woke up like this

i need some gay after the newest fuckin episode

Detective Conan 999 [Japanese to English Translation]

Chapter 999! 

  • Everything is for the School Field Trip… He’s desperate!

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✔ Queen Of Darkness, even feared by her own family
✔ Woke up and the first thing she asked for is Chocolate instead of important questions
✔ Prioritizes Chocolates and Sweets
✔ Will most probably fuck up Mewni just for the sweets
✔ Prolly a dramatic drag queen
✔ Is prolly a backstabbing bitch
✔ Y'all know dis smug bitch is planning shit like Aizen-ing through Season 1-3
✔ 1000% Adorable
✔ Not a Cinnamon but a Sinnamon
✔ Misunderstood but at the same time, Misunderstood

100% relatable af

Sorry again!! I know I said I would get to your guys drawing requests today since I couldnt get to them last night, but suddenly the carpet in my room is being redone and I’ve spent the last few hours cleaning and moving all my furniture and it prolly won’t be done until late tonight. So I will not be able to get to the requests today either, I’m sorry!

“There is waiting, there is pain, there is blood, but it is joyous all, for we are in the sorrows of a travailing woman, from this arbor is the place of the breaking forth of yes, the children of hell, but also the opportunity of our salvation.”


Mark vers.


An afternoon date~

and a bonus