“Majora’s Masks” by Woelbeast
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I also do commissions, so if you would like a Majora’s Mask painting, please feel free to message me and I can get working on one for you!

“Nervous Nerves Twist the Spine like Twine”, a limited edition original relief print by Woelbeast. 
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This piece was my first printmaking design. It took me 7 or 8 drafts and 48 hours to complete. The halo reads, in mirrored (and likely poorly translated) Hebrew: “Nervous nerves twist the spine like twine.” I don’t know why I chose those words, but I find them appropriate. This piece is meant to be reminiscent of old religious iconography peppered with pagan imagery and subtext. Enjoy.

“Spring Leaf”, an original beaded choker necklace by Woelbeast. 
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Once upon a time my mother bought me a beautiful necklace at a craft show with a leaf pendant front and centre. I adored the necklace, but something wasn’t right about it. It needed more… green. More loops. More frills. It needed to fit tighter. It needed to be brighter. It needed to be bold. 

So I scrapped it, repurposed all the beads, bought new accent colours, new wire, brought to it new ideas, new life, new blood. The way this sits on the neck is gorgeous. The loops fall against the collar bones like beaded lace.

It took me probably 20 hours to make. I was in high school. 
I haven’t been able to bring myself to sell it until now. I loved it too much–too much, even, to wear it. I want it to belong to a good owner. I want it to be WORN. Worn until it breaks. Worn like it’s loved.

“Big Sister”, a mixed media piece by Woelbeast
This piece has SOLD but you can find more here
It is made from found objects such as wire, grommets, chain link, clock and watch parts, cogs and gears, nuts and bolts, hinges, and other industrial parts. 

“Triplet Steampunk Necklace”, an original work by Woelbeast.
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“Asymmetrical Steampunk Pendant”, a collaborative piece by Woelbeast and friend. You can check out more or buy it here. 


Since moving to Oregon, I’ve found myself wanting to take more pictures of the scenery. I grew up in Alaska, where the flora is as bright and booming as this, but haven’t lived there in some time and miss is dearly. The pacific northwest is lush with vegetation, and I wanted to capture that a little bit. 
I took these with my cellphone camera, so please pardon the quality. 


“Bobcat Jaw & Turquoise Necklace” by Woelbeast
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Made from: Bobcat jaw, turquoise, bent wire, metal chain, and beads, on a sterling silver necklace.