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Zaha Hadid, the Pritzker-winning architect whose designs — both realized and unrealized — profoundly influenced the world of architecture, has died in Miami after contracting bronchitis and experiencing a sudden heart attack, according to her architecture firm. She was 65.

Hadid was born in Iraq. In a Fresh Air interview with Terry Gross in 2004, she said that her contemporaries had a fundamentally inaccurate understanding of the Arab world she grew up in. “Many women went into university and higher degrees and worked in variety of professions,” she says. She went to a Catholic school, despite being Muslim, and her parents always encouraged her academic ambitions, she told Gross.

Hadid went to school in Beirut, where she studied math, and London, where she later settled.

In 2004, she told Edward Lifson of Chicago Public Radio that she had wanted to be an architect her entire life — since she was 11 or 12.

Renowned Architect Zaha Hadid Dies At 65

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