Here’s a few of the ones we got (ignoring the rude ones because, really?)

  • Home <3
  • Awesomesauce
  • Right in the Feels
  • Forever the Best HGRP/the best HGRP & GMs Ever!
  • A Bunch of Weirdos I wouldn’t Trade for Anyone Else
  • My Heart <3

WoFM means the world to me, WoFM is my baby. Because I care so much, I will be back for you guys come the fall! We hope to see you all there because you can bet that our 5th Games will be something special! Thanks to everyone who helped make this season great!

<3 Stella & Aqua & Minnie

Interview: Xander Solaris, District 5
  • Caesar Flickerman: Now we have the District 5 male Xander Solaris let's give him a round of applause! *crowd claps*
  • Xander: *looks at the audience and frowns before waving a little* Hello Caesar
  • Caesar Flickerman: Hello to you dear boy! So how has the Capitol treated you?
Interview: Damien Teslo, District 7
  • Caesar Flickerman: Now here comes a real favorite with the ladies, especially our new Game Maker, Minnie. Round of applause for Damien Teslo! *crowd goes wild*
  • Damien: *walks on stage winking and waving to the crowd* Hello, Caesar. It’s nice to finally meet you *holds hand out for him to shake*
  • Caesar: *waits for crowd to die down* Damien, how do you do it? *chuckles* The pleasure is all mine, my boy. And all theirs. *girls scream* Tell us, what's it like to know you're in such high demand?