Are you fucking serious omfg

  • Who cooks: Bruno sind WoF is an inanimate object
  • Who does the laundry and other chores: Bruno duh
  • How many children do they have: Bruno has that yellow scooter…
  • Who’s more dominate: Bruno. WoF just sits there and takes it
  • Favorite nonsexual activity: Bruno makes everything sexual
  • Their favorite place to be together: Alone in the garage
  • Any traditions: Bruno tunes up WoF and then gives her tune up sex
  • Their “song”: Clear Mind
  • What they do for each other on holidays: Bruno puts christmas light around her
  • Where did they go for their honeymoon: Away from Jack
  • Where did they first meet: In the parking garage of a diner
  • Any pets: Bruno has cats
  • What do they fight over: Well Jack often punches Bruno for getting freaky with his fucking D-Wheel
  • Do they go on vacations, if so where: Away from Jack.