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Also consider: Hope/Foeslayer’s girlfriend is a trans Rainwing and the other Rainwings mistake her for Peacemaker’s biological 2nd mom. She doesn’t correct them because she knows talking about Peacemaker’s father makes Hope stressed and this stops dragons from asking. Also: her name is Strawberry and they met because Peacemaker got WAY too excited when he met her


Well shoot, I just finished this vent art of Prince Arctic and I was all ready to type about it and now I can’t decide what to put here!

Oh well XD

Basically I’ve been feeling like Arctic a lot lately, lots of stuff hasn’t been going well in my personal life, I’ve been treated badly by people I thought were friends, there’s been a lot expected of me in various ways, and overall I’ve been having trouble sleeping due to the stress.

Arctic’s life was a lot like that too. Like so much is against you that it feels like you are drowning. So I wanted to make a piece that represents that sort of feeling. I did an underwater scene, with Arctic reaching out towards the surface as he sinks down. In the books it shows that Icewings can swim, I imagined him to be in the cold, northern ocean or something. Where the water is super deep so it is very dark.

I really liked the way the sketch and flat colors turned out too, I’ll probably upload them too if anyone wants to see.

Why You Should Read the “Wings of Fire” book series
  • It’s literally all about dragons
  • It’s a world where Dragons took over as the dominant species and humans are just kinda appetizers and sometimes pets
  • It’s all about Dragon War and Dragon Culture and everything Dragon
  • The main characters are super great and it’s all about the power of teamwork and friendship
    • Among DRAGONS
  • It’s so fucking funny too?
    • “Your face kind of looks like it hates me today. Can you remind it that I’m really quite nice?”
    • “You’re right. Underneath the brainwashing genocidal murderer is a very lonely brainwashing genocidal murderer.”
  • It also gets super dark. Like, a field of corpses and being forced to fight as a gladiator dark.
  • Also the Dragon Tribes are all matriarchal
  • Most of the main characters are abuse survivors who get out of their abusive situations and save the world
    • We have at least one achillean dragon [Umber], 3-4 sapphic dragons [Snowfox, Snowflake, Anemone and maybe Tamarin] and Qibli might be Bi
    • There are ~7 tribes so far, and they all have different designs and powers and societal structures and cultures and you get to learn about them ALL
  • tl;dr please read wings of fire
wings of fire fandom things
  • everyone’s oc is a hybrid and that’s okay
  • the fanfics are either meme nonsense or FULL ANGST
  • the fanart is…..really really good??
  • everyone ships trash ships and that’s okay
  • the problematic faves (admit it u have one): morrowseer, whirlpool, scarlet, darkstalker + all the sandwing sisters
  • tui gave up on dragon heights and ages so we did too
  • we somehow unanimously agreed that darkstalker has brendon urie’s voice??
  • protect whiteout
  • no one really knows whats going on in the series and thats okay
  • like wtf is even up with the palm thing and why is everyone ignoring it
  • Umbli vs Qinter vs Winterwatcher vs Moonbli vs Moonturtle vs Pertle vs Turtlejou vs Kinkamoon vs Darkmoon vs Clearstalker vs Fathomstalker vs (IT NEVER ENDS)
  • making fun of the warriors fandom but secretly being jealous of it
  • no one talks about how messed up some of the war stuff in the series is (pfft morality whats that??)
  • “this is how morrowseer can still be alive…”
  • the fanfiction archive is empty and that’s okay
  • first arc vs second arc discourse
  • hating squid
  • hating fatespeaker but then changing your mind after seeing that one cute video
  • sunnyflight vs starspeaker flashbacks
  • seeing the graphic novel cover
  • “woohoo graphic novel???”
  • where is webs? no one cares. even tui does not care. no one will ever care.
  • nightwing discourse
  • everyone loves glorybringer and has no idea why
  • darkstalker is evil but no one wants to acknowledge it
  • looking forward to a big plot twist that you saw coming
  • being disappointed by the plot twist because you saw it coming
  • “this is how darkstalker can be redeemed…”
  • dragon cursing
  • oc tribes
  • “no, THIS main character is going to die!”
  • none of the main characters die
  • no one knows what the plural for animus is
  • talons = hands even tho that doesn’t make sense in real life
  • scarlet will never get a backstory
  • character development?? whats that???
  • all headcanons are true
  • all theories are wrong
  • fandom seems small but secretly everyone is in it
  • everyone is obsessed with a childrens book series and that’s okay

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