CLEVELAND (AP) — It’s courtroom drama crossed with “Sesame Street,” as a television station barred from using cameras during a high-profile corruption trial covers the highlights with a nightlypuppet show. It stars a talking squirrel “reporter” who provides the play-by-play in an exaggerated, “you won’t believe this” tone.

“It’s a satirical look at the trial and, again, I think we have it appropriately placed at the end of the newscast," WOIO news director Dan Salamone said Thursday.

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A Cleveland TV station’s gone full Olbermann, imitating Countdown’s old Michael Jackson trial stand-by of “puppet theater” for re-enactments since the judge in a racketeering trial of a former county commissioner won’t allow cameras in the courtroom.

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Where Have I Gone? | Dean Mills

The other day I was with Skye…I can still see that light blue dress she was wearing. Her hair was all done up, and the way the sun hit her face when I saw her waiting on my doorstep sharpened her features perfectly. She didn’t need to strive to attain beauty, she was already there - in every sense of the word. That smile…it has always taken my breath away. It’s all I can see lately when I close my eyes. We had a perfect night. She was so happy after the play. She loved it, and I loved being the one she chose to experience that with. I’m not a huge fan of the theater - but I would do anything and go anywhere for her…I went to bed last night content with my life, but today I woke up in a hospital, my throat raw, my body sore with a new girlfriend and a best friend I don’t really remember. I was in an accident… and maybe it’s good in some ways that I can’t remember how painful it must have been…but this is so much worse. Waking up like this…I’ve never felt so breakable in my entire life. I.. It’s been two days and I already feel like I’m suffocating. Everything I knew has changed… and there’s so much suffering surrounding me…I don’t understand why this has happened. Am I not allowed to be happy? My best friend - my Leona… is in love with me…and she looks at me like I wish…like I wish Skye would. I’ve never felt so sick in my life. I don’t love her, not like that, but when I looked in her eyes I  could see how she felt, I could feel how she felt and… I wish I did. I wish I loved her like she loves me…but the way Skye makes me feel. I look at her and it’s like…waking up for the first time. She is my light, the one thing that keeps me from breaking. She is the reason I don’t drink until I drown….and I could never feel for anyone the way I feel for her…but it hurts me when Leona is hurt, and when I see her I just want to hold her. I want to tell her everything is okay, that I’m fine, that I love her, that I’ll never leave her again, but I can’t… everything I say to her now… it means something else. Things have changed - everything is different and nothing between us …nothing will ever be the same and it kills me. I feel like maybe…maybe I should have died in that accident…anything would be better than feeling like this. Feeling so lost. Feeling like everyone around me is a stranger. I went to sleep feeling like things were finally going right…and I woke up with my world crashing down on me, numb and alone.

Kendrick Perkins, Wife Vanity Investigated by Police for Domestic Altercation

Cleveland Cavaliers center Kendrick Perkins was involved in an altercation with his wife, Vanity Perkins, early Wednesday that caused a police response.

Scott Taylor of WOIO-TV reports no injuries were reported by either individual. Information was gathered and will be reviewed to determine whether charges are warranted. No arrest was made at the scene:

Taylor also provided further details from the 911 call:  

Brian Windhorst of ESPN.com noted the Cavs were aware of the situation:

The incident comes one day after Cleveland grabbed a 3-2 series lead over the Chicago Bulls in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. It’s unclear whether Perkins’ playing status will come into question.

He was acquired from the Oklahoma City Thunder back in February. He’s served as a limited role player for the Cavaliers, averaging less than 10 minutes during the regular season and under five minutes per game in five playoff appearances.

It’s unknown at this time what sparked the argument with his wife.

from Bleacher Report - Front Page http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2463371-kendrick-perkins-wife-vanity-investigated-by-police-for-domestic-altercation
12. TV Reporter Says LeBron Shot "Turned The Lights Out" On Bulls' Season - http://deadspin.com

Deadspin -

We’re no strangers to the occasional bit of hyperbole in these parts, but reporter Tony Zarrella from Cleveland CBS affiliate WOIO really took it next level tonight as he claimed “The lights literally, literally just went out here in United Center and probably on the Chicago Bulls’ season as well.”

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