and organized
  • labels his containers
  • likes his pinks, yellows, and whites. that’s what his color scheme is from his white sheets to his pink toothbrush to his yellow curtains
  • “jooheon i know that this is a gift with the best intentions, but you know my thing is stripes. im not a polka dot person. im sorry, i just am not. but ill accept these slippers anyway because i love you”
  • likes to get sewing tips from the old lady down the hall
  • nags at kids who make too much noise in front of the building and he’s always going on about respect and being polite 
  • but once he saw a cockroach in his bathtub and yelled so loud he woke up the entire floor  
  • isn’t afraid to admit that he thinks stuffed animals are cute and therefore has a giant moomin on his bed. it’s cute and yes he hugs it at night 
  • takes care of his skin so well he gets compliments from everyone because he glows like the people down at the grocery are just like omg what products do you use and kihyun will gladly share his tips. he’s a sweetheart 
  • you know kihyun because like well who doesn’t????? the kids call him uncle kihyun because he’s always scolding them and the older people refer to him as the prince of your apartment complex because he’s always dressed so fancy and does his hair well
  • but on the off-chances that you’ve seen him you haven’t ever talked with him or caught his attention
  • mostly because you’re always in a rush to get to work/school. like you’re not a morning person, but kihyun seems just dandy in the morning and you’re like how
  • and it’s on one morning that you find yourself particularly messy because you stayed up all night to finish a long paper and you forgot that you had an interview later in the afternoon but you had no time to get ready
  • so you managed to put on a decent interview outfit, but your hair? your face? your overall moral? your outlook on life?
  • bad
  • and when you get into the elevator you’re thankful that it’s just you till someone comes running down the hall and slips in last second and it’s kihyun
  • looking absolutely perfect and energized and you’re still trying to brush your hair to where it looks acceptable and maybe get something on to cover your dark circles
  • and you don’t notice but kihyun is watching you a bit and he sees you stumbling, tiredly into the train station with your bag half open and when you get into the train
  • kihyun suddenly sits beside you and you’re like uh,,,,,because there’s a bunch of free seats the stop near your house is the first stop for that line
  • and kihyun is like “here let me help you.” and you’re like ?????/
  • and he takes your brush from your hands and moves your shoulders so you’re facing him and he puts his own bag on his lap and pulls out a bunch of stuff
  • and basically gives you a makeover right than and there. and im not talking like full on makeup, im talking just the basics to help you look like you know,,,,,,,,you’re not dYing
  • and he gets the knots out of your hair, the dark circles covered, some mist sprayed on. he fixes the collar of your shirt, and even hands you a granola bar because he’s like “i can tell you didn’t eat”
  • and when he’s done you don’t feel anywhere as bad as you did when you left your house and kihyun grins because he’s like “this is the first time ive seen you smile since we got into the elevator together”
  • and you tell him that you’re thankful, that you have an interview today too and he’s like “you’ll do amazing!!!” and you’re like,,,,thank you,,,,,,,for making me look presentable,,,,,rofl
  • and when it’s your stop kihyun gives you another thumbs up and you get off and can’t help but keep smiling because,,,,,,,wow he’s,,,,,,,,so sweet?????
  • and the day just feels so much easier because of your time in the morning with kihyun and your interview goes well
  • so well that when you’re heading home you get an sns that says you passed the interview and you’re so happy you do a little dance on the platform
  • and once when you finally get home you’re surprised to see kihyun on the bench outside your building and you go over and say hello and he grins and asks about the interview
  • and before you know it you’re telling him everything that happened and when you tell him you passed he pats the top of your head and you’re like ,,,,,,o,,,,oh
  • and he’s like “i knew you could do it, you’re so hardworking - ive noticed that about you” and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,he????? noticed me??????
  • and kihyun is like “as a reward, let me go buy you some good snacks”
  • and you try to refuse, but kihyun is like no no you deserve it!! and as you shyly pick something out and head to the counter kihyun is taking out his money and the cashier is like “you two look cute together, has it already been past 100 days?”
  • and you’re speechless because omg what
  • and kihyun looks over at you with a smile and he’s like “nope! this is our first day, you could say.” and the cashier is like AW how cute
  • and you’re like alhdgjfsdds what,,,,,,,,,,,does he mean by that
  • and as you’re walking back home you want to ask but you just nibble on your snack until kihyun leans over to take a bite of your food and you’re like hEY 
  • and he’s like “so, what do you think about that?” and you’re like “what?” and he’s like “about this being our first day,,,,,,i think we can make it to 100 easily.”
  • and you’re like is he???? asking me out???? and kihyun before you guys get back inside is like “so? want to meet in the morning again and we’ll ride the train together?” and you hesitate but in a small voice you go “like,,,,,,a couple?”
  • and kihyun grins and gives you another thumbs up like “yes. like a couple.” 
  • and you’re red in the face as kihyun comes closer and you think he’s going to lean in and??????? kiss you 
  • but instead he goes “i like the messy you even more you know?” and you’re like wh,,what does that mean and he pets your head again messing it up just a bit and going over to open the door
  • and yes the next morning as you’re rushing again, you think yesterday must have been a dream
  • but when you open your door, kihyun is there by the elevator waiting for you
You’re the Hero

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Title: You are te Hero Peter Parker x, reader

Summary: Spiderman gets in a little bit of trouble, and he just doesn’t know if he was going to survive, until someone steps in. 

Just a cute little imagine for you (Just kidding it isn’t little it's’ almost 3000 words I am so sorry I need to need to be stopped) Anyways I hope you like it and omg Tom Holland stop being so cute. Anyways I hope you enjoy!

Peter woke up with the worst headache in the world and had no idea where he was waking up too. The city sirens rang in the background and the cool lights shined and blinded his vision. He groaned and tried to get up, but a sharp pain stopped him in the stomach. It wasn’t until he felt his whole body ache did he notice that there was a pair of cold, delicate hands hovering over his stomach did he notice that someone else was with him. He tried to get up from the floor, but the hands laid a wet tissue that stung his cuts.

“Oh, what are you doing to me?” Peter complained as he fully came through. He looked at the kind face that tended to his wounds. He noticed that his costume shirt was off, mainly to tend to the wounds on his stomach, but it seems his savior has kept on his face mask. The lady looked up at him and smiled. She looked about the same age as Peter, but she had the kindest and most playful eyes he has ever witnessed. “Looks like Spiderman has gotten in a big boy fight, hasn’t he?” The girl teased as she took out a large bandage for one of the scrapes on his body. Peter smirked under the mask.

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BANGTAN REACTION: To while they're sleeping they wake up to their girlfriend playing with their hair and kissing their head softly while singing not realizing they woke up

Rap Monster: *in a sleepy voice*“jagi you didn’t tell me you could sing like that… I want more”

Jin: Would love it and want more, more and more.

“I could hear you singing for the rest of my life”

Suga: “woah this is so good…”

He would love when you do this kind of thing, but would be shy to ask for more.



Inside “omg so cuteeeeeee”

Jimin: “waaaaa you’re so cute jagiya~~”

Couldn’t help but smile and freak out.

V: “I saw you girls…”

Jungkook: Would really freak out, but would still stopped to hear more of you.

~ADM Cherry~

GIF credits to their original owners!
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queen | m

◇ A queen must always prepared to do anything she needed to do in order to keep her kingdom thriving and growing. Anything.

◇ Himchan x reader x Yongguk

◇ plussized!reader

◇ mafia!au / crime!au ◇ requested by @smutfictionaddicted / @writings-by-cl; Hey Ali, so glad your requests are open! Can I please request some Himcham and/or Yongguk (BAP) smut (can have other story genres and any plot you want)? If possible (optional) could the OC be plus size (don’t need to, tho)? I’ll understand if you won’t accept this request, it’s kind of specific… Thanks so much, have a lovely day/night! Love, CL 💋 (from @smutfictionaddicted) PS: love your blog so much!

◇ aaaaaaaaaaa omg thank you for requesting bc im such a big fan and youre so cute im???? This was an honour tbh i hope i did this request justice… also, so no one’s confused; basically people think the mayor rules the whole city but the mayor and his people are corrupt and basically the whole city belongs to reader, himchan and yongguk — he only controls a tiny area — but no one knows.


You woke up early, surrounded by lavish Egyptian cotton sheets and the scent of fresh lavender. The sun was high in the sky, the sound of birds chirping managing to reach you through your French balcony doors on the 98th floor of the most prestigious apartment block in the whole city.

The First Sector was only beginning to wake at the time, but already the streets were beginning to fill with people and taxis. Not as much as the central city, you were sure, because work never full started around here until 9.

A fluffy bathrobe was slipped over your full figure, the marble floors cold against your perfectly manicured toes as you patter to the bathroom and begin to fill a bath of crystal water and pearlescent bubbles. You were glad to have woken earlier than you usually did; maybe you’d have time for a walk or a coffee shop breakfast before you were rushed to work. It would be nice to relax today — especially because of the events that were to take place tonight.

The only sound heard throughout your apartment is the slump of your bathrobe into a fluffy heap on the floor, looking not unlike the cotton ball clouds outside your window. Carefully, you place one leg into the bath to test the water, and seeing as the temperature was just right, you fully submerge yourself in the warm water, letting your eyes flutter shut in relaxation.

Only a minute later does the silence get stiffling, and you reach a hand over to the wall to search for a song in the built in speaker system. Your breath comes out in a satisfied sigh as one of your favorites begins to play, the hum of violins and tinkering of piano letting your worries trickle from your brain.


Autumn had always been your favourite season. Whether it was fashion-wise, or simply the atmosphere (there was always an air of excitement, and paired with the sunset shades of leaves falling from the trees and the permanent smell of bonfires in the air, it always calmed the most negative of moods), you didn’t know.

You inhale deeply, burrowing your hands deeper into the pockets of your coat. Your breath forms a swirling cloud of heat in front of you, and the child in you continues to exhale heavily to create more. The First Sector is almost fully functioning by now; there are cars everywhere and people bustling on the streets, all dressed fashionably as they pass between designer store to designer store.

You enter a Starbucks on the main street, the comforting smell of coffee and sugar invading your nose and almost instantly making you happier. It had been a while since you had had enough time to yourself to actually sit in a cafè and have a cappuccino or a slice of cake. It was all worth it though, you guess, watching as a small child and his mother walk in, the child smiling brightly and looking over the delicious cases of dessert displayed in front of him. The people deserved it.

You sigh, turning your head and peering out the window beside your table. Passed the main road sat the park, and from your seat you could see the playground; a shock of blues, reds and greens in an orangey-brown pool of colour. A child runs from the end of the slide to the start again, and even from where you were positioned you could see the joyful grin on her face.

She laughs as she slides down the slide once again, but instead of running once again to the beginning, she runs into the arms of a man who you can only guess is her father. She’s swung around, and then hugged tightly before she’s placed on the ground again.

What would it be like, you wonder in amusement, wistfulness creeping up on the tone of the voice in your head, to be so blissfully ignorant? To spend your days living in the best part of the city with the only responsibilities being paying rent and putting food on the table?

With a tired sigh, you turn your gaze from the window and back to the coffee in front of you. Thinking like that is dangerous in your line of work — thinking like that has gotten people killed.

But, you add quietly, as if someone could hear your thoughts, if only they knew about the dirty work that was put towards keeping their home squeaky clean.


The walk to your workplace is shorter than you’d like, but you figure it’s because you’re well aware that the freedom you’d experienced this morning was never going to reappear any time soon.

Your building is on the main street of the First Sector; situated between a bank and the main road, made of glass and metal that formed a modern yet elegant frame. You operated under the cover of a shell company called Boulevard, and to anyone who wasn’t well informed, they would think that the building belonged to a company that specialised in insurance.

Couldn’t be further from the truth, really.

When you enter the building you’re eternally grateful to have woken up early and to have been able to go and get a breath of fresh air; as soon as you enter you hole yourself up in your study and immerse yourself in the numerous papers and documents that needed looking over.

Your workload was increasing with every day, and only because of one decision. You ruled the First Sector, one of the four sectors of the city. The Mayor that had been elected by the people — being the more politically powerful of all 4 rulers — had decided to decrease your territory — for what, you had no idea, but it seemed to give people the idea that you must be too weak to control the large area you controlled. This just happened to be the sole reason for the event taking place tonight.

It was a pity that most people were unaware of your power. Maybe then, they wouldn’t be so stupid and get themselves killed.

It was exactly 3PM when one of your workers entered, dressed in suit and tie, as per usual. He stands in front of your desk, hands behind his back and eyes trained above you. He, like almost every person you employed, had learned how to respect you — you made every person you encountered aware of the power you held and the limits you would go to.

“Permission to take out Secretary Zhang, mistress.”

You inhale slowly, running his words over in your head. In a matter of seconds, you went over every consequence and award the killing of the Mayor’s secretary would present. This was your job — very few people could make the decisions you make and live to tell the tale.

On one hand, the Mayor’s secretary was the most conniving, devilish, twisting woman you’d come across this far into your life. She was slowly yet surely worming her way into the Mayor’s head, and quite frankly, you wouldn’t be surprised if it was really her calling the shots.

On the other hand, the Mayor was infatuated with her. Despite the fact that he was married, it was obvious that his relationship with his secretary wasn’t strictly platonic, and with the recent turn of events, her death would immediately be linked to you. But you take into account that the Mayor is more frightened of you than not, and that his personality is weak and easily persuaded.

“Accepted, and with pleasure,” you finally say, a smile tugging at your features. “And do be quick, would you?”

He bows his head. “Yes, mistress.”

And just like that, the decision is made and he’s gone. At least you’ve gotten Secretary Zhang out of your hair. You feel slightly more at ease as you go back to looking through documents and accepting or denying the requests of every worker that comes to see you.

Drug exchange, 3:37 today at Avensbrooke Burrow.

Intercept and arrest every soul at the scene. Deliver the produce to Yongguk — tell him to consider it a… gift. A gift towards upholding the peace.

Multiple stocks of arms and ammunition have been found, mistress.

Keep half. The other half goes to Himchan. Tell him that he doesn’t owe me this time, would you?

You only pull yourself away from your work when the sky begins to dim, fading from its bright, cerulean blue to an inky indigo, illuminated by the white windows and street lamps of light. The clock above your door reads 7:30, and you realise with a start that you have to get ready for the gala tonight.

It was a gala auction, technically. The richest people in the country would be coming from near and far to gamble their money for antiques and precious items — but of course, that was only the cover up. The gala auction was taking place, of course, but the most important and suspenseful event of the night happened behind closed doors, away from prying eyes and gossiping mouths.

So you pack up from the night, assigning some paperwork to a passing employee and making your way to your home again.

When you return home you’re immediately greeted by your maid-of-sorts; her name is Chaeyoung, and she’s the same age as you, and the only reason you hired her was because you’d seen her fashion sketches and she needed to get into college. She never really cleaned or cooked — even though, technically, that was her job — but she had become more than a maid to you, and you would happily call her your sister if need be.

“Go, go!” She shooed you into your room, pulling earrings and chokers out to accompany the dress laid out on your bed, “Did you have a bath today? Oh, of course you did, I can smell those fancy bath oils on you—”

You barely have time to breath properly before she’s shoving the dress into your arms, gesturing for you to slip it on while she finds you some shoes.

A flurry of outfit changes and an hour later, you’re in your completed attire; a sleek, red, sweetheart-neckline dress that reveals just a sliver of your skin through the slit on its side, gliding over the soft curves of your stomach and sides; a pair of black pumps with high, chunky heels; a golden choker embellished with diamonds and earrings to match. Your hair is pulled up out of your face, and the makeup is kept minimal. You didn’t need much to blow people away.

“You’re not gonna take anything?” Chaeyoung frowns as you slip your phone into the black clutch in your hand. “What, no knife? No gun? Not even pepper spray?”

“I don’t need weapons,” you answer with a sigh as you stand, texting your chauffeur to bring your car around the front. “I always have people watching, Chae. You should know that by now — saves me from getting my hands dirty.”

“But still—”

“I’ll be fine,” you smile gently, patting her head comfortingly. She walks with you to the door, a pout on her face. “You can stay the night, if you want — I’ll be back pretty late.”

She only nods, and you shoot her one last smile before you’re out the door, taking the elevator down to the sumptuous foyer and strutting out like you owned the place — which, coincidentally, you did. You didn’t offer the bell boy and the receptionist more than a delicate smirk; you were getting into character.

Your chauffeur greets you with a small nod, opening the door to the black Jaguar XJ and waiting for you to slip in before he shuts the door gracefully, climbing into the driver’s seat and starting the car up.

The journey to the National Museum was smooth and quiet. Luckily, the meeting would take place in the First Sector, which calmed your nerves the tiniest bit — you would be familiar with your surroundings, and that made you even more compelling than usual.

You stared out the window as you were driven, taking in the empire that you built from the ground up. You remembered when this was the most run-down area of the whole city; but now, the buildings were tall and modern, lit by sparkling lights. The streets were clean and still very much busy, even at this time. And to think, you chuckle, the Mayor is trying to take that away from me. Over your dead body.

By the time you pull up outside the museum, you’re fully in character and prepared to do what you have to do. The chauffeur opens your door and waits patiently as you step outside, rolling your shoulders back and taking in the tall building before you. Numerous people, all dressed as highly as you are, are entering the building, some loitering outside to be caught by the paparazzi. You don’t bother with them.

“Let’s get this over with, shall we?” You exhale, before you begin to walk up the front steps of the museum.


The soft sound of classical music plays from the orchestra positioned beside the auction stage. It’s a lavish affair; waiters floating between the crowds with golden trays of white wine and champagne, the richest, most important people conversing between themselves, fake laughs and careful words, and, when they think nobody’s looking, a disdainful and narcissistic silent scoff at the person in front of them.

It isn’t hard to figure out where you’re supposed to be. You slip through the crowds, earning side glances and amazed stares and even appreciative looks at your body from the more… let’s say scandalous people present.

You take a flute of champagne from a passing waiter, not stopping your pace as you disappear from the throngs of people and into a less populated hallway to the left of the main venue. There are still a few stragglers, mainly drunk or seeking privacy — but as you delve deeper into the deserted museum, a few floors up from the ground, and there is no sign of anybody but yourself, you come across a room that’s guarded by two bulky men dressed in black. Himchan’s men, no doubt.

They say nothing as you take a small sip of your champagne, but as you come to a stop in front of them, the one on the left greets you with a deep bow and a murmur of, “Miss.”

The heavy ornate oak door is opened, revealing a room decorated with expensive antique furniture. The door is on the left side of the room, and opposite is a floor-to-ceiling window that gave a mind blowing view of your Sector — and standing in front of the window, taking in the view, were the men you were there to see.

“Boys,” you greet, a smirk painted on your lips as you bring your flute to them again. They turn slightly, drinking up your image. “Enjoying the view, I take it?”

“Of course,” Yongguk answers first, voice deep and smooth like usual. He takes a hold of one of your hands, pressing a kiss to the top of it, his dark hair flopping over his even darker hair.

“Beautiful as usual, ____,” Himchan comments, only placing a firm hand on your waist in greeting. His own glass of champagne is almost empty, and you suggest that they sit around the glass coffee table with you to fill up their glasses and discuss business.

“So,” Yongguk exhales, leaning backwards comfortably. His eyes focus on you, head tilted to the side as he takes his first drink of the alcohol in his glass, “You wanna tell me why I received multiple kilos of drugs at my HQ earlier?”

Himchan allows his lip to quirk up at the side, eyes lazily drifting over to you too. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were trying to buy our cooperation, ____.”

You offer him a cheeky grin. “Never.”

“The multiple stocks of arms and ammunition delivered to my doorstep say otherwise, sweetheart.”

You don’t answer. You inhale, swirling the champagne in your glass before you stand, strolling back to the window. You hear the sound of their footsteps as they follow you; Himchan on your right, Yongguk on your left.

“Do you remember when I inherited the First Sector from my father?” You ask, the tone of your voice a mixture of nostalgic and serious. It was time for business.

“How could we forget?” Yongguk murmurs.

“You’ve come a long way,” Himchan adds quietly. You allow the ghost of a smile to spill over your lips.

“I built this place from the dirt up,” you agree, downing the last of your drink. “I made this place thrive. And now, the Mayor’s trying to take that away from me.”

Yongguk and Himchan show no reaction of surprise or immediate indignation, and you guess it’s because they’ve already been informed of your situation. Their eyes stay trained on the skyline.

“What do you need us to do?” Yongguk says a minute later, turning his body to face you. Himchan doesn’t object to his inclusion in the matter, and turns towards you too.

“I need support,” you answer, finally meeting their eyes. “The Mayor can’t deny anything I want when he’s against all three of us.”

Yongguk sighs, before he nods. “You have my full support, ____.”

Himchan remains silent, only giving his own nod in response as Yongguk finishes his drink and returns to the coffee table to refill, leaving you and Himchan alone.

“Now that business is over,” Himchan begins, a devilish smile tugging at his lips, “You don’t mind me complimenting you again, do you, sweetheart?”

“Not at all.”

“Because this dress—” he inhales, a hand looping around your waist and tugging you closer— “Is driving me crazy.” He bites his lip, his other hand travelling across the shape of your hips and the swell of your behind, drawing a shock of laughter from you.

“You know, Himchan,” you tease, drawing your lips closer to his neck, feeling his grip tighten on your waist, “I don’t think Yongguk or the National Museum would appreciate us fucking in this room.”

“I have a feeling that Yongguk wouldn’t particularly mind,” Himchan whispers as you draw back, lips inches apart — his words make you instinctively glance over to where the leader of the Second Sector is lounging; the dark eyes watching the pair of you makes you visibly shiver, and Himchan chuckles.

“Why don’t you go and keep him company?” Himchan suggests, voice a mere whisper in your ear. The assertive seductress in you is tugging the leash on your neck and telling you to not even move, but the breathy submissive that you had hidden deep inside of you was choosing the worst time to emerge.

You still manage to keep the sexiness in your stride as you saunter towards Yongguk, the smile growing on your face with every click of your heels against the floor.

“Ggukie,” you coo teasingly, watching as his jaw clenches and his brows knit together. The patronisation was purely to irritate him, because despite his job, it was well known that Bang Yongguk was a gentle soul. You didn’t need gentle tonight.

He sits back, drinking in your figure as you hike your dress up to your hips in order to straddle him easily. You can feel the heaviness of Himchan’s stare on you, on how Yongguk’s hands grasp your hips naturally — but Yongguk’s eyes are only on yours.

Slowly, just to wind him up, you draw your lips closer to his, feeling his breaths against your face before you finally close the gap between you two.

You’re uncertain, at first. You don’t know if you’ve made the right choice in doing this because the air has completely stilled and it feels as if years have passed before Yongguk moves his lips against yours, taking the lead straight away. A soft moan is drawn from your throat as Yongguk presses a hand to the back of your head, holding you against him so he can slip his tongue into your mouth.

You restrain a jump when you feel cold hands on your shoulders, goosebumps following every touch placed on your skin. Himchan’s hands brush appreciatively over the soft curves of your shoulders, down the expanse of your back until his fingers caught the zipper of your dress.

In the mean time, Yongguk must sense that you’re getting distracted by Himchan’s hands, and decides to avert your attention back to him by dropping a hand to squeeze at your thick thighs, veering towards the lacy fabric of your panties. Chaeyoung’s choice — you had scoffed at her for making you wear lingerie (even if it was only underwear), but you didn’t regret it now.

The cold air makes your skin tingle, and with every inch of skin revealed with the unzipping of your dress, you become more and more excited, impatient to get friction where you need it most. You tear your lips from Yongguk with difficulty, standing to slip the rest of your dress off — you hear a low whistle come from Yongguk, and the sharp inhalation of breath from behind you is an equally as good sign.

“Fuck,” Himchan mutters softly, pressing his chest against your back, snaking his arms to your front and drifting his hands from the soft bulge of your stomach to the roundness of your breasts. “You’re fuckin’ beautiful, baby.”

“I know,” you answer cheekily, “But I can’t help but feel a little left out, you know. You’re both looking awfully overdressed.”

You drag yourself from his embrace and sit yourself opposite Yongguk, on an expensive piece of furniture that you’d surely be replacing for the museum tomorrow. “I’d appreciate if you’d both shed some?”

Yongguk shakes his head at your attitude but he contradicts his actions with the smile on his face, standing from the couch and throwing his suit jacket behind him. He barely unbuttons his shirt — only till his toned chest can clearly be seen — and busies himself with kneeling in front of you, dragging his thumbs over your knees and pressing kisses to your calves.

“Who would want to do that when you’re sitting here like this?” He raises an eyebrow, words muffled against your skin. In a matter of seconds, he’s grabbing your knees and pulling them apart, revealing your covered pussy. He doesn’t waste any time; your breath is wrenched from your lungs as he suddenly presses a hard thumb to your clit, pushing the lacy fabric into the bundle of nerves and using the underwear to his advantage.

He doesn’t stop you from rolling your hips against his touch, breathy pants filling the room and the pulsating burning in your lower stomach growing with every passing second. You almost can’t believe that Yongguk’s about to make you cum — and only from a finger on your clit through your underwear.

As if sensing your thoughts, he pushes your underwear aside so quickly you can barely register it; a swipe of his thumb at your entrance lubricates the digit enough for him to roll it against your clit, and as you sense your orgasm nearing you can’t help but bring a hand up to pinch and roll your nipple between your fingers. The collective sensations have you throwing your head back, your hips bucking and toes curling—

“Fuck, Ggukie—” Your gasp is cut short with the onslaught of pure white that your orgasm brings, pussy spasming and pulsating, hips rolling and riding you through the powerful sensation. Your breath is short and your eyebrows are furrowed and you’re sure that Yongguk’s ministrations have caused you to positively soak yourself with arousal — but you can’t bring yourself to care.

Your eyes only flutter open a minute later when the last shocks of your orgasm wear away, instinctively catching Yongguk’s eyes. He has the nerve to smirk before he stands, his thumb slipping into his mouth to taste your arousal.

“She taste good?” In the flurry of movement you had almost forgotten about Himchan. While you were busy with Yongguk he had shed his suit jacket, too, but had unbuttoned his shirt fully and now stood in front of you beside Yongguk, champagne lifted to his lips and hand in his pocket. With any two other people, you would’ve felt cornered, trapped — but you’ve grown strangely comfortable with the boys that their close proximity doesn’t bother you.

“Delicious,” Yongguk answers, eyes still on you. They don’t make any move to rejoin you on the couch, watching as your chest rises and falls with every breath you take. Impatience courses through you as another minute passes and they continue to admire your body.

“I’m getting tired of waiting,” you groan, throwing your head back. You loop your fingers through your underwear and begin to drag the offending lace down your smooth legs. “Somebody come and do something…”

Himchan exhales a small laugh, setting the glass he was finished with back on the coffee table, and sits himself beside you. A few pats on his lap is all it take for you to turn and straddle his hips, shivering at the feeling of his bulge pressing against your sensitive pussy.

In seconds, Himchan has undone his dress pants enough to remove his cock from his briefs; and, mouth almost watering, you’re quick to grasp him in your hands, your touch cold against the warmth of his cock and extracting a groan from the man’s mouth.

“I thought you were tired of waiting?” Himchan muses, though his eyes are focused on the movement of your hands up and down his length.

You allow a sound of agreement to fall passed your lips, shoulders shrugging before you decide to get to the main event — you raise your hips up, running the tip of his cock along your slit with a sigh of pleasure before you begin to sink down on him, your walls burning slightly with the stretch. It had been a while.

You’re clenching around Himchan uncontrollably when you bottom out. He’s more thick than he is long, and your breath has become heavy with the effort of not moaning out at the fullness.

“Come on,” he grunts softly, rocking his hips against yours to start your pace. He places a hand on your hip, the other squeezing your breasts, “Get going.”

Fuck, fuck, fuck, you whine internally as you begin to move, alternating between slow, powerful grinds and short bounces but managing to keep a steady pace. The feeling of him sliding against your quivering walls, every inch of him sending your heart palpitating and mind fuzzy, was almost overpowering.

“Let me hear you, sweetheart,” Himchan groans, removing the hand from your breasts and making you cry out when it begins to rub erratically against your clit. “There we go…”

You don’t bother holding any sound back, then: every gasp, every pant and cry, every moan and groan and grunt and whine fills the room, fueling Himchan’s desire and making his mouth fill with similar grunts. Your fingers dig into the back of the armchair you’re sitting on, your eyes clenched shut.

But the sound of movement not coming from you or Himchan compels you to open your eyes, and you come face to face — or, well face to crotch — with Bang Yongguk.

You manage a tired yet devious smile. “F-feeling — a-ah! — left o-out?”

“I see the attitude never leaves,” Yongguk murmurs, unzipping his pants and removing his cock from his briefs. He begins to pump his length, only centimetres away from your mouth, running his thumb over the slit and smoothing his precum over the head — and then, when he decides you’re ready, he grabs your chin, steadying you enough to sink your mouth onto his cock.

You begin to grind your hips faster and faster, while simultaneously focusing on running your tongue on the underside of Yongguk’s cock, bringing a shaky hand up from the back of the armchair to pump the remainder of his length that you couldn’t swallow.

Every sound you make vibrates onto his cock, and by the deep groans that are falling from his lips, you’d say he enjoyed the sensation — you point your tongue, rubbing it into his slit and pumping him faster and faster — the burning, electrifying pleasure that’s tingling through your entire body becomes stronger and stronger with every push of Himchan’s cock into your pussy and every grind of his thumb against your clit—

“Y-yes — Oh - Oh, my God—!” You let out a final shaky gasp when your orgasm hits you. Your limbs feel weak with pleasure and your lungs aren’t filling with air and everywhere is tingling and your pussy is clenching and pulsating around Himchan. The man in question has his eyes trained on your face, jaw clenched at the combined sight of your pleasure-filled face and the feeling of your walls massaging his length—

His hips thrust into you even when he cums, spilling himself into you and pressing his fingers into your waist. You’d surely be bruised tomorrow, but for the moment your attention is purely focused on making Yongguk spurt his cum onto your tongue.

“Come on,” you mumble against him, looking at him through your lashes. Your hand speeds up, twisting and tightening around him until he cums, a long, drawn-out groan filling the room and his cum filling your mouth.

You continue to pump him until you’re sure you’ve completely drained him, and swallow the white liquid that was deposited in your mouth with a happy hum.

Heavy breathing follows in the minutes after you’ve all finished. Tiredness is ebbing at your mind but you manage to pull yourself off of Himchan, wincing at the feeling of his cum beginning to trickle from your pussy and onto your thighs.

Luckily their had been napkins delivered with the champagne on the table, and you’re quick to clean yourself up while Yongguk and Himchan collapse on the armchairs, eyes closed and chests rising and falling heavily with exhaustion.

And when they open their eyes not more than 10 minutes later, they’re confronted by an empty room — you’re gone, and the only thing that assures them of their previous escapades is the napkin on the table with a red kiss planted on the corner.

You’re halfway across the First Sector when they wake up, tired yet victorious. You had secured the expansion of your kingdom, no matter the cost.

After all, a queen must always prepared to do anything she needed to do in order to keep her kingdom thriving and growing. Anything.

Testosterone Boys And A Harlequin Girl (Jeonghan/Seungcheol Threesome Smut)

Summary: Jeonghan and Seungcheol always had something special. You knew, you could see it, and so could anyone else with eyes and half a brain. And chemistry like that makes for really great sex. Really, really great sex. Whether it was stars or hormones that crossed for you to know that, you weren’t too sure. But those boys had you seeing stars between their chemistry, their amazing looks, and their desire to punish you. Smut. 

(AN: FINALLY COMPLETE. I deviated so fucking much from the original request and omg I think it’s really cute when people use my name in messages. Title taken from the AMAZING panic! song that I thought was sooo fitting here and I listened to while writing. Very gay sex ahead if you’re not comfortable with that, shy away. Daddy kink. Threesome. Obvi smut warning. -Tanisha<3) 

You woke up to 56 Snapchats, 33 text messages, 24 missed calls, and 18 voice mails. With all thirteen of the boys in your contacts and desperately needing your attention, you were surprised it wasn’t more. It was Saturday morning and they had time, probably too much time, before they had to be shipped off to do a radio interview and bothering you seemed to be on the menu. All messages seemed to consist of invitations to the dorm, them asking for food, and as the timestamps progressed, just desperate pleas for you to get out of bed. And then it seemed, pointless spamming to get your attention.

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BTS reaction to coming home and seeing their s/o in bed after a long flight


Jin knew you would be exhausted from your long flight when he came home, as you always are. Therefor be brought your favourite take out. He put the food on the table, and went to your room to get you.

“Babe, I’ve missed you so much. Come out and eat with me, and we’ll go to bed afterward.”


Rest and you was the only two things he had been thinking off the whole day, and seeing you half asleep on the bed made his heart flutter as he crawls under the cover to join you.

“Good to see you, babe. Now let’s get some rest.”


He was so excited to see you again, he didn’t even consider the fact that you may be tired from your travels. But the minute he saw you laid out on the bed, he dropped all of his plans of celebration to let you get some well-deserved rest.

“Tonight I’ll let you rest, but tomorrow we’re going out!”

Rap Monster:

You had been home visiting you family for a month, and to say it shortly rapmon had missed you dearly and had planned a lovely date for the two of you. But when he came home to seeing you under the covers sleeping, he knew you weren’t going anywhere that evening.

*laughing* “I guess we’ll take that date another night then?”


Jimin hurried home from practise to see you, and he kind of expected you to be just as excited to see him again. But instead he came home to a quiet apartment and you laying on the bed sleeping quietly.

“Is my beautiful angel little tried?”


Sadly taehyung woke you up from your sweet slumber. You see, he has this habit of squealing whenever you’re doing something he thinks is cute. And seeing you with your legs spread and cuddling into a pillow was surely the cutes thing you’ve ever done.

*Ignore jungkook*

“OMG! Jagi, why are you so cute?!?”


JungShook! He didn’t except to find his partner not only half asleep, but also half naked on his bed. With a shy smirk, he slowly covered you with a blanket.

“I’ll let you sleep for now, but later we’re having some fun.”

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BTS Reaction - You change the password on your phone

~anon: Can you do a reaction to you dating them and they know your phone password and everything but one day you change it for some reason and they don’t know why…~


You woke up next to Jin and of course took unflattering pictures of his sleeping face to use as blackmail later. You already sent one to Rap Monster when Jin left but Jin was in the room with Rap Monster when you sent it. Next time you were together he tried to get into your phone and delete any other pictures of him that he didn’t like but he couldn’t.

“Aish, that girl. I’ll just have to get ugly pictures of her later.”

Originally posted by seokjins-wings


Suga wouldn’t really care that you changed your phone password since he knew it was private. You were spending the night together and when you left to go to the kitchen your phone suddenly blew up with notifications. Suga was annoyed by the constant pinging so he tried to silence the notifications but when he saw J-Hope’s name he was confused. He tried to open your phone to see why he was texting you so late but he couldn’t get in. When you came back he told you about the string of messages that came in when you left.

“You were texting J-Hope about your dogs?! Did you mention Holly?”

Originally posted by apgujeon


Your friend told you to be careful of your boyfriend knowing your password in case he saw something he shouldn’t. You were anxious about him seeing your baby pictures and goofy selfies you saved on your phone. J-Hope would ask if your password changed since he couldn’t get in and when you explained why he started laughing.

“Aw omg you have selfies of you I’ve never seen before? I want to see them! You always look so cute!”

Originally posted by jaayhope

Rap Monster:

Last night Rap Monster and you sent some pretty…..inappropriate texts to each other. He had immediately deleted them when he woke up in case one of the boys looked through his phone. He was nervous that you hadn’t deleted them but he didn’t want to bring it up around the other members so when you left the room he quickly tried to get to your texts from last night. He couldn’t get in and became relieved, if he couldn’t get into your phone than the other members couldn’t either. 

“Y/n you are so smart for changing your password. I swear you are the best girlfriend. But I still wouldn’t leave your phone alone with them, just to be safe.”

Originally posted by rapnamu


You were hanging out at the dorm on your phone with Jimin waiting until the boys came up with something to do. Jimin was bored looking through his phone and became a little annoyed that you were spending more time on your phone and ignoring him. Jin called you into the kitchen so you left your phone on the couch. Jimin grabbed your phone to see what was so interesting but he couldn’t unlock it. You came back to see him trying to guess your password and you yelled, scaring him enough that he almost dropped your phone.

“Oh, uh y/n..you’re back. I wasn’t snooping around I swear! But just out of curiosity, what is your password?”

Originally posted by urnotnamjoon


His phone was dead and he really wanted to take a picture of a dog in a panda costume. He would think that he forgot your password so he would ask you to put it in. 

“I was going to take a picture but I can’t get in. Help me?”

Originally posted by jimiyoong


He would try to get into your phone because his was charging and after multiple tries to get in he ended up locking your phone for the whole day. For a second he would think it was because you didn’t like him using your phone but when you explained it was because someone used your phone without permission and you wanted to be safer he would sigh in relief.

“Can you get me in? I need to check some emails.”

Originally posted by kurochan3

anonymous asked:

I just had a really cute idea♡♡ Could you do headcanons of the RFA+Saeran when they see their smol s/o in a onesie for the first time? (Bonus if she falls asleep on them in it) Thanks so much 😁😚

This is really cute omg. Heck yeah! Jumin’s is my favorite! I love that one sm. I hope you like it!


  • Yoosung had invited you to spend the night at his
  • He was really excited for you to come over
  • Yoosung had made a nice dinner and had dressed up nicely
  • So, when you showed up on his door step in a Pikachu onesie, he was shocked to say the least
  • You looked at Yoosung and smiled
  • “Why are you so dressed up, Yoo? You don’t sleep in those clothes!”
  • “I made dinner, and I wanted to impress you”
  • You laughed and ruffled his hair
  • “You already impressed me, you don’t have to try hard”
  • After dinner, you two cuddled on his couch while watching a movie
  • You accidentally fell asleep on him, and he nearly died
  • You were so adorable
  • He loved you so much


  • Jaehee never expected you to randomly show up at her house in an owl onesie with matching one in hand
  • You had heard about how she had a bad day, so you bought her a onesie
  • She would NOT put it on
  • You had to beg her
  • When she caved in, she felt ridiculous
  • Jaehee came out of the bathroom with this “im done with ur shit” look on her face
  • “Jaehee! We’re matching! We look so cute!”
  • She sighed, but kept the onesie on
  • It made you happy, and she would do anything for you
  • Jaehee and you laid down on the couch, putting in one of Zen’s performances
  • You ended up falling asleep with your head in her lap
  • Jaehee forgot about Zen and only focused on how cute you were


  • Zen had just gotten home from his rehearsals and found you in your shared bed with a onesie on
  • He nearly melted at the sight of you
  • Zen took so many pictures that you woke up
  • “Zenny?”
  • He just died again omg
  • “Yes jagi?”
  • You yawned and rubbed the sleep out of your eyes
  • Zen is actually dead oh god, you’re too dang cute
  • “Come cuddle”
  • You made grabby hands at him
  • Before Zen actually died, he came and laid beside you
  • All he did was tell you about how cute you were
  • You were his cute jagi omf
  • i love zen


  • Jumin had just came home from a business trip
  • He had a really busy week, and all this man wanted to do was cuddle you for the rest of the day
  • Jumin looked all through the penthouse for you, but he couldn’t find you at all
  • He finally found you in his office, but you were doing something
  • You were sitting in his office chair and across from you was Elizabeth
  • “I’m sorry, Ms. Elizabeth, I am going to have to fire you from the company”
  • Jumin smiled, god you were adorable
  • “I am terribly sorry, Ma’am. You answer the calls and meow at the customers. We have gotten so many complaints”
  • You stood up from his chair and paced around
  • Jumin saw that you were in a cat onesie, and he almost laughed out loud
  • “I know you have kids, miss, but you simply are not compatible with our company”
  • You looked at Elizabeth and smiled at her
  • “Did I act like Jumin? Or should I work on it more?”
  • “I think you did a pretty good job”
  • You looked at Elizabeth in bewilderment
  • “Elizabeth? I didn’t know you could talk”
  • Jumin chuckled and came into your line of sight, causing you to squeal
  • “Did you see all of that?”
  • Jumin just nods and kisses your head
  • “Your little outfit really set the mood of the whole ordeal”
  • You looked down at your clothes and blushed
  • “Juuuuumin, don’t tease me”
  • Jumin just smiled down at you
  • You were the cutest thing in his life


  • You had bought a space onesie to wear around when you got cold
  • Saeyoung always had the house freezing cold, so you felt it was necessary
  • You had the onesie on while Saeyoung was working one day
  • Saeyoung had stopped for a bathroom break, and he found you cuddled up on the recliner in the living room
  • You were watching some anime that you had found out about on twitter
  • Saeyoung felt his heart stop as soon as he saw you
  • You were so cute
  • He literally walked in front of you and took your laptop out of your lap
  • “Gimme it back, meanie!”
  • Saeyoung shook his head
  • “No, you’re too cute to hide behind a screen”
  • You groaned
  • “You sound like Zen, ugh”
  • He laughed and kissed your head
  • “I’m going to take a break from work just so I can hold you”
  • You rolled your eyes and opened your arms for him
  • “C’mere, nerd”
  • “Speaking of nerds, I have a onesie too. Let me go put it on”
  • Of course he had one, he was a damn dork
  • (It was an anime onesie, nerd)


  • Saeran saw you the moment he walked into his bedroom
  • He didn’t understand what it was
  • You looked like you were in a potato sack
  • “What are you wearing?”
  • You looked up from your book and smiled at him
  • “A onesie! Isn’t it cute?”
  • Saeran shrugged
  • “Tch, I guess”
  • “Wanna wear one?”
  • Saeran snorted at you
  • “No, I don’t”
  • You pouted, placing a bookmark in your book before getting up to go grab the onesie from your bag
  • “I bought it just for you, Saeran”
  • He sighed, grabbing it from your hand before going to change into it
  • Once he put it on, he nearly died
  • It was so comfy???
  • Saeran came out of the room and looked at you
  • “Happy?”
  • You nodded and pouted the space beside you, indicating for him to come sit with you
  • “You look so badass in it”
  • He rolled his eyes as you place your head in his lap
  • “mhm sure”

anonymous asked:

oh my gosh, screw you. i woke up like 10 minutes ago, came onto here and saw the face reveal. i can't be exposed to that much cute this early, now i'm gonna be blushy all morning! in case my early morning weirdness is indecipherable: hawker you are hella cute.

I’m reading all these asks from the face reveal rn and I’m blushing omg 

anonymous asked:

Can you write an imagine where you and Justin spend the day in bed doing lazy and cute stuff?

YESSS Omg I love Justin! This is my first imagine on an ask but I don’t think I like it very much


Originally posted by 13reasonssource

     You woke up tangled in bedsheets, your hair in your eyes and a warm body next to yours. You were partially naked, only in a pair of underwear, but one long arm was stretched out over your chest, covering your breasts. It was Justin, your boyfriend, and he was snoring lightly, his hair a mess of brunette curls on your sheets as he nuzzled his face in your shoulder. 

“Justin,” You whispered slightly after glancing at the clock and seeing the time. It was nearly lunchtime and you had never gone to sleep so late before in your life. “Wake up, sleepyhead.” 

You twisted your fingers through his curls and tugged slightly, causing Justin to groan and open his eyes a fraction. A lazy smile sprung up on his features as he saw you leaning over him, and he stretched his arms out before wrapping them around you tightly and dragging you into his chest before peppering kissed all along your face. 

“Justin!” You giggled, grabbing onto his face and finally giving him a proper kiss. After you pulled away and go onto your knees on the bed, crossing your arms and staring at him. “You told me you were going to take me to the beach today, but I’ll bet all the good spots are taken now because of your persistent late night activities!” 

Justin laughed and ran a hand through his hair while adjusting himself so he was laying on his back with the other hand behind his head. “Don’t act like you didn’t like those activities.” 

You rolled your eyes playfully before memories flashed in your head, causing you to shift. “Yes, but I’m sure the neighbors didn’t.” Justin just chuckled and closed his eyes again. 

“Seriously Justin! Come on, take a shower with me and then we’ll head somewhere.” You shed your undergarments but as soon as Justin neared the door you shut it and took a shower by yourself. 

“Y/N, come on!” Justin whined, opening the door while you washed your hair. He knew not to open the shower curtain without your consent so he stayed by the sink, grabbing his toothbrush and lathering it in toothpaste. “The beach is lame, I just want to stay here and be with you.” 

“You had me all last night, Justin.” You said while rinsing yourself off of strawberry scented bubbles. 

“That’s not enough, babe.” He said around his toothbrush. He walked over and tapped the curtain. You made a noise of consent and he pushed it open before climbing in. “I want to be with you not just sexually. I want to watch your favorite movies and feed you your favorite snacks, and I want to lay with you and breath in your delicious scent.” 

Justin had a mouthful of toothpaste but you understood him clearly. Your heart warmed at the thought of what Justin had just said, and when you had first met him at Monet’s you never would’ve guessed he would be this kind of cheesy. 

“Okay, Justin.” You smiled, but it quickly faded when he spit out the toothpaste that nearly hit your foot. “Oh, grosss, Justinn!” 

Justin let out a barking laugh as he washed his mouth out before you grabbed his toothbrush from his hand and stepped out of the shower. He started to wash himself as you dried yourself off. Who knew that having your own apartment to yourself was the best thing ever? No sisters to walk in on you and beg for the restroom, no parents walking in during intercourse with Justin. Just you and Justin. Because nothing else really mattered at the moment or at any moment. 

When Justin was done showering and you were both fully dressed in pajamas (you were actually in one of his shirts and a pair of socks) you ran to the kitchen and started up the microwave. 

“Kettle corn or buttered popcorn?” You asked Justin when you heard him enter, standing on the tip of your toes to look at the boxes you had. Justin walked over and picked you up from behind so you had a better view. 

“Are you kidding, Y/N? Is that even a question?” 

“Kettle it is then.” You grabbed the box before Justin set you down, going to grab some candies from a bowl you had. 

“You know all of this candy isn’t healthy, right babe?” Justin asked while stuffing skittles in his mouth.

You stuffed the bag of kettle corn in the microwave and pressed a button before turning to him. “It’s only unhealthy if you eat it. I haven’t touched that stash since last Monday.” 

Justin closed his mouth and then narrowed his eyes, nodding while pointing at you. “You right.” 


Three hours later you two were laying in bed while letting music play in the background, just laying in each others arms. Your head was on his chest while one leg was laying over his torso and he was running his fingers through your hair. 

“I love being like this with you, Y/N. I just can’t get en-” 

“OH MY GOD!” You gasped and then jumped up, causing Justin too as well. He looked frightened but when he saw you run to the radio and turn it up he rolled his eyes. 

“Really, Y/N?” 

“Shhh, it’s System of a Down.” You hissed as the intro to Toxicity played loudly. 

“You really surprise me with your music taste.” Justin sighed, watching you play air guitar. 

You jumped onto the bed as the chorus came on, flipping your hair and bouncing on the soft mattress.”DISORDER! DISORDER! DISORDEERR!” 

At first Justin was pushing at your ankles, trying to trip you, but then he joined you. He stood up and threw his head around, pretending as if he were playing the drums. Soon the mattress was creaking under the weight of the two of you jumping on it. 

“Y/N, you’re changing me!” Justin panted when you two were done, throwing himself on the bed. You followed and gave him a questioning look. “I used to hate rock, chick flicks, and kettle corn.” 

You returned to the position you two were in before, looking up at him with a smile. “Is that bad?” 

“No, I’ve never felt better in my life.” 

“Even when I was throwing skittles trying to get them in your mouth and you accidentally choked on one?” You laughed lightly. 

“Even then, baby.” 



BANGTAN reacting to you playing with their hair.

Hi! Can you do a BTS reaction where the boys react to you playing with their hair?


Would ask what you were doing, but doesn’t tell you to stop though.

“Y/n? What are you doing?”

“Can’t you feel what I’m doing?”

“Okay, just don’t ruin my hair”

Originally posted by jjks


Wouldn’t even mind or notice, I think, because he likes it. Even when you would stop he’d tell you to continue, except for when he fell asleep.

“No y/n, where are you going?”

“To grab a drink. Why? Do you want something?”

You ain’t going no where.” *pulls you back*

Originally posted by yoongijae


He would be very very flustered and shy, but he will definetly find it so so cute.

“Omg, y/n stop.”

“Do you really want me to stop?”

*shyly shakes his head* “No.” *would smile the rest of the time*

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Rap Monster:

He’d be okay with it, but shy. Eventually he’ll fall asleep and mutter sweet words about you.

“Joonie? I’m going to get a drink do you want anything?”

“No, please continue for five minutes. I love you, jagi.”

Originally posted by yoonkooks


He would already be asleep when you wake up and start playing with his hair. When you accidently woke him up, he blushed and rested his hand on yours, and talk to you with a raspy voice.

“I love you y/n, you know that right?”

“ Myeah, I know. I love you too.”

Originally posted by bwipsul


He would giggle so much when he woke up and would want to do the same thing to you, so you let him but he definetly fuck up your hair.



“Stop it, right now!”

Originally posted by jinkooks


This boy would enjoy it so fucking much he wouldn’t want you to stop. While watching anime when you had to go to the bathroom he stopped you.

“But I need to pee, Kookie.”

“Just go later.”

Originally posted by bwipsul

anonymous asked:

First vacation HC with the DEH Sincerely Three HC's???

omg okay


  • So basically, at first Connor was like :/ when u asked him whether u could go on vacation together
  • He only recalls bad memories from all the Murphys vacation (he used to fight a lot with Zoe and Loser Larry)
  • It took you a lot of time to finally persuade him into really leaving your town for some days
  • As both of you are very broke, you just decided on making a small road trip with Connor’s old truck
  • he put a mattress in the trunk of it, so you can sleep under the stars
  • Connor thought it was pretty romantic, while you were just afraid of a serial killer
  • “Y/N, that only happens in these crime shows” – “Yeah, but where do the writers get their inspiration from? …Real life, Connor. Real life.”
  • He just rolled his eyes, promising you won’t die
  • The trip was very romantic and cute
  • You just went to every city on your way, eating in these small diners, then walking around, taking picture of every monument you saw
  • Luckily, you found a campsite near a lake, where you both could just like park the truck and go swimming (You guys didn’t have any bathing clothes with you, so you just went swimming with your underwear // one night Connor convinced you into skinny dipping with him and it was like a lot of fun ;-))) )
  • At night, you were laying on your mattress, looking at the stars
  • Before falling asleep, Connor whispered “You know, I always hated vacations, but you made them beautiful again” in your ear
  • v cute, you two were v much in love with each other


  • When you asked Evan, whether he wanted go on vacation with you, he was #schockiert
  • He was v excited, but also nervous
  • The last time he’s been on holiday was when he was like 6 years old, before his father left the family
  • Poor guy
  • You asked him whether he wanted to go to Disneyworld
  • Evan smiled and was so happy about your suggestion
  • Basically, when you two booked the flight and bought tickets to the park, you were screaming and yelling out of pure happiness because it is in fact the happiest fucking place on the world alright
  • Evan thanked you like a million times, he was so happy to have you in his life
  • On the day you flew to Florida, you two were behaving like little children
  • Except during the flight bc there were #turbulences and both of you thought you were going to die
  • Usually you would try to comfort each other, but in that moment, you were just grabbing the hand of the other one, hoping that nothing bad happens
  • Narrator: Nothing bad happened
  • Evan and you were walking around like 7 year old kids
  • Pointing at everything and everyone
  • Maybe you two had to pull yourselves together not to cry, bc you were too happy
  • Evan was all excited about the people in costumes that were walking around
  • “Look! It’s Buzz from Toy Story” – “Evan, calm do- is that mICkEY MOUSE OH MY GOD”
  • You got your photo with Mickey Mouse (which is like the hardest challenge in your life honestly fight me that is the truest thing I have ever written)
  • Evan instantly set it as his lock screen bc he thought it was the cutest thing ever
  • A lot of cuddles and smooches when you were waiting in line
  • At the end of the day, you both just dropped in your bed, instantly falling asleep
  • Evan just hugged you real tightly, telling you over and over again how much he loves you
  • You did the same
  • wow luv


  • You’d ask him and he would be all like “Alright but why”
  • He thinks you can also just stay at his house, or your house and do nothing, except making out and playing video games and watch films
  • One night, when you were staying over at his house, you both were cuddling
  • You were on the brink of falling asleep, when he asked you where you would like to go
  • You just whispered “Los Angeles, by all means Los Angeles”
  • Boi knew what he had to do
  • So one day he texted you to get ready
  • Well, he really just texted you “Pack some clothes and other shit in one of your hipster bags and then we fucking go”
  • You thought ??? but it’s Jared, what do you even expect from that
  • He picked you up from your house, standing in front of his car like Ferris Bueller
  • “You asked for Los Angeles?”, he said with a small grin
  • Oh God, you freaked out and screamed and hugged him
  • He hugged you back, kissing you and laughing
  • You were so happy and that made him happy
  • So, you just were on your way to Los Angeles, which was like a 6 hour trip, but Jared drove, while you were asleep
  • Sometimes he looked over to you and thought like “Oh God, I’m so happy wtf”
  • As soon as you were in L.A., he woke you up and then the nerd menace began
  • Alright, but at first you went to your hotel, finally getting some sleep + cuddling a lot v cute omg
  • THEN the nerd menace began
  • Everywhere you went was just one big “They filmed that part of that film (or tv show) right there!”
  • Don’t get me started when you visited the Universal Studios
  • Jared nearly died bc he was so excited
  • That made you so happy, how he laughed and smiled and omg you two were so in love
  • You two made film references everywhere
  • “Roads? Where we’re going…we don’t need roads” – “Jared, just fucking drive”
  • “We should tap dance now” – “Y/N, this is not fucking La La Land and I’m not Ryan Gosling”
  • You two cuddled a lot, kissed each other a lot
  • v cute, you just loved each other so much
what it would be like to date peter parker

• he’d be such a mess when confessing & asking you out tbh

+ *cue incoherent stuttering*

+ you having to take the initiative and just set the date and place and say yes

• him gradually being less awkward and more open about his dorkiness as you guys go on more dates

• him animatedly talking to you about what he’s into and why

+ which includes you ;)

+ he’d get you hyped about what he’s passionate about just by how enthusiastically he describes it

• he’d honestly randomly compliment you throughout the day

+ like he’d just blurt it out when it crosses his mind

+ “y'know you look rlly cute in those clothes but I think it’d be utterly adorable if you wore some of mine??”

+ you getting a bit flustered but take up his offer later

• him not minding at all when you do and secretly taking pictures when you do

• !! couple !! outfits !!

+ probably matching flannels or science puns shirts

• when you meet aunt may for the first time you all eat thai food

+ you and aunt may constantly do thai food puns

+ peter feels so happy that the two of you get along but is both amused and annoyed towards your guys’ puns

• likes constant physical contact

+ hand holding would be a casual thing w/ you guys

+ he’d like to keep his kisses w/ you more private at first bc he’s awkward af but he’d eventually just not care anymore once he’s sure that you’re comfortable w/ him

+ cuddles for days

• always sends you morning texts

+ sometimes they’re cute lil messages or just quick morning selfies of him when he’s in a rush to get ready bc he woke up late

• ned being the ultimate third wheel

+ “hey y/n want to go to this new cafe that opened down the street?”

+ *pops out of nowhere* “ooh that sounds fun guys I’m down”

+ you guys get along well though so it’s all cool

• omg but when he gets jealous

+ it’s not that obvious to the dude (or girl) who’s hitting on you that he’s low-key angry but you just k n o w by the way he’s acting

+ he’d wrap his arms around you from the back and pull you into a hug, looking at the person w/ an uberly polite smile on his face while asking you “hey boo are you doing ok??”

+ he feels more at ease when you reassure him that he’s the only one for you even though he has a lot of faith in you

• keeping his spiderman identity a secret from you tears him apart inside (even though it’s to ensure your safety) bc he knows that you think he’s prioritizing his “stark internship” over you

• you eventually find out when you get saved by his alter ego and recognize his habits and voice (that he poorly tried to disguise)

• being his personal healthcare companion for when he gets injured from fighting crime

+ “honestly pete you’ve got to be more careful”

+ “sorry y/n but I swear that the other guy has it worse!”

+ “that’s not the point you dummy”

• you make sure he doesn’t do anything t o o reckless

+ tony even gives you his contact information for emergencies / just in case

• takes you to surprise rooftop dates

+ he loves watching your reactions from the view and being so high up

+ would literally think that your look of pure happiness is more amazing than the view

• him helping you with school subjects bc lbr he’s a v smart kid

+ honestly being so patient w/ you & explaining it so clearly

+ 9 times out of 10 both of you would end up making out once you’re done

• just find yourself a man like peter parker