Welcome To Night Vale: Bad Moon Rising 

All Hail the Glow Cloud. All Hail. (Also, totally watch in HQ if you can)

Video shot at Colossalcon 2014 over 5 hours of absolute hilarity. So many Kevins. So many Cecils. So many dead bodies.

With so much thanks to the WTNV cast and crew, Mourning Glory for the amazing song, and our own group for working their butts off to put this together (and being so patient while it was edited.)

This video was created entirely by putting a call out for WTNV cosplayers at Colossal who were interested in joining us and learning the lyrics of the song. Everyone donated their time and effort to make this what it was, and we can’t thank them enough!

Shot by ctgraphy and elementalphotos, edited by Elemental (me).

Cast Credits:


Carlos 1 - Ed 
Carlos 2 - yoruhoshi
Carlos 3/ Video Assistant Made Of Awesome - lunariven

Cecil 1 - theguardianarcana
Cecil 2 - worthythunder
Cecil 3 - lookingglasslake
Cecil 4 - spiderwort-soup
Cecil 5 - random-fandom-girl210
Cecil 6 - cheezuscrustonacracker
Cecil 7 - buttered-poptarts
Cecil 8 - lady-of-time.tumblr.com

Erika - maishericostumes.tumblr.com

Eternal Scout - s-shutup-its-not-like-i-actually

The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home - woekitten

Intern 1 - stella-sews.tumblr.com
Intern 2 - elementalsight
Intern 3 - ragzcosplay
Intern 4 - ctgraphy

Kevin 1 - cattheterrible
Kevin 2 - tiny-tiny-tiger
Kevin 3 - lady-of-time.tumblr.com
Kevin 4 - dragonil
Kevin 5 - ryuuko-revolution

Scientist 1 - nolifecrisis
Scientist 2 - sparkofspaceandtime
Scientist 3 - deusxsubtidens