WOIO News Covers High-Profile Ohio Trial with Puppets

CLEVELAND (AP) — It’s courtroom drama crossed with “Sesame Street,” as a television station barred from using cameras during a high-profile corruption trial covers the highlights with a nightlypuppet show. It stars a talking squirrel “reporter” who provides the play-by-play in an exaggerated, “you won’t believe this” tone.

“It’s a satirical look at the trial and, again, I think we have it appropriately placed at the end of the newscast," WOIO news director Dan Salamone said Thursday.

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A Cleveland TV station’s gone full Olbermann, imitating Countdown’s old Michael Jackson trial stand-by of “puppet theater” for re-enactments since the judge in a racketeering trial of a former county commissioner won’t allow cameras in the courtroom.

Ohio HS student suspended after slicing an apple during presentation on healthy food

Ohio 10th grader Da'von Shaw was suspended from school for the use of a weapon…on an apple. 

from WOIO:

Da'von Shaw is missing classes and assignments at Bedford High School because the school district decided to punish him rather than use his mistake as a teachable moment. 

He had planned a demonstration for his tenth grade speech class. It had to do with eating a health breakfast.

He told us, “I put in the slogan an apple a day keeps the doctor away because it was first period.” He intended to show how he prepares his food. He brought apples, crasins, and a knife to cut the apples with, but the demonstration never happened.

“When I took out the knife the teacher then told me that I couldn’t use it, so I didn’t hesitate I just gave it to her,” said Da'von.

He continued with his other classes, but late in the day was suspended for five days. The suspension letter charged him with having a weapon at school.

His mother Shakila Wilson is angry, saying, “I can take off my belt and use that as a weapon. Pens and pencils can be used as a weapon. You can’t take a person with no intentions to harm and put them as a criminal because that’s what you normally do.”

She feels the punishment is too much, didn’t take the circumstances into account and worries about her son missing classes and assignments.

At school district offices Superintendent Sherman Micsak entered a room where we waited and told us to turn off the camera, and he wouldn’t talk about any student on camera.

That is proper, but he brusquely told us he wouldn’t discuss general district policy on camera, telling reporter Paul Orlousky, “You can come on upstairs,” while telling cameraman Marty DeChant “you can stay here”.

He was told, “Well we’re here to interview you on camera.”

Micsak replied, “Well, I’m not gonna be on camera.”

Privately he told us the punishment could have been a year suspension but it was lowered. He feels the punishment fit the violation.

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This makes me want to beat my head against a wall.  These school officials are the kinds of idiots we entrust our children’s education to.

“The punishment fit the violation”?  Actually, here’s a punishment that would have fit this"violation": doing nothing. 

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