wok and roll


Extended Imagine Requested by @gemma60: can u maybe do something where joker lets y/n walk out of his life. Time has passed and he desperately misses her but his pride gets in the way. Maybe he finds out that she is moving on & dating &instead of coming coming face to face with her, he makes all her dates “magically” disappear. Y/N eventually finds out he’s ruining dates. Maybe at first she’s mad but then finds it kinda romantic. 

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sidenote: (Joker’s and Reader’s-)thoughts in cursive

Author’s (Joker’s)/Reader’s P.O.V

The Joker opened his eyes, and looked to the left side of the bed, to find it empty. He shook his head. Of course, it was, why did he expect anything else. Thinking back, he remembered your last fight, and then, you walking out of your shared home, never to return again.
A knock on his door, snapped Mr. J out of his thoughts. “Boss, there’s a problem down at the docks.” “I’m coming. Get the car ready.”, he growled, incompetent bastards.

2 weeks later

Since the break-up Mr. J had done anything and everything to forget about you. Finding new business partners, betraying and killing them, playing with Batsy, but in the end, he couldn’t help but miss you. It was still beyond him, how you hadn’t yet come running back to him. After all, he was sure to be the love of your life. He chuckled, Love…a feeling he hadn’t really known, before you. And now it was taken away from him, and he wanted it back. Wanted you back. Not that he’d tell anyone that, especially not you. Then again, he didn’t even know where you were, nor what you were up to. Not until he saw you at the club of one of his business associates out of town.

It was close to midnight, and you were out at a club. With you, a young attractive man, who you had met the day before, and agreed to go on a date with.
Now here you two were, dancing closely together. The alcohol had already taking effect, and you couldn’t stop smiling.

Unbeknownst to you, your ex was here as well, hidden in the VIP-area, which was located above the dancefloor, like a balcony.
The Joker had noticed you, his eyes following your every move.

So, she found herself a toy, he thought to himself, hardly paying attention to what the man opposite him was saying. “Frost.”, he beckoned his right-hand-man over to him, “Find out who that guy his.” Frost looked unsure, “Boss, isn’t that…” “Yes. Not important, just do as you’re told.” Nodding, Frost stepped away, and disappeared to do some investigating. 

It didn’t take long for him to find out who the man was. And for Mr. J to decide, he didn’t want him around you.
“Well, this was fun.”, the Joker addressed his associate.

“But I’m afraid I have to leave. Frost here will finish up with you. Bye now.”, he grinned, and got up to leave. 

He sneaked out through the back entrance, and quietly followed you and your date home.
This is her new home? She’d be better off coming back, he scoffed, and went to hide in the shadows, watching as you said goodbye to your date. The Joker chuckled, bet that poor bastard thought he was getting late. No, Y/N is classier than that.

Mr. J waited until you went inside, and then quickly got moving, following your ‘boy-toy’, as he put it. Thinking he was far away enough from your apartment, the Joker pulled the guy into a dark alley, and beat him up.
When he was done, he pushed the man against the wall, holding him by the neck, “Do you know who I am?”, he asked tauntingly. “Yes, Sir.”
“Good. Then I’m sure you’ll be happy to comply to my orders, that right?” The guy quickly nodded his head, wincing from the pain the Joker had inflicted on him, “Yes, Sir.”
“Leave town, and don’t ever contact Y/N again, understood?” He gulped, “Of course, Sir.” “Good.”, Mr. J let him drop to the floor. “I don’t think you’ll need a reminder on what will happen if you in anyway violate my orders.”, he grinned, and walked away.

A few days later

You still hadn’t heard back from Dave, and it was starting to make you wonder. After all, he was the one, who seemed very eager on going on a second date. Bu then again, he was only one in a sea of many. All you had to do was go outside, and find a new date. You smiled, it was fun to go back out there, dating again, meeting new people. You quite enjoyed it, and it helped getting your thoughts of Mr. J.

Just as anticipated, when you went out for some grocery shopping, a guy on the streets noticed you, and asked if you wanted to have dinner with him some time. You agreed, and made plans to see each other the next day at the new restaurant “Wok N’ Roll”.

Day of the Dinner-Date

As you had agreed to meet at the restaurant, you called yourself a cab, and arrived a little before your chosen time. Luckily, you had made reservations, seeing as the place was packed. “Welcome to Wok N’ Roll. How can I help you?” “Hi, I made reservations for two at 8. Y/L/N.” “Ahh, yes. Follow me please.”, the concierge replied, and led you over to your table. You sat down, thanking her, and already glanced over the menu.

8pm came around. and your date had yet to arrive. You didn’t pay much attention to it. As long as you didn’t have to wait too long, the date wasn’t over for you. If someone was like 10 minutes late, it was fine. It happened to you, too.

But after 20 the guy was still a no show. Sighing, you ordered yourself something to drink, and decided to give him another 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, the Joker sat in an old RV, outside the restaurant, watching you. Frost wasn’t with him. He thought it was ridiculous how his boss behaved. It was obvious he wanted you back, so he should just go and talk to you.
After yelling at Frost for a good 10 minutes, about how it was beneath him to go begging for you to come back, and threatening his life for another 10 minutes, Frost gave in, and provided the Joker with the van, and anything else he required.

Mr. J laughed quietly to himself, as he watched you down the first glass of wine. “Oh kitten, should’ve just stayed with me, we’d have so much fun right now. Your little friend won’t be showing up today.” He smiled, only a few hours before, the Joker had taken your date’s family hostage, only to set them free, if the guy promised to leave you alone. It was only to easy, to keep these losers away from you.

Sighing you got up, and left a few bills on the table, and left. You’d been officially stood up, and it pissed you off. You called for a cab, and went back home.
After a long shower, you put on a movie, and opted for a quiet night in.

A week later

A few days ago, you had met yet another suitor at the club, who was very interested in going out with you. This time however, you made sure he wouldn’t be another disappointment, and told him, you would pick him up for the date. At first, he was quite hesitant by your suggestion, but after you pulled him onto the dance floor, and showed him what could happen, he was only too happy to agree.

You got ready, and made your way to the address Chase had given you the day before. 

“Hey, wow. You look amazing.” You blushed lightly, “Thank you. Ready to go?” He nodded and locked his door behind him.
You chose a restaurant close to his apartment, that way you could walk there, and talk, get to know each other a little bit. He was really fun, and it made you look forward to possible seeing him more often.
At your chosen location, Chase even pulled out the chair for you, acting like the perfect gentleman. 

You were halfway through dinner, when he excused himself, to go to the bathroom. “I’ll be right back.”, he announced smiling, and left the table.
This is going great, you thought to yourself, not knowing what the rest of the night had in store.

The Joker was sat at the bar, watching as your date left you alone. He grinned, and calmly followed him to the bathroom. Mr. J made sure no one else was in there, before knocking Chase out, and hiding him in one of the bathroom stalls, ready for Frost to pick him up and get rid off.

Happy with himself, he returned to the bar, and stared at you for a moment longer. For a moment, the world around him disappeared. You looked so beautiful. He recognized the dress you were wearing, he had bought it for you on your last anniversary…well stole, but who cares. Mr. J almost felt bad, seeing you sitting there all alone. It broke his heart to know, that your sadness was his fault.

He stopped looking at you, and ordered himself a drink. Usually he didn’t consume alcohol anymore, but this felt like the right occasion. 

Suddenly he heard someone clearing their throat behind him.
“I thought you gave up on drinking.” Y/N.

Slowly, he turned around to face you. “Hey doll, fancy seeing you here.”, he grinned, and raised his glass, as if he was making a toast. “Here’s to random encounters with familiar faces.”, he winked at you and downed his drink. “Random, huh? You know, all of this suddenly makes sense. I’m guessing, Chase isn’t coming back.”, you stated, crossing your arms in front of you.
The Joker sighed, and guiltily shook his head, “No.”
“And Dave, and George?”, you raised your eyebrows expectantly. “Had to leave town.”

Sighing, you sat down next to him, and ordered yourself something to drink. “You can’t just get rid of people, you know.”, you said angrily, causing the people around you to quickly walk away. “Actually, I can. I’m the Joker, it’s basically what I do, doll.”, he chuckled, but stopped when he saw you glaring at him. “Yeah, but you usually have a reason. Business, revenge, whatever. But these guys didn’t do anything.”

“They weren’t good enough for you.”, he mumbled, hoping you didn’t hear. “And you are?”, you asked him smirking. A grin appeared on his face, “I’m the only one who is, kitten.” You chuckled, “And you couldn’t have just come to me, and tell me, instead of you know, going through all this trouble?”
“Where would be the fun in that.”, he flashed you his silver teeth.

“It is kind of funny…”, you admitted smiling shyly.
“What do you say, we get out of here. And I’ll show you, how much fun a date can be, with a real man.”, he winked at you suggestively, making you laugh. “Alright. But for the record, this is your only second chance, so don’t fuck it up.” The Joker pulled you close, kissing you passionately. “Wouldn’t dream of it, kitten.”
Mr. J smirked, he had his queen back, and he was never going to let you go again.