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If Zim never came to earth,(just operation impending doom 2 never happened woh) what do you think Dib would be doing? (Also could you draw what you think he might be doing?)

XD just kidding XD

I think Dib would grew a lonely life but optimist!
yeah he would had depression because the lack of support from his family and few friends if he ever had.

-But he might reach his dreams of having his own show of misterious things knowing that people would preffer lazy investigations and poor video proofs
otherwise people would think everything is staged, but at the same time he spend all his savings in his own research for space trips.

–He succed and has travel for many years meeting a lot of aliens and having a good life …

-but at the end…

It was meant to be <3

clemyntine replied to your post “togami is a cool character, hagakures hair is Great, and monacas…”

Anyone: *mentions monaca* me: *that vine where its like “what would u do if a child was infront of you” and the guy runs up and obliterates that kid*


Danganronpa 1 MBTI

Junko Enoshima - ENFP

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Makoto Naegi - ENFJ

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Kyoko Kirigiri - INTJ

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Byakuya Togami - ENTJ

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Chihiro Fujisaki - ISFJ

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Monokuma - xxxx (The same type as the mastermind in the series, so I don´t want to spoil for anyone who might reading this!) 8D 

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Toko Fukawa - INFP

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Genocide Jill - ESTP

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Celestia Lundberg - INFJ

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Sayaka Maizono - ESFJ

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Aoi Asahina - ESFP

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Sakura Ogami - ISFJ

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Kiyotaka Ishimaru - ESTJ

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Yasuhiro Hagakure - ENFJ

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Mondo Oowada - ESTP

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Leon Kuwata - ESTP

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Hifumi Yamada - ENTP

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Comment: WOH! What a challenge! So far, the typing of characters from the series was difficult! So yeah.. the most challenging characters to type was Naegi. I´ve seen him being typed as INFJ, ENFP and even ISFJ. Well, i typed him based on the cognitive function as I believed that his dominant function must be Fe because of his social skills during the free time (only in the game) and his ability to inspire others to believe in hope through his Ni. 

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Drunk Nagisa? And he kisses karma! And then acts like an idiot! Before finally passing out (in karma's arms if possible). Hehe...

(This turned out pretty long, so… here you go!)

“Woh! So this is what drinking felt like! Who knew drinking could be so much fun!” Nakamura laughed as she took a large gulp from her ice-cold beer.

“Yeah! Don’t you agree, Isogai?” Maehara asks sweetly, laying his head on Isogai’s shoulder and smiling up at him.

Isogai, who was still thinking straight as he had only drunk one bottle of beer, sighed. “Guys, don’t you think we’ve had enough? Aren’t we going to get in trouble for this?”

“Of course not!” Kayano replies as she swung her arm over Isogai’s shoulder. Isogai has also noticed that in her hand was a glass of freshly white wine.

“Kayano-chan, that’s already your fourth glass of white wine. You should probably stop,” he says, pointing at her glass.

“Wha?! Are you telling me to stop?! Don’t you know how good these things are?!” she slurred, anger hinted in her voice.

“Okay, okay,” Isogai says, raising his hands up in defeat.

“Hmph!” Kayano huffed, turning around and heading for the kitchen, probably to get another glass of wine.

Isogai sighed find turned around, to see Okuda and Kanzaki chatting with a glass of champagne.

“Hey, Okuda-san, Kanzaki-san,” he called out, catching the attention of the girls.

“Hmm?” they hummed in reply.

“Please try not to drink much,” he says, smiling at them, who nodded in response.

Suddenly, a crash of a glass was heard from the kitchen. Isogai, Kanzaki and Okuda, being the only people in the house who was still sober, ran towards the kitchen, only to find Nagisa and Kayano fighting.

“Look at what you did!” Kayano screams at him, pointing at the shattered glass on the floor.

“Ha, I didn’t do that!” Nagisa laughs before pointing at Kayano’s face. “You did! Guess who’s in trouble!”

“Why you-!” she stomps towards him in anger, but fortunately, Kanzaki and Okuda held her off.

Nagisa stuck out her tongue at her, making Kayano angrier, but before Nagisa can do anything that can anger her off, Isogai pulled Nagisa to the other room.

“Nagisa, what’s the matter with you? What did you even drink?” Isogai frantically asked, holding his shoulders.

“Where’s Karma?” Nagisa slurred, looking behind Isogai and basically ignoring all of his questions.

Isogai blinked a few times. “Oh, Karma? Karma’s not here,” he replies.

Nagisa looked at him with sadness, starting to tear up. “Why not?”

“Because he’s at home, probably studying,” Isogai answered, secretly shoving his hand into his pocket to get his phone. He turned away from Nagisa to quickly dial Karma’s number.

“Hey Isogai,” Karma says as he picked up the phone. “What’s up? How’s the party?”

Isogai laughed. “Not really going well. Everyone’s drunk except for me, Okuda and Kanzaki.”

“Wait, Nagisa went there, right? So that means he’s drink too?” the redhead asks as Isogai can hear him standing up from his study table.

“Uh, yes,” Isogai nervously answers. “He’s looking for you, actually. Aren’t you like, 4 kilometers away from Nakamura’s house?”

“Yeah,” Karma answers, opening his front door. “I’ll be right there.”

“Alright, bye. Take care,” Isogai bids before he hangs up the phone. He turned to Nagisa who was still staring at him with sadness, who had a tear rolling down his cheek. “Oh my God, Nagisa. Are you crying?”

“No…” he replied in a brittle voice, before he saw a glass wine with white wine in it. He took it and gulped the white wine down, then was cheerful again. “No! Why the hell would I cry?! Only she cry!” he yells, pointing at Kayano.

“Shouldn’t have let him drank that wine, now he’s acting like a first grader picking a fight with Kayano,” Isogai tells himself, before the front door shoots open.

“Nagisa?!” Karma exclaims as soon as he got in the house, looking around frantically.

“Hey, Karma,” Isogai waves at him with a smile as he looked at him. “Nagisa’s over there,” he adds, pointing at Nagisa who was fighting with Kayano, again.

The redhead ran towards Nagisa and pulled him from Kayano. “Hey, Nagisa. Heard you were looking for me.”

“Oh, Karma!” Nagisa exclaims in surprise. “I thought-hic-you weren’t here! Because-hic-Isogai said so!”

“Well, I just came here,” Karma replies.

“Woah, the hiccups have started,” Kazaki chuckles as Okuda nods in agreement.

“Karma, look at what I’m going to do,” Nagisa tells him, smirking.

“Oh? What is i-” the redhead was cut off by Nagisa kissing him.

“Well, that was unexpected,” Isogai nervously laughs, looking away awkwardly.

Karma was taken back, of course, but he didn’t kiss back. Instead, he just watched Nagisa as he kissed him. Nagisa then pulled back and passed out in his arms.

The redhead picked up Nagisa bridal style and walked towards the front door. “I’ll be taking him home,” he tells Isogai.

“Alright,” the vice president replies, before smirking at him. “You enjoyed that, didn’t you?”

“Oh, shut up, Isogai.”

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what's ur headcanon for spideypool first kiss?

this question is a toughie! 

- pete nursing wade after an especially brutal fight and getting so emotional he cups the sides of wade’s face apologising and ends up kissin him 
- pete being really mopey or sad about getting dumped by somebody and finally feeling better and laughing it up with wade and ends up using him as a rebound, totally finally picking up on wade’s dumb flirtatious comments, and initiating a kiss on literally the first evening to which wade is gobsmacked and you can literally see the question marks above his head when spider-man’s got his gloved mitts hooked around his neck 
- their faces get too close and wade jokingly leans in about to do the “oh, i’m sorry, i misread the situation” joke waiting for pete to back away like “woH dude what the fuck” but pete actually responds with a kiss and wade wilson’s brain completely fuckign explodes
- “i could kiss you!” “you should kiss me.” “…did i say that aloud?” 

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Hello! I love your blog a whooole lot!! I was wondering if I could request the exo members' reactions to you trying to seduce them and being very good at it ?? Thank you!! ❤️

Thank you sweet anon :D ! Of course you can request that ! Let’s go trying to seduce them :P !

Xiumin :
You do know that two can play this game, don’t you ?

Luhan :
-Woh, that girl knows what she’s doing-

Kris :
You : *sensual voice* “Could you do a little something for me ?
Kris : “Oh I’ll do everything you want me to do…

Suho :
Should we take it to the bedroom now or do you want to waste some more time uselessly trying to turn me on ?

Lay :

Baekhyun :
What about we go straight to serious things, girl ?

Chen :
You : “There’s a problem with your shirt, honey
Chen : *looking at his shirt* “What ? What’s the problem ?
You : “You’re still wearing it…
Chen : *looking at you* “Oh…

Chanyeol :
You’re really doing what I thing you’re doing, aren’t you ?

D.O :
Nice. Now, less talking and more following me into the bedroom.

Tao :
You’re playing on a dangerous slope sweetheart…

Kai :
Well I suggest we start by taking off some unnecessary things. Like our clothes.

Sehun :
Well I don’t know what you’re exactly trying to achieve here…but it’s working

Well…needless to say that at some point, I wasn’t even focused anymore on finding the good gif in my folder, I was just looking all those sexy boys be hot as hell xD. Anyway, I hope you like it !

My mom thinks i’m a potential murderer or terrorist because I play a lot of video games. 

“You’re killing people! You’re sick in the head!”-My mom watching play Fallout 2.

She said i’m sick in the head because I don’t do any other thing to entertain myself. She said i’m bad because I don’t watch T.V, read books, movies or watch the news. But mom…people die on T.V, books, and on the news why is video games the scourge of Satan’s asshole? “NO YOU’RE CRAZY AND THIS IS WHAT CRAZY PEOPLE DO! YOU’RE EVIL I’M CUTTING THE INTERNET!” W-what! woh woh hey buddy. you need to stop watching CNN all day and listen to yourself for a minute because i’m not a psycho terrorist mother.

I understand her concern. She wants me to get out more because I don’t have friends, girlfriend, or any effort to leave the house, but holy shit that was a ride! Wish I recorded this it was something else.

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Were you bothered by what Darren said at Trevor Live? I thought it was insensitive how he basically dismissed the cause & said he was there for the party, then tried to make it seem like Trevor's purpose is not really about "gay advocacy"? I don't think he was very articulate, poised, or polite. Sometimes a character, an event, & especially a cause, this cause, are specifically important to gay youth. "Universalizing" in this case seemed to diminish the people who need the Trevor Project.

Catching up on asks…

I feel like this question gives me a chance to talk about a few things in this conversation that I’ve seen floating around…

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