Some pages from my new Comic Your Black Friend. I don’t think I’ve written about black alienation so directly. Came out alright.

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Women are taking to Twitter to turn the spotlight on what it means to be Latina in the United States. According to TakePart.com, #HispanicGirlsUnited started trending on Twitter last Thursday after user Joyce Santeliz added it to a tweet about how Hispanic girls are depicted in the media.

After the hashtag gained moment, more and more Latina’s joined in on the conversation to expose stereotypes and share experiences. Peep some more of our favorite tweets after the jump.

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The legacy of Amadou Diallo lives. #Love it!

In 1999, four NY police officers shot 41 times at the 23-year-old Guinean immigrant. Just before he died, Diallo had started taking steps toward become a professional.

“He had saved $9,000,” Diallo says. “The last time we spoke on the phone, he said to me, ‘Mom, I’m going to college.’“