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Most of class a hanging out and having fun together in the dorms when they hear dramatic piano music playing so they curiously look for the origin of said music, and end up outside of Tokoyami’s room. They slowly open the door to reveal Tokoyami in a cape, playing his keyboard along with Dark Shadow. (A keyboard because his piano didn’t fit)

Museum Hopping

Request: museum hopping with Shawn

a/n: here’s 5 pages of pure fluff!!! i hope you enjoy!! also: this might be the last piece of writing i post before i go back to college! still gotta pack too lol but enjoy this fuff and let me know what ya thought :)

        Any day in London was a good day in London.  At least that’s what you thought.  But when you and Shawn woke up fairly early in the morning, planning on watching the sunrise from a park, the sky was bleak with clouds and a touch of rain.  Everything the two of you planned was outside, but with the weather not looking too great, the plans were canceled.

        You sat on the hotel bed, dressed in dark wash jeans and a gray sweater that resembled the sky outside, scrolling through your phone trying to find something to do in London.  Shawn was on the phone with Andrew, no doubt going over the game plan for his concert tomorrow night.

        While scrolling, your thumb accidentally hit a link that you didn’t want to see.  Rolling your eyes at how long it took the web page to load, you were about to hit the ‘previous page’ button when something caught your eye.

        Victoria & Albert Museum.

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Hey guys, I’m back again for another fan account and boy was it like the best day of my life. OMG…if you don’t feel like reading all of this, I’m just going to leave some highlights for you and of course I’ll bold the most relevant parts.



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very messy, very cell-phone-photo quality, just felt like cross-posting from my twitter.

sometime in either the 90s when a photo would require a noisy film camera or in the early 2000s when cell phone cameras existed but they would make a loud noise and wake M up hahh/////


FAM, we’re so close to having our babies back in our lives! Just one more week and we’ll have new things to cry over! I thought I’d been too happy the last couple days lol. I took these on Monday morning when I woke up early to write my essay, and somehow I felt better all day as a result. Go figure, this night owl is a better suited early bird. 

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Good morning! 

I woke up pretty early and decided to make some sketches of my favorite hairstyles for today’s #MyHairIsNotATrend

(I’m supposed to post a selfie but I’m shy lol)

[Image Description : A picture of Kay’s moleskine sketchbook on a glass drafting table. Kay’s hand is holding the book flat. A pencil box and pens are layed out randomly above the sketchbook ]

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wow you reach school so early (*゚ロ゚) do you sleep in class? cause that's what i do whenever i go to school way too early. i once slept on my desk and woke up with post it notes stuck on my forehead .... YOU ARE VERY PRETTY & don't let anyone say ur not. I wish i could be ur friend irl cause you are amazing!! (*^▽^)/oh no you won't be posting this tmr??? my phone will be quiet in that case since the notif is on for ur blog. it's quite easy to guess who am i soooo (´・` )♡ - Ice Cream Anon


LOL NO I DONT SLEEP WHEN I GET THERE. I DO HW THAT I PROCASTINATED ON LMAOOO I have a very tough time staying focused and concentrating.  


You are @kenta-lent

Lol @ the sticky note thing. YOU ARE SO CUTE HAHA AND THANK YOU          (٭°̧̧̧꒳°̧̧̧٭) I think my rl friends think I am ridiculous too. @daidoushoui and I are friends irl. He’s 1/5 of Thirst Squad. 

I am Vice President of Thirst Squad (even though I created the group?) 

Seventeen reaction to you falling asleep on the couch on Christmas Eve


As soon as he walked into the living room to find you sleeping he would have to cover his mouth to stop himself from screaming at your adorableness. He would take tons of photos to show to the rest of 17 just to rub in how adorable you really are. Once he was done freaking out he would grab a blanket for you and wrap it around you while softly kissing your forehead.

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He’s going to tease you for days just like S.Coups hes gonna take plenty of pictures but he wouldn’t show anyone else (only you so he can tease you and maybe Wonwoo lol). The next day when you woke up Mingyu wouldn’t let you go near the tree before he teased you about trying to find Santa Claus. 


Oh my gosh this cutie would run up to with a extra soft blanket in hand before he tried to cuddle up next to you so the two of you could wake up early together the next day and open gifts.


He can and will take 50 zoomed in photos of your passed out face and post them to his snapchat story, your reputation with 17 is ruined now btw.


Oh this Angel would just smile at you sweetly and like Wonwoo would get you some blankets to keep warm with. He’d also probably do something cheesy like take some of your gifts from the tree and re-wrap them to say ‘from Santa’.


Joshua would tap you a couple times to see how deep your sleep was. If you were barely asleep and opened your eyes he would probably carry you to your bed so you get a better rest, but if you were really out of it he would curl up next to you so you might be a little more comfortable because he’s a genTALMAN.


Jihoon would debate waking you up because when you fall asleep on the couch you always complain the next day about your back. Deciding to just deal with your complaining tomorrow he would toss a blanket over your body and go to sleep on yall’s bed. 


He, like many of he others, would lay a blanket over you to keep you warm. He’d also probably do something stupidly sweet like sing to you because hes a freaking angel. 


Oh the sweetie, he would softly shake you awake and make up stay up in watch Christmas movies with him or some random crap because he doesn’t want to be lonely. He has good intentions tho he’s just a smol boi who needs attention.

*Idek why i picked this gif*


Minghao would lay down next to you while soothingly running his hand over yours and placing soft kisses on your head while slowly dozing off with you.


He would chuckle at your body sprawled out on the couch before pushing you over and curling up next to you. 


He would be almost exactly like Hoshi but before he curled up with you he would carry you to the bedroom so he would get to see you rush down stairs to open the presents under the tree the next morning.

*Again idek*


He would be unsure of why you were huddled under countless blankets with a small snore escaping your lips every few seconds. When he remembered that it was Christmas Eve he would gasp and jump onto the couch with you while inching his way into the blankets. 

~ Admin Lily

Luke Gets Jumped

Summary: Luke gets jumped by a gang in L.A.


A/N: sorry that a lot of my imagines are Luke lol. He’s what most people request, even though this isn’t a request. This is the first thing I wrote so I’m just posting it now because I didn’t have time to write today xx


Luke wasn’t sure how he ended up where he was. Everything went from insanely normal to wildly out of hand, from him walking down the street to Starbucks to him getting pulled into an alley, and beaten brutally.

The day was so normal. He woke up, whining about the early hour, and him and Michael got into the car to drive to John Feldmann’s because they were going to work on a few new songs with Alex Gaskarth, and later that night the rest of both bands would join them for a little get together to celebrate them both being in L.A. for a few days. But they finished the songs fairly early, and instead started recording different bits and hanging out. Luke was voted out to go get some coffees and drinks for them, and that’s how he wound up walking from Feldmann’s house to the nearest Starbucks, which wasn’t that far at all. At least, earlier, when he started the trek, after turning down calling for a cab and bringing one of their burly body guards with him, it hadn’t seemed too far.

Three blocks away from Starbucks and he was pulled into an alley, dragged around several winding corners, and shoved against a brick wall, with barely any sunlight making through the shadows. It all happened so fast, Luke couldn’t even think straight, let alone protect himself. A gang stood around him, at least seven or eight, one at the front yelling at him.

“We want your money,” he snarled, shoving at Luke’s chest. “All of it.”

Luke immediately reached into his pockets, pulling out his wallet and phone and shoving them into the guy’s hands. There was no question that Luke was a big guy, but he wasn’t a violent person, and he knew he couldn’t fight his way past all of the gang. He just knew that if he gave them what they wanted, he might make out with his life.

“Compliant piece of shit, huh?” One of the guys snickered, pulling several American dollars from Luke’s wallet. “And rich as fuck. Damn.” He let out a low whistle.

“Isn’t he from some band?” Another one asked. Luke squeezed his eyes shut as he felt a knife get pressed to his neck, both his shoulders smashed into the brick behind him, preventing any movement.

“Yeah, he is I think.” Someone else laughed. “Ain’t you from One Erection, or something?”

Now, Michael had called One Direction One Erection plenty of times, and everyone thought it was hilarious, but hearing it come in a truly insulting matter made Luke forget what it sounded like as a joke. Luke kept his eyes closed, he was frozen. ‘Don’t move,’ he said to himself. 'Calm down, and don’t move.’

A harsh smack echoed down the alley, and Luke realized he was the one who got it.

“Listen, if we ask, you answer,” the front man snarled, punching him in the stomach. “Fucking boybands.”

“Can we kill him?” Luke’s eyes popped wide open at that as he still gasped for breath.

“No…no, no, please, no,” he wheezed, feeling the cold metal move down his throat and slice through the neckline of his Blink-182 shirt.

“And the baby speaks.” They all laughed, shoving him back again so his head cracked against the brick, and then quickly punching him in the gut so he slid to the ground. It was wet due to the drizzle that had been going on all morning, and dirty because, well, an L.A. alley was never the epitome of clean.

A brutal kick smacked into his ribs, and a cry slipped past Luke’s lips. 'How did this happen?’ he kept thinking. He wasn’t weak, he definitely didn’t look like a target, yet he was getting beaten up by a gang, of all things.

After a few more kicks, Luke jumped up, finding rage curl through his veins. 'This isn’t me,’ he thought, disappointed that it had taken so long to at least put up a struggle. He threw his fist and felt a nose break beneath his knuckles, and a growl came up from his throat as he swung again, hitting someone else. While two were dropped to the ground, he took the opportunity to rip himself from their grip, tearing around a corner and running down one of the alleys. He could see the next corner before the open street, almost reach it, but a force slammed into his body, making him tumble to the muddy ground and roll through the water before he was flipped onto his back, a body straddling his waist. He saw stars as another hit echoed in his brain, and his arms scraped against the asphalt as they were held down. Luke’s whole body was soaked, and his head barely recognized that he was being yelled at, each hyena-like laugh accompanied by the abuse to some part of his body. He tried yelling, screaming, anything, but his lungs weren’t functioning, and his side hurt, and all he could process was the pain.

“Should get Hollywood to take some pics of you after this!” Whoever was on top of him jeered, a series of whoops and chuckles following. Luke felt the guy get up, just to slam himself down on Luke’s stomach, pushing the breath out of him. Luke was beyond fear by now, he was hopeless. His strength was gone, he wasn’t even in his own country, he probably wouldn’t even survive. There was absolutely nothing he could do but take it.

So he did. They beat him with their fists and kicks until he was in a state of inbetween, not aware but not asleep. He felt as the poundings slowly ceased, and heard their laughs fade as they ran off with his wallet and his phone, both symbols of the life he had come from that morning. And, although Luke really didn’t want to admit it, they also ran off with his dignity.


Part 2? Should I add Y/N or keep it to the boys?

Beach Day- L.H.

Request: can you write a beach date with Luke? :)

Luke takes you on an adventure date to the beach, but something happens that even you could not have seen coming.

Word Count: 2082

Sorry I know I said I was going to post this the other day! I suck I’m sorry! Hope you guys like this because I don’t really know if I do lol. Feel free to leave any constructive criticism that could help me write some better stuff for you guys! :)

You woke up to your phone chiming early on a Saturday morning. And by early, you mean it’s 11:30 am. You reach for your phone on the night stand, and see that you have a text.

Luke Hemmings ♥: Beach Day? :)

You smile down at your phone as you get up out of bed. You go downstairs to get breakfast, pouring a bowl of your favorite cereal. You text Luke back saying you will be ready in 20 minutes. Luke knows how much you love the beach. It’s your happy place, your favorite place in the world (his too). It’s actually where you met.

You were at the beach with three of your best friends, laying out and getting your tan on. You looked out to the water and saw this gorgeous boy with blonde hair resting on a surfboard in the ocean. You lift your sunglasses off of your eyes to get a better look. You see him paddling out to catch a wave. He looked like a total surfer dude, but you knew he couldn’t have been by the way he awkwardly stood up on his board. You tried not to laugh when he wiped out not too long after standing. When he surfaced, he looked over and saw you staring. You blushed as you turned to your friends rather quickly. Your friends asked you who you were watching when you see him coming toward you. Your eyes get wide as you try to tilt your head toward him. They giggled as he walked over to your group. “Hi,” he said shyly as she shook his wet blonde hair out of his face. He was extending a hand out to you, as if to help you up. “Hi,” you answered back as you placed your hand in his. He pulled you up and said his name was Luke. You introduced yourself, and then he said, “I saw you watching me out there.” You blushed and turned your face away from those eyes that were bluer than the ocean itself. He blushed as if embarrassed and said, “I’m not very good at this.” “Surfing or talking to girls?” you asked with a smirk. He giggled this adorable giggle, “Both.” You looked back at your friends who encouraged you to go talk to this kid. So you took his hand and said, “Grab your board.” He grabbed the surfboard and you pulled him toward the ocean. You both took the board out into the water and sat on it together. You just talked. Nothing more for hours. But there didn’t need to be more. It was the best day you had ever had at the beach.

That is, until now.

After you finish eating, you get your stuff together for your day with Luke. Luckily, you just bought a new swimsuit that you have been dying to wear. You throw on a crop top and some jean shorts over your suit. You do up your hair in two French braids, and put on one of your favorite baseball caps. It had been Luke’s, but he let you keep it because he thought you looked adorable wearing it. You hear the honk of a horn in your driveway as soon as you finish packing up your backpack.

You run down the stairs and out of your place. Luke is leaning against the driver’s side of a light blue convertible, sunglasses hiding eyes of the same shade. He smiles when he sees you and pulls you into his arms. You bury your face into his chest as he rests his chin on the top of your head. You loved it when he did that. He takes your hand and leads you to the passenger side, where he holds the door open for you like a true gentleman. You smile as he shuts the door behind you, and he runs around the front and slides into the driver’s seat. He pulls out of the driveway and out onto the road. “(Y/N), you be the DJ,” Luke says as he hands you the AUX cord. You take the cord and plug it into your phone. You put on some music by Ballyhoo! with their beach-vibes music getting you in the mood for the afternoon you were about to share with the love of your life. You are singing along to the music as you hair whips in the wind. You can see Luke smiling out of the corner of your eye. You reach over to hold the hand that is not on the wheel. He interlocks your fingers and holds on with a sureness. Like he never wants to let go.

It had been two years since that day you met Luke at the beach, and you have been inseparable ever since. With countless beach days spent together, you had seen Luke practically become a pro at surfing. It was quite the contrast from the day you met. You had seen him grow up in so many other ways too. He had become a man, one who was not afraid of responsibility and one who knew how to take care of you. It has been incredible growing up with him, becoming the people you were meant to be. Since you had met, his band had really taken off, taking the world by storm. You had to cherish the moments you had to spend together since he was always off touring and travelling around the world. This was one of the last days you would get to be with Luke before he went off on the next leg of his tour. You knew you had to make it one of the best beach trips possible. You can see the coastline from the highway, the ocean gleaming in the sunlight. Luke passes the place where you usually stop, and you look over at him in confusion. “Luke, where are we going?” “I have a surprise for us first,” Luke replies with a smirk. You giggle at how cute he looks with that lopsided smile and close your eyes enjoying the car ride.

You can see the shadows flashing over your eyelids, which means something must be covering the sun. You open your eyes to see that there are trees everywhere. Are we going to the woods? Luke pulls the car over to the side of the highway and walks around the car to let you out. He is holding a blanket and a picnic basket. You smile at his idea as he pulls you by the hand into the woods. What an odd place to have a picnic, you think until he pulls you into a clearing. It is the most beautiful meadow you have ever seen, with sunlight shining down and flowers everywhere. Luke lays the blanket down in the middle of the clearing and sets up the picnic. “Luke, this is absolutely beautiful! How did you find it?” He smiles at you before pulling you down to lay on the blanket with him. “My brother told me about it. He said it’s where he brought Celeste when–” He stops himself short and blushes profusely. I hardly notice because I am too busy taking in the scenic beauty before me. He clears his throat and fidgets nervously before continuing to make conversation. I had never seen Luke look so nervous with me before, except maybe that first day we met two years ago. It was odd, but I brushed it off as we sat and ate together.

After we picnicked, we headed back to the car hand-in-hand. When we finally arrived at our favorite beach, I noticed that there were hardly any people around. I couldn’t help but find it strange because this beach was usually pretty crowded. You could see a group of people around your age in the distance, three boys and three girls, but they were practically the only people in sight. Luke pulls you by the hand along the shore, the water splashing at your feet. He kept putting his hand in the pocket of his board shorts, like he forgot where he had put something. He had been acting sort of strange over the past couple of hours, so you stop walking, forcing him to look at you. “Is there something wrong? You have been nervous and fidgety all day.” Luke looks into the setting sun dipping over the water. He looks back at you with a light in his eyes, a fire of passion.

“(Y/N), we met two years ago on this very beach. My life has been forever changed thanks to that day. I was so nervous to walk up to you. I remember I saw you looking at me in the water, and I actually felt my heart leap out of my chest. I thought, ‘This girl is completely gorgeous, and I might make a fool of myself, but I need to go talk to her or I will regret not doing it for the rest of my life.’  And I am so glad that I actually summed up the courage to walk over to you.”

This was one of the sweetest moments you and Luke had ever shared. You couldn’t think of anything that could make this moment better. That is, until you saw his hand go to his pocket again. Then, you got the most suspicious feeling. You suddenly knew what was going on. Why there was no one at the beach. Why he seemed so nervous. Why he kept reaching into his pocket. Your eyes got wide as you saw him lower down onto one knee in the sand. Your hands flew up to your mouth, and the tears started welling up behind your eyes. “Luke,” you say, barely above a whisper.  

“(Y/N), these last couple of years have been the best of my life. I never thought I would find someone like you. Someone who I could be myself with. Someone who supported my dreams from the beginning. Someone who loved me for me. Wiping out on that surfboard was probably the best mistake I have ever made, because it led me to you. You would never have dragged me out into the ocean and talked to me about anything and everything that day. I knew from that moment that we would be together.” By this point, you are bawling, trying to keep your sobs quiet so that you can hear every word, burn every word of this into your memory forever. “I want forever with you, (Y/N), and I want our forever to start right now. So (Y/F/N), will you make me the happiest man and do me the honor of being my wife?” He pulls a little black box out of his pocket and pops it open. Inside is the most gorgeous ring you have ever seen, with a giant diamond gleaming in the sunlight. You don’t even have to think twice before you are nodding your head, “Yes, Luke! Yes!” A big goofy grin breaks out on Luke’s face, along with a couple tears, as he takes the ring and places it on your left ring finger. He stands up and kisses you, lifting you off the ground and into the air.

Once he puts you down, Luke looks over to the group of people behind you that were not that far away and gesture them over. You turn around, confused, and see that they are not just random people. It’s your three best friends and Luke’s bandmates. The girls run up to you and demand to see the ring. You laugh as you stick your hand in the middle of them; they all go crazy. You sneak a peek at Luke, and the boys are clapping him on the back and congratulating him on the engagement. He sees you looking and winks at you, sending a new wave of butterflies rushing through your stomach. You turn back to your friends. “So you were all in on this?” you question them. They all give you shrugs with smirks on their faces.  

Luke pulls you into his arms as the sun sets behind the water. He gives you one last kiss before taking you by the hand and walking you to the car. You could never have imagined a better beach day; you wanted to stay on this beach for the rest of your life. Maybe the next beach day you two would share could be the day when you become man and wife.

angel of mine / a LUKE one-shot

requests / masterlist 

note: this is kinda short and trashy?? idk lol,, i decided to post it bc it has been eons since i posted smth here oops i’m sorry
picture credit

boy: luke 
word-count: 460+


He usually woke up first. All of the early morning starts from his days on the gently rocking tour bus seemed to have permanently altered his sleeping schedule.
 There are often times that Luke wishes he could sleep in until someone had to scream at him to wake, or had to wave bacon in his nose in an attempt to rouse him, but it was moments like these when he doesn’t mind being the first with open eyes in the flat.

 Eight forty-three am.

 Luke finds his eyelids gradually growing less and less heavy. He can hear the soft pitter-patter of raindrops gently hitting the window, and he can feel his cotton sheets scratching at the hair on his legs.
 Groggily lifting his eyelids as if they’re curtains shielding the insides from sunlight, he forgets that he’s not in the tour-bus, frowning when he can’t feel the gentle rocking motion of the bus. Once his eyes regain clarity from sleep and register the white ceiling above him, he can’t help but smile lazily, remembering whose sheets he was tangled up in.
 Blinking, Luke shifted his head to see a pair of closed eyes peeking out from under the white cotton sheets that draped his shoulders gently. Smiling softly, Luke pulled the sheets away with his fingers carefully, revealing a nose he loved to kiss, and lips so soft and supple they looked as if they would melt away under his gaze. As he pulled the sheets down further, his eyes found a small hickey painted on the soft skin of where a neck met collarbones.
 Luke smirked softly, boyishly proud to have been the owner of the lips that placed a mark on such a masterpiece.
 His hand came up to to gently tuck a stray lock of hair back and away from a sleeping face. His fingers then ran against a cheekbone, nose, jaw-line, then lips, unable to resist tracing the curves of a beautiful face.
 His callused palms then ran down the expanse of soft skin, letting his fingers softly ghost across a pair of sloping shoulders, giggling quietly when a tiny snore escaped the soft lips he had kissed endlessly the night before.

 He leaned forward to press a kiss against soft tendrils of hair.
 His arms snaked around a warm torso, and he smirked as he kissed the hickey he so artfully created just hours before, and he snuggled deeper into the warm body he missed so very much.

 He slowly found his eyelids growing heavy again, the scent of fresh laundry and a sense of home finally drifting into his bones.
 As he slowly floated back into sleep, his last thoughts were of how much love he harbored for the person he was holding.



captor-vatiing  asked:

shitty teen au tjeff going to school with better make up on than any other living being in that school. he has to wake up an hour earlier just so he has enough time to put it on

You KNOW that Thomas is that kid who wakes up three hours to early to get ready then post a selfie of himself in perfect pjs and perfect hair and make up like- “lol woke up like this”