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anonymous asked:

I feel like darkstalker was kind of poorly written. He had and has so much potential but he just becomes a generic evil villain because it wouldn't be good to have an actually good, fixable character who has flaws and overcomes them and isn't just all evil and murder? I love darkstalker so much and my favorite part *spoilers* is when he's all sad in the garden courtyard in talons of power, because it makes him an actual character and not just a throwaway villain like the books want him to be.

thenorthernpheonix  asked:

I honestly feel like I'm the only one who thinks Pike has a crush on Tamarin and not Anemone. The only reason he's so protective of Anemone is because he has orders from Queen Coral to guard her. But he's been so kind to Tamarin; he helped take her to the lake when she was injured, was thinking about her at the assembly, and becomes extremely protective of her to the point where he doesn't want to leave her alone. He even speaks gently to her. It just makes sense to me.