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Daddy 5SOS Preference: Food Allergy (Michael)

Will you do one where the kids have allergic reactions to something, like maybe when they’re older so they aren’t expecting it?

A/N: I tried to follow this prompt as closely as possible, but seeing as I myself have struggled with a food allergy since the age of 18 months (peanuts, god forbid I touch peanuts! Hospital for me!) I know a lot about them and I know it’s very rare to become allergic to the “common allergens” later in life. But I also know as I am part of a family with food allergies, I know it’s something that’s “not expected” at any age. Also, don’t take any medical advice from this. I just know what works in my situation, and I’m doing the best I can :)  So sorry the kids are younger, but I hope you enjoy the prompt anyway!

Also, these are all allergies that tend to “go away” since I don’t want to worry about allergies in the rest of the prompts :)

These are being posted separately, and the ones already posted can be found on my masterlist


The one thing Michael didn’t do well with was vomit. It was just that one thing he couldn’t handle. In his three years of parenthood, he’d come into contact with almost every bodily fluid possible, but the one time seven-month-old Hannah had puked on Michael, Michael had immediately turned his head and puked onto the kitchen floor just the same. It was kind of a mess.

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