So we all agree Quicksilver’s little sister in DOFP was Polaris and not Scarlet Witch?

Confession: I'm overwhelmed by injustice

Reading the comments on local news in black communities actually made me depressed.  I know it wasn’t me they were talking about.  But I felt every word of it, like hailstones falling from the sky.  I get overwhelmed by all of it some days.  There are so many social weapons pointed at me, for my race, for my gender, for my singlehood, for my aspirations…I feel like all my life I had to fight.  Fight to prove you’re worth me paying for this date.  Fight to prove you’re not as dumb as I think you are.  Fight to prove that you shouldn’t be shot if you come looking for help.  I’m exhausted.  And I know there are trolls everywhere, and I know I’m taking other people’s problems on to myself, but it hurts to know that even with Oprah, and Beyonce, and Tyler Perry, and Neil Degrasse Tyson, people can see someone lose their life, their home, their child, and laugh because they’re “crack whores and they deserved it…” all because they look like me.